Jul 8 2017

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Go Green

Choose the Free No Fee Omni Financial ® Debit Card and have immediate access to your money.

Now, when Omni approves your military loan, you can choose to leave our office with our new Omni Financial ® Debit Card and have immediate access to your money. This free option is available at select Omni offices.

Why use the Omni Financial Debit Card? The answer is simple It s FREE and you pay no ATM withdrawal fees at thousands of ATM’s across America

  • It’s free! We don’t charge you for this funding option
  • You have IMMEDIATE access to your money – No waiting for checks to clear, no ATM fees! The Omni Financial ® Debit Card is accepted at thousands of Stateside ATMs and unlike other military loan debit cards, there are NO fees whatsoever when you withdraw cash
  • NO more check cashing fees! Since you are receiving a debit card and not a check, you don t have to use expensive check cashing services and pay very high check cashing fees
  • Our Debit Card can be used for PURCHASES either as a FREE CREDIT or DEBIT transaction
  • Use your Debit Card for a cash advance at any bank accepting VISA
  • Refill your Debit Card with Omni Loans as needed upon loan approval

Already have an Omni Financial Debit Card?

Refill your card as needed upon loan approval. Visit your local Omni office or call 1-877-OMNI-USA (1-877-666-4872) to get up to $10,000 and have immediate access to your money.

We hope your experience with the Omni Financial ® Debit Card is a rewarding one and that you will consider Omni for your future financial needs.

Remember to tell your friends about Omni s New Debit Card program!

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