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Commercial Banks

Commercial banks offer personal loans in some cases. Personal loans fell out of favor when credit cards and home equity loans became available. Some banks decided personal loans were too risky and offered little in return. However, some banks continue to offer the loans. You need an account, such as a checking account, a savings account or a certificate of deposit. It helps if your account is old enough to show that you’ve handled your money well over the years. MSN Money reports that you shouldn’t approach banks for a loan if you’re unemployed and are struggling to pay bills. Good credit history is also mandatory before banks will consider you for a loan. Other non-bank options are available if your bank doesn’t offer personal loans or if you fail to qualify.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are financial institutions, but they aren’t banks. According to the Credit Union National Association, unions consist of groups of people that pool their assets to provide financial services and loans to each other. You cannot apply for a credit union loan unless you become a member. Members share a bond, for example everyone might work in the same industry, attend the same school or live in the same community. Unions offer lower loan rates, more savings and fewer service fees than banks because there are no shareholders to pay. Credit unions are supervised and monitored by the National Credit Union Administration, and the money is insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. For information on finding credit unions in your area, contact the Credit Union National Association.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops offer personal loans in exchange for some form of collateral. Common collateral items include jewelry, televisions, cameras, guns and just about anything else of value. When you pawn an item, you receive a ticket that shows the item you pawned, the amount of your loan and when your payment is due. Pawn shops aren’t as particular about credit history or employment record. According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, these types ofcollateral loans are beneficial because failure to repay the loan doesn’t hurt your credit score or result in any legal consequences. If you fail to repay the loan, the pawn shop simply sells your item to recoup the cost of the loan. The amount of your loan depends on the worth of the item you pawn. If you don’t own anything worth the amount you need, then a pawn shop loan probably won’t serve your needs.

Family Members

Family members can provide you with a personal loan. You won’t have to worry about a credit check or your employment history. However, there are other considerations involved. suggests creating a formal agreement even when borrowing money from family. The agreement should specify the amount of the loan, the interest charged and the repayment terms. If you fail to sign a formal agreement, future disagreements over the loan could arise. Getting the agreement in writing also helps you avoid tax trouble. Without a formal loan agreement, the Internal Revenue Service might argue that your loan is a gift subject to gift taxes.

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Payday Loans Fast Approval

## Long Term Loans With No Credit Check – Long Term Loans With No Credit Check By 100+ Lenders in OUR Network, Approval in 1 Hr, You Need NOW. Money Upto $5000.

Long Term Loans With No Credit Check To discover your break-even point, use a home loan calculator to loans monthly payments with no discount points at the stated curiosity price. Then determine the payment as it would be if you paid out for discount factors. Take the lower complete from the higher total to figure out how a lot you can save in a month. Finally divide the price of the discount points by the month-to-month amount saved. This will give the quantity of months you will have to maintain the home to split even on having to pay for the discount points. If you dont intend to maintain it that long, then low cost points are not really worth contemplating. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Access the payday loan critiques that are offered on-line for customers to store and evaluate the various loan companies. It is also essential to remember that each condition does not provide payday loans, so you will have to verify with your condition legislation.

Long Term Loans With No Credit Check

Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Presently these loans are only offered to those individuals of US who have attained an age of 18 years. These individuals ought to not be unemployed and they must be earning a regular income each month. A borrower should also have a valid bank account in any bank of US. It is very necessary situation. It is this financial institution account which would be credited by the loan amount as soon as the mortgage is authorized. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Improve your credit score score before making use of for training funding. Circumstances for borrowers are now stricter than prior to, so you will need a rating of at least 620 and ideally of 670. Some quick fixes consist of paying all bills totally and on time and handling your credit score card use much more effectively. If you spend less than a third of the restrict on each card and repay your debt on time each thirty day period, you will see a substantial improvement. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check

Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Are you a recent school graduate concerned about having to pay off your student loans? After reading this post you will know some suggestions that can help you while paying off your financial loans. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Most importantly think about more than 1 means of earnings. Most rich folks have more than 1 source of earnings. Instance, appear at Diddy, Jay-Z, Oprah, Will Smith, John Rogers and the list carries on.Begin a aspect company, a blog, write guide – just find a way to deliver extra money into your home to develop up your savings.

Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Further, the reimbursement of these loans is carried out by digital deduction from the extremely account of the borrower. If the borrower wants to lengthen the loan for an additional phrase or wants to repay in instalment, he can do so by having to pay a fee to his creditor. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Another benefit of these financial loans is that they are to be repaid in simple installments. These might be weekly or monthly depending on the creditability and monetary requirements of the borrower. The very best component of heading for this kind of a way of lending is that it does not place an pointless load on the borrower. Borrower might pay off the financial debt as for each the comfort. These all attributes make such financial loans very suitable for any borrower.On-line installment financial loans are brief term small financial loans that are provided without any trouble. These financial loans are not only simple to acquire but repay too. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check

Long Term Loans With No Credit Check If you want to have fast money and maintain a debit card, check out debit card loans that allow you grab quick cash. Right here with the assistance of this loan, you are allowed to borrow brief phrase mortgage money that can be ranges from one hundred to 1500 with easy and convenient repayment time period of fourteen to 31 days. You can simply cover up your unexpected cash crisis by having to pay off your instant costs this kind of as unfold a birthday party of your kid, buy a shock present for your spouse, assembly your domestic costs, having to pay off groceries bills and so on. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Long phrase payday loans provide adequate quantity of money rapidly. To get these financial loans, you dont need to attach collateral towards getting the mortgage. So, these financial loans carry marginally higher interest rates. With these loans, you can draw quantity starting from $1000 to $25,000 for long phrase reimbursement duration of 6 months up to 10 years. Nevertheless, if you fall short to spend the loan off on time, then you will have to pay some additional charges as penalty. Because of lack of credit verify, so persons getting bad credit score profiles such as CCJ, IVA, arrears, late payments, skipped payments etc can also use for lengthy term payday financial loans.

Long Term Loans With No Credit Check I have an acquaintance who just put $470 on her credit score card for a limo. This limo was not for a wedding ceremony or a promenade; it was for a evening out with the women. The five girls had been heading to break up the price and rent the limo for four hours. I asked her why she was the one who experienced to front the cash. Her reply, Everyone elses cards had been maxed out and they didnt have the availability on them. All I could think was if all these women had maxed out credit playing cards, then why does she anticipate to get paid out for their share of the limo. I decided to keep my feedback to myself. Long Term Loans With No Credit Check Credit scores: Prior to you start thinking of using out an auto loan, know your credit score scores precisely. Try to look for help from credit bureaus or from expert if you are not able to understand the scores. Do not be ashamed if you have poor credit scores. Do not try to include them up. Doing so might jeopardize your chance of obtaining the mortgage. Just face up the fact that you had made some incorrect decisions and it is time to make amends.

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We pride ourselves on our customer service and have the reviews to prove it.

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  • Amount of Credit: 1000
  • Weekly Repayment: 37.47
  • Total Repayable: 2922.66
  • Duration: 78 Weeks
  • Fixed Annual Interest: 128.17%
  • 494.9% APR Representative

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We Love Loans!

When you re thinking about borrowing money, think about us. This is where we really shine! Whether you re looking for a new car, updating your home, planning a vacation or thinking about your child s future, we ve got what you need! We offer the same range of loan products you ll find anywhere else; the only difference we prefer people to policies. We are willing to work with you on terms that work for you.

A human being will review your loan request, take your other obligations into account and tailor a loan that fits your needs. Often, we can combine your loan with your other debts to save you money and even lower your monthly payments.

Apply Now. It s Easy!

Choose the way that s most convenient for you. Apply in person at our main office, or the Credit Union Service Center, over the phone, or online.

You will also receive a % discount on most of our secured loans, just for being you!

  • Do you receive your monthly statements through our easy and secure eStatements?
  • Are you able to apply for your loan online?
  • Do you have an active checking account with us?
  • What about an active SFCU Visa credit card?
  • Have you been a member of our Family Friends for at least 5 years?
  • Perhaps you already have a loan at SFCU with a balance greater than $5,000?

If you re able to answer Yes! to any of these questions, you qualify for % off of your secured loan! You will also receive another % off of your loan if you have your payment taken automatically from one of your SFCU accounts!

What Happens Next?

We make our loan process as fast and as easy as you ll find anywhere. Once we receive your application, you become our #1 priority. We work on finding a loan solution that will fit within your terms and your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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Get A No-Obligation Quote Today – Draw in 24 Hours

What are Logbook Loans?

Put simply, logbook loans (also known as Car Title Loans or V5 Loans) are a quick and convenient way to raise cash from your car for any purpose and still keep driving it.

Advantages of Logbook Loans

  • No credit checks required
  • We don t look into your employment status
  • Guaranteed Approval *
  • In your account in 24 hours
  • Flexible loan periods of 1 day up to 18+ months
  • Unemployed, self-employed, on benefits welcome
  • Confidential and personal service

How to Apply

An application form for a logbook loan is on this page so APPLY NOW there s no obligation to go ahead if you re accepted but if you do want to proceed the money can be in your account (or in your hand) in 24 hours or less.

*Provided you meet our very basic conditions (including owning a car with little or no finance)

Have You Been Refused A Loan By A Bank Or Other Lender?

You re not alone these days! If you re having trouble getting the finance you need from the usual sources such as banks, due perhaps to your credit history, or possibly because the banks lending criteria is so strict then we can help.We don t need a Credit Check for your application because your finance is secured against the value of your car. This means that even if you have a bad credit history including CCJs, Arrears, Defaults etc, you can still get an advance. All you need to prove is that the car is yours and that your car is free or nearly free of any finance.In summary you re welcome to apply if you re a UK resident aged 18 or more and own a car that s free or nearly free of finance and can afford to repay us even if:

  • You have had past credit problems
  • You re a tenant
  • You have defaults or CCJs
  • You re unemployed
  • You re self employed
  • You re on benefits
  • You don t have anyone who will guarantee a loan

Of course you ll need to demonstrate that you can afford to repay but if your source is clear you ll find our lenders are flexible and willing to work with you in order to get you the cash you want.

More About Logbook Loans

At some stage all of us can go through difficult period and need urgent financial assistance.

Sadly the greater your need and the worse your circumstances, the more restricted your choice will be. However, there is an answer which, for car owners at least, will look beyond your personal financial circumstances, even if you re unemployed or on benefits.

Logbook Loans are one of the quickest and least complex types of finance available in the UK. There are no credit checks which is important if your credit situation is already impaired as the last thing you want is more searches to appear on your credit file.

In fact for many people Logbook Loans are the perfect loans for people with bad credit. Most importantly if you borrow with a logbook loan you still own and drive the car. As the process is very simple, you could be driving away with your loan in your bank account within 24 hours.

Driving your car away is a key aspect of the arrangement because, although your car is used as security, you get to keep and drive the car while the advance is outstanding.

Compared to other bad credit loans logbook loans have the advantages of speed, simplicity and in some cases they re a lot cheaper than other borrowing options (e.g. Payday Loans).

All you need to do is prove you own your car and that it has a value (that will depend on the amount you need) and that it isn t subject to outstanding finance (or any finance is minimal).So if you ve been rejected for finance or you re fed up with waiting for an answer then you re in the right place.

Here at LogbookLoansUK our aim is to get you the finance you need whatever your personal situation. So if you re unemployed, self-employed, on benefits or you just have a bad credit history then put us to the test and apply today.

Here are some useful recent articles from our Blog that we hope you ll find helpful:

All loans granted subject to affordability. Proof of income will be required. A Log Book loan is secured against your vehicle, which may be repossessed if you do not make payment. Late or missed payments may incur a charge for chasing letters and telephone calls. Lenders abide by the CCTA voluntary Code of Practice.

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Long and Short Business Term Loans

Put basic borrowing to work for your business.

Meet every need, and achieve every goal with help from a SunTrust business long and short term loan. As the most basic way to finance your company’s growth, business term loans are an effective solution for small, financially sound businesses to fund specific projects and initiatives.

Whether you need a business equipment loan, want to expand your facility or acquire more assets, our business bankers will work with you to provide the best rate options and help you decide whether a long term or short business term loan is best for getting your business where you want it to be.

  • Take advantage of fixed or variable interest rates
  • Explore a range of term lengths to accommodate your repayment needs—up to 20 years, depending on the amount

With long term and intermediate term business loans, you’ll need collateral for the loan. Your company’s equipment can be used as such. But no matter which way you decide to go, you’ll benefit from permanent working capital and enjoy business growth.

To talk with a SunTrust business banker about business term loans, call 877.370.5108.

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Borrow £250 – £50,000

Logbook loans are one of the modern forms of loaning system in United Kingdom in which people can obtain loan against the vehicle of that person. By approval of this loan, the loan provider officially becomes the owner of the vehicle for a certain period, during which the instalments are being paid; however the borrower can still use it while repayment of the loan.

In case of nonpayment the vehicle will go to the loan providers because it was used as a guarantee against the borrowed amount. However, in case of timely payment of the loan, this loan is the trouble-free in terms of conclusion of terms, as there are no impediments at the end if you have sustained good reputation regarding timely payments. These loans can be the best solution for your emergency needs, which is impossible to be met by applying a bank loan. The best thing about this loan is that these can be obtained on a very rapid pace.

Logbook loans are the commonly spread loan type in UK, however people are generally afraid of availing this opportunity for not having enough awareness. There are a number of benefits of using the logbook loan as compared to bank loan such as, the rapid approval, minimal rate of interest rate and no doubts for your credit record. With the logbook loan you can get the money as swiftly as you can just imagine, and the limit of the amount is approved according to the worth of your car. For applying the loan, the vehicle’s logbook (V5 document), a copy of MOT certificate, an evidence of your income, a copy of national photo Identity, and an evidence of the current residence, have to be attached as supporting documents. The original logbook of the vehicle is returned on successful completion of the loan installments.

While providing logbook loan service, our customers come first for us, everything is designed with a focus on the customers ensuring their ease at the top priority. That is why, the documentation requirements are also kept to a minimum trouble level. Anyone who is a citizen of United Kingdom, has an evidence of nationality; a photo Identity, owns a vehicle, and has fulfilled the loan requirements can apply for Logbook loans; however a vehicle that has not secured any loan in the past is eligible for applying a loan. You can apply an amount up to 50% of the market price of vehicle.

Rest of the process is very simple; the borrower will physically check the vehicle to see if there is any major problem in it, and check the vehicle purchase documents to verify that all the payments are cleared for the specific vehicle. Another eligibility criterion for the vehicle is its age; a vehicle older than 10 years from the registration date is not eligible for using as security against the loan. Also if the vehicle has gone through a major damage, and lost the sale value as compared to the parallel models, there may be problem in approval of the loan. In case of finding all the situations in normal state, the loan is immediately approved and handed over. The client however is the most important factor in the speed of the process, the better the availability of the verification documents, the faster will be the speed of loan approval. The clients should make sure that everything is in place, before submitting an application for the logbook loan.

Although these loans have simplest systems and a strong support mechanism offered by us to make the process simple, there are also some aspects which have to be taken into consideration while making a decision to request loan.

Timeliness for the payment installments is highly critical for avoiding issues at the end. Only go for this option if you have surety for sustainable income. A timely and complete payment of the installments will save you from any kind of additional interest. This is a common understanding that all any outstanding amount can cause extra interest; following the schedule properly ensures that you will have to pay only an amount that has been agreed at the beginning of the loan.

The terms regarding loan period vary according to time and amount. The smaller period a loan involves the higher amount as installment, but lower interest rate, and vice versa. These payments are deducted from the account automatically; all you have to make sure is that your account has enough credit for deduction of the installment; otherwise you will have to pay an extra amount as surcharge.

It is important to inform the borrower in case of accidental issue related to repayment, otherwise your credit score will be affected negatively and you will have to bear extra financial load.

Nonpayment does not only result as increased interest rates and liability of paying surcharge, it also results as a bad debt history which may be a main hindrance regarding your future loan requests. This is important to keep the payment record clear, so as to avoid any difficulties in future.

Any utility can be a blessing or a disaster at the same time, the situation depends on you. Logbook loan is a great utility in case of financial difficulties, especially If there is an emergency. If you have fulfilled the formalities for securing the loan, it can be a matter of even minutes. However, it is necessary to review your case in light of the above considerable points so as to save yourself from any future repercussions..

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Our land division, managed by Richard Spurr, specializes in U ndeveloped Land and R esidential Lot financing throughout the  State of Oklahoma. Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

The Spurr Mortgage Advantage  enables you to finance  undeveloped land  or a residential lot  with  No Down Payment  at 100% Financing of the contract amount up to $250,000. The mortgage payments are amortized over a 15 year term of equal monthly payments for the first 5 years and then converts to an ARM for the remaining years. The calculator on this page will help to compute the monthly payment for the first five years.

Conditions and Benefits:

  • Title Insurance required
  • Land Appraisal required
  • No Down Payment required
  • No Survey
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • No Commercial Land
  • No Acreage Limitation
  • No Flood Certification
  • No Hidden Fees (Click Closing Fees above)
  • Property can NOT  have a residential structure
  • A minimum credit score of 680 is required
  • Property can be financed with  or without utilities
  • Click on Closing Fees for estimated closing costs
  • Construction Loans available to build a home
  • Refinances available at 65% loan-to-value

To begin the process, call 405-348-9919 and ask for Richard Spurr, or click on the Mortgage PreFlight button to apply online and get your Loan Approval underway.

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Logbook loans campaign

Citizens Advice campaign win on logbook loans

Citizens Advice welcomes the Law Commission’s announcement to review the Bills of Sale Act which governs logbook loans. We have been campaigning since the beginning of 2014 to secure changes to the way logbook loans and lenders operate so that consumers are better protected.

We would like to see changes to the law to include:

  • the introduction of the same rights and protections as hire purchase and conditional sale agreements
  • Better protection for third parties similar to those offered in hire purchase conditional sale agreements.

Hire Purchase and conditional sale agreements offer a much higher standard of protection to consumers by:

  • requiring lenders to obtain a court order or the consumer’s informed consent before taking possession of goods subject to an agreements, and
  • granting innocent third party purchasers (buyers who have purchased a used car without knowing a previous owner has secured finance against it) ‘good title’. This means that anyone who buys a vehicle in good faith, without knowledge of a prior hire purchase or conditional sale agreement can keep their car if there are problems with the agreement.

Citizens Advice will continue to pursue these changes to ensure consumers are better protected under the law.

Logbook loans leave people ‘overloaded’ with debt

Citizens Advice has released new evidence which reveals that people who take out logbook loans have twice as many debts as other borrowers. We are deeply concerned that irresponsible lending practices in this market are leaving consumers overloaded with debt.

This finding is the result of analysis of more than 23,000 cases of significant debt problems handled by bureaux between April and September 2013. It found 127 cases which involved a logbook loan (also known as bills of sale). The findings show, on average:

  • logbook loan debts were worth more than double that of payday loan debts (£2,500 compared to £1,000)
  • people with logbook loans had a total of ten debts, including other forms of credit, that’s double the number of loans held by all debt clients (five)
  • 57 per cent of clients with logbook loans also had one or more other type of high cost credit
  • 37 per cent of clients with logbook loans also had one or more payday loan
  • the total amount of debt across all loans for people with logbook loans was £13,500.

The new research also finds that 40 per cent of people who took out a logbook loan are in work, with 33 per cent unemployed and 27 per cent not working due to things like caring responsibilities or ill-health.

Citizens Advice is concerned unscrupulous logbook lenders are handing out loans to people in desperate financial situations without carrying out any proper checks to establish it they can afford to pay back the loan. Evidence we released earlier this year found that there was a lack of proper checks to make sure the borrower could afford the repayments and some borrowers did not have the terms of the loans clearly explained.

What are logbook loans?

Logbook loans, or bill of sale lending, is a high cost form of credit.

A consumer will offer an item of their personal property (usually a car) as security for a loan they have taken. Interest rates are routinely circa 400 per cent annual repayment rate (APR) which is high for a secured form of lending.

Our evidence shows us there is a particular lack of consumer protection in logbook lending which is still governed by the Bills of Sale Acts dating from the Victorian period.

Press coverage

The Daily Mail, The Times, Metro and the Independent i have published stories on our logbook loans campaign following our Survey Monkey poll. Find out more about our campaign

Our Chief Executive Gillian Guy appeared on ITV News on 17 April to draw attention to the problem of logbook loans and aggressive debt collection practices within the market. Citizens Advice has seen cases where sexual harassment and death threats have been used to intimidate consumers. Our new figures show the number of loans are rising sharply – a worrying 33 per cent since 2011. The Independent discussed logbook loans on 18 April.

How do logbook loans work?

Under logbook loans, ownership of the item of property (usually a car) put up as security for the loan moves from the consumer to the lender meaning a lender does not require a court order before they can repossess the car.

Although the market in logbook lending is small, the level of consumer detriment in this market is high. Irresponsible lending and aggressive debt collection practices are common because there is no incentive for the lender to negotiate when the consumer gets into payment difficulties as they can seize the asset after issuing a default notice.

Some people who have taken out a logbook loan sell the car on without informing the buyer of the loan secured against it. The buyer stands to lose both the car and the money they paid for it if the lender decides to take possession of the asset – which is within their power. In these cases innocent third party consumers who have bought the car in good faith have few rights and their only access to redress would be to sue the person from whom they bought the car.

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#logbook loans

Fair, Fast, Flexible Logbook Loans

Borrow up to 70% of the trade value of your car with one of the UK’s cheapest, best customer rated logbook lenders .

  • CCJ’s & Defaults OK
  • No early settlement fees; pay early pay less
  • No hidden charges; all costs clearly explained
  • Prompt credit decision; money within hours
  • We PROMISE that we will aim to beat any written quote from any other logbook lender


Amount of Loan £1000.00. Repayable by 12 monthly repayments of £141.67 commencing 1 month from the date of the loan. Total Amount Repayable £1700.04. Rate of Interest 70% per annum flat fixed. Representative 190.3% APR.

Over a half of our customers set up a loan based on this example and this APR. Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help or advice please go to Please take time to read and understand our FAQ’s to ensure our logbook loan product is suitable for your requirements.

In the event there is no willingness to repay your loan, the vehicle you are using as security could be at risk of being repossessed and sold to assist in settling the debt.