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The Research Version of the SCID-5 was released on November 24, 2014 for publication by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). It is no longer being distributed by Biometrics Research at Columbia University. Instead it is available exclusively through American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. (APPI). Users wishing to obtain the SCID-5-RV must now purchase a copy of both the SCID-5-RV and User’s Guide, as well as arrange with APA a SCID license that provides permission to make copies of the SCID-5-RV and User’s Guide. Note that pricing is based on the intended use (i.e. commercial research, non-commercial research, not for profit, educational use). In order to receive a quote and to receive a download of the SCID-5-RV, please submit your request via e-mail to the online form located on APA’s website. (Note the following link will redirect you from this website):

The Clinician Version of the SCID-5 (SCID-5-CV), as with the prior version will be sold as a book, is still in production and is expected to be completed in the Spring 2015. It will sold by APPI in the books section of their web site.

The SCID-5 for Personality Disorders (SCID-5-PD) (formerly SCID-II) is currently being revised and updated and expected to be finalized in the Fall 2015. Although the diagnostic criteria for the personality disorders in DSM-5 are unchanged, we are revising many of the interview questions to improve their correspondence to the diagnostic criteria and further reduce the risk of false negatives in the screening questions.

Presently we are in the process of developing the SCID-5 training material (including a completely revised SCID-101 didactic video, updated reference SCID-5 interviews, and test questions which can be used to assess knowledge of the SCID and DSM-5 criteria. Once completed, they will be available directly through Biometrics Research at Columbia University via Otherwise all SCID-5 instruments will be distributed exclusively by the APA.

The SCID for DSM-5 authors are pleased to announce that a final copy of the SCID has been sent to the American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. (APPI). At this time APPI is determining the costs and release dates. We expect that in the next few weeks a pre-publication copy of the Research Version will be made available for purchase through APPI, who is now the sole distributor of the SCID instruments. APPI has also received the Clinician Version and it is expected that this version will be published sometime in the spring of 2015. Now that the SCID has been finalized, we will turn our attention to the development of SCID training media, which is estimated to be completed at the end of 2014.

The SCID-II for DSM-5, to be called SCID-5-PD is now being revised. Given the lack of changes to the Personality Disorder section in DSM-5, the changes in the SCID-PD are expected to be insignificant as compared to the SCID-I. We are also collaborating with three members of the DSM-5 Personality Disorder Workgroup (Andy Skodol, Donna Bender, and John Oldham) to develop a SCID instrument for the DSM-5 Alternative Model for Personality Disorders (SCID-AMPD). Once the SCID-AMPD is ready, an update will be posted to as we will be making it available to researchers who are interested in trying out this new instrument.

The SCID development team has completed a final draft of the SCID-RV and SCID-CV for DSM-5 and we are now completely revising the User’s Guide for these SCID versions. Once these User’s Guide revisions have been completed, we will be sending the SCID-5-RV and SCID-5-CV to the American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. (APPI) for final production and publication. As copyright holder, the SCID-RV and SCID-CV for DSM-5 will be made available exclusively through the APPI.

In addition, based on feedback we have begun revising the SCID-II questions (now called SCID for Personality Disorders (SCID-PD), although given that the Personality Disorders in DSM-5 were unchanged from DSM-IV, the current SCID-II can be used to assess the DSM-5 personality disorders. Development efforts are also underway of a SCID for the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders.

The SCID development team has completed a final draft of the SCID for DSM-5 and has begun making revisions to the SCID-II, which will be called the SCID for Personality Disorder (SCID-PD). The title has changed because personality disorders are no longer on Axis II.

Following this, efforts will begin on other adaptations of the SCID-5, which is the Research Version, including a Clinical Trials Version and Clinician Version. The development of computerized SCID versions and training media will commence thereafter.

As copyright holder, the American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. (APPI) will determine the specific release date for the SCID-5. All inquiries about the availability and cost of the SCID-5 should be directed to APPI (

The staff at Biometrics Research would like to thank the many individuals who have generously participated in the SCID for DSM-5 Review Process, which is now officially closed. We have received numerous comments, suggestions and enhancements from clinicians and researchers worldwide, which overall have been inordinately valuable for consideration.

At this time, the SCID authors are carefully reviewing this feedback and deciding which suggestions to implement in the final SCID-5-RV.

Currently we are hoping that the SCID-5-RV will be completed and available in early spring 2014. While we appreciate that this delay may be frustrating for those eager to start assessing DSM-5 criteria in their studies, we would like to remind everyone that the SCID for DSM-IV was not released until January 1996, over a year and a half after the publication of DSM-IV in May 1994. Moreover, given that with the exception of training materials, all SCID-5 products will be distributed by American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. rather than directly through Columbia University, Biometrics Research, it is possible that there may be further delays as the details of this arrangement continue to be finalized.

This update serves to respond to the numerous inquiries regarding the status of the SCID for DSM-5. At this time significant progress has been made on the Research Version of the SCID (SCID-5-RV) and we are hoping to finalize the SCID-5-RV by the end of the year. Further status updates will be posted here as they become available.

Following the completion of the SCID-5-RV, we will be developing training media and alternative versions including the SCID-5 for Personality Disorders (SCID-PD) formerly SCID-II, as well as a Clinician Version (SCID-5-CV) and Clinical Trials templates for various indications (SCID-5-CT).

We would also like to inform you that the American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. (APPI) has now assumed the copyrights to the SCID for DSM-5, including all formats and language translations. Therefore once the SCID products are completed, they will be made available directly through APPI.

Development efforts are underway for the SCID for DSM-5 and updated training materials, which are expected to be released in the fall/winter 2013.

Several revisions have been made to the SCID, Research Version (SCID-RV) due to identified risks of potential false negatives in the assessment of hypomania and social phobia. To obtain further details or to download the corresponding SCID-RV module, refer to the Revisions/Fixes tab. read more

A significant number of predominantly minor changes have been made to the SCID, Research Version (SCID-RV). Refer to the Revisions/Fixes tab for a summary description of each revision or to download the corresponding SCID Module PDF. read more

There have been a few minor updates to the SCID that are available for download. Please refer to the Revisions/Fixes tab for more information, as well as a description of the nature of the changes for each revision. read more

A module for the SCID has been developed for the Impulse Control Disorders. read more

The SCID web site has been totally reconstructed from the ground up. read more

Two new Recorded SCID Interviews are available on DVD for long-term rental. read more

This is now the latest edition of the SCID. There have been a number of minor updates to the SCID over the past several years. read more

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