Jun 17 2017

National Debt Relief Review 2016 #instant #approval #loans

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National Debt Relief Review


No one ever plans for financial stress. When people are looking for ways to get out of credit card debt. there are a few options to choose from. National Debt Relief has the credit counseling resources to help you quickly and nearly painlessly get out from under the thumb of your creditors without declaring bankruptcy. National Debt Relief helps you find a program to begin to repair your credit score once it has helped you pay off your debts.


Because this debt management company deals primarily with debt settlement over debt consolidation, there is no monthly cost. Instead, the average cost is a fee of 20 percent of the amount you save on your original debts by using the company’s debt relief assistance. Typically, the company is able to save struggling debtors as much as 50 percent of their total amount owed. If National Debt Relief’s program does not work for you, or if you’re unsatisfied, there is a complete money-back guarantee. As is the standard for services that help you learn about getting out of debt, there is no upfront fee, and the company does not require any payment for fee quotes or consultation.


If you have suffered through massive debt issues, you are experienced with receiving unceasing collection calls. One of the most helpful services that National Debt Relief provides is that it does its part to minimize the harassing phone calls. Once you fill out your settlement paperwork, the company sends out a Notice to Cease Communications letter to each creditor and collection agency. If there is still a problem with non-stop calls, you will also get a phone script specifically instructing you on how to handle those calls. Lastly, you can change your contact information and phone number in your creditors’ database to that of National Debt Relief so that they get the calls instead of you. We are impressed with these features because it’s stressful enough to be in debt without receiving never-ending phone calls demanding that you pay up now.

National Debt Relief doesn’t directly provide debt management help. After your initial consultation, if a debt management plan rather than a settlement is what you need, the company will direct you towards a third-party management provider it works with. Your concern about starting an account should be eased because National Debt Relief will work closely with you at your pace to find the best way to get you out of debt. Also, the company will tell you upfront if your debt is outside its field of expertise.

The quality of National Debt’s counseling tools and articles about debt relief is very high. The company’s professional advisors are ready to help you, and you can reach them by phone, email and on social media. We are impressed with the promptness of the live chat contact option. When we used it, we were shown where we were in the queue and then were able to chat to a licensed credit counselor within seconds.

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