Sep 18 2017

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Online Masters in Educational Technology

The Educational Technology M.Ed. program at Texas A M prepares students to work in the fast-growing field of learning technologies as:

  • Instructional designers
  • Learning and performance specialists
  • Course developers
  • Trainers
  • Instructional media developers
  • Technology coordinators
  • Evaluators

Students develop a strong foundation in instructional design, learning theory, and innovative educational practices supported by technology. Graduates of our program can apply this knowledge to create more effective, efficient, and engaging instruction for a variety of settings, including:


The Educational Technology M.Ed. program is flexible to meet the needs of diverse students, including those who work full-time. It requires 36 hours of coursework only online.


  • EDTC 602: Educational Technology Field, Theory, and Profession
  • EDTC 654: Instructional Design
  • EPSY 602: Educational Psychology
  • EPSY 673: Learning Theories
  • EPSY 622 or EPSY 636: Measurement and Evaluation in Education or Techniques of Research


  • EDTC 608: Online Course Design
  • EDTC 613: Integrating Technology in Learning Environments
  • EDTC 621: Graphic Communication and Interface Design
  • EDTC 631: Educational Video
  • EDTC 641: Educational Game Design
  • EDTC 642: Designing for Mobile Learning
  • EDTC 645: Emerging Technologies for Learning I
  • EDTC 646: Emerging Technologies for Learning II
  • EDTC 651: E-Learning Design and Development
  • EDTC 684: Internship
  • EDTC 689: Review of Research in Educational Technology
  • EPSY 624: Creative Thinking
  • EPSY 635: Educational Statistics
  • EPSY 646: Issues in Child and Adolescent Development
  • EPSY 679: Research on Teacher Effectiveness
  • EPSY 689: Program Planning and Grant Writing

Students may include up to two courses not listed here in their degree program with advisor approval. Courses must be of graduate level standing.

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