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Student Zoom is Growing Fast Because

We Do What We Say and Say What We Do!

Since Jan 1st 2013 we’ve helped THOUSANDS of Clients improve their student loan payments obligations by helping them get approved for various payment reduction or consolidation programs.


  • We Are Not A Lender or Loan Broker.
  • We Do Not Manage Our Clients Money.
  • We Are Not Contracted By The Federal Government.
  • We Provide The Service Of Helping Consumers Research & Apply For Income Based Repayment Plans Provided By The Department Of Education.


  • 11% of Our Clients Have Referred Us To Their Friend or Family Member.
  • We Offer a Money-back Guarantee.
  • To Date We Have Helped Over 1000 Clients Enroll.
  • Upon Approval By Department of Education 60% of Our Clients Received A Payment of $0.00 Per Month. yes ZERO Dollars per month.

In today’s competitive world many companies are offering similar services to ours however they may charge ridiculous fees, provide false promises, neglect to actually do what they sell to you…these are scams. Thousands of consumers are scammed everyday by these thieves so it’s critical before making a decision on whom to work with that you do your research. There is very valuable information to be found on the Department of Education’s website at

Many consumers have mentioned to us that they can complete their own applications online through this site however after trying for themselves they call back to hire us because we make the process easier on them. We take the guess work out of the process and often times can reduce delays that many applicants experience by providing the wrong information to DOE. Having gone through this process so many times with clients you can imagine that we have the process done smooth.

We are extremely proud of our Testimonials because there is no better way to show the quality of a company than by the expression of gratitude their clients are willing to share with others. All our Testimonials are verified by a third party that tracks the IP Address of each consumer so you don’t have to be concerned that we made them up, like many companies do.

This is a term thrown around pretty loosely these days as if it is just another debt resolution program. The irony is this is so much more than just another reduce your payment program and you should know all the details before agreeing to it. There are consequences for accepting a Student Loan Forgiveness program that many people won’t tell you about. We will, so give us a call.

When shopping around online you’ll quickly notice a gentleman by the name Michael Lux who refers to himself as the Student Loan Sherpa, this gentleman has somehow qualified himself as a so called protector of the public and student loan information guru but what he fails to provide is honest qualified information and research about the posts he writes. Unfortunately his negligence hurts those trying to do the right thing by helping others. Of course Mr. Lux has a lot to gain by using popular keywords and negative press because these items drastically help his page ranking on Google and various Search Engines. Sadly, what may attempt to be good is having a negative effect on others and could ultimately keep someone who needs help from getting help.

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