Mar 7 2019

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New jersey auto insurance

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New jersey auto insurance

New Jersey Auto Insurance

Is it possible to find affordable New Jersey auto insurance rates? The combination of a dense population, high traffic highways, and the state’s “no fault” policies can leave driver paying top dollar for auto coverage. The way “no fault” works is, no matter who caused the accident, the driver’s own insurance is responsible. This creates higher risks in the eyes of the New Jersey auto insurance companies.

To take away some of the stress, we have researched auto insurance companies in New Jersey. What we found was who had the best rates in the state. Before we go over these wonderful companies there are several factors that come with getting the best quote. Your driving record, where you live and the amount of miles driven daily are important in determining a rate quote. The most important thing you can do, no matter what our factors look like, is shop around. You need to compare New Jersey auto insurance companies to find the best rates for you. If you don t live in NJ, try these guys for Auto Insurance.

Low-cost New Jersey Auto Insurance

There are several auto insurance companies that stand out in “The Garden State”. From Gieco, Nationwide, Travelers, Progressive, and Erie drivers where finding quotes as low as $1,206 annually. That is nearly 25% under the state’s mean and wonderful news for the residents of New Jersey. This is just the start. We have ranked 25 auto insurance companies and their yearly rates for the average driver in New Jersey.

The Best Auto Insurance by City

Where you live, your commute to work, and where your car is stored play a major roll in determining your rate quote. Drivers who live in heavily settled area tend to be at a higher risk for damage or theft. For this reason auto insurance rates are higher in these areas. Let us take a look at New Jersey auto insurance in each of the most populous cities.

Newark, New Jersey

This county seat of Essex County has a population of 281,944 people making it the largest city in “The Garden State”. Auto insurance rates here are the highest in the state at an average of $2,233 a year. There is light at the end of that tunnel for drivers in Newark. Progressive, Nationwide, and SafeCo are quoting drivers at $1,206 a year.

Jersey City, New Jersey

East on the Hudson Bay sits Jersey City. Home to New Jersey City University and Saint Peter’s University it has a population of 264,290. Auto Insurance tends to be high because of the amount of driver under 25 years old. New Jersey Skylands and Erie are among the most affordable auto insurance companies for this college town with rates at $1,146 a year.

Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson is home to the Great Falls of the Passaic and a large network of parks and recreational areas. It is houses 147,456 residents and is the second highest density in the nation, only after New York City. Auto Insurance prices can be staggering here but with companies like Gieco and Chubb Insurance Company of NJ drivers are enjoying rates as low as $1,132 annually.

Elizabeth, New Jersey

This city was first called “Elizabethtown” founded in 1664 by English settlers and one of the original settlements. Today it is still as vibrant and bustling as ever. Drivers in this city can find savings with Norfolk Dedham and Founder Ins. They are quoting motorists in Elizabeth at $1,012 a year.

Edison, New Jersey

Edison is a township located among the New York Metropolitan area. It is a moderately populated town at 102,701 residents. Auto insurance rates can be on the higher side of the spectrum. If they shop around, people who live here can find affordable rates with Gieco and Western United Auto Insurance. Drivers were quote around $989 with these companies and members of AAA found even more discounts.

As you can see comparing different companies and their rate offers is important. This fact is made more important since drivers in New Jersey are required by law to hold at least $5,000 property damage, $15,000 bodily injury liability per person/ $30,000 per accident, and $15,000 for personal injury protection. What you choose to do when it comes to limited right to sue and unlimited right to sue can also affect your rates. Choosing a limited right to sue can lower your rates 25%. Whatever coverage you need or choose we can help you here at

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