Aug 11 2017

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Retrieving Files from Computer

At times, you may face terrible situations where you end up losing or deleting valuable data from your computer. But, that doesn’t mean your files are gone forever. The files are still recoverable, but there are certain things which you have to follow as soon as you find that some of the files are missing from your computer.

Go through Recycle Bin

Files and folders which are deleted will directly go to Recycle Bin. In such situations, you can get them back easily by using “Restore” option which gets displayed on one right click on that particular file.

Note: Files which are deleted using Shift + Delete key or command prompt will bypass Windows Recycle Bin.

Check whether you have any backup

Make sure whether you have any extra copy of deleted files (Backup) in other storage devices or at least in different location of your computer. If you fail to restore deleted files from both these methods, then go for Remo File Recovery tool that helps user in recovering lost / deleted files from computer on Windows and Mac systems.

Remo Recover software will restore files which are lost / deleted due to below mentioned scenarios:

  • Unknowingly formatting the drive comprising vital files instead of unwanted one leads to data loss
  • Interruptions during data transfer process like sudden power failure, abrupt system shut down etc.
  • Deletion of files using shift + delete combinational keys and command prompt result in permanent deletion
  • When the file system of hard drive is corrupted or any kind of logical errors will make entire drive inaccessible which in turns cause data loss

Data recovery from computer using Remo:

File recovery software of Remo is simple, easy to use and allows user to retrieve data from computer irrespective of any kind of loss or deletion. The powerful inbuilt algorithms of file recovery software quickly scans each and every sector of the drive and searches for your lost or deleted files and folders. It enables you to restore files deleted using shift + delete keys. files that have bypassed Recycle Bin in just few clicks.

Deleted / lost data recovery from memory cards. USB drives, and iPods can also be done without any hassle. Files which are recovered using this software can be viewed before restoring on specific location with the help of an option called Preview. You can even compress the recovered data in a ZIP archive to save disk space. The tool also comes handy to restore files from crashed computer OS in few clicks.

How to use Remo Recover to retrieve lost / deleted files from computer?

The below mentioned step by step guide will help you to recover files that have been lost or deleted. Download and install the software on your computer. Then, run the program by double clicking the shortcut icon

  • Now, from main window, click ‘Recover Files’ and go to the next window
  • After which, select either ‘Recover Lost Files’ or ‘Recover Deleted Files’ depending on your requirement
  • Then, select the drive from which you want restore files from list of displayed logical drives
  • Click on Next button to begin the scanning process. After the completion of scanning process, huge list of files gets displayed
  • Recovered data can be viewed in two options i.e. File Type View and Data View
  • Using an option called Preview, view the recovered files in advance before saving them
  • At the end, select and store the required files in any specific destination

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