Aug 13 2017

Supply Chain Management – Columbus State Community College #bachelor #in #supply #chain #management


Supply Chain Management

SCPro™ Fundamentals Certification Program

Through a series of eight online, self-paced courses, The LINCS Supply Chain Management program at Columbus State broadens your knowledge of supply chain management and teaches core business functions that prepare you for immediate employment.

Supply-chain management, logistics, global trade…these are big words for big business in central Ohio. And big business means career opportunities. Transportation and logistics is a one trillion dollar business in the United States. In the central Ohio area, transportation employment has increased by 51 percent in the last decade. The Columbus area is a major distribution and logistics center because of its physical location, easy access to various transportation modes and its educated workforce.

Supply Chain Management includes the planning and management of all activities by integrating supply and demand management within and across companies, both domestically and internationally.

As the interconnectedness of the world in political and economic terms increases, the demand for individuals with a solid international business background is increasing. The global major provides an introduction to the field of international business.

The Strategic Procurement major is designed to provide focused skills in purchasing and negotiation. This major is built upon a solid foundation in current supply chain management theory and practice included in the National Association of Purchasing Managers certification examination

All of the majors in this program can be completed totally online. Transfer agreements to complete a bachelor’s degree at various 4-years institutions are available.


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