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U.S. Bank has products especially for military service members, including VA loans and great checking benefits.

U.S. Bank can help you build good credit, teach kids about money, or grow your small business.

Latest News

U.S. Bank Supports Military Saves Week with New Military Financial Education Course

U.S. Bank is celebrating Military Saves Week with the introduction of the Military Financial Education Course, a free digital program that provides active military members with critical financial wellness skills. Learn More

U.S. Bank Celebrates Veterans Day with $25,000 Donation to Freedom Alliance

U.S. Bank kicked off its Veterans Day celebration with a $25,000 donation to Freedom Alliance, an educational and charitable organization which sponsors numerous program activities aimed at supporting and honoring America s service members and their families. Learn More

U.S. Bank Ranked in Top 100 Military Friendly Employers by G.I. Jobs Magazine

The 2014 award recognizes companies with the strongest military recruiting programs and meaningful job opportunities for transitioning service members and spouses. Learn More

U.S. Bank Surpasses Veteran Hiring Goal

U.S. Bank has added 1,114 veterans to its roster since Jan. 1, 2012, surpassing its hiring goal of 1,000, and now employs approximately 2,000 veterans nationwide. Learn More

U.S. Bank ATMs to Accept Donations for Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront is a military support nonprofit organization that provides emergency financial and other assistance to families of service members and wounded warriors. Learn More

U.S. Bank Accepts Freedom Award in Washington D.C. Ceremony

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Military Loans

Military loans are available

Some military personnel may find themselves in need of gap financing at times and find themselves barred from alternative financial products such as payday loans and other loan products due to their being active or retired. Personal Money Network may be able to help.

For borrowers in uniform

Personal Money Network can certainly help members of the uniformed services obtain military loans. We aren t a lender, but rather a matching service that helps to find a lender for you. Among the lenders in our network are a number of lenders that are able to extend financing to service members.

Just like their civilian counterparts, loans up to $1,000 are available as are a variety of repayment options such as installment plans if an installment loan is the best option for you. Approval decisions are rendered quickly, and through direct deposit, funds can be available within one business day.

What you should know

Though Personal Money Network does strive to provide the best loan to applicants from the network of lenders we partner with, only a select number of lenders are able to provide loans to military personnel. The reason is that federal and state regulations for lending to active service members are different than those for civilians.

As a result, there may be fewer lenders able to extend financing. While being active duty military certainly doesn t disqualify you from obtaining the loan you need, it may make it harder to find a loan to best suit your needs.

What is the process like?

The process for getting members of the military loans like cash advances, short term loans or installment loans is just like anyone else applying for a loan through Personal Money Network.

You fill out a short application. which takes just a few minutes to fill out. Then you submit the application for consideration. An approval decision typically only takes three minutes or so. If you receive an approval from a lender, you will be redirected to the website of the approving lender. There you can review the terms and decide whether to take the loan or not.

Since the process is online, you don t have to leave home to get approved. Since many of our lenders also work via direct deposit, the funds can be sent straight to your bank account.

Apply today for a military payday loan

Secure Loan Application

Some Brown Mackie and Art Institute students to have loans forgiven: News #astrive #student #loans

Koran Addo

More than 1,500 former Missouri college students stand to have their student loans forgiven based on an agreement hashed out by the Obama administration.

The agreement calls for the for-profit education company Education Management Corp. to reform its recruiting and enrollment practices after it became the subject of numerous complaints from current and former students.

In Missouri, EDMC operates Brown Mackie College-St. Louis, the Art Institute of St. Louis, the Art Institutes International in Kansas City and Brown Mackie College-Kansas City.

Among the complaints, students said the company misled them about the costs of certain programs and whether credits would be transferable.

The complaints prompted a multi-state investigation of the company starting in January 2014.

In reaching the agreement with the Obama administration and attorneys general in 39 states, EDMC is not required to admit to any wrongdoing.

“We alleged that EDMC utilized unfair and deceptive recruitment and enrollment practices in seeking prospective students,” Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said. “This agreement holds the corporation accountable for their practices and creates a new level of transparency for students going forward.”

The agreement prohibits the company from making misrepresentations about its accreditation, selectivity, graduation rates, financial aid, transferability of credit and veterans benefits.

The company will also be required to provide prospective students with a one-page disclosure form spelling out the student’s anticipated costs, the median debt for those who complete the program and a warning about the unlikelihood that credits from some EDMC schools will be accepted by other schools.

The agreement means EDMC will forgive $102.8 million in outstanding loan debt held by more than 80,000 former students.

In Missouri, 1,586 former EDMC students will have more than $1,965,000 in loans forgiven.

Based in Pittsburgh, EDMC operates 110 schools in 32 states and Canada. Schools are operated under the names Argosy University, The Art Institutes, Brown Mackie College and South University.

To be eligible for loan forgiveness, students must have been enrolled in an EDMC program with fewer than 24 transfer credits; withdrew within 45 days of the first day of their first term; and their final day of attendance must have been between Jan. 1, 2006, and Dec. 31, 2014.

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About Military Loans

Military Cash is ready to meet your monetary needs at a moment’s notice. From calculating a free loan estimate to directing you toward a convenient pick-up location, we are committed to providing loans.

Military Loan Application

Thinking of taking out a personal military loan? Military Cash has the options you need to make the right choice right away. Whether you want to pay for a car repair, start a home improvement project.

Military Loan Locations

Get A US Military Loan Online

As a member of the armed forces, you know that life is anything but predictable. When it feels like there are more expenses to pay than dollars in your bank account, Military Cash is here to help. We work quickly to get you the best military loans on the market with free, honest, one-of-a-kind service that caters to servicemen and women who need a financial boost without having to worry about their credit history.

Our loans are designed with you in mind, and customized to allow you to get the cash you need and repay your loan at a pace that is comfortable and convenient. We are proud to call ourselves one of the top resources for military borrowers. We provide exceptional service for our exceptional client base by securing loans for any borrower of any rank with any credit score.

We will listen to your needs, even if your credit history is less than perfect. When you apply for a military loan. every aspect of your unique financial situation is taken into account so that you can be matched up with an affordable plan that fits seamlessly into your monthly budget. As the most trusted name in military loan with no credit check, we are devoted to doing whatever it takes to get you the cash you need for the things you want.

Why Apply for a Military Loan?

With so many options out there, what is it that makes Military Cash the best choice? For starters, our service offers a variety of active duty military loans that take care of you, your family, and your finances. You live a dynamic and fast-paced life, and our objective is to provide you with a loan that is safe and manageable, so you can focus on what’s important. We understand that as a military borrower, you may not have had the time or resources needed to build up a spotless credit history, so we skip the hassle of credit checks and take you straight to the heart of the matter – an affordable loan package.

Like you, our dedicated representatives are highly-trained and have all the skills necessary to help you get the loan you need. Instead of focusing on your past, we choose to focus on the here and now, so you can secure a brighter and more prosperous financial future. Whether you want cash to jump-start your life after the service, or money to keep things running smoothly while you’re still serving, our caring team of representatives has your back. Our seasoned team of in-house professionals has years of experience helping military personnel like you design loan packages that are tailor-made to suit your circumstances.

Preapproved Online Military Loans

With no credit check standing in your way, you can be pre-approved for a loan of up to several thousand dollars within a matter of minutes.

Our fast and user-friendly process allows you to get a bad credit military loan online with just a few clicks of your mouse. Take a moment to fill out the brief form, and one of our experts will instantly send you a free loan estimate with no obligation.

We have approved hundreds, if not thousands of borrowers for military loans. Your financial success is what we strive for, and when you work with our caring team of experts, you can always expect:

  • The lowest interest rates in the industry
  • Fully customizable payment plans
  • No credit check
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Same-day approval
  • One easy online application

We will walk by your side every step of the way and give you the expert advice you want with the service you deserve. Hard work and dedication to our customers make us the best at what we do, and like a well-oiled machine, we aim to make your borrowing experience as smooth, efficient, and stress-free as possible.

Locations We Serve Find Your Military Loan Today

No matter where you live or where you serve, we have hundreds of locations across the U.S. so there’s always a loan branch near you. We understand the unique set of challenges many of our borrowers face in terms of traveling and relocating, so some military lenders may even be willing to deposit your cash directly into your checking account. You can speak with a friendly representative for more details.

Military College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP) #personal #loans #for #bad #credit

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Military College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP)

The College Loan Repayment Program is an enlistment incentive. Like other enlistment incentives authorized by Congress, each of the services are free to offer the program, or not, as they see fit, in order to meet their established recruiting goals. Under the program, the military will repay a portion of eligible college loans for non-prior service military members. This program is for non-prior service enlisted personnel, only.

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Officers are not eligible.

Note: For a couple of years, the Army offered CLRP benefits to non-prior service OCS officer candidates as a test program. The Army has since decided not to continue the program. Between 2008, and 2011, the Marine Corps is conducting their own test program and offers college loan repayment of up to $30,000 for some officer candidates in exchange for extending their service commitment by six months.

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However, the Air National Guard offers CLRP of up to $20,000, for designated shortage AFSCs (jobs).

Qualifying Loans

The loan must be entered into before joining the military. The following loans qualify for the College Loan Repayment Program:

  • Auxiliary Loan Assistance for Students (ALAS)
  • Stafford Student Loan, formerly know as the Guaranteed Student Loan (GSL)
  • Parents Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS). Must be incurred for the use of the individual contracting for the program (not others such as relatives)
  • Consolidated Loan Program. Only covers the member s education expenses
  • Federally Insured Student Loans (FISL)
  • Perkins Loan, formerly known as the National Direct Student Loan (NDSL)
  • Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS)


  • For active duty, must have no prior military experience
  • In the Air Force and Navy active duty, must enlist for a minimum of four years. For the Army active duty, must enlist for a minimum of three years.
  • For the Army and Navy Reserves, and Army and Air National Guard, must enlist for a minimum of six years
  • For the Army, must have a high school diploma, and must have an overall score of 50 or higher on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).
  • For the Army active duty, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard, must enlist in a specific shortage MOS/AFSC (job) that qualifies for the program (Note: MOS s/AFSC s that qualify can change overnight, depending on the current needs of the service. See your local Recruiter for the latest information about jobs that qualify).
  • For the Army Reserves/Army National Guard and the Air National Guard, the maximum amount repayable (up to $20,000) varies according to the MOS/AFSC (job) and unit assigned to.
  • Active Duty must give up Montgomery GI Bill Eligibility (but, see info on the next page about this)
  • For the Army and Navy Reserves, those with prior military service are eligible.
  • The CLRP must be annotated on the enlistment contract.


Payments are made directly to the lender. The first payment is not made until after the member has completed one year of service, assuming that all initial entry training (basic training and job-training) has been completed.

Active Duty. The military repays 33 1/3 percent of the outstanding principle balance of the loan annually, or $1,500, whichever is greater, for each year of service.

Reserves. The Army and Navy Reserves will repay 15 percent of the outstanding principle balance of the loan annually, or $1,500, whichever is greater, for each year of service.  The Air National Guard will pay 15 percent, or $5,000 (whichever is greater) annually against the outstanding principle balance.

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Military Loans for Bad Credit

Welcome to the official website of US Military Lending Corp. (USMLC).

USMLC is a privately owned company dedicated to helping the honored members of the U.S. military make the most of their finances with low-cost, no-hassle military loans for bad credit. We provide unparalleled service and support throughout your loan term. And with a streamlined application and easy to understand instructions, getting the money you need couldn’t be easier.

  • A fast and easy way to borrow money
  • Military Payday Loans valued between $1,000 and $2,500
  • An easy-to-complete application, a non-invasive application process, uncomplicated loan terms, and an effortless repayment structure
  • Respectful personal service provided by respectable personnel
  • Same day approval, when possible
  • A choice of loan delivery types and times: regular mail and wire-transfer
  • No penalty for early loan repayment

It’s YOUR Army loan.

USMLC is honored to help active U.S. military personnel improve their financial well-being and understand that Military Loans are still needed by personal with bad credit. We help you supplement your income when you need it, but you determine how that is. USMLC provides the loan, YOU provide the use.

Our application does not ask you how you will use the money once your loan is approved, it’s yours to do with as you need, want, or please!

One commitment, shared priorities

USMLC is proud to donate a portion of every dollar earned to the Armed Forces Relief Trust . AFR Trust donations help the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families so they can, for example, fly home for a father’s funeral or get special medical attention for an expectant spouse. USMLC’s commitment to AFR Trust’s cause is reflected by our mission:

US Military Lending Corporation is committed to alleviating the financial stress and improving the financial well-being of those most dedicated to their country. USMLC will provide low-cost loans to active members of the U.S. military with a minimum of paperwork, delay, and hassle, and with a maximum of service, value, and integrity. Each client relationship will be built on honor to and respect for those who sacrifice their quality of life in order to protect and serve their country.

How to apply

To get your USMLC US Military loan, simply download the application here . Most applications are reviewed within 24 hours. Call toll free (866)-60-USMLC (866-608-7652) to speak with a loan officer directly about your Military Lending options, Monday through Friday, 6am PST to 2pm PST (9am EST – 5pm EST.)

Apply Now Cash Available Tomorrow!

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Solo 401k Loan Calculator

Solo 401k Loan Calculator: Amortization Schedule and Loan Payments

Solo 401k Plan account holders are allowed by law (IRC Section 72(p)) to obtain a loan from their Qualified Plans (known as Individual K or Solo 401k) if the plan documents are permitting such loan.  The solo 401k loan provide a way for participants to have access to their retirement funds without taxes and penalties.

A Solo 401k loan can be taken at any time from the balance in the account.  The term of the loan typically five years, or it could be less, but the payments must be made at least quarterly, or it could be monthly.  The maximum loan amount is $50,000 or 50 percent of the value in the account (whichever is less).  Reasonable rate must be set as the interest rate for the loan.  Solo 401k loan rules allow for the lowest rate to be the Prime Rate.  The loan interest rate is not allowed to be changed during the life of the loan and is to remain the same as specified on the loan application.  The reasonable interest rate for the Solo 401k loan would be that which is charged by commercial lender for a loan made under similar conditions.  An example would be Prime Rate + 1%.

There are no restrictions regarding the use of the Solo 401k loan.  It can be used for repayment of personal debt at the high interest rate, to purchase personal goods, pay student tuition, etc.  It can be even used for a transaction that would otherwise be prohibited within a Solo 401k.

Choosing the right Solo 401k provider:

Although the IRS allows Solo 401k plan participants to take out a loan from the plan, not all plan providers offer this option and/or facilitate the process. Check with your plan provider to see if they offer Solo 401k loan option: Click here .

Instructions for using the Solo 401k Loan Calculator:

Click Calculate.  Be sure to print out amortization schedule for your records in order to make the loan payments on schedule.

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Security of receivables repayment and sales financing

This product is designed for trade transactions with deferred payments up to 180 days. and where the receivables are insured through Export Sales Cover or the Domestic Sales Cover of Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation. South Africa’s largest Trade Insurance Agency. This Product provides the ability to insure the receivables and obtain financing for domestic and foreign trade transactions evidenced by invoices.

Financing is arranged through the purchase of given receivables and the assignment of all rights under the Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation insurance policy to Citi South Africa. is a key condition of the product.

The solution is financing the Seller based on invoice discounting, and is especially useful for revolving transactions. The financing is based on limited recourse to the Seller. The recourse is exercised only in the following situations:

It should be noted that there is complete coverage for the key risk associated with trade, i.e. the commercial and non-commercial risk risks.

The Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation policy which can constitute the basis for financing to be delivered within the within the product are:

  • Export comprehensive cover for Foreign Trade
  • Domestic Cover for Domestic Sales

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Merchant Cash Advance

Get Funds Fast With a Merchant Cash Advance

Balboa Capital knows that small and medium-sized businesses sometimes need quick access to cash to keep their everyday operations running as efficiently as possible. Whether cash is needed to increase inventory, pay employee salaries or to acquire equipment, Balboa Capital can help you meet your specific small business loan needs with a merchant cash advance, which is part of our working capital program. Our merchant cash advance program is easy and hassle-free. With our simple online application and fast funding capabilities, Balboa Capital can provide you with cash in as little as 5 days. And you ll be glad to know there aren t any upfront costs or hidden charges. These are some of the reasons why Balboa Capital has established itself as a leading provider of merchant cash advances. In this Balboa Capital video, you will learn all about our merchant cash advance program and how it can benefit your business.


Submit a simple merchant cash advance application form online. A Balboa Capital account representative will contact you directly to complete the qualification process. The verification includes simple facts about your business and its operations. Plus, your merchant cash advance is backed by Balboa Capital s Lowest Payment Pledge.


Upon qualification, you will agree to sell a specified amount of your business’ future card sales. In exchange, you will receive a lump sum of working capital from Balboa Capital that will go into your business’ checking account. There are not restrictions on how the cash is used you decide how to spend the money on your business.


As each day’s card sales are settled, a specific percentage is automatically retrieved by the business’ credit card processor. This percentage is fixed, so each dollar amount retrieved reflects a fixed percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales volume.


Retrieval stops automatically when the total amount of card sales your business sold has been forwarded, usually in less than 12 months. Apply online for a merchant cash advance from Balboa Capital today.

Meet Nelnet, Your Student Loan Servicer #omni #military #loans

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Nelnet, Your Student Loan Servicer

New to Nelnet

Nelnet works with the Department of Education (Department) to help you achieve your educational goals. We provide customer service on your federal student loans, so we answer your questions, offer solutions if you’re having trouble paying, and process your payments.

You’ll typically go through three stages during your loan’s life cycle—in school. in grace. and in repayment —and will receive a variety of communication from us depending on the stage your loan is currently in.

We want you to have the best borrower experience possible. Let us know how we can help you.

Nelnet is Your Student Loan Servicer

It is possible that Nelnet owns your loan, but we also provide customer service for other lenders’ loans, including those from the Department. Nelnet provides customer service on your account if:

  • You borrowed money directly from Nelnet
  • You have taken out a Federal Direct Loan from the Department and Nelnet was selected to service the loan
  • Your lender sold your loan to the Department and Nelnet was selected to service the loan
  • Your lender sold your loan to Nelnet and Nelnet now owns and services the loan
  • Your lender selected Nelnet to service the loan

Servicer(s) of Your Federal Student Loans

Your federal student loans may or may not all be with Nelnet or another servicer. It’s important that you know which servicer(s) provides customer service for each of your student loans—and it’s simple to verify. You can access all of your federal student loan data at You’ll need the PIN you received when you took out your loans. If you’ve forgotten or lost your PIN, you can request a new one from .

Difference Between the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and the Federal Direct Loan Program (FDLP)

A Federal Direct Loan Program (FDLP) loan is originally borrowed from or currently owned by the Department of Education. A Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loan was originally borrowed from a company such as a bank, lender, or non-profit organization and could be currently owned by the Department of Education, a bank, lender, or non-profit organization. The FFEL Program ended in June 2010. All federal student loans borrowed after June 2010 are FDLP loans.

You May Have More Than One Servicer: How to Find Out

If you have loans with more than one servicer, you will need to make a payment to each. If you’re not sure which servicers have your loans, log on to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) website at or call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 800.433.3243.

It’s your responsibility to be aware of the number of student loans that have been taken out in your name, the amount owed, the timing of repayment, and where to send payments. If you make two or more monthly student loan payments, it may be wise to consider consolidating them into one loan.