Aug 29 2017

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Exploring. Learning. Growing. Mastering. Imagining. LOVING MUSIC

Come Discover the New Mozart in You!

New Mozart School of Music is the largest music school in Palo Alto. We offer an unparalleled music lesson experience to our students and families.

Our team of caring and experienced teachers give piano, violin, voice, cello, guitar, flute, and saxophone lessons to complete beginners to professional musicians every week. We’ve helped thousands of families in the Peninsula learn music over the years.

We believe that learning music enriches lives, teaches perseverance, and most importantly, allows us to discover the joys of creating music.

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One on one instruction is available for piano, violin, cello, flute, saxophone, guitar, and voice.

Our private lessons run year round and you can join us anytime.

We have students learning just for fun and students who excel in Certificate of Merit, ABRSM, Guild, Carnegie Hall Achievement, ASTA, NATS exams competitions.

Our experienced and nurturing teachers have a proven track record of helping students reach their musical goals.

Why New Mozart

The claim that public speaking tops death as the greatest human fear led Jerry Seinfeld to say, “So if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than giving the eulogy.” Now consider how much more terrifying the public performance of music must be – hundreds of eyes and ears trained on a single person as he or she makes a complex instrument speak in what amounts to a foreign language.

A three-year-old child is a wonder to behold. She is a sponge for information, eyes wide open, hands grasping, ears attuned. It’s easy to feel that the main function of a parent is keeping inappropriate things out of reach. But there’s a positive side to this, of course. This is the age at which the child is most receptive to good things as well.

There are many ways in which you can support your child’s instrumental work at home to enhance and extend their musical experience. Here are a few ideas:

Listening to live music

There is nothing quite like hearing music performed live. As well as the obvious benefits of listening to the music itself,

Discover the New Mozart in You!

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