May 20 2017

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Rising home prices are keeping Canadians from starting families, survey says

Millennials have been hit the hardest by rising housing prices and now 72.1%t say their ability to start or expand a family has been directly impacted by real estate prices, a survey says

Scorching Toronto, Vancouver housing markets push Canadian home sales higher in October

Canadian home sales grew in October to the second-highest levels in almost six years as demand remained strong in the red-hot real estate markets in Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area

How the Queen s rent collector quietly morphed into a US$17-billion property powerhouse

London’s Regent Street is a global shopping mecca and the landlord is the Crown Estate, which manages a multi-billion-dolllar property portfolio on behalf of the British monarchy

CMHC chief says foreign buyers may be behind substantial portion of luxury home sales

CMHC chief Evan Siddall said a lack of accurate and reliable data is making it hard to determine the level of foreign investment and added most of Canada’s information is anecdotal

British Columbia house prices forecast to keep climbing into 2017

Central1, which represents credit unions in B.C. says the median sale price of a home in Greater Vancouver will climb another 6.1 per cent in 2016 after a 4.5 jump this year

OECD s warning of sharp Toronto housing correction condemned by leading Canadian economist

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, in a report released Monday, expressed concern about new home construction at a national level and singled out Toronto for its biggest worry

Yonge and Busy! Big deals are on tap that will reshape Canada s hottest retail corner

The jumping off point for Toronto’s famed Mink Mile, the hottest retail corner in Canada is about to get even hotter with big name tenants like Apple and Nordstrom close to deals, sources say

Canada s long-awaited homebuilding slowdown may be at hand as housing starts slip in October

The report from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp showed the seasonally adjusted annualized rate of housing starts fell to 198,065 in October from an upwardly revised 231,304 in September

Canadian banks help Chinese flout their laws to get piece of smurfing billions

In China, moving money in small increments out of the country to avoid reporting requirements is called ‘smurfing,’ a growing practice that raises ethical questions for the banks around the world who help them

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