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What Happens to Your Car Loan if You File Chapter 7? #consolidation #loan #calculator

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Car Loan Chapter 7

One common question many potential bankruptcy filers have is what will happen to their car loan in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. And it’s an important question: many people need to keep their cars in order to keep working.

Every case is unique. Speak with a bankruptcy lawyer right now about your car loan and potential Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing:

Car Loans and Chapter 7 Options

If you decide to file for personal bankruptcy, there are generally three options for determining how to handle a car loan in a bankruptcy. Specifically, these car loan Chapter 7 options include the following:

  • Renewing the loan: The first choice is to re-commit to the car loan you currently have. This involves confirming with your lender that you plan to continue making payments as usual for the duration of your Chapter 7 case, and beyond. In general, this should work for people with affordable car loans who need their cars for transportation to and from work and have no other reasonable option (such as public transit or a bicycle).
  • Redeeming the vehicle: A second option for a car loan in Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be to pay to your lender a lump sum for the value of your car that remains to be paid. Note that you may not have to pay the entire remainder of your loan, only your car’s current value. This can be a long-term savings measure (as you’ll escape paying some interest), but some filers may not have the means to make such a lump payment.
  • Surrendering the car and loan: A third option for dealing with car loans in Chapter 7 is to surrender both your vehicle and what you owe. In other words, you would give the vehicle back to your lender and no longer owe anything on your loan. For someone has an alternate form of transportation, this may be a workable solution, as it could save the expense of both paying for and maintaining a car.

You can discuss these options with a bankruptcy lawyer before making any decisions. You can also ask your lawyer whether Chapter 7 is the best option for you given your situation. Some filers may find that Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a more workable solution for handling their automobile loan.

Connect with a Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

So how can you determine which option could work best for your finances? No two bankruptcy cases are the same, so you may want to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer about how to best handle your car loan to improve your financial situation. If you’re ready to figure out how to handle your car loan in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can connect today with a bankruptcy lawyer practicing in your area .

This is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. For legal advice on your particular situation, speak to an attorney in your area.

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7 Federal Student Loan Payback Plans: What You Need to Know #unsecured #loans

#student loans payment

7 Federal Student Loan Payback Plans: What You Need to Know

Posted on Nov 8, 2013

In October, the Department of Education began contacting borrowers who were struggling to pay back their student loans to let them know about the various repayment options that are available to them.

“We think there are lots of people who could benefit from our income-based repayment programs, but they haven’t signed up—and we want to get to them before they default,” education secretary Arne Duncan said recently. “The challenge is getting the word out.”

Although most borrowers choose to repay their loans on the standard 10-year plan, other options, like those based on income, can make repaying student loans easier on the wallet—and lower your risk of default. Last year, about 600,000 borrowers defaulted on their loans, an action that has the potential to tank their credit reports and get them in major financial hot water.

So here s the word: Whether or not you already have a repayment plan, keep reading to find out if another offering might be better for you. Just note that these programs are only available for federal loans—not private—and eligibility for each one depends largely on the types of loans you have, so consult our learn more link for each of the seven plans highlighted below for more information.

Private college loans: 7 things you need to know – CBS News #interest #free #loans

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Private college loans: 7 things you need to know

  • Lynn O’Shaughnessy
  • MoneyWatch

Mar 27, 2012 4:53 PM EDT

CD Close


(MoneyWatch) If you have to borrow for college, the best college loans are the ones available through the federal government, which provide the same student loan rates and terms for everyone.

If you are interested in pursuing private college loans. you need to proceed carefully. Here are seven things you need to know when shopping for private loans.

1. Turn to credit unions.

Credit unions, which are newer players in the private student loan world, almost always provide better interest rates. Ironically most people stick with the well-known lenders even though their rates are typically higher. You can look for college loans at credit unions through cuStudentLoans .

2. Check for schools that have their own credit unions.

If your school is affiliated with a credit union, check its rates. Here are institutions that have a credit union:

Harvard University

University of Chicago

Amherst College

Hampshire College

Mount Holyoke College

University of Wyoming


University of Kentucky

Princeton University

California State University system

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Canada College

3. Apply for multiple loans.

At AllTuition. a private college loan comparison site, parents research many loans, but rarely apply for more than one. Unfortunately, borrowers won’t know what rate they qualify for unless they apply. It’s well worth the effort.

“A family taking out a $12,000 private loan is paying $5,000 more in interest because the parents aren’t taking 30 minutes to shop and they only complete one application,” says Sue Kim, Alltuition’s CEO.

4. Don’t assume you’ll get the lowest rate.

The teaser rate on private loans can look much more attractive than federal college loans. For instance, the interest rate for the federal PLUS Loan for Parents is 7.9 percent vs. some advertised rates of 3.5 percent or 4 percent. Mark Kantrowitz. the publisher of FinAid. however, estimates that fewer than 5 percent of borrowers capture the best rate.The difference between the lowest rate and the highest rate at an individual lender can be huge.

5. Use loan search engines.

Here are three online tools to find private student loans:

6. Ask the right questions.

Before committing to a private loan, ask these questions:

1. What is the interest rate?

2. Is the rate fixed or variable?

3. Is there an interest-rate cap?

4. What is the total cost of the loan?

5. Does the loan have borrower rewards?

6. What are the student loan deferment options both during and after school and are there any hardship waivers?

7. Are there any additional fees?

8. How difficult is it to consolidate loans and cut interest rates after graduation?

9. Does the loan offer penalty-free pre-payments?

10. How long is the grace period?

11. What are the borrowing limits?

7. Borrow responsibly.

Don’t borrow too much. Sure, college is a great investment, but you don’t want to hamstring yourself by graduating with too much debt. It’s much easier to borrow too much through private loans because they have higher borrowing limits.

Use the student loan calculator at Mapping Your Future to estimate how much your repayments will be.

Louisiana Bankruptcy Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney, #lawyers, #attorneys, #bankruptcy, #chapter #7, #chapter #13, #foreclosure, #repossession, #garnishment, #creditor #harassment


Louisiana’s Oldest Bankruptcy Law Firm

Relief From Debt • Relief From Creditors

Simon, Fitzgerald, Cooke, Reed and Welch is Louisiana’s oldest bankruptcy law firm. Bankruptcy is all that we do. We represent individuals and businesses in bankruptcy. We are committed to assisting our clients in making informed decisions to resolve financial problems. We represent clients in almost every part of Louisiana with offices in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and Bossier City.

Bankruptcy can provide an opportunity to get a fresh financial start and end the constant stress of financial problems. We understand that filing for bankruptcy is a big step, and you probably have many questions and fears.

At Simon, Fitzgerald, Cooke, Reed and Welch. we know that you would pay your debts if you could, and have mixed feelings about bankruptcy. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers will walk you through the process, address your concerns and guide you to the debt solution that makes the best sense for you and your family. The consultation with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys is FREE.

Louisiana’s Oldest Bankruptcy Law Firm

Bankruptcy law has been our primary focus for more than 50 years. We represent individuals and businesses in filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy (restructure and reduction plans) or Chapter 7 bankruptcy (Liquidation). Three of our attorneys are certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization as Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists and/or Business Bankruptcy Specialists.


In most cases, we do not require you to pay the fees and expenses in advance because the fee and expenses are included in the monthly payments made to the Chapter 13 Trustee. Court costs are normally paid prior to filing but may be paid in installments.

Free Consultation

It costs nothing to talk with us. Call or contact one of our offices to schedule a free, confidential appointment with one of our eight experienced bankruptcy attorneys. You will be treated with respect. We will provide you with a free credit report and we will explain your options in a Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 so that you can decide what is best for you.

We explore bankruptcy and all your options, including the benefits, drawbacks and myths about bankruptcy. Call 888-341-8091 or e-mail us to arrange a meeting at one of our five locations.

If you decide to retain us, the initial consultation services will be included in the fee quoted to you, which will be contained in a separate contract signed when you retain our office.

Bankruptcy in Louisiana


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Shreveport, LA 71106
Phone: 318-550-4873
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The law firm of Simon, Fitzgerald, Cooke, Reed Welch is focused exclusively in consumer and small business bankruptcy. From offices in Shreveport, Lake Charles, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, we serve surrounding cities of Louisiana, including New Iberia, Prairieville, Central, Sulphur, Eunice, Opelousas, Zachary, Baker, Gonzales, Crowley, Minden, Abbeville, De Quincy, Carencro, Scott, DeRidder, Eunice, Denham Springs, Gonzales, Breaux Bridge, Ville Platte, Mansfield, Coushatta, Benton, Oberlin, Jennings, Cameron, Ville Platte, Lafayette, Abbeville, New Roads, Plaquemine, Donaldsonville, we also serve surrounding parishes of Louisiana, including Caddo, Bossier, Webster, DeSoto, Calcasieu, Beauregard, Lafayette, Iberia, East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Livingston, and Ascension.

Creative ways to finance your wedding – May 7, 2001 #loan #broker

#wedding loans

NEW YORK (CNNfn) – Sure, those poached pears and crab puffs were a smash hit on the big day. But when the wedding bills come due, it’s those little extras that can put a crimp in your style faster than you can say I do.

Wedding experts say brides-to-be too often get in over their heads when signing checks for their big day. That, they say, leads to reckless spending, heavy debt loads and a rough start to a new marriage.�

You get caught up in the mood and you go out and buy all these bridal magazines that show everything so gorgeous and, of course, you want it, said Doris Nixon; director of educational programs for the National Bridal Service and president of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide. But, as with every other walk of life, control is part of taking charge.

She adds: It’s hard to start a marriage in debt. Money is the source of more arguments than anything else. �

The good news is, with a little creative financing it is possible to have your cake and eat it too — without sacrificing that fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Strategies include the pay-as-you-go plan. home equity loans. bridal loans and wedding sponsorships .

What’s important to you?

The first step to avoiding a honeymoon hangover, of course, is to set a realistic budget and stick to it. Once that’s complete, sit down with pen and paper and jot down your top priorities.�

Always dreamed of a horse and carriage to deliver you from the white steeple church? Then go ahead and splurge, but the cappuccino bar has to go. Is a custom-made designer gown a must? Get those measurements going, but opt for a D.J. instead of a live band.

We recommend highly to brides that they prioritize what’s really important, said Richard Markel, director of the Association for Wedding Professionals. Everything else will fall into place.

Once those steps are complete, the real challenge begins � paying the piper.�

Brought to you by.

For the frugal bride and groom, one method that is gaining popularity is to seek out sponsors.

Under such arrangements, engaged couples typically contact wedding vendors to solicit free or discounted services in exchange for advertising on the big day.

Photographers, for example, might agree to snap pictures for free if the couple mentions the company’s name in its wedding program. The cake decorator might likewise slash his or her price in half if the bride- and groom-to-be agree to leave business cards on the cake table.

It’s a win-win situation.

Word of mouth is very powerful in this industry, which is why this has a potential for working, Markel said.

One recent bride-to-be, who asked not to be named, noted, that anyone seeking out sponsors for discounts had best be prepared to spend some time and energy. She also noted its wise to draw up a legal contract, stipulating what both parties are responsible for.

Failure to carry out either end of the bargain would result in a breach of contract.

I contacted quite a few people a day, nearly 50, she said, noting sponsors saved her more than $4,000 in wedding costs. It really is a full-time job. You usually have to explain it to the vendors since this is still a new idea. In many cases, they’ve never heard of it.

Keep in mind, however, that not all vendors, especially the experienced ones, will even entertain the idea of sponsorships.� And others in the trade say you might want to consider the tackiness factor, as well.

I can’t say I’m a big fan, said Carley Roney, editor-in-chief of The Knot. I understand where the pressure is to do this because so many couples pay for their weddings themselves these days and they don’t want to give up that dream of having a big wedding. But it seems like kind of a sell-out. This is a major life moment and I think you should do it within your means rather than trying to turn it into a marketing event.

Hitting up the lenders

Another option when it comes to covering your costs, of course, is to hit up the banks � most of which now offer some sort of loan program designed for special events. A quick search on the Internet turns up any number of wedding loans.

MBNA America Bank. for example, offers its own version of a wedding loan in conjunction with The Knot. The program allows couples to borrow up to $25,000 to plan their wedding, assuming their credit and income levels pass muster.

Interest rates start at about 13 percent, with terms as long as six years. There are no annual fees, no penalties for prepayment and the money can be used to pay for a honeymoon or whatever they choose.

In survey after survey, our research shows that the biggest concern for engaged couples is money, said Adam Sandow, senior vice president of sales for The Knot. Weddings should be as stress-free as possible and this joint program will enable new couples to enter marriage with one less worry.

Remember, though, that by taking out a loan your wedding could end up costing much more in the long run by virtue of the interest payments you’ll owe. But, if your only other option is to pay with plastic, which could cost you 20 percent in interest or more, wedding loans do remain a viable option.�

Pay as you go

It comes as no surprise, but the best way is to stay out of debt is to pay-as-you-go. Not everyone has the time horizon or financial means to make it happen, but you might be surprised how many of those bills you can knock out before the church bells chime.�

Most wedding vendors � including the baker, caterer, reception hall, dress maker and florist � require a 50 percent deposit at the time you place your order anyway. That means you’re already halfway there.

Systematic savings always works the best, especially if you’ve got the time in which to do it, said Dennis Means, a certified financial planner in� Denver, Colo. I like people to incur as little debt as possible.

Means suggests saving as much discretionary income as possible in the months that precede your wedding. One of the best places to open an account, he notes, is a credit union, which generally will offer higher interest rates than commercial banks.

Same goes with most money market funds, which are fully liquid and offer interest rates in the 4.5 percent range. That compares with the 2 percent you might earn at the local bank. If you go with a money market fund, Means said, it’s wise to shop around for one that pays interest monthly, if not daily. The more often interest is paid, the more money you’ll earn.

A short-term certificate of deposit, or CD, also does the trick. Offered with a variety of maturities, including 3 months and 6 months, these fixed-income savings tools offer about the same interest rates as money market funds. They’re a good place to park your dollars, Means said, but don’t forget you can’t dip into those funds until the CDs mature.

Family ties

Another common way to cover your wedding tab, or part of it, is to seek out family support. You may get help with all or part of your expenses by asking your parents for either a loan or a small gift of cash. As any bride and groom can tell you � a little help goes a long way. ��

Today, the groom’s parents are helping out; the bride’s parents are helping; and the bride and groom are both helping because people are spending more on weddings, Dixon said, noting the groom’s parents often agree to pick up the bar bill or the dinner.�

According to industry estimates, the average wedding costs about $25,000, depending upon where you live and the number of guests invited.

Dixon notes, however, that if an engaged couple wants the groom’s parents to pitch in, etiquette dictates that the groom do the asking.� Also, if both sets of parents are paying for the wedding equally, both of their names should be included in the invitation.

Tapping into your home

And then, there are those other sources of capital: retirement plans and home equity.

Personal Lending Online up to $25, 000 in 7 Minutes or Less #direct #lender #payday #loans

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Get up to $25,000 Online – In Just 7 Minutes or Less

Getting The Money You Need

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Screaming fast funding

Need money now? Emergencies happen, and they don’t always respect your timetable. Apply, get a fast approval response, and get your funds as fast as tomorrow. In some instances you can take home a loan check on the same day. With an easy online application taking less than 7 minutes, what are you waiting for. Start now!

Get Matched With The Best Personal Loan Interest Rates For You

No matter what your credit rating, we can find the right personalized offer for your budget and lifestyle. Working with some of the top lenders available, we can help customize a program for your unique needs. Whether you are looking to borrow money for a short term or require long term repayment options, the right program for you may be waiting and as easy as 1-2-3. Simply fill out the form above to apply, and get approved for the financial relief you deserve.

If you need of money but you don’t want a complicated financial transaction, personal lending could be the right choice for you. Personal loans online are designed to provide money for applicants with little requirements, have very flexible repayment terms, and can offer needed financial relief in a crisis.

Takes Less Than 10 Minutes – Get Relief

Take Control of Your Finances

7 Federal Student Loan Payback Plans: What You Need to Know #refinancing #auto #loan

#student loans payment

7 Federal Student Loan Payback Plans: What You Need to Know

Posted on Nov 8, 2013

In October, the Department of Education began contacting borrowers who were struggling to pay back their student loans to let them know about the various repayment options that are available to them.

“We think there are lots of people who could benefit from our income-based repayment programs, but they haven’t signed up—and we want to get to them before they default,” education secretary Arne Duncan said recently. “The challenge is getting the word out.”

Although most borrowers choose to repay their loans on the standard 10-year plan, other options, like those based on income, can make repaying student loans easier on the wallet—and lower your risk of default. Last year, about 600,000 borrowers defaulted on their loans, an action that has the potential to tank their credit reports and get them in major financial hot water.

So here s the word: Whether or not you already have a repayment plan, keep reading to find out if another offering might be better for you. Just note that these programs are only available for federal loans—not private—and eligibility for each one depends largely on the types of loans you have, so consult our learn more link for each of the seven plans highlighted below for more information.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy #pa #chapter # #bankruptcy, #chapter #7 #bankruptcy


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection allows debtors to get rid of most of their debts and start over with a clean slate. However, it also has its drawbacks, including the loss of property and a depressed consumer credit score. Chapter 7, also called liquidation or straight bankruptcy, is the process by which a debtor’s assets are sold, creditors receive payment, and you are then free from your debts. You must be eligible to file for bankruptcy, and the rules vary depending on the type of case you want to file. Bankruptcy laws changed significantly in 2005, making it harder to qualify for Chapter 7 relief. This section contains in-depth information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, including eligibility under the means test, types of debts that cannot be discharged, and other tips to help you with the process.

In order to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy you must meet certain eligibility requirements, including the means test. If the debtor fails to meet Chapter 7 requirements, a bankruptcy court can convert the case to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With the exception of disabled veterans that file to eliminate debt that was incurred while on active military duty or filers with debt that primarily came from operating a business, all other filers must meet Chapter 7 requirements.

Bankruptcy Exemptions: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes referred to as liquidation bankruptcy because it involves gathering the property or assets of the filer, and then selling them to pay off as much debt as possible before the rest of the debt is discharged or eliminated. Bankruptcy law, however, protects some kinds of property from being sold off to pay these debts. These protections are called exemptions and include real estate such as a residence, automobile, certain personal property, and wildcard exemptions (a catch-all for property that doesn’t fit into a designated category). When determining what is considered exempt, many states allow you to choose and use the state’s definition of exempt or the list set out by federal law. Some states require you to use the state’s list. Be sure to check your state’s laws to find out what applies to your state.

Exempt vs. Non-exempt Property Under Chapter 7

Some property simply cannot be protected from creditors, even when filing for bankruptcy. Property that is not exempt may include expensive musical instruments, unless the debtor is a professional musician; collections of stamps, coins, and other valuable items; and family heirlooms. Cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and other investments, a second car or truck, or vacation home likely will not be exempt.

How a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

Getting the right help when you file for bankruptcy is crucial to its success, whether you file on your own, get a lawyer, or use a bankruptcy petition preparer. Consider seeking a consultation with an attorney to help you decide whether you need legal representation or can simply go it alone. Many bankruptcy attorneys offer initial consultations free of charge.

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George Hotz aka “GeoHot” is one of the pioneers of the early jailbreak scene. In December 2015, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a lengthy profile focused on Hotz s new project: a self-driving car kit. He s since secured funding for the project, Forbes reported, and now the kit that promises to transform your car into a self-driving vehicle for just $1,000 seems to be becoming a reality, as The Verge reports.

George Hotz, one of the pioneers of the early jailbreak scene who used to go by the code-name “GeoHot”, has managed to secure funding for his self-driving kit, Forbes reported Wednesday. Among those interested in his project: the CEOs of graphics giant Nvidia and auto parts supplier Delphi.

Both CEOs have paid visits to Hotz s basement office in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. In fact, Nvidia s boss sponsored Hotz s project with high-performance GPU cards woth $30,000.

But more important than that, he s scored an unannounced seed investment from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, valuing the fledgling company at $20 million, according to sources.

Since wunderkind George Hotz, better known as Geohot, first made a name for himself by hacking the iPhone at age 17, he s bounced around to several projects. He hacked the PlayStation, did some work for Facebook, and more recently popped up in Android land.
His latest gig is an internship for Google s Project Zero—a team of elite hackers tasked with finding and eradicating serious software vulnerabilities. Back in March Geohot won $150K for exposing Chrome exploits, and it seems the Mountain View company took notice

Geohot—a name that s virtually synonymous with iPhone jailbreaking—has taken up quite a few different ventures since departing from the jailbreak scene. He s dabbled in Playstation 3 hacking, and working at Facebook. He was even rumored to have been on the precipice of an iOS 7 jailbreak, but nothing formally materialized from him.

But yesterday, Geohot (real name George Hotz) made his name known on an even wider scale when he released a new rooting tool for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Android devices. The tool, which is called Towelroot, is a downloadable package that allows Galaxy S5 users to quickly root their devices. This is especially helpful for GS5 users on Verizon and AT T, because those two mobile carriers lock the bootloader.

I ve tried out Towelroot on my Galaxy S5, and it works just as described. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Hotz s past jailbreak tools. Check inside for all of the details.

Google held its Pwnium 4 security competition last week at CanSecWest in Vancouver, Canada. The day-long event ended with hundreds of thousands of dollars being awarded to hackers who demonstrated exploits in Google Chrome. And believe it or not, $150,000 of that went to Geohot.

For those not familiar with the name, Geohot has picked up a number of headlines over the past 7 years. After hacking the iPhone he took his talents to the PS3, where he caused enough chaos to get sued by Sony. And he s since been spotted at Facebook, iOSDevCamp and various other places

It s been an interesting couple of days in the jailbreak world. Not only did the evad3rs surprise everyone with an iOS 7 jailbreak early Sunday morning, but there was all this drama surrounding the release which included a new app store and the resurfacing of Geohot.

After a long break, Geohot s name popped back up this weekend with reports that he was working on his own jailbreak. He obviously didn t get a chance to release it, but he did manage to reverse the evad3r s evasi0n7 app and he says he didn t find anything sketchy

We ve known this information for a while but since it s now official, there is no more reason for us to sit on it. George Hotz, also know as geohot, also known as the first person to ever unlock an iPhone is back on Twitter.

After closing his account a couple years ago, geohot is back on the social network, and what we can tell is that he s not Tom Cruise!

Disk Cleanup Utility #microsoft, #microsoft #windows, #windows #xp, #windows #vista, #windows #7, #windows #8, #service #pack #2, #sp2, #service #pack #3, #sp3, #tweaks, #tips, #registry, #performance, #features, #screenshots, #maintenance, #group #policy, #clean #install, #update, #professional, #help, #firewall, #knowledge #base, #shutdown, #installation, #file #sharing, #xp #power #toys, #upgrade, #theme, #setup, #fat32, #ntfs, #slipstream, #messenger #removal, #forum, #ctp, #control #panel, #xp #forum, #vista #forum, #win #7 #forum, #virtual #machine, #virtualisation.


Disk Cleanup Utility

To keep a PC running smoothly, regular maintenance is critical. Many users shy away from maintenance tasks, thinking it is a long, drawn out manual affair, but the Disk Cleanup Utility can easily determine which files on a hard drive may no longer be needed and delete those files. In addition to freeing up potentially significant amounts of hard drive space, using Disk Cleanup on a regular basis can significantly improve system performance.

Starting Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is available on both Home and Professional versions of XP. The utility can be accessed using the methods listed below.

  • Click Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup
  • Click Start | Run and in the Open box type cleanmgr and click OK
  • In Windows Explorer or My Computer, right-click the disk in which you want to free up space, click Properties. click the General tab, and then click Disk Cleanup .

Use the drop down menu arrow to select the drive you want to clean.

Click [OK ] and Disk Cleanup will analyze the selected drive to determine the amount of space that can be freed.

Note: Be patient. Analyzing the drive can be a lengthy process depending on drive size and contents.

Once the drive analysis is complete a list of file categories will be presented for your selection.

Instead of automatically proceeding with cleanup once the drive analysis is complete, Disk Cleanup allows you to review the categories of files that can be deleted. Click on any of the categories to display more information relative to that category in the Description section of the window. If you re unsure if you want to delete the files in a category from the description, use the [View Files ] button. A complete list of files scheduled for deletion will be displayed in Windows Explorer. Use drag and drop to move any files you want to save to a safe location and leave the category selected. If all the files are to be saved, close the window and then remove the checkmark from the file category so it will not be included in the disk cleanup. After all the categories have been reviewed, click [OK ] to begin the disk cleanup process.

File Categories in Disk Cleanup Utility

There are a number of different types of file categories that Disk Cleanup targets when it performs the initial disk analysis. Depending on the individual system, you may or may not have all the categories listed below. An excellent example of this would be Backup Files from a Previous Operating System. If a clean install of XP was performed then this category will not exist. It pays to click on each of the categories and note that the [View Files] button can change depending on the category selected.

Downloaded Program Files

These are ActiveX controls and Java applets downloaded from Web sites that are temporarily stored in the Downloaded Program Files folder. It s not program files or zip files that you have downloaded from other locations.

Temporary Internet Files

This refers to Internet Explorer s cache of Web pages that are stored on the hard drive for quicker viewing. None of your personal web settings are affected by selecting this category, nor does it delete any cookie files.

The main thing to be aware of in this category is that it only refers to the Recycle Bin for the selected hard drive or partition. This is important since XP uses an individual Recycle Bin for each drive and partition, not just one as is the case in some Windows versions.

Temporary Remote Desktop Files

These files are the result of using the Remote Desktop utility. If you repeatedly use Remote Desktop with the same computer or group of computers, leaving these files intact will maintain the speed of future connections. Deleting them will necessitate downloading the remote systems icons and wallpaper the next time a connection is established.

Setup Log Files

These are really pretty useless unless you have a specific reason to go back and see what occurred during XP setup.

Backup Files For Previous Operating System

I mentioned this category earlier as one you may not have, but if you did upgrade from a previous Windows version and selected the option to be able to uninstall XP, it may well exist. It takes some major hard drive space to copy all the files necessary to back up a previous system s core files, drivers, etc. This entry can range anywhere from a few hundred megabytes up to a gigabyte, so unless you are still considering dumping XP this is a good category to select.

Users with slower dialup connections and those using laptops frequently make websites they use often available offline. Depending on how many levels deep you save the sites, they can eat up gigabytes of hard drive space very quickly. Worse than taking up space, the sites often contain outdated information. A good candidate for deletion.

Compress Old Files

Unlike the other categories, Compress Old Files doesn t delete any files from the drive. It compresses files that Windows hasn t accessed for a specified period of time. The files are still available, but there will be a slight increase in access times because the files will be decompressed the next time they are accessed. Note that when Compress Old Files is highlighted an Options button appears. Clicking it will allow you to set the number of days to wait before an unaccessed file is compressed.

There may be other categories that appear in your Disk Cleanup window, but in all cases, highlighting the item will display an explanation of the category in the Description area.

More Options Tab

In addition to the categories that appear on the Disk Cleanup tab, the More Options tab offers additional opportunities for freeing up hard drive real estate. There is nothing on this tab that isn t available elsewhere within XP in stand alone fashion, but having them grouped here does serve as a convenient reminder.

In Windows XP there are three choices available on the More Options tab: Windows Components, Installed Programs, and System Restore.

The Cleanup button in the Windows Components section launches the Windows Components Wizard. Select a general category of components and drill down using the Details button to locate the desired Windows component.

The Cleanup button in the Installed Programs section opens the Add/Remove Programs dialog box. Any installed program can be removed by selecting the individual program and clicking the Change/Remove button. You cannot batch programs together to be removed. Each removal operation must be treated as a separate entity.

Clicking the Cleanup button in the System Restore section opens a dialog box where it asks if you are sure you want to delete all but the most recent restore point. The difference between using this option and going directly to System Restore is that you have no option to selectively delete restore points with this method. It s all but most recent or nothing when accessed via Disk Cleanup. Click Yes or No depending on your choice.

Post Disk Cleanup Procedures

Using Disk Cleanup will almost certainly rid your system of a substantial amount of unneeded files. You could stop here and not suffer any ill consequences, but there are a lot of gaps and empty spaces on the hard drive where the files were removed. This would be an excellent time to run Disk Defragmenter to organize the hard drive into contiguous sections. The hard drive heads will spend less time seeking all the pieces of a file and you ll see another performance boost.

Additional Disk Cleanup links

For many months now I ve been posting a reminder about Patch Tuesday or Second Tuesday as it has come to be known when Microsoft releases the latest round of updates for Windows XP and other products.

As always, I strongly suggest you read about any update prior to installation, especially updates carrying a less than Critical rating, and have a current system and data backup available in case it s necessary to restore the system to a pre-patch condition.

The Elder Geek sites contain many articles and suggestions for modifying the Windows operating system. I’ve tried these tweaks and tips on many systems. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. The point is, ensure you have a current, tested backup of all system and data files and understand how to restore the system in case something goes very wrong. You can still yell at me, but I assume no responsibility for your actions and use of the information and disclaim any legal responsibility for any consequences of such actions.

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