Nov 8 2016

Motorcycle Loan Calculator – How Much Motorcycle Can You Afford? #cheap #car #loan

#motorcycle loan calculator

Monthly Interest Payments

Motorcycle loans from peer to peer lending sites offer attractive interest rates for borrowers with good to excellent credit. Unlike traditional bank loans social lending services have lower overhead and competitive interest rates. Interest rates are an important consideration for motorcycle riders shopping around for an affordable loan. Depending on their credit rating borrowers can get a 3 year fixed term loan with an 8% APR.

A motorcycle loan calculator makes it easy to adjust interest rates quickly. Borrowers should take extra time to shop around for the lowest interest rates available as it can save them potentially thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Annual Percentage Rates based on a 3 year loan term with no previous Prosper loans:

  • 8.88% APR for AA rated Prosper Borrowers
  • 15.38% APR for A rated Prosper Borrowers
  • 19.55% APR for B rated Prosper Borrowers

Motorcycle riders looking to buy their first cruiser or sport bike can save money by shopping online for a motorcycle loan. Many peer to peer lending sites offer low interest personal loans with fast approval. Using a motorcycle loan calculator to estimate loan amounts, loan terms and interest rates is a smart decision even for the most experienced rider.

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