Apr 6 2017

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National Debt Relief Review


Payday loan debt can creep up on anyone in dire financial straits. Loans add up until they are taking a sizable chunk out of every paycheck. National Debt Relief has credit counseling resources that will help you create a plan to get back on your fiscal feet and fix payday loan debt. The company will also match you with a program to start fixing your credit repair once your payday loan debt has been paid off.


Instead of strict consolidation, the way this company works primarily is to work to settle your payday loan debt by negotiating down the actual balances. It contacts each creditor in turn and tries to make a deal, convincing them that they will be more likely to get the sum total of what is owed to them if they work through a settlement firm. National Debt Relief already has relationships with many debt agencies, which can make this process go more smoothly than if you were to contact each and every agency yourself. Settlement can be a perilous move in terms of your credit if your payday lenders report to the major credit-reporting agencies. But many don t, and a lower negotiated balance can mean getting your loans paid off in a fraction of the time. Instead of demanding a monthly fee from its customers, this company makes its money by collecting a portion of the cost savings from your creditors. The average fee is 20 percent of your savings when you use the company s debt relief assistance. Sometimes the company is able to save its clients up to 50 percent, which means there is plenty of savings to go around. Whatever is left after National Debt relief collects its fee is what you will save overall in settling your payday loans. This fee system means there is no upfront cost. Best of all, if the company is unable to negotiate down your payday loans, or if you are not satisfied with the job it does for you, there is a complete money-back guarantee. In addition, the company does not ask for any payment for its quotes or initial consultation.


If you have ever been delinquent in making a payment on your payday loans, you know that they have a reputation for harassing debtors with phone calls. When you file for settlement in partnership with National Debt Relief, the company sends Notice to Cease Communications letters to each payday lender. From that point forward, all payment and negotiations with the payday lenders is managed by National Debt Relief and is out of your hands and your hair. You can even change your contact information in your payday lenders database to National Debt Relief s phone number and email address so that they can act as your go-between. These features stood out as worthy reasons to sign on.

If, instead of settlement, your best solution is still strictly payday loan consolidation, then after an initial consultation, National Debt Relief will direct you toward a third-party payday loan consolidation program. If your problem is better solved by another organization, the company s helpful representatives will point you in the right direction.

Credit Counseling

National Debt Relief has high-quality tools and webpages dedicated to relieving your payday loan debt. The company s representatives are eager to help, and they are reachable via email, phone call or social media.

The website s online chat option is prompt and easy to use. We were chatting to a licensed credit counselor in no time.

A rarity in the payday loan consolidation industry is a company that gives you comprehensive information about itself before asking nosy questions about your own personal information. National Debt Relief is such a company. Its website is easy to use, and no personal data is demanded up front. You are free to browse the website to determine whether these services may fit your needs.

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