Feb 26 2018

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Welcome to Solution Loans

For over a decade Solution Loans has helped people all over the UK find solutions to their personal finance problems. As a broker our aim is to help you identify the right product or service for your needs. We only partner with reputable companies and are constantly adding to our range of finance solutions. Using our service means you’ll get more choice and the same great deals as going direct, in most cases. Best of all our credit broking service is free § .

FCA Licenced Credit Broker – We are not a lender.

Borrow £1000 to £25,000 at some of the lowest rates for years. Repay over 1 to 10 years. Tenants & Homeowners welcome.

I need a loan now

Personal Loans

An unsecured personal loan of up to 25,000 for any purpose. For bad credit options look below

Have you struggled to get a loan or credit? Is your credit history less then perfect? Then a guarantor loan may be able to help you. It’s designed with you in mind.

I need a loan now

Guarantor Loans

An unsecured loan that caters for problem credit histories. Borrow up to 15,000

We have access to a range of credit products that do not need you to have perfect credit. Discover how credit scoring works and how you can improve your score for the future.

I need a loan now

Bad Credit Loans

Even if you have a bad credit history and your credit score is poor there may still be options

A loan secured on your house means you could borrow considerably more and at a lower rate. It’s a way to fund large purchases & home improvements or possibly consolidate existing debt.

I need a loan now

Secured Loans

If you own your home then a secured loan could give you advantages over a personal loan

We work with the most trusted UK companies to get you up to £2500 (subject to affordability) repayable over 14 to 110 weeks. No bank account required. A doorstep service using friendly agents.

I need a loan now

Doorstep Loans

Small cash loans that could be useful if you like personal service or don t have a bank account

Payday loans are one form of short term cash loan. But we have other cash loan solutions too that you might wish to consider. Borrow up to £2000 for up to 2 years.

I need a loan now

Payday Loans

Small cash loans of up to 1000 for very short term periods only. A number of alternatives exist

Estimate your loan repayments

Solution Loans is no ordinary broker!

We are a no-fee § online credit broker. You may have arrived knowing precisely what loan type you want. Or perhaps you know what sum of money you need, but don’t know what borrowing options exist. So, we’ve tried to design our website to include numerous loan types and also provide the information and tools to help you narrow down your options. What we don’t do is run a call centre and we don’t give advice. But rest assured that everything that we do is based around treating the customer fairly.

Our mix of products is extensive. We have numerous options when you have a poor credit history. If you need a small cash sum quickly then we have access to payday loans, instalment loans and doorstep loans. If you have an asset you could use as collateral you could consider a secured loan/homeowner loan or a logbook loan. If you plan to change your car then consider car finance options. Or if all you need is an unsecured loan over a number of years then what about a personal loan, or a guarantor loan if you have had credit problems?

Use our guides, videos and tools to help you narrow down your options and then apply for what you need through our enquiry forms or via links to our partners. We hope you find our service simple and effective, but if you have any questions simply contact us online.

One-Stop Finance Shop

I need a loan now

Apply for your loan

If you own your home (with a mortgage) and need to borrow a significant sum then a secured homeowner loan may suit you.

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