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SR22 insurance is a document that gives proof that a person has valid automobile insurance. An insurance company usually prepares the document and files it with to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. An SR22 is not an insurance policy. It is evidence that helps a person in proving that they have a policy. An insurance company is required to issue an SR 26 form if an SR22 insurance policy has been cancelled or expired.

Courts will mandate that drivers need to obtain an SR22 if they have been found guilty of criminal acts related to operating a motor vehicle. These violations include people who have been caught driving without valid insurance. Their license will be suspended for three months. Driving while uninsured is a minor offense in Illinois. However, repeat violators pay increasingly larger penalties and fines. In addition, the driver’s insurance company must submit evidence of a valid SR22 policy certificate to the state government every month for a period of one year.

Another violation that could warrant filing for SR22 insurance is driving with an expired, revoked or suspended license and driving without a license. These are very serious criminal offenses in Illinois. Individuals should determine why their license was suspended, take the necessary actions to clear the suspension and not drive until advised to do so. Along with obtaining an SR22, these are the steps that people can take to help get their license reinstated.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI, is another traffic offense that requires filing an SR22 and it can be very expensive. The costs depend on the driver’s history and insurance carrier. Additionally, all drivers with DUIs must secure SR22 insurance for a maximum period of three years after their license have been reinstated. People who have been caught driving vehicles with expired licenses are also liable to file an SR 22.

Time Period for Getting SR22 Insurance

An SR22 document must be provided by an insurance company that is authorized to produce these documents in Illinois. It is best to switch companies if a driver’s current insurer does not provide SR22 filing. A lot of insurers in Illinois provide same-day SR-22 documents.

In order get faster processing time, clients are advised to pay for the insurance and the processing fees being required for the filing with a money order or their credit card. Using the postal service to deliver the check will only slow down the process.

Filing Terms in Illinois

SR22 Insurance must be maintained for three years following many offenses. The filing period usually begins after the driver is eligible to obtain a restricted driver’s license. However, they are qualified to get a judicial driving permit if this is their first violation and they are 21 years of age and above. They could file for this permit at the beginning of the second month of their suspension.

Clients are required to file an SR22 only once. This insurance proof will remain active as long as the policy holder does not cancel their policy within the three year term. The best method to prevent this from happening is to renew the policy 45 days before its due date. This also gives the insurance company enough time to inform the DMV that their client’s is still driving legally. The state DMV will be informed if the insurance company has not provided a policy renewal within 14 days before the expiration date. This will start the process of revoking the person’s driving privileges.

Other Ways of Showing Proof of Being Financially Responsible

Aside from having an SR22 certificate, individuals who are living in Illinois also have the option to deposit securities or $55,000 in cash with the Illinois State Treasury or submit a real estate security bond that is worth $55,000 or more.

Moving to Other States

If an Illinois resident has an SR22 requirement and is moving out of state, they may have their financial responsibility proof waived by completing and submitting an affidavit. A reinstatement of the policy will occur if the person chooses to return to Illinois within the three year period of having their SR22 waived.


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