Sep 9 2017

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Seismic Data Set Directory

Downloadable 2D and 3D Date Sets and Interpretation Software: — Open Seismic Repository: Complete 2D and 3D data sets with auxiliary data, in OpenDTect format, downloadable using readily available (bit-torrent) software designed to transmit large volumes of data. OpenDTect interpretation software is also downloadable (free) from the site.

Sources of 2D lines of stacked seismic data:

Sources of 3D volumes of stacked seismic data: — seismic data can be purchased
Stratton field ($40; SW0003) includes log data and other information
Boonesville field ($145; SW0007) includes log data and other information
West Waha and Worsham-Bayer fields ($35; SW0008) includes log data and production records

Sources of pre-stack 2D lines of seismic data: — data from the Alaska National Petroleum Reserve — three large 2D data sets associated with workshops and publications

Sources of pre-stack 3D volumes of seismic data:

Seismic data included as part of a book or other publication:
Seismic Data Processing with Seismic Un*x — (Catalog # 262A; ISBN 1-56080-134-4) Includes 2 deep crustal marine lines
Processing Near-Surface Seismic Reflection data — (Catalog #261A; ISBN 1-506080-090-9) Shallow data
CREWES 3C-3D Seismic Data Set — (Catalog #338A) 3D multi-component land data
A Lab Manual of Seismic Reflection Processing — (ISBN 90-73781-34-5) Shallow geotechnical data

Sources of 2D and 3D seismic data available for cost of reproduction:

Sources of seismic data requiring approval to use, licensing, or membership: — Norwegian offshore data from 2D prestack lines near wells, with well information.
Contact details are available on the site. — This Norwegian consortium may have data available from specific sites, depending on current research.
Contact details are available on the site.
Norwegian offshore seismic, well, and core data available; contact details are available on the site.

Sources of synthetic 2D and 3D seismic data sets: — several synthetic data sets designed for subsalt imaging — the Marmousi2 elastic model and data set (see also Martin et al, The Leading Edge, February 2006)

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