Nov 21 2017

Real Estate Loans – How to Finance Investment Property #no #credit #check #loans

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11 Methods for Financing Investment Properties

There are lots of ways to get real estate loans or investment property loans – often only limited by your imagination. Here’s a lengthy list of ways to financing investment property.

This page will provide you with both conventional and unconvential ways to fund your real estate investments. The collapse of bubbles in real estate values is spreading from the US to other parts of the world making potential for bank financing more difficult. Learn some of these unusal techniques to gain an edge in acquiring rental housing when values are low.

The term “real estate investment loans” usually refers to the bulk of the money used to finance an investment property purchase and assumes you have a cash down payment. But we are going to use the term broadly and include ways to get money if you don’t have cash for a down payment.

Now, I’m not your parent or your spouse, so I’m not going to nag you. But. if you’re spending more than you make, you need to get your house in order. Create a budget and add a category for savings. Save some money from your paycheck each pay period towards a down payment for your investment properties as well as cash reserves. The weird part about getting loans to fund your ventures, is that the less you need the money, the easier it is to get a loan. So make your finances look better.

The next step is making sure your credit score is OK. Often called the FICO score, you can find your free credit Score online instantly! Hopefully it’s over 720 or at least 680. If not, here’s how to find out what it is and some suggestions for improving your credit score. Getting real estate loans from financial institutions is nearly impossible without a good FICO score but there are other sources to consider. If your FICO score is lower than 680 look into creative real estate investing ideas.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are using a bank for real estate loans, your interest rate and down payment requirements are generally higher. If you are going to rent out your current home and buy a second property to live in you can get a better interest rate .

Do not lie to the bank and tell them that you are going to live in an investment property.

This is loan fraud. If you are going to buy a lower priced property and you intend to live in it the bank might be suspicious of loan fraud, since generally people move up, not down, although in these times you could make a case for down sizing. If you buy a home, live in it for two years (best for tax purposes). Then when you rent it out, you are not doing anything illegal or unethical.

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