Sep 5 2017

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Have you been searching for proven, effective, consistent ways to generate PI patients to your practice? Maybe you’ve tried advertising, or asking for referrals from your current patients, or some other strategy.

Guess what, no matter what strategy you’ve used, I guarantee you that you’re missing out on the boatload unless right now you’re getting plenty of referrals from attorneys.

How would you like to generate more PI referrals from attorneys than ever before ?

Then just fill out the short form below, and soon you’ll be discovering the exact steps to establishing referral relationships with PI attorneys in your community.

You’ll have immediate access to a FREE 33 minute video, recorded live at one of our recent seminars, where I share the exact steps for establishing referral generating relationships with PI attorneys in your community!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn in this FREE Video:

  • What attorneys need to hear to start sending you PI patients!
  • What compels an attorney to refer patients to one doctor versus the other
  • How to minimize the chances your fees will be reduced
  • How to position yourself as the doctor to whom attorneys naturally send their PI clients!
    • And much, much, more.

    By the way, we never rent, sell, or share your email address with anyone. So fill out the form right now, and you’ll have immediate access to this powerful FREE video!

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