Sep 22 2017

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Phone System Financing

Business phone systems have come a long way over the past decade. New technologies like call forwarding to cell phones and advanced voice-activated voicemail capabilities make today’s office communications far different than just a few years ago. Phone systems of today also might tie in with computers, making “staying current” important to your business communications.

Crest Capital understands how valuable your phone system is to your business, which is why we’ve become specialists in financing business phone systems. Whether the phone system is new or an upgrade, and whether it’s for one location or needs to be spread out over a dozen, Crest Capital understands the need for the best phone system technology. This is why we offer a bevy of phone system financing options tailored to your specific needs. In addition, our easy application and quick approval will make financing a phone system as simple as pressing 1 to continue. Contact us today to learn more.

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Related Categories:

PBX Financing
A PBX phone system (or a private branch exchange as it’s also known) is a phone system network used within a company. PBX phone systems make calling a person within your organization easier since extensions are usually just two or three digits long. To make buying easier, offices look into PBX financing.

Phone System Handset Financing
A phone system handset usually refers to non cellular phones. Phone system handsets are the traditional phones (both wired and wireless) you see in most offices. New, high quality handsets can make all the difference in your phone system. Any office wishing to offset the high price of new handsets should look into phone system handset financing.

Phone Server Financing
A phone server allows your office to have an advanced phone system with different abilities. Such abilities can include voice mail, recording features, a voice prompt menu, and more. Depending on the options needed, they vary in expense from moderate to very expensive, so offices should look into phone server financing.

VOIP Phone System Financing
A VOIP phone system is a specialized system that utilizes software to create an advanced phone system that runs from an internet server, thus minimizing the need for traditional phone service. The cost of VOIP phone systems run from moderate to very expensive so offices should look into VOIP phone system financing as an option.

Voicemail Systems Financing
A voicemail system is your company’s voice when you or your employees aren’t able to answer. Voicemail allows for the efficient recording, storing and playback of messages. The cost depends on what options you want, but voicemail system financing through Crest Capital always helps reduce financial headaches.

Module Phone System Financing
A modular phone system is one that can be expanded and added to over time. Often incorporating software and the most modern of connections, these phone systems are perfect for growing companies. But they are expensive, so Crest Capital steps up exceptional modular phone system financing.





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