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Shop around before applying for personal loans

If you are looking for credit a personal loan isn’t necessarily your best option. You may be better off looking into an authorised overdraft or it may even be better to get yourself a credit card. Of course these options are only going to be available to you if you have a good credit history. If a personal loan is your only option there are a few things you can do to keep costs down. Some people argue that you are better off borrowing more money as the interest charged for larger sums is often less than on smaller amounts of money. However, realistically the less money you borrow with a personal loan the less you will need to pay back. Work out exactly how much money you need to borrow and keep it to a minimum. Then look around for the best rates on personal loans. Work out what your interest payments will be and how much you will have to pay back each month.

Personal loans can get you the credit you need

It has become increasingly difficult to borrow money but there are still options available. However, if it is not absolutely necessary to borrow money then you might be wise to avoid debt where you can. If it is absolutely necessary for you to borrow money then a personal loan may be worth looking into. Personal loans are for the most part unsecured loans which means that you don’t have to use an asset such as your home to secure the loan. ‘Personal loan’ is an umbrella term covering loans from bank loans to other loans which are available to people with bad credit. Personal loans from the banks are probably the most common form of personal loan. However, there are personal loans available for people with bad credit as well. On this site we compare, secured loans, unsecured loans, payday loans, bad credit loans and many more.

Pay the loan back on time!

Make sure you can afford the payments because if you can’t it is not worth borrowing. You will damage your credit rating and potentially face expensive fees and charges if the loan cannot be repaid. It is very important that you read the terms and condition of any loan you are interested in carefully to ensure that you fully understand your financial obligations.

Personal Loans versus Credit Cards

With a personal loan you can borrow up to R150,000 and you know how long you are borrowing for and the repayment cost each month, However, in general, borrowing on the cheapest credit cards more often than not undercuts the cheapest loans; meaning you should research this as a potential option first. Remember, if you do not think you will be able to make the repayments every month then it might not necessarily be cheaper. Look out for any credit card introductory offers or balance transfer offers if you are already in credit card debt. If you are in any doubt then you should seek independent financial advice.

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