Feb 24 2019

Silver Creek Cedar Premium Products Ltd

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Silver Creek Premium Cedar Products stocks a full selection of wood products today. We have Fire retardant and Preservative treated wood in stock and ready for your job. We have Starter and Ridge Cap and can make a special thickness or length cut to suit your needs.

Silver Creek Premium Products ships its cedar wood products worldwide. Our cedar products grace buildings in Europe, the Middle East, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. Through alliances with the leading freight forwarders we can ship anywhere in the world.

Wood has the lowest impact on air and water quality. This is especially true when compared to the manufacture of recycled steel. Forest regeneration also creates more trees which benefit the environment while they grow, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen..

Green Building for Future Generations

Silver Creek manufactures its Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles to exacting standards and our products are considered the benchmark for quality and consistency in the industry. Silver Creek actively endorses “Green Building”- Western Red Cedar is an environmentally, economically and socially responsible building material for Future Generations. Utilizing cedar for roofing and sidewall needs in whole building designs helps to make these structures energy efficient and reduces their long-term impact on human health and the environment. Even the by-products of cedar shake and shingle production are utilized as hog fuel and biomass, further reducing our reliance on petroleum based fuels.


Silver Creek Premium Cedar Products stock a wide variety of cedar goods, from Medium, Heavy and Jumbo Hand-Split and Re-Sawn Shakes to Taper-Sawn Shakes and Shingles. We carry Fire Retardant and CCA Pressure Treated goods ready to ship. We also stock starter shingles and Ridge Cap for your needs. Silver Creek also can provide dimensional cedar lumber in a variety of grades and sizes custom-cut to your specific requirements.


Silvercreek specializes in global distribution of our cedar shakes and shingles and our products grace buildings throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the British West Indies, to name a few places! Through alliances with leading freight forwarders, we can ship with confidence and peace of mind to assure you that your goods will arrive in pristine condition, ready for installation.


Cedar is a wise environmental choice for both renovation and new construction building- cedar shakes and shingles are produced from a sustainable source that grows naturally using solar energy and it is both renewable and recyclable. Wood has the lowest impact on air and water quality due to its minimal energy use in the manufacturing process. Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide and release oxygen thereby off setting greenhouse gas emissions that cause global climate change. Carbon is stored during the growth cycle of a tree for decades or even centuries. Canada is recognized as a leader in not only advanced manufacturing technology, but also for our practice of sustainable forestry initiatives and third party forest certification.

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