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Articles on Inventory Management

Every organization tries to maintain optimum inventory to be able to meet its requirements and avoid over or under inventory that can impact the financial condition.

Inventory management and supply chain management are the backbone of any business operations. Important concepts of Inventory Management are discussed in detail.

Inventory is a necessary evil that every organization would have to maintain for various purposes. Reasons why organizations maintain Inventory are discussed in detail.

All Manufacturing and Marketing Companies hold Finished Goods inventories in various locations and all through Finished Goods Supply Chain.

Inventory Management requires smart planning and continuous monitoring of the inventory levels coupled with quick decision-making. Many organizations generally tend to avoid holding inventories except at certain times.

Inventory is categorized into two types based on the demand pattern, which creates the need for inventory. The two types of demand are Independent Demand and Dependant Demand for inventories.

Inventory costs are basically categorized into three headings – Ordering Costs, Carrying Costs and Shortage or stock out Cost and Cost of Replenishment.

In most of the organizations inventory is categorized according to ABC Classification method, which is based on pareto principle. The article discusses about the advantages and disadvantages of ABC Classification.

Finished Goods inventory is classified under additional categories based on various attributes including sales volumes/patterns, functional attributes and operational requirements.

Inventory control is exercised through inventory audits and cycle counts. An inventory audit essentially comprises of auditing the books stocks and transactions and matching physical stocks with the book stock.

The inter-dependence of transactions which are sequential and parallel, renders inventory susceptible to inefficiencies occurring in operations, transactions, and documentation over a period of time.

The efficiencies of inventory management are largely dependent upon the skills and knowledge of the inventory planners, the focus and involvement of management and the management policies coupled with the inventory management system.

To ensure Inventory control is maintained there are some critical points we need to focus upon. All these points are discussed in detail.

Every unit of Inventory has an economic value in the books of the company. Therefore as an asset one needs to have a control over the inventory and ensure that the books stock matches with the physical stock.

In any business, it is essential to have optimum inventory at all times. The company should have clearly defined metrics to measure and define inventory health as well as inventory operations health.

Inventory turnover is an indicative of health of inventory operations. The inventory turnover as a measure of health of sales and business is used extensively in Retail, textile as well as FMCG segments.

An inventory strategy can be designed on paper but then to be able make it operational, one needs to have a realistic exposure and experience to the field operations and have a hang of how things work on the ground.

Inventory Planner’s main job consists of analyzing demand and deciding when to order and how much to order new inventories.

Good inventory Management practices in the company help by adding value in terms of having control over and maintaining lean inventory.

Modern day inventory is managed by sophisticated system applications that are designed to manage complex inventory plans.

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Clinton, Trump All but Tied as Enthusiasm Dips for Democratic Candidate – ABC News #poll, #2016 #election, #donald #trump, #hillary #clinton, #president, #vote, #enthusiasm, #battleground, #swing, #email, #fbi, #comey, #politics #news, #election #news, #political #news, #political #news #articles




Yahoo!-ABC News Network | 2017 ABC News Internet Ventures. All rights reserved.

Clinton, Trump All but Tied as Enthusiasm Dips for Democratic Candidate

WATCH Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a Virtual Tie

Strong enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton has ebbed since the renewal of the FBI ’s email investigation.

While vote preferences have held essentially steady, she’s now a slim point behind Donald Trump — a first since May — in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.

In the latest results, 46 percent of likely voters support Trump, and 45 percent are for Clinton. With the data taken to a decimal place for illustrative purposes, a mere 0.7 of a percentage point divides them.

Third-party candidate Gary Johnson has 3 percent, a new low; Jill Stein. 2 percent.

Trump now leads Clinton by 8 points in the share of voters who are very enthusiastic about their choice as of Friday. But compared with past elections, it’s low for both of them — 53 percent for Trump, 45 percent for Clinton.

Strong enthusiasm for Clinton has lost 7 points since the start of tracking, especially Friday through Sunday. This is possibly an effect of the renewed controversy over her use of a private email server while secretary of state. Trump’s strong enthusiasm has held steady in tracking, which started Oct. 20.


The 1 point Clinton-Trump race is well within the survey’s margin of sampling error. Combining the last seven nights — across which results have been very stable — the results flip to 46 percent Clinton, 45 percent Trump, with a 0.4 point gap. Again, it is not a significant difference.

Either way, the results are exceedingly close. Trump’s 1 point lead is a noteworthy result; he has led Clinton just once before, up 2 points in late May (among registered voters in a two-way test), after he clinched the GOP nomination while Clinton was still in a duel with Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race.

Although the election is close at this point, vote preference results a week out are not necessarily predictive of the final result. Mitt Romney was up 1 versus Barack Obama in comparable tracking poll results in 2012, for example, and John Kerry was ahead by 1 against George Bush a week out in 2004.


Another look at the data divides the last seven nights of tracking results into red, blue and toss-up states, as designated by the ABC News Political Unit. The results:

• In states considered to be strongly for Trump or leaning toward him (with a total of 180 Electoral College votes), he leads Clinton by a broad 60 to 34 percent.

• In blue states (with 278 electoral votes), Clinton leads 54 to 37 percent.

• In the five ABC-designated toss-up states (with 80 electoral votes) — Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Utah — voters split 41 percent Clinton to 48 percent Trump. That’s not a significant difference, given the 5.5 point error margin at this sample size.

Early Birds

Clinton’s support rests in part on early voting: A fifth of those identified as likely voters (21 percent) say they have already voted. While the sample isn’t large (thus an error margin of +/–7 percentage points), they divide 55 percent for Clinton, 39 for Trump.

That said, early voting estimates can change, given state rules, turnout and sampling variability. Early voting estimates in the 2012 ABC/Post tracking poll ranged from up 17 for Obama to up 4 for Romney in four-night averages, settling at up 3 for Obama.

The latest results, while steady for seven nights, reflect a sharp turnaround from a large Clinton lead in the first four nights of tracking, which were a particularly difficult news cycle for Trump.

Among other factors, there has been consolidation for Trump among Republicans and GOP-leaning independents (86 percent now back him, up from 80 percent). He has also seen improvement among pure independents (i.e. those who don’t lean toward either party), up from an even split to a large Trump advantage, 25 percent Clinton to 54 percent Trump, across the past seven nights (combined for a larger samples size). Seventeen percent of pure independents pick someone else.

Among Democrats and Democratic leaners, meanwhile, Trump’s support has gone from 5 to 9 percent — a slight change, but a statistically significant one. Clinton’s support has been essentially steady.

Party ID

The race is close even though self-identified Democrats outnumber Republicans among likely voters by 10 points, 38 to 28 percent. There are three reasons:

One, this narrows to a 5 point gap, 48 to 43 percent, when independents who lean toward one party or the other are included.

The second is Trump’s advantage among pure independents, as noted — even though they account for just 7 percent of likely voters.

And the third is that Trump wins 9 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners, while Clinton is supported by 6 percent of Republicans and those who lean toward the GOP — another slight difference and not statistically significant.

But in contests this close, small differences add up.

Vote preference results are essentially identical in 23 likely voter models produced for diagnostic purposes, with turnout estimates ranging from 43 to 81 percent of the voting-age population. Seventeen of the models produce a 46 percent Trump, 45 percent Clinton race, as does the average of all 23.


This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone Oct. 27 to 30, 2016, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,128 likely voters. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 38-28-29 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.

Questions 5a and 5b were asked Oct. 28 to 30 among 388 and 397 Clinton and Trump supporters, respectively; they both have 5.5 point error margins.

The survey was produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates of New York City, with sampling, data collection and tabulation by Abt-SRBI of New York City. See details on the survey’s methodology here .

What We Know About the Trump Foundation Gift to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi s Fundraisers – ABC News #donald #trump, #pam #bondi, #hillary #clinton, #florida, #trump #university, #fraud, #campaign #donation, #donald #j #trump #foundation, #politics #news, #election #news, #political #news, #political #news #articles




Yahoo!-ABC News Network | 2017 ABC News Internet Ventures. All rights reserved.

What We Know About Trump Foundation’s $25K Gift to Florida AG’s Fundraisers

WATCH Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager on New Ad, Florida AG Scandal

Donald Trump met with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Friday at Trump Tower as the president-elect continues a series of meetings around assembling his Cabinet and top staff.

Bondi is a vice chair on Trump’s presidential transition team, but many in the public may most associate her with Trump over a past political contribution that raised questions.

The scrutiny centered around a $25,000 check that the Donald J. Trump Foundation sent to Bondi’s political fundraising committee in 2013. Critics said the donation looked like an attempt to sway Bondi’s office not to take legal action against the now-defunct Trump University. Trump and Bondi said the contribution had no connection to her office’s ultimately deciding against taking legal action.

Here is what we know:

Timeline of What Happened in 2013

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced on Aug. 25, 2013. that he had filed a lawsuit against Trump and Trump University.

Schneiderman’s lawsuit accused Trump of “mis[leading] consumers into paying for a series of expensive courses that did not deliver on their promises,” which Trump denied.

On Sept. 11, 2013, a spokeswoman for Bondi’s office confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel that her office was reviewing the New York lawsuit. Her office now tells ABC News its review was to determine if the allegations in the New York complaint had any relevance to Florida.

A few days later, Bondi’s political fundraising group, And Justice for All, confirmed that it had received a check for $25,000 on Sept. 17, 2013. from the Trump Foundation. Bondi would be up for re-election in 2014. The check, obtained by The New York Times. shows Trump signed it on Sept. 9, 2013, before Bondi’s office said that it was reviewing the New York lawsuit.

Florida’s Office of the Attorney General had received multiple consumer complaints about Trump-related seminars and education programs, most of them before Bondi was elected as the state’s top prosecutor in 2010. But in mid-October of 2013 the Miami Herald reported that Bondi’s spokeswoman had said no action would be necessary because the affected Florida consumers would be compensated if Schneiderman won his lawsuit.

Bondi’s Response

Bondi has said the decision not to take legal action against Trump University had nothing to do with the donation to her fundraising committee by the Trump Foundation.

“I never, nor was my office, investigating him. Never. I would never lie. I would never take money. I’ve been obviously devastated over this,” she said in a voicemail message to a Tampa Bay Times reporter in June, according to the newspaper.

Bondi’s political consultant for her 2013 re-election campaign, Marc Reichelderfer. said she had reached out to the business mogul for a donation and had been unaware of the consumer complaints against Trump University when she did so.

Bondi’s phone call with Trump occurred “several weeks” before her office said it was considering whether to join the Trump University lawsuit, Reichelderfer told The Associated Press.

Bondi’s office said at the time she decided not to sue that she had received only a single complaint about Trump University, according to the AP. Later her office said this statement was accurate at the time because most of the complaints were received prior to Bondi’s assuming office and concerned Trump Institute, a separate corporate entity that was licensed by Trump to run his seminars but with his keeping a share of the profits, the AP reported based on depositions in the Trump University case. New York Attorney General Schneiderman sued both Trump University and Trump Institute.

A New York Times review of 8,000 pages of documents released in connection with an open records request found no evidence that Bondi had a direct role in assessing the merits of a case against Trump University nor that she knew of the complaints at the time of the donation request. Additionally, her predecessor, two top deputies and the chief lawyer within his consumer protection division told the Times they were also unaware of the complaints.

Trump’s Response

Trump has said he “never” discussed the lawsuit with Bondi when she called him for a donation.

“She’s a fine person. Never spoke to her about it at all. Never,” Trump said, taking questions from campaign reporters back in September on his private plane. “Many of the attorney generals [sic] turned that case down because I’ll win that case in court.”

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told “Good Morning America ” in September that Trump and Bondi “may have talked about anything” in their phone conversation.

Bondi’s Endorsement

“People today are looking for leadership, the kind that Mr. Trump offers, that’s unafraid to tell it like it is and will do something about renewing America’s strength and greatness,” Bondi said. “That’s why I am pleased to announce my support of Donald Trump for president. We have been friends for years, and I know his family personally. I’ve seen firsthand how he leads, and how he cares deeply about the people of this country.”

Latest Developments

Aside from any question over whether the donation was an attempt to influence Bondi, federal tax law prohibits charitable foundations from making political contributions to any candidate running for public office. The IRS slapped a $2,500 penalty on the Trump Foundation this year for violating the law through its donation to Bondi’s campaign group, according to the Washington Post. Trump Organization officials told the Post that the donation to Bondi’s political fundraising committee was the result of a clerical error and that Trump paid the IRS penalty himself as well as reimbursing his foundation the $25,000.

In November, shortly after winning the presidential election, Trump agreed to a $25 million settlement of three lawsuits, the one in New York plus two in California, against Trump University, with no admission of wrongdoing.

The Associated Press and ABC News’ Josh Haskell, Katherine Faulders and Meghan Keneally contributed to this report.

Editor’s note: For clarification, this story has been updated to reflect that the Florida Attorney General’s Office says it reviewed the New York lawsuit against Trump University to determine if the allegations in that complaint contained any relevance for Florida, not to join the other state’s suit.

Personal Finance Education – Tips, Articles and Advice #consolidation #loans #with #bad #credit

#personal finance

Personal Finance

Personal Finance Tips, Articles and Advice

  • RSS Feed for Personal Finance

Personal finance education is the cornerstone to living a happy, healthy and successful life. It’s never too early to learn how to manage your money, keep your debt under control and invest for your future.

The first step in your personal finance education should be achieving financial literacy: You’ll need to understand the words that professionals use when talking about money. The second step in your education should be talking about money. Too many people make poor financial decisions because they are afraid that discussing money matters is taboo. If you’re reading this, fear not, because we think talking about money matters is crucial.

The articles below contain tips and advice on personal finance basics as well as more advanced concepts like financial planning. We’ve also included links to other useful resources.

If you’re looking for advice in a hurry, you can always refer to “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Personal Finance ,” but remember, impatience is one of the “10 Reasons You Aren’t Rich .”

Latest News on Insurance

Select the service that is right for you!

10 Steps to Becoming a Nurse – Nursing Link #how #to #become #a #rn #nurse, #ten #steps #becoming #nurse #step #1: #learn #about #nursing #benefits #articles


10 Steps to Becoming a Nurse

Beth Anderson, RN

Do you want to become a nurse but don’t know where to start out? This 10-step guide will help you find your way. You ll learn about the nursing profession, find out about the educational requirements and certifications, and get tips on how to survive your first year as a nurse. This guide is meant for prospective, current, and second career nurses everyone can use this valuable information!

Click on the links below to access a comprehensive description for each step.

Would You Pass the NCLEX?

NCLEX Review: Part I
NCLEX Review: Part II
NCLEX Review: Part III
NCLEX Review: Part IV
NCLEX Vocab Review
NCLEX Math Review

Step 1: Learn Everything You Can About The Nursing Profession

Step 2: Find Your Path to The RN Title

Step 3: Choose the Nursing School That Fits You

Step 4: Get into the School of Your Choice

Step 5: Survive Nursing School

Step 6: Decide on a Nursing Specialty

Step 7: Pass the NCLEX

Step 8: Consider Possibilities for Your First Job

Step 9: Get Hired

Step 10: Get Prepared For Your First Year As A Nurse

Still have questions? Check in with the pros and compare notes with students in our Student Lounge forum.
Kick-Start Your Nursing Career:

NursingLink School Finder

Save time in your search for a degree program. Use NursingLink’s School Finder to locate schools online and in your area.

39 MongoDB Interview Questions And Answers #mongodb, #interview, #questions, #answers, #interviewee, #interviewer, #mongodb, #web #tutorials, #javascript, #jobs, #sql, #seo, #css, #articles


MongoDB Interview Preparation Guide

MongoDB frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in MongoDB. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

39 MongoDB Questions and Answers:

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. Classified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB eschews the traditional table-based relational database structure in favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, making the integration of data in certain types of applications easier and faster. Released under a combination of the GNU Affero General Public License and the Apache License, MongoDB is free and open-source software.

Is This Answer Correct? 69 Yes 0 No

Examples: MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Hypertable, Redis, Riak, Neo4j, HBASE, Couchbase, MemcacheDB, RevenDB and Voldemort are the examples of NoSQL databases. Read in detail.

Is This Answer Correct? 40 Yes 0 No

MySQL and MongoDB are both free and open source databases. MySQL and MongoDB have a lot of basic differences in terms of data representation, querying, relationships, transactions, schema design and definition, normalization, speed and performance. By comparing MySQL with MongoDB, we are comparing Relational and non-relational databases.

Is This Answer Correct? 39 Yes 0 No

MongoDB and CouchDB are both document-oriented databases. MongoDB and CouchDB are the best examples of open source NoSQL database. Aside from both storing documents though, it turns out that they don’t share much in common. There are a lot of difference between MongoDB and CouchDB in terms of implementation of their data-model, interface, object storage, replication methods etc.

Is This Answer Correct? 12 Yes 0 No

Following features of MongoDB make it best NoSQL database:

High performance
High availability
Easy scalability
Rich query language

Is This Answer Correct? 32 Yes 0 No

There is extra memory mapped file activity with journaling. This will further constrain the limited db size of 32 bit builds. Thus, for now journaling by default is disabled on 32 bit systems.

Is This Answer Correct? 8 Yes 0 No

Each journal (group) write is consistent and won’t be replayed during recovery unless it is complete.

Is This Answer Correct? 4 Yes 0 No

MongoDB includes a database profiler which shows performance characteristics of each operation against the database. Using the profiler you can find queries (and write operations) which are slower than they should be; use this information, for example, to determine when an index is needed.

Is This Answer Correct? 7 Yes 0 No

MongoDB stores BSON objects in collections. The concatenation of the database name and the collection name (with a period in between) is called a namespace.

Is This Answer Correct? 10 Yes 0 No

Fort Myers 2017: Best of Fort Myers, FL Tourism #fort #myers, #florida, #fort #myers #vacations, #fort #myers #tourism, #fort #myers #packages, #fort #myers #vacation #packages, #articles, #guidebooks, #review, #travel, #reviews, #hotels, #attractions, #advice, #deals, #offers, #vacation #rental, #vacation #rentals, #fort #myers, #florida #vacation #packages, #fort #myers, #fl #overview


The City of Palms is located in Southwestern Florida on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River. Most visitors go to Fort Myers for the deep-sea fishing, the golf courses and the famous white sand beaches and islands that line the Gulf Coast. A renovation of the city s downtown waterfront promises new restaurants, clubs, shops and galleries. Attractions include the winter estates of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, as well as nearby Naples and the islands of Sanibel and Captiva.

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Fort Myers Deals and Promotions

Fort Myers Wine Crawl

Jet Ski Rentals to Send You on Your Way out to Sea

Fort Myers Tourism: Best of Fort Myers

Put Your Bachelor s in Healthcare Administration to Work #health #administration #degree #jobs, #put #bachelor’s #healthcare #administration #work #health #administration #training #articles


Put Your Bachelor s in Healthcare Administration to Work

Peter Vogt / MonsterTRAK Career Coach

When you watch popular hospital TV shows like Grey s Anatomy or House, all you ever see are the people in clinical jobs doctors, nurses and the like. It s as though the complex healthcare organizations these people work for run themselves.

Not true, of course. Behind the scenes, and in a variety of settings, not just hospitals, you ll find dedicated people who don t see patients but are nonetheless essential to the success of the organization and the healthcare field as a whole. You can become one of these professionals by pursuing a bachelor s degree in healthcare administration (also known as health administration, healthcare management or health services administration, depending on the particular school and program).

Health Administrator
Career Articles

Know in advance that a bachelor s degree in healthcare administration will take you only so far. It is well-recognized that if someone wants to get into the upper levels of management in a hospital or larger organization, that person will need a master s degree, says Carla Wiggins, PhD, chair of the healthcare administration program at Idaho State University.

Featured Articles:

Internship Can Jump-Start Your Job Search

But a bachelor s degree can open plenty of entry-level healthcare doors on its own, especially if it comes from a college or university program certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration ( AUPHA ). Why? Because AUPHA -certified programs require their students to complete an extensive internship in a healthcare setting critical experience that often leads directly to a job after graduation.

Some non- AUPHA and AUPHA -noncertified programs…don t require [an internship], which is a big mistake, I think, Wiggins says.

Sharon Buchbinder, RN, PhD, coordinator of the healthcare management program at Towson University adds: The internship enables students to get a head start on the real world.

Who Will Hire You?

If you re wondering what exactly you will be able to do with a bachelor s in healthcare administration and where, it s helpful to think of your options in terms of the four employment sectors specified by the AUPHA :

Healthcare Providers. Hospitals, group physician practices, clinics, nursing homes, outpatient care centers, mental health organizations and rehabilitation centers.

Healthcare Suppliers. Healthcare management companies, pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology companies and educational organizations.

Insurance Organizations. Health maintenance organizations, preferred-provider organizations, state-administered health insurance programs and private insurance companies that cater to the healthcare market.

Policy Organizations. State public health agencies, nonprofit organizations with health-oriented missions and the like.

Home Loans – Articles – Advice #personal #cash #loans

#home loan

Featured Article

Home Foreclosures: The New American Lemon

Although most commonly associated with automobiles, the term “lemon” comes from the beginning of the 20th century and indicates any item sold in substandard condition. Read more about Home Foreclosures: The New American “Lemon”


Why Financial Background Checks Are Important

Good credit is one sign of a company’s financial health and stability. You can talk with subcontractors and suppliers regularly used by the. Learn more about Financial Background Checks


What is the Real Cost of a Mortgage?

The total cost of a mortgage is comprised of four main elements: Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance (PITI). PITI is part of the formula that mortgage. Read more about Mortgage Costs



Understanding Mortgage Programs

Conventional loans are mortgage loans provided by lenders who are not government-sponsored (e.g. FHA, VA or RHS). There are many loan types to select from. Read on to learn more about Mortgage Programs

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Yes, You Can Work Out the Interest Rate You Would Get for Your Car Loan. Here s how…

Every finance product is managed completely by different lenders. Each one of those lenders contains a completely different formula used to determine the charge per unit you ll acquire for your.

Slip and Fall Lawsuits Funding for Injured Victims

Injuries occurring from the fall and slip accidents occur when the property manager or owner does not keep the area in safe condition.

Tips You Should Know When Applying For A Payday Loan

A payday loan in Singapore is also called instant loan or cash advance. It is a type of short term loan that you have to repay the loan in full on the next payday. There are two kinds of payday loans.

What s the Practical Significance of No Guarantor Unemployed Personal Loans

Home Loan for Doctors and Other Medical Professionals

Finding Out Your Options for Obtaining Ford Dealerships

How CIBIL scores affect Home Loans in India?

How Home Loans Help You Save On Taxes?

Buying Vs. Renting Your Home