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Massachusetts Auto Insurance Reviews: Complaint Ratings for 20 Top Companies

Does your car insurance company have too many complaints? Will you have a problem placing a claim, or have a valid claim delayed or denied? Will your company turn out to be a good or bad experience for you? Most consumers fail to check the complaint records of their insurance companies. Here I provide complaint information for the 20 largest auto insurance companies, covering almost all of the Massachusetts car insurance market, and rank them, from best to worst. based on their 2008 Massachusetts auto insurance complaint ratios (2008 is the most recent year for which state data is available).
Is your home or auto insurance company better or worse than average? I review all the leading auto home insurance companies in the USA, using each company s customer survey results from recent JD Power insurance studies, as well as each company s complaint record, to determine if a company is performing better than average, average, or worse than average, for customer service, claims, price. How is your insurance company rated? Is its coverage competitively priced? Does it have a higher than average number of customer complaints? Find out by reading the reviews on my home page by clicking .

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The Massachusetts Division of Insurance website is the source of my information about market share complaint information. The Massachusetts complaint ratio is determined by the number of complaints per ten million dollars of direct written auto insurance premium for each company. The ratio is used so you can compare the complaint records among car insurance companies fairly.

For example, Arbella Insurance Group had 1.02 complaints per ten million dollars of auto insurance premium it collected in 2008. Metropolitan (Metlife) Group had 2.10 complaints per ten million dollars of auto insurance premium it collected in 2008, which is more than double the number of complaints per ten million dollars of premium than Arbella. But both of these companies have a better complaint ratio than Progressive Group, which at 4.12, is almost double Metropolitan Group s 2008 complaint ratio.

The complaint ratio is important, because an auto insurance company with many more customers is likely to have a larger number of complaints than a smaller insurance company, because it handles more customer transactions.

For example, a large insurance company may handle 1,000 total loss auto claims, and have 2 valid complaints in regards to how these claims were handled. A smaller car insurance company may have 100 total loss auto claims, and only one valid complaint.

Even though the larger insurance company had double the number of complaints than the smaller car insurance company, the larger insurance company has 1 complaint per 500 claims, and the smaller company has 1 complaint per 100 claims. The larger insurance company really has the better complaint record.

The Massachusetts complaint ratio uses the number of Massachusetts auto insurance complaints per ten million dollars of premium, so you can compare an insurance company s complaint records with other companies fairly, regardless of the size of the companies.

Unlike the national complaint ratios on my website, each insurance company s Massachusetts complaint ratio is not compared to an average number of complaints for the auto insurance market. The Massachusetts complaint ratio is useful only when comparing insurance companies.

For example, Arbella has a 2008 MA complaint ratio of 1.02. USAA Group has about 40% less complaints than Arabella, with a 2008 MA complaint ratio of .63. But both of these companies may have complaint records better than the number of complaints for the average car insurance company in Massachusetts. Looking at the complaint ratings of some other companies, this may probably be the case, and both Arbella USAA have good complaint records, when compared with the majority of the other auto insurance companies in Massachusetts.

You shouldn t choose an insurance company based on one year s complaint information.

For additional information, go to my web site to see national complaint ratios, AM Best ratings, JD Power customer satisfaction ratings on auto insurance companies, or to find information regarding homeowners insurance. If your insurance company is not listed below, I most likely have information about the company on my website.

Insurance companies frequently have several subsidiary auto insurance companies, or own another car insurance brand. Sometimes the name of your insurance company does not indicate the parent company owning it. For example, Allstate owns Allstate Insurance Company, but also Encompass Insurance Company of MA, which is sold by independent insurance agents.

Massachusetts combines the complaints for all the subsidiary companies selling auto insurance in Massachusetts for the parent company. So, if your car is insured with OneBeacon Insurance Company, you need to know the company is a part of White Mountains Group, to check the proper complaint ratio.

Here s my list. Get car home insurance price quotes from all these companies, to make sure you get the best combination of a low price, proper coverage, good service. A lot of new auto insurance companies have entered the Massachusetts auto insurance market since 2008, so use my website to find out all the leading insurance companies available to you.

20 Auto Insurance Companies Ranked from Best to Worst by their 2008 Massachusetts Auto Insurance Complaint Ratios

1. USAA Group (United Services Automobile Association; USAA Casualty Insurance company) (Available only to active military, their families, and honorably discharged veterans) = .63

2. State Farm Group (State Farm General Insurance Company; State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company) = .64

3. Main Street American Group
(NGM Insurance Company)
= .86

4. Quincy Mutual Group
(Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company)
= .97

5. Arbella Insurance Group (Arbella Mutual Insurance Company; Arbella Protection Insurance Company, Inc.) = 1.02

6. Plymouth Rock Insurance Group (Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation) = 1.37

7. Norfolk Dedham Group (Norfolk Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Company) = 1.44

8. Commerce Group (Commerce Insurance Company) = 1.47

9. Liberty Mutual Group (Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.; Peerless Insurance Co.) = 1.53

10. Allstate Insurance Group (Allstate Insurance Company; Encompass Insurance Company of MA) = 1.53

11. Amica Mutual Group (Amica Mutual Insurance Company) = 1.56

12.Safety Group (Safety Insurance Company) = 1.65

13. White Mountains Group (Employers Fire Insurance Company; Massachusetts Homeland Insurance Company; OneBeacon America Insurance Company; OneBeacon Insurance Company) = 1.71

14. Hanover Insurance Group (Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company; Hanover Insurance Company; Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company; Citizens Insurance Company of America) = 1.96

15. Metropolitan Group (Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company) = 2.10

16. Travelers Group (Premier Insurance Co. of Massachusetts; Travelers Indemnity Company; Travelers Property Casualty Co. of America) = 2.14

17. Electric Insurance Group (Electric Insurance Company) = 2.69

18. Allianz Insurance Group (American Automobile Insurance Company; Fireman s Fund Insurance Company) = 3.91

19. Progressive Group (Progressive Direct Insurance Company) = 4.12

20. Pilgrim Insurance Company = 4.48

21. Remainder of Market (13 groups, totaling .39% (less than one percent) of the 2008 MA car insurance market) = 7.67

Now you know how the largest Massachusetts auto insurance companies are rated for complaints, go and shop your car home insurance. You can get better rates AND better service!

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