Feb 16 2019

Online business reputation management

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Protect the Enterprise
Boost Customer Satisfaction

Manage online reputation and capture customer data to create a winning social strategy and boost customer satisfaction.

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  • Protect the Enterprise
    Boost Customer Satisfaction

    Manage online reputation and capture customer data to create a winning social strategy and boost customer satisfaction.

    Watch our
    promo video

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    Reputation Management

    You can get greatly improved feedback volume by automating your survey requests. We integrate with most point of sale systems to send surveys based on transaction completion letting you set it and forget it. We let you customize your workflow, manage your public posts and automatically share them via social media outlets.

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    “I am very impressed with this tool. From compliance to lead generation, to customer satisfaction, as well as SEO optimization, this is a tool worth looking at. It gives you visibility and helps you generate business leads. It offers you the workflow process to help fix the unhappy customers reviews and potentially turn those customers into raving fans. It’s all centralized, all managed by the company. SocialSurvey costs very little but does so much.”

    Barry Habib / CEO / MBS Highway

    “SocialSurvey has been great for my business. I always say I want to get testimonials but seldom get around to it. This system is so easy is have gotten more feed back recently using this product then I have in my entire 30 year career. Easy to use for the user and highly effective. Almost everyone I ve sent a survey to has completed it with 5 stars and great comments, not to mention the 100 s of likes I get on my social media when it posts automatically! LOVE IT!”

    Steve Christian / Area Sales Manager / 6 Degrees Company

    “At AFN, getting 5 star reviews is the easy part. The challenge is how to share these reviews across the Internet via social media in an organized and trackable fashion, with SEO links back to the individual LO and Branches. Thanks to SocialSurvey, the process is fully automatic. Even when our people are less engaged than we want, it works on their behalf. We love the added compliance features and Customer Service workflows as well. Sharing our success is easy with SocialSurvey!”

    Corey Trujillo / Vice President of Marketing / American Financial Network

    “SocialSurvey is a groundbreaking service that provides valuable feedback for professionals who want to improve their services, and let s prospective customers see how these professionals are regarded by their clients. I have already recommended to my accountant, my attorney, and my realtor; and I am planning to recommend it to all of my friends who are professionals. I know using the service will benefit their businesses.”

    “SocialSurvey is one of the greatest tools imaginable! It allows us to successfully monitor and manage our social reputation, ensuring that our clients are receiving the highest level of service. Craig and the rest of the team have done a fantastic job making sure the onboarding process for our agents has been nothing but simple. The training and communication is amazing!”

    Tyler Morton / Broker / RE/MAX Victory

    “SocialSurvey empowers our customers to provide feedback about their experience with Residential Home Funding. We can share our stellar customer reviews while adding another layer to our quality assurance. A great company to work with, their representatives are knowledgeable and willing to work with our individual needs.”

    Ryan W. / Residential Home Funding

    “We are very pleased with the customer response, satisfaction, and results that rise to an incredible net promoter score, making SocialSurvey an invaluable tool. We use the tool in many different ways, including feedback for leaders, feedback for future borrowers, and feedback for any potential areas of improvement. In the service industry, any feedback from customers allows us to make the borrower experience better with every transaction. The stellar results speak for themselves.”

    Jon Gwin / COO / American Financial Network

    “I like what the platform has to offer. I believe with a little more time invested in learning it I will have a super tool which I have never had before in my marketing! Excellent idea executed extremely well!”

    Daniele L. / Loan Officer / AFN Hawaii Mortgage

    “Most new platforms require painstaking time and energy. SocialSurvey was the complete opposite. We were supported all through the start-up process with quick responses, immediate attention to details, and useful tutorials. It was about as seamless as it could get with amazing results. We are completely happy with the ease of use and execution; moreover, we believe that this will offer great customer support and feedback.”

    Sandy N. / Corp. Admin Mgr. / Diamond Residential Mortgage

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