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No Co-signer Student Loans

Student loans without cosignerNo co-signer student loans are available for students who have an established credit record with a good credit score. It is uncommon for students to qualify for private student loans without a co-signer, as most students lack a good credit score or have no credit history. Students who do not have an established and strong credit history generally will not be able to receive private no co-signer student loans due to the recent recession and stricter lending policies. There are, however, a few ways for a student to find a student loan without needing a co-signer.

What are the different types?

Certain federal student loans can be considered no co-signer student loans. Federal loans are approved based on a variety of factors, like financial need, but not on credit history or lack of one; this means that a student with weak or no credit history can receive federal loans. There are a few federal loans that a student can receive, two of which are Direct Subsidized loans and Perkins loans. These loans have low interest rates and flexible repayment terms. Federal Stafford loans can be subsidized or unsubsidized. Direct Subsidized loans are awarded based on financial need, as the government pays the interest on these loans while the student is in school. You do not have to demonstrate financial need to qualify for a Direct Unsubsidized loan, but you will be responsible for the interest accrued while you are in school. Perkins loans are also subsidized, but you need to demonstrate “exceptional” financial need to qualify for one. It is really hard to find no co-signer student loans privately.


Students who qualify for and receive no co-signer student loans will continue to build their credit history and allow them an opportunity to receive other types of loans for future purchases. These student loans help students achieve their educational and professional goals.

Finding Loans with SimpleTuition

  • If you re looking for a private student loan, there are a wide variety of options. Some of the student loans available to you may not require a co-signer.
  • We provide a free loan search tool to help you compare all the loan options available to you, some of which may not require a co-signer.
  • After doing some research, we can help you go to a lending partner of your choice.
  • Before applying, remember to exhaust other funding sources, particularly federal student loans before exploring private loan options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most student loans that don t require a co-signer are federal student loans. To apply for these, you ll need to fill out the FAFSA, which is available for free online at This form will collect various financial details of the student to determine financial aid eligibility.

While searching for loans for college without a co-signer and credit check, I came across fixed interest rate options. What are these?

Every student loan carries an interest rate, which is the cost of borrowing. Interest rates can be either fixed or variable. Fixed interest rates are rates that do not vary throughout your repayment period. Variable rates may change depending on market conditions, going either up or down.

Do college loans for students with no co-signer include the Perkins loan?

Yes, Perkins loans fall into the category of loans that do not require a co-signer. This is a need-based loan that is geared towards covering educational costs for needy students. One of the key features of this loan is a low interest rate and flexible payment options.

Is getting a student loan cosigned beneficial for the student?

Yes, there are a number of advantages that come with cosigned student loans. First of all, it is important to know that a co-signer is basically a person who guarantees repayment of loans on behalf of the student. The major advantages of cosigning include easy approval of loans, better interest rates, and a chance to improve or build a strong credit score.

What is the interest rate on student loans without co-signer and no credit history?

The rate on student loans that don t require a co-signer and have no credit check depend on where they re coming from. If you re talking about federal student loans, the rate will be competitive or low. These rates are usually fixed and are sometimes subsidized by the government. However, if you re trying to find a private student loan without a co-signer and credit check, you may have a hard time. If you succeed, expect the rate to be high.

Are there any loans for students that do not require co-signers?

Parents and guardians can apply for student loans without co-signers. The Parent PLUS Loan allows parents and guardians to apply on behalf of their children. The application procedure for this loan requires that the student fill out the FAFSA application form.

What are the different types of student loans with no co-signer?

Student loans with no co-signer are hard to come by outside of federal loans. Only federal loans commonly do not require a co-signer; nearly all other private funding sources require you to have a co-signer. Certain examples of student loans with no co-signer include Perkins loans, Direct loans, and PLUS loans.

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