Aug 11 2017

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Free Online Mathematics Courses

Mathematics is a branch of science that encompasses numbers, quantity, and space. Mathematics is divided into two categories: pure and applied mathematics. Pure mathematics, or theoretical mathematics, looks at numbers abstractly through the use of theorems and proofs that may not have any applications in the real world, but are carried out for the sake of knowledge itself. Applied mathematics, on the other hand, comprises calculations and equations done for other branches of science such as physics and engineering in order to solve specific problems.

Mathematics comprises many different branches, such as geometry (the study of points, lines, and shapes), algebra (the study of equations, using letters and other symbols to solve equations), and calculus (the study of functions and their derivatives and integrals). The most basic component of mathematics, however, is the manipulation of numbers through addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Why Take Online Mathematics Courses?

Mathematics is used throughout most courses in the sciences, computer sciences, and engineering, and online mathematics courses can help you better understand branches of mathematics you will encounter such as geometry or calculus or teach you specific topics such as differential equations, algorithms, or non-linear geometry. Online mathematics courses are very beneficial for students of engineering, physics, chemistry, or other scientific or technical subjects that will require the extensive use of applied mathematics. However, you can also take an online mathematics class just to improve your logical and mathematical thinking, or to supplement college mathematics programs. Many online courses are taught by professional mathematicians working in academia, and can give you an idea of what a career in mathematics requires.

You can take an online mathematics course in many different subjects, including college algebra, calculus, statistics, or trigonometry. Students of these online courses are taught to answer questions such as:

  • What are the applications of calculus in the real world?
  • How are differential equations constructed and solved?
  • What are some of the most important mathematical theorems throughout history?
  • How is the study of logic related to the study of mathematics?
  • What kinds of software and other tools do mathematicians use?

Free Online Mathematics Courses

Below you will find a list of online resources that will aid in your study of mathematics. These include videos, test materials, online textbooks, and lecture notes. These free courses will give you a solid introduction to several topics in mathematics and can help you review and better understand concepts you have already learned.


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