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Used Car Loans – Save On Used Auto Loans

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Used Auto Loans from a Dealer

Rates as low as

1.99% 1 APR with AutoPay

You can buy any used auto you want – any year, make and model – from any dealer, with a used auto loan from LightStream, our online lending division. You can also obtain a loan to purchase a used car from a private party . When you have good to excellent credit, LightStream rewards you with a great rate.

The LightStream loan process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Apply online and get a quick response during business hours.
  2. Once approved, e-sign your loan agreement.
  3. Have the money in your account as soon as today! 2

We guarantee that this will be the best loan experience you’ve ever had – if not we’ll give you $100. 3

“Just wanted to thank LightStream for helping me fulfill a lifetime dream of owning a collector car. I now have the car of my dreams and can’t thank you enough for making it happen. Your service is awesome and I am already recommending you to my friends, and the dealer I bought the car from. An overjoyed 69 Camaro owner.”

– R.P. from Mount Bethel, Penn.

Used Auto Loan

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Used Auto Loan

An affordable, fixed-rate LGFCU Used Vehicle Loan is a smart way to pay for your used car purchase.

At LGFCU we can help you at every step of the car buying process from financing to getting real information on the value of your trade-in straight from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). The first step is securing a loan. Our used car loan features include:

  • Term up to 72 months
  • Maximum loan amount 100% up to NADA base retail value
  • An additional 10% available to cover other purchase-related expenses such as tax, tags, extended warranties, etc.
  • No penalty for early pay-off
  • Lending is limited to residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

Research and insure your car

While you’re applying for an LGFCU used auto loan, you can also you find out the trade-in or sale value of your current car. Just access the Chrome Showroom  via Member Connect to find out NADA car values before heading to a dealership. We even offer several options for auto insurance !

Next Steps

Choose a way to request your Used Vehicle Loan.

Used auto loan

#used auto loan

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Tips on Finding the Best Auto Loan Rates

#best auto loan rates

Tips on Finding the Best Auto Loan Rates

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How to Find the Best Car Loan Rates

Finding the best auto loan rates hasn t been easier than it is today, especially if you have excellent credit. An October, 2012 report by Automotive News said that banks are charging U.S. buyers the lowest interest rates on new-car loans since the Federal Reserve began surveying them in 1971. Additionally, Comerica Bank s Q2 2012 Auto Affordability Index shows that new vehicles are more affordable for the average American household than they ve been since the early 1980s.

These trends, my friends, indicate a buyeR&Rsquo;s market. Quite literally, there hasn t been a better time to buy a new car. truck, or SUV since I was in junior high school.

As favorable as market conditions might be, getting the best car loan rates still requires some effort on the buyeR&Rsquo;s part, unless, of course, you re taking advantage of a 0% financing opportunity. Rates don t get any lower than that.

If your credit isn t perfect, or the vehicle you want to buy isn t available with zero-interest financing, you ll need to shop around for the best auto loan rates. On the pages that follow, we ll provide useful tips on finding the best auto loan rates.

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Know Your Credit Score

Tip #1: Know Your Credit Score

Before you shop for the best auto loan rates, it s helpful to know exactly what s on your credit report, and what your credit score is. There are three primary credit-reporting agencies in U.S. Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union and they are required by law to provide consumers with one free credit report each year.

To obtain your free credit reports, it isn t necessary to contact each credit-reporting agency individually. Simply visit and you can make a single request for all three reports.

When your credit reports arrive in the mail, be sure to review them closely. If you find errors, be sure to file an individual dispute for every error discovered, and do this as soon as is possible. According to federal law, the credit reporting agencies have 30 days to verify whether the information on your report is accurate, or they must remove it from your record.

Now that you know what your credit report contains, and what your credit score is, you re ready to try our tips for finding the best auto loan rates.

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Shopping Lenders for the Best Auto Loan Rates

Tip #2: Shop a Network of Lenders

Rather than approach financial institutions individually to discern the best car loan rates, try shopping for the best auto loan rates through a network of lenders, such as Lending Tree. With a company like Lending Tree, consumers can submit a request for a car loan and obtain the best car loan rates from several financial institutions.

Approaching the task in this fashion saves time, and can quickly help a consumer find a competitive rate that serves as a benchmark for further competitive shopping.

Tip #3: Shop Your Current Bank or Credit Union

Once you know what the best auto loan rates are through a lending network, its worthwhile to visit the local branch of your existing bank or credit union to see if they can offer you a better rate. Be sure to take the best existing offer you have along for the visit, and ask your financial institution if they can beat your best deal.

Oftentimes, because they re more familiar with your finances and bill-paying history, your existing bank can work with you to provide the best auto loan rates.

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Shopping Dealers for the Best Auto Loan Rates

Tip #4: Shop the Dealer

Car dealers have access to a wide variety of finance options, and can often provide you with the best auto loan rates. However, your chances of getting a great interest rate are improved if you walk through the door pre-approved with a loan because the dealer and its network of financial institutions will know that you re credit-worthy, and they ll know what rate they need to beat to win your business.

And if they can t, don t worry about it. If you ve followed our tips on finding the best auto loan rates, you ve arrived at the dealership with a pre-approved loan that already meets your requirements.

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