Oct 15 2017

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LPN to RN Online Nursing Degrees

Regis University Online Nursing Programs

Regis University located in Denver, Colorado sits in the midst of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The school was formerly known as Las Vegas College and was located in New Mexico. Ten years later, John Brisben Walker offered a large portion of land to the Jesuit missionaries from Italy, who founded the Las Vegas College, with the hopes of them moving to Denver. Walker’s hopes were fulfilled. The Main Hall was the only building erected at the Denver location until 1911 and expansion became possible. In 1921 the name changed to Regis College, after St. John Francis Regis a 17th century missionary.

In 1991, the Regis College became Regis University. The university’s motto is “Men and Women in Service to Others” and is written on the schools seal. Their mission is to educate men and women who use their knowledge and training for the betterment of mankind. Regis also prides itself on a faculty that not only serves its students but the entire community.

Online nursing at Regis University

Deciding to enter an online nursing program at Regis means that you would be getting an education from one of the first schools in the country to offer online education. This means that you will not be just getting a nursing degree. but you would be getting your nursing degree from a school that has an outstanding reputation for its experience online education.

Instructors teaching online nursing at Regis have the experience needed to offer excellence in educational standards. Instructors of Regis University’s online nursing program are required to attend instruction on teaching online students. Their training teaches them how to continue to offer the same high quality education in a virtual environment, as they do in a traditional setting.

Online RN to BSN degree at Regis University

At Regis University, existing nurses can progress to a BSN degree through its online nursing format. In as little as just 12 months, students can complete the entire program and be ready to step into the workforce as a more educated and well-rounded nurse.

The online RN to BSN program is designed for nurses that are currently in a situation that impairs them from being able to set aside time for traditional campus settings. By designing a program that offers the ability for students to set their own class schedule, utilize local mentors for clinical time, and a flexible curriculum syllabus, the RN to BSN degree program at Regis fits the lifestyle of adult learners.

Online RN to MSN degree program at Regis University

By nature, nurses are very ambitious. Their thirst for knowledge is only quenched by their ability to constantly learn and increase their knowledge and abilities. Regis University has recognized the need to offer a program that allows nurses to jump straight into an MSN degree curriculum. By offering the RN to MSN degree program, Regis caters to nurses that wish to obtain their masters degree, but also want to continue fulfilling their obligations to work and family.

Nurses with an MSN degree, or Advanced Nurse Practitioners, are prepared to enter leadership roles within their chosen environment. Options such as administrative roles, research facilities, and even physician supervised private practice scenarios. Students of the online RN to MSN degree program can also choose to specialize in either health education or health care administration. This option allows the student to begin designing their future as an MSN, even before graduation.

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