Aug 8 2017

Does Online Cognitive Behavior Therapy Work? #anna #medaris #miller,hwbucket-mentalhealth #[consumer #advice,medical technology,psychology,depression,anxiety,health care,lthealth [consumer advice],healthwellness [consumer advice],mind,wellness]

# When Your Therapist Is a Computer Experts say digital programs can help enhance the effects of traditional therapy or reduce the amount of time needed with an in-person therapist. (Getty Images) Each time Andy Strunk stood up to give a work presentation, the same few doubts ran through his head. “Am I qualified to be in front of these people? Who am I? Why am I credible to be here?” worried Strunk, a 37-year-old marketing manager at a technology company in San Francisco. But about a month ago, Strunk decided he had had enough. To progress in his career, …