Aug 31 2017

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San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney

For All Your Bankruptcy Needs in San Antonio, TX

Thousands of residents in San Antonio are facing difficult times due to our current economic conditions. Whether you have been affected by a job loss, divorce, medical expenses or overwhelming credit card debt, you may find yourself unsure of what your next step should be. Having to confront handling your finances can be a difficult thing to do, but ignoring them can lead to dire consequences. With the help of a caring and dedicated San Antonio bankruptcy attorney at the Malaise Law Firm, our firm will work closely with you to determine your financial situation and recommend the best option for your circumstances. Our bankruptcy attorneys in San Antonio will not speak to you in complicated legalese, instead they will explain in simple terms the options for relieving your financial situation. Scheduling a free bankruptcy consultation is your first step towards financial peace of mind.

Many people assume that bankruptcy should never be an option, buying into the many bankruptcy myths that surround the process. It appears complex, frightening and may seem insurmountable, something you can never come back from. This is not the case, however, and the myths should not be believed. With the proper guidance and experienced legal support of a knowledgeable San Antonio bankruptcy attorney, it doesn t have to be the end of your life, but rather a way to begin the next chapter of it.

By sitting down and evaluating your situation with you, your lawyer will be able to help you decide whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 would be a better fit, as well as help you understand all of the aspects caused and affected by it, including foreclosure. credit card debt and life after bankruptcy. By thoroughly and completely comprehending both the process and all the ramifications, you can feel more comfortable as your begin to navigate through it with the help of your San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer at your side.

Considering that it is generally the fastest and most straightforward form of bankruptcy, consumers often file under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This type of bankruptcy involves a liquidation of eligible assets to pay off creditors, although much of the debtor s property is likely to be protected and creditors may not be paid off in full from the proceeds of liquidation. A debtor will also have to qualify to file Chapter 7 by taking the means test, which involves a comparison of the debtor s income against the state median. Although Chapter 7 is often referred to as straight bankruptcy, it is a complex legal process that is best approached with the protection and guidance of an experienced lawyer. Our firm handles these cases with professionalism and personal, friendly service.

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