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Home Equity Loans in Connecticut

Learn about home equity loans for CT residents

Connecticut may be a small state, but it’s sizeable in reputation. It’s the home of Yale, ESPN, and Mystic, a famous town notable for its breathtaking scenery, museums and shops. If you’re lucky enough to live here, you may make your home in a major city like Bridgeport, Hartford or Stamford or perhaps in more rural towns in the northern part of the Constitution State.

No matter where you live in Connecticut, a home equity loan can help bring your dreams within reach:

  • A Connecticut home improvement loan is perfect for remodeling, renovating or updating your home.
  • Consolidate expensive car payments or student loan debt with a home equity loan for CT residents.
  • With a Connecticut home equity loan, you can use the money for any expenses simply by writing a check.

A home equity loan in CT could give you the money you need to fix up your historic home in Hartford, buy a new boat for weekends on the Gold Coast of Fairfield or finance your child’s education.

Apply for a home equity loan in Connecticut

You can start the home equity loan application process in Connecticut by answering a few questions online, and one of our Home Loan Advisors will contact you by the end of the next business day to discuss rates and complete the next steps in the process. You can also learn more about our home equity loan products.

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Things You Should Know About a Perkins Loan #loan #repayments

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Applying for a Federal Perkins Loan

A Federal Perkins Loan is a 5% fixed interest rate loan for undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need. Because of its low interest rate, need-based award, and generous cancellation policies, it is one of the most affordable options for students in postsecondary education.

Unlike for other types of federal loans, such as the Federal Stafford Loan and Parent PLUS Loan, the school is your lender for Federal Perkins Loans. Approximately 1,800 participating postsecondary institutions offer the Perkins Loan.


The following conditions are required to be eligible for Federal Perkins Loans:

  • Enrollment in an eligible school at least half-time for a degree program
  • US citizenship, permanent resident, or eligible non-citizen status
  • Satisfactory academic progress
  • No unresolved defaults or overpayments owed on Title IV education loans and grants
  • Satisfaction of all Selective Service requirements

If you meet all of the above criteria, financial need is determined by the US Department of Education, using the information you provide on the FAFSA. Factors that can influence your eligibility are:

  • Student’s income & assets
  • Parent’s income & assets
  • Household size
  • Number of family members (excluding parents) attending postsecondary institutions

From this, the Department of Education determines your expected family contribution (EFC), which is the amount you are expected to contribute towards your education:

A percentage of net income (income after subtracting allowances for basic living expenses)

A percentage of net assets (assets after subtracting asset protection allowance)

The maximum amount that you can receive based on this formula is capped to:

  • Undergraduates: up to $5,500 a year (up to $27,500 for entire undergraduate schooling)
  • Graduates/professional students: up to $8,000 a year (up to $60,000 for entire graduate schooling)
  • Non-undergraduate or non-graduate/professional student: up to $11,000 for entire schooling

How to Apply

As with all federal loans, you can apply for a Perkins Loan simply by completing the FAFSA. No other loan application is required. However, you must sign a promissory note, a binding legal contract that obliges you to repay your loan according to the terms. It is essential that you read this note carefully before signing.

Tips for Getting More Submit Your FAFSA Early

Submitting your FAFSA early can dramatically increase the amount of your Perkins Loan, and can even determine whether you get it at all.

This is because each participating school receives a limited budget for Perkins Loans from the US Department of Education. When all available funds are used for a given year, no more awards can be given. So submitting your FAFSA early will ensure that you can be considered for loans first, and therefore get the maximum amount you are eligible for.

Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights As a Federal Perkins Loan Borrower

You are entitled to:

  • A promissory note, which must be returned to you when the loan is paid in full.
  • A grace period the exact length is shown on your promissory note
  • Knowing the total amount of your debt, principal, and interest, including your interest rate, total interest charges on your loan, and other fees that may be added if you violate terms.
  • A loan repayment schedule that lets you know when your first payment is due, and the number, frequency, and amount of repayments.
  • Knowing where to send your payments.
  • A list of deferment and cancellation conditions, and the conditions under which the Department of Defense will repay your loan.
  • An explanation of penalty-free prepayment.
  • Forbearance if your total loan debt is equal to or greater than 20% of your adjusted gross income.

Your responsibilities as a Federal Perkins Loan borrower

You must:

  • Sign a promissory note.
  • Repay the loan even if you do not complete your education or are not satisfied with the education you received.
  • Notify the Federal Perkins Loan Coordinator if you graduate, withdraw, take a leave of absence, drop below half-time status, transfer, change your name, address, or Social Security number.
  • Repay your loan according to the repayment schedule.
  • File properly for deferment or cancellation if you qualify.

Getting Paid

Your school pays you directly (usually by check) or applies your loan to your school charges. You receive the loan in at least two payments over the academic year.

Besides keeping track of how much you are paid, there is nothing special that you must do while you are in school. Interest does not accrue during this period, so you do not have to start paying back your loan at this time.

The Grace Period

Perkins Loans have a 9-month grace period. You begin repayment in the tenth month after graduating, becoming a half-time student, or withdrawing from college or university. This grace period may be longer if you are on active duty with the military, or if you re-enroll in school.

The Advantage of a Subsidized Loan

Because Perkins Loans are subsidized by the government, your interest will not accrue until you begin to repay the loan.

What if I can’t pay back my Federal Perkins Loan?

If you cannot pay back for any reason, consider asking for deferment or forbearance before you are delinquent or in default. You may be eligible if you meet certain conditions, such as being on active duty in the armed forces, being in exceptional financial hardship, going to graduate school.

Canceling a Federal Perkins Loan

Your loan will be cancelled either the full amount or a portion of it if any of the following occur:

  • Your school closes while you are enrolled or you are on an approved leave of absence, and you cannot transfer credits or hours earned at the closed school.
  • If the student for whom the loan was taken dies.
  • If you are permanently disabled.
  • If you are a full-time fire fighter, a law enforcement or corrections officer, or an attorney in a nonprofit organization.
  • You are on active duty.
  • You are a full-time nurse or medical technician.
  • You are a full-time faculty member at a Tribal college or university.
  • You are a teacher in low-income school or in a teacher-shortage area.
  • You are a Peace Corps volunteer.

Contact your lender in this case, your school to check if you are eligible and what kind of documents you need to submit.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Federal Perkins Loan

The Federal Perkins Loan has many benefits that allow you to pay back your loan at a low interest, without fees. There are also many ways to become eligible for loan cancellation.


  • Interest rate is fixed at 5%, substantially lower than that of other types of loans, and will not accrue until you make the first payment after your grace period.
  • Compared to a loan forgiveness program (such as the PSLF program, which requires you to be in public service for more than 10 years in order for your loan balance to be cancelled), Perkins Loans are eligible for Federal loan cancellation. This allows 50% of your original debt to be cancelled with 3-year service as a teacher in certain areas or as a volunteer in the Peace Corps.
  • There are many ways to get Federal Perkins Loans cancelled.
  • Longer grace periods than Stafford Loans.
  • No fees, unless you are late on a payment or make less than full payments.
  • School disbursement
  • You can cancel the loan if you change your mind, even if you have signed the promissory note.

About: VA Streamline Refinance (IRRRL) – VA Refinance Rates #home #construction #loans

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Posted August 31, 2015

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VA Streamline Refinance: About The VA IRRRL Mortgage Program VA Mortgage Rates (Updated For 2015)

Update (November 18, 2015). This VA Streamline Refinance information has been revised to include new information. Loan guidelines change constantly. If you get your VA Streamline Refinance information somewhere else on the internet, make sure it’s current and accurate.

What Is A VA Streamline Refinance/VA Loan?

VA loans are a special loan program designed specifically for veterans, issued by approved lenders and guaranteed by the federal government.

The VA Streamline Refinance is the most common loan type within the VA loan umbrella, and is officially known as an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) by the government.

The program is also known as a VA-to-VA Loan.

The VA loan’s definitive characteristic is that veterans with qualifying credit and income can purchase a home with no money down, which makes buying a home extremely attractive for those who have served in the military. In addition, VA loans also offer feature flexible requirements, no private mortgage insurance (PMI), and extremely competitive mortgage rates .

In order to qualify for a VA Loan, a veteran must have served 181 days during peacetime, 90 days during war time, or 6 years in the Reserves or National Guard. You may also qualify as the spouse of a service member who was killed in the line of duty.

Generally speaking, almost all active duty and/or honorably discharged service members are eligible for a VA purchase or streamline refinance loan.

The VA Streamline Refinance (IRRRL) Loan

The VA Streamline Refinance is also known as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). The IRRRL allows you to refinance your current mortgage interest rate to a lower rate than you are currently paying.

The Streamline loan is extremely popular because of its ease of use: once you have already been approved for your initial VA purchase loan, it is relatively simple to lower your interest rate and experience considerable savings. In most cases, a loan officer or lender with expertise in VA loans should be able to complete the loan within a month’s time in most cases.

VA loan closing costs can be rolled into the cost of the loan, allowing veterans to refinance with no out-of-pocket expenses. Sometimes it is also possible for the lender to take the brunt of the cost in exchange for a higher interest rate on your loan.

In order to qualify for a VA Streamline, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be current on your mortgage with no more than one 30-day late payment within the past year.
  • Your new monthly payment for the IRRRL must also be lower than the previous loan’s monthly payment. (The only time this condition does not apply is if you refinance an ARM to a fixed rate mortgage.)
  • You must not receive any cash from the IRRRL.
  • You must certify that you previously occupied the property.
  • You must have previously used your VA Loan eligibility on the property you intend to refinance. (You may see this referred to as a VA to VA refinance.)

Click to see today s rates (Nov 18th, 2015)

The VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan

A secondary VA refinance loan type is the VA Cash-Out refinance loan. The Cash-Out refinance allows borrowers to refinance their conventional or VA loan into a lower rate while also taking cash from the home’s value.

Functionally, the VA Cash-Out refinance loan replaces your existing mortgage instead of functioning like a home equity loan, which it is often confused for. A qualified borrower can refinance up to 100 percent of their home’s value in some cases.

The Cash-Out refinance loan is a loan type available in any form – whether USDA, FHA, or conventional. Veterans generally choose to use the VA Cash-Out over other loan types because the period to pay off the loan is extended, and also, generally comes with a lower interest rate.

Just like the VA Streamline Refinance loan, the home must be used as a principal dwelling by the owner. There is no set period of time that you must have owned your home, however, you must have sufficient equity to qualify for the loan.

VA Streamline Refinance Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for a Streamline Refinance?

Since you used your Certificate of Eligibility to get your first VA loan, it isn’t needed to qualify for a streamline refinance of your existing VA mortgage.

Does the VA control mortgage interest rates for VA loan types?

No, they do not. Although the VA offers an easy, straightforward process for veterans, VA mortgage rates are set by the banks who buy and sell mortgages.

Do I have to use my current lender to refinance my VA loan?

No, you do not. In fact, it is encouraged that you shop around between various lenders, as each will offer various interest rates for you VA loan. All that matters is that the lender is VA-approved. Because so many lenders out there finance VA loans, it makes sense to shop around. You can use this form to compare VA mortgage rates .

Do I have to go through the credit check and appraisal process again when refinancing?

There is no requirement from the VA for another credit check or appraisal process, because you have already been approved for a loan. However, many lenders require a credit check and appraisal to guarantee that you are still financially stable enough to pay for your mortgage and also, that the house’s market value is still higher than their maximum loan amount.

Do I have to be eligible for a better interest rate to qualify for a Streamline Refinance?

Not if you meet certain conditions. If you are going from a fixed mortgage to another fixed mortgage, the VA requires that your IRRRL be of a lower interest rate, but if you are moving from an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed rate mortgage, the VA will allow you to refinance to a higher interest rate.

Can I receive cash-in-hand at my VA Streamline Refinance closing?

Yes, you may receive up to $6,000 cash-in-hand at your IRRRL closing. The cash, however, must be used for energy-efficiency improvements, and must be a reimbursement for improvements made within 90 days prior to closing. Some VA borrowers will receive a cash disbursement of “old” escrow funds, too.

What is the maximum allowable VA IRRRL loan size?

There is no maximum loan size limit for a VA loan. However, a VA Streamline Refinance will be limited to the existing loan balance plus any accrued late fees and late charges, plus typical loan costs and the cost of any energy efficiency improvements.

Can I change the borrower-of-record with a VA Streamline Refinance?

In general, the borrower(s) obligated on the original VA loan must be the same as borrower(s) obligated on the refinance. However, this is not always possible. As an example, assume that a veteran and spouse are obligated on an existing VA loan. An IRRRL is possible in all of the following scenarios: Divorced veteran alone; Veteran and different spouse; and, spouse alone because the veteran died. An IRRRL is not possible for a divorced spouse alone, or a different spouse alone because the veteran died.

Can I use the VA Streamline Refinance for an investment property?

Yes, you can use the VA Streamline Refinance for an investment property. You must only certify that you previously occupied the property as your home. The property does not have to be your primary residence.

Can I use the VA IRRRL if my loan is behind or delinquent?

Yes, you can VA Streamline Refinance a loan which is behind in payments or delinquent. Your lender will want to know that the cause of the delinquency has been resolved; and you must be willing and able to make the payments on the new VA loan. Lastly, you will be asked to provide a letter to explain the delinquency along with additional supporting documentation. The Department of Veterans Affairs will make a final determination whether the IRRRL should be approved.

Do VA loans qualify for the HARP 2.0 program?

No, the HARP 2.0 mortgage is separate from a VA loan, and HARP 2 loans must be currently backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Can I use VA loans for a no money down mortgage?

Yes. The VA loan allows for 100% financing with no downpayment.

Review Today’s Live VA Loan Mortgage Rates

The VA Streamline Refinance is one of the simplest and fastest mortgage products available for consumers today. Mortgage rates are low, so it’s a great time to take advantage of your veteran benefits.

Take a look at today’s real mortgage rates now. Your social security number is not required to get started, and all quotes come with instant access to your live credit scores.

The information contained on The Mortgage Reports website is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement for products offered by Full Beaker. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not reflect the policy or position of Full Beaker, its officers, parent, or affiliates.

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All across the state of California, people in need of emergency cash know where to go for the cash they need. A title loan from Fast Auto Loans, Inc, will enable you to meet some of your financial challenges. With our experience and professionalism, we can help you get a fast cash title loan that works for you in 30 minutes or less. Get started today! With our statewide network of convenient locations, you can find a Fast Auto Loans, Inc location right in your neighborhood.

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About Bad Credit Personal Loans Banks #home #mortgage #rates

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Other People Are Reading


Banks consider individuals with credit scores below 620 to have poor or bad credit. Banks find out your credit score from at least one of three privately held credit reporting agencies. The credit reporting agencies are Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Most banks offering to do business with individuals with bad credit are internet-based or local businesses that offer payday advances. Some payday advances are more like personal loans because they are renewable each payday until the borrower is able to pay in full. Of course, fees apply with each renewal.


The banks offering to loan money to those with bad credit do have some basic lending requirements that individuals must meet in order to apply. The banks require the borrower to be at least 18 years old and a legal resident with a minimum verifiable income of at least $800, although some require $1,000. Banks may require the borrower to have no outstanding payday loans or an active checking account.


Most banks seem willing to offer unsecured personal loans of up to $1,500 to individuals with bad credit. Common offers are loans of $500 without a credit check deposited into your checking account in 24 to 48 hours. Secured loan amounts are a percentage of the value of the collateral.


High risk lending banks may charge loan origination fees to applicants as well as high interest rates that may be three times the average interest rates or more. If a borrower cannot pay on the due date these banks may offer to delay payments with extension fees. The terms of the loan may include prepayment penalties; these are additional fees for paying off the balance early, so read the fine print. Lenders may also offer loan insurance for an additional fee. If you are considering this option, be sure you fully understand the costs and exclusions. If the banks fees and rates are tier-based, then a loan for $2,000 may have a significantly lower interest rate than a loan for $1,999, so be sure to ask.


Once you begin searching for personal loans you may be approached by fake lenders, phony debt counselors or scam artists who may even be using real names of loan companies. Learn about the latest advance fee loan scams and identity phishers before giving anyone your personal information such as your social security number or bank information.

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About Us

Loans For Military introduces itself as a trustable loan arranging company. Our services are available for arranging a variety of loan options, including military loans, loans for military, bad credit military loans, no credit check military loans, military payday loans and military signature loans.

Loans For Military has expanded its services all over the nation, which empowers us to serve all customers in a better way and borrowers can make an application with us from any part of the country.

We, at Loans For Military, do not follow any time constraint when it comes to the application process. Therefore, whenever you want you can make an application with us just by submitting our online loan application form. We offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Therefore, whenever you need our assistance in order to smooth out your lending process, you can contact us.

We, at Loans For Military, can arrange loan deals for all kinds of borrowers, including those who are suffering from bad credit problem. There is no credit checking process with us and in addition, we do not charge any application fee from the borrowers as well.

Privacy has also been included in our services so that we can maintain our service authenticity. Our privacy policy will always assure you of the safety of your documents. Trust Loans For Military if you need any kind of loan in order to solve your monetary problems.

Top 13 Complaints and Reviews about #loans #online

#united cash loans

Consumer Complaints Reviews

I borrowed $350 from UnitedCashLoans with the understanding that I would repay $455. If I did not make the full payment on March 9, a payment of $105 would cover the loan for another month. They attempted to take out the $105 on 3/9 and the money was not there. They charged a $30 fee and the credit union charged $25. UCL then tried to get the money again and another $25 was charged by the CU. I put money in the account, then called UCL and made a payment of $105 by check card. I then got a call from UCL saying I was in collections, owed them $560 by April 6. They said the service charge ($105) was due every pay period, which I had no idea was part of the deal.

I sent an email to UCL and my CU cancelling the authorization to debit my account for UCL payments. I will pay them either the $350 or the $560 depending on how I feel now that I know I’m dealing with complete crooks. And I may not send them another cent! There is a mailing address on the last page of the loan contract: UCL 3531 P St. NW Miami, OK 74355.

I will send them a money order and that will be the end of that. I tried to look them up on the BBB Oklahoma site and there was no information.

Top 12 Complaints and Reviews about City Loan #standard #bank #loans

#city loan

Consumer Complaints Reviews

I did get a title loan from City Loan and wish I did not. As I have read, not just to me but everyone. They do not help you in time of need; like they say they do in their ad. I called and was lectured horribly and hung up crying. I have been under medical care. About a week or so after getting the loan I received devastating medical news about myself. They did not care. I missed two payments and called them when I could pay. They refused to work with me and the Truck was taken. I have never been spoke to in such a rude manner with lack of compassion. I took the easy way out to get some financial help but will never do this again.

Please find an alternative to taking out a car title loan. City Loan charged me $9400.00 for a loan of $3900.00. I paid $5700.00 in interest and when I called for the payoff, I still owed $3700.00, thus, $200.00 went to the principle in a year’s worth of payments. I argued that “I have already paid so much, please consider the interest already paid and allow a lower pay off.” Ignaucio the manager agreed that I had paid a lot and he said I could pay the car off with $2700.00 additional dollars because he could not authorize anything lower. I agreed. However because I was trying to pay it off with a debit card and not a cashier’s check, Ignaucio rescinded the agreement and told me he does not take calls after hours even though I have phone logs showing I made over five calls to him that day during office hours and left a detailed message thanking him.

This loan company is the worst as they prey on the poor. Furthermore, they treat people like second class citizens. When a call is placed for customer service they are rude, and unethical is the name of the City Loan game. The company lacks goodwill, customer service and ethical business practices and I plan to launch a social media campaign posting the outrageous fees to try and get people to call legitimate companies like Springleaf, and I am not an advocate for Springleaf, but they are much better than City Loan. Fred Cary the president of City Loan should be ashamed of himself and his employees. Fred what goes around comes around, and one day City Loan will be shut down. If you have been hurt by City Loan please write your Congressman, contact the Attorney General and fight City Loan with bad reviews and tweet the message to stay away from City Loan and others lenders like them..

Top 64 Complaints and Reviews about CitiFinancial #interest #free #loans

#citifinancial loans

Consumer Complaints Reviews

In 2013 my husband went to prison for 5 years, I sent papers for modification of loan and said if they would lower my interest 9.65% to a decent rate I could pay $600 a month. I am retired, lost my 26 year business and bankrupted because of my husband. They called me and said that all would be fine, they could lower and help me. Never heard anything from them for nearly a year, then only 2 calls for information. Then one day I got 14 exact copies of legal foreclosure papers stating owed $132,000 but when called CitiFinancial, they said $119,000. Then following day a woman came into my yard, handed me a exact copy of same legal papers stating $119,000 and Dec 18 auction on house.

I am a real estate attorney and title agent. I have had nothing but grief in dealing with these people. Typically a request for a loan payoff take 3-5 days, TOPS. It took 12 (yes, TWELVE) faxes to successfully get the request processed, but even that did not get me the payoff I needed (and am legally entitled to). The first 11 times were successful according to my fax machine (who uses fax machines these days?!) and after my third try, I had the rep on the phone to make 100% sure it was coming through on their end.

But, when the payoff instructions never came in, I would call back and the reps always ended up saying “We show nothing in our system that you requested this. Who did you speak with?” I’d tell them (I learned long ago to get the name and phone extension, if available, of all customer service reps) and they would put me on hold, claiming that they were calling or messaging this person (which I don’t believe), and they would say that the rep claimed to never have receive it (allegedly the same person who was on the phone with me when I made the fax and who verbally confirmed that they had it in their hand!).

When the payoff FINALLY did get sent to me, it included the cover page and the top inch or so of the second page and was 100% useless. I got so upset, I drove to a local branch (30 minutes away) and told them that I was not leaving until they got a hold of someone at the payoff office in Ft. Mill, SC, and not without the payoff information in hand. I sat there for 3 full hours. The local branch people were embarrassed and apologized, but I told them while I did not blame them personally, they should look for another job, because their employer is evil and dishonest. I told this to the branch manager as well, and he just smirked at me, as only a banker can.

I kid you not, no joke, it took a full MONTH to get the requested payoff, and I had to jump through hoops to appease them, the likes of which I have never heard of. They deliberately made it difficult to pay this loan off; I am confident in this conclusion. Believe me when I tell you, I am a highly competent professional and know how to get things done. I deal with banks and credit unions daily, multiple times a day, in fact, and no lender comes even close to how horrendous these people have consistently proven to be. These people need a good tarring and feathering.

Top 61 Complaints and Reviews about PLS Payday Loan Store #best #personal #loan

#payday loan store

Consumer Complaints Reviews

Over a period of time when using the PLS prepaid card I began to recognize unidentified charges to my account. Firstly, I phoned when I first received the card because I recognized that there were consistently $1 charges being deducted from the card and decided to switch to a monthly fee. I was informed that this would be a $5 charge but to my surprise about 2 months into using the card $6.95 was deducted twice from my account. When I phoned to inquire why the charges took place I was informed that it was $6.95 and not $5 as I was informed earlier.

Now, what brings me to closing my account today is that I went to my bed with a balance and awoke this morning only to make a purchase based on my balance. To my surprise my transaction did not go thru because my monthly amount that’s due on Nov 7 was not fully deducted from the account ALTHOUGH my account had more than enough monies to deduct that $6.95 amount. I requested my balance be sent to me on a daily basis as parts of ensuring that I’m in the know of what my balance is. I did not receive a text message of the balance of my account after PLS deducted the amounts from my card which allowed my purchase to be declined.

Why go in and deduct the monies twice? And if PLS did not receive the $6.95 on 10/7 what happens on the 10/8 date? Why wasn’t the balance deducted on that date? Why is informing the customer via text message in place? For only when it suits PLS? Some of their customer reps are rude and have limited knowledge of how their product works. They’ve lost a quality customer. They fail to realize that there are other prepaid companies out there, and companies who with better guidelines and who knows how to treat their customers. Kudos and goodbye!