Feb 10 2018

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student aid

Student aid

Student aid

Student Privacy Matters at the Clearinghouse!

The Clearinghouse s Commitment to Student Privacy Is Recognized by Privacy Leaders

Student aid

Get Started with NSC SecurePrint Today!

Introducing NSC SecurePrint, the Most Secure Automated Transcript Printing Solution Available

Student aid

Sign Up for Our Free Trial & Lock In 2018 Introductory Pricing

Colleges, Sign Up for Our Premium Service Trial Now!

Student aid

Your Resource for Compliance- and Reporting-Related Information

Have Compliance and Reporting Questions? Check Out Compliance Central!

Student aid

Schools: Don t miss our line up of 350 events, new services and resources, and more!

Join the Clearinghouse on Our Exciting Journey this Academic Year!

Student aid

Colleges: Speed Your Transcripts! Visit Our New Transcript Services Site

New Transcript Services Site Reveals Solutions at Your Speed

Student aid

Read Our Latest Research Report

High School Benchmarks 2017 National College Progression Rates

Student aid

For the Latest Info on the Clearinghouse, Read Our Blog

Read the Clearinghouse Today Blog

October 24, 2017

September 14, 2017

Visit the Clearinghouse Media Center

Student aid

The National Student Clearinghouse is the nation’s trusted source

for education verification and student outcomes research.

Student aid

Read the latest Clearinghouse news on our Media Center.

Student aid

Our Research Center provides student outcomes data and more. Visit

Student aid

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