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Payday Loans Huntington Beach

Get $300 Cash in Minutes!

Who doesn’t need cash these days.  Welcome to Payday Loans Huntington Beach where we make it fast, simple, and easy to get a cash advance of up to $300 with no credit checks required. That’s right – We Say Yes Fast!  The next time you need cash and payday is still two weeks away, give the payday advance experts a call at (714) 978 -4100.  We know it s tough making ends meet.  Even with a steady job, unexpected expenses can creep up at the worst possible times. Car repairs, home repairs, emergency trips and medical bills, for example, can blow even the most balanced budget. And, returned check fees can add up fast, making the problem even worse.

We Say Yes Fast!

Thank goodness – our fast cash loans come to the rescue with the money you need, when you need it most.  Visit our convenient payday loan store location in Huntington Beach, California located just 2 blocks south of the 405 freeway on Goldenwest Street.   At our cash store, we offer competitive fees with the fastest loan approval process in the business. We Guarantee it!   Oh, and one more important thing— NO credit checks!

So if and when you need help until your next paycheck to handle an unexpected expense or if you need to borrow a higher dollar amount, visit our cash store in the Surf City and learn more about our different loan solutions.   With our instant no tax payday advance loans. you receive your cash in less than 5 minutes. We also offer title loans that start at $2600 and go to $25,000 based solely on the value of your car.   Give us a call today and find out why we are the number one payday loan store in the HB.

Get started now.  Over the years we ve learned that the best way to serve our customers is to make every visit fast, friendly, and personal . So whether you are planning a special occasion, have a sudden expense, or just want to take care of a few nagging bills, call or stop by our store location today. You can even apply on-line. We ll take the extra time to get to know you and suggest a solution that really is best for you and your budget. Our goal is to make sure you get all the credit you deserve, now and for many years to come

We proudly serve Westminster, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Seal Beach. Please call us if you have any questions on our payday advance products at 714-978-4100.

How do I get approved? Easy; all you need is;

  • A checking account
  • Be employed

How does it work?

Just write us a personal check and we ll advance you up to $255 in minutes. We hold your check until your next payday. It s that simple.

No Approval. All you need is a steady job and an active checking account.

Our Payday Loans requirements are simple, all you need is:

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Bankruptcy Attorney Lake Worth, Fl.

Do you need a potential debt free fresh start? If so, you need to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and put a stop to the harassing calls, stop wage garnishment and other lawsuits being currently filed against you. Chapter 7 is considered the simplest type of bankruptcy, where you come out with the best chance for a fresh start. I am an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Lake Worth, Fl.

West Palm Beach Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 bankruptcies on the other hand allow debtors to reorganize the debt and like Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it may totally erase or greatly reduce many types of unsecured debts. However, under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you are required to repay a portion of your debts through a debt repayment plan which is supervised by the court.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney near Boca Raton

Facing foreclosure can be a scary situation for you and your family. As an experienced Palm Beach foreclosure defense attorney in Lake Worth. I want you to know that you do not have to lose your home just because you fall into foreclosure. Let our aggressive foreclosure defense legal services put a stop to it!

Mortgage Loan Modification Attorney

Not all loan modification attorneys are the same. Although most lenders utilize the same applications and request the same documentation from borrowers, experienced loan modification attorneys can best serve your needs. Because your documentation is time-sensitive, it is crucial that you see a professional as soon as practicable to direct you through the process.

Small Business Services, Formation and Compliance

It does not take a rocket scientist to form a corporation with a simple form and a filing fee to the State of Florida, Division of Corporations. The question is where do you go from there? Let our office help you make a determination regarding which corporate vehicle best suits your purposes and reduces your risk and liability.

Lake Worth Bankruptcy, Debt Relief and Small Business Attorney

My name is Alberto H. Hernandez and I am a debt relief attorney practicing in Palm Beach County and the rest of the Tri-County area of Florida, who seeks to help people with issues relating to debt collection, car repossessions, loan delinquencies, credit card debt, garnishment of wages and bank accounts, and foreclosure defense. I also help folks who want to form a company, those who need advice on corporate compliance and purchase and sales of businesses. I have been an attorney working in South Florida since 1991 and I have seen my share of cases and folks with stressful situations brought about by loss of job, medical problems, divorce or separation and other dire circumstances. Forming a new business and complying with the law can also be stressful.

If you are on my website it is probably because you or your company are now being harassed by creditors, have received a lawsuit summons and complaint, and/or are now overwhelmed by debt. You may also be apprehensive about taking the step to begin a business. The truth is, I can almost always help you with your financial problems whether they are business or personal. At minimum, I can point you in the right direction for your circumstances. Whether I can advise you to file bankruptcy to lessen your financial burden or suggest a way to negotiate with your creditors, you can only get informed if you take an affirmative step forward.

The key is to set up an appointment as soon as possible so that I can listen and learn about your particular situation. There is no obligation and the consultation is free. Let me provide you with compassionate debt relief solutions and alternatives so that you can obtain peace of mind in due course. I am a seasoned Bankruptcy Attorney in Lake Worth, Fl. willing to work with you in order to get you out of debt in a way that protects you!

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Smart Liposuction Palm Beach #cosmetic #surgery #palm #beach #county


Smart Liposuction Palm Beach Will Sculpt You a new Body with the Most Effective Liposuction Procedure Available Results are Immediate and Stunning!*

  • Removes 4 times More Fat than other Procedures
  • Accreditation Allows 4 Liters of Fat Removed Vs 1 liter*
  • Astonishing results See Stunning Before Afters*
  • Stimulates Collagen Tightens Skin
  • Safe, Quick, Easy Back to work in a Day*

*Your results may not exactly match the Before After results shown in this video. Every individual is different and results will vary. The above video is of actual an patient of Dr. Neil C. Goodman at New Radiance Cosmetic Center. (see site footer for full disclaimer) *

*Your results may not exactly match the Before After results shown on this page. Every individual is different and results will vary. (see site footer for full disclaimer) *

Smart Liposuction removes unwanted body fat from problem areas. Whether you ve seen the SmartLipo ads, or just now learning about it, Smart Liposuction Palm Beach is proud to offer this amazing breakthrough procedure Smart Liposuction Palm Beach offers FREE CONSULTATIONS!

Smart Liposuction Palm Beach delivers the most effective fat removal and cellulite treatment available today. No other cosmetic surgery procedure comes close. Regain your figure now with laser body sculpting that you have to see to believe*.

Smart Liposuction Palm Beach Advantages:

  • Sculpts body, Removes Fat, Stimulates Collagen and Tightens Skin*
  • Safe, quick and easy Only local Anesthesia Needed. No General Anesthesia Risks!*
  • Walk-in, Walk-out: Back to work in a Day*
  • Smart Liposuction results are far superior to liposuction*
  • Treats cellulite – The most effective treatment currently available*
  • Results in Fat Cells being removed*
  • Smart Laser Liposuction Melts Fat, Tightens Skin, and Treats Cellulite*

Smart laser liposuction offers astonishing fat removal and cellulite reduction results. Fat is removed from hips, flank, abdomen, chin, under arms, legs, and buttocks. Additionally, Smart Liposuction offers skin tightening and cellulite reduction results that other liposuction procedures do not provide.*

Smart Liposuction removes as much as 4 times more fat than other laser liposuction procedures such as Smartlipo at non-accredited facilities.

Dr. Goodman’s Smart Laser Liposuction removes as much as 4 times as much fat as Smartlipo and other laser liposuction procedure performed at other facilities and he has the experience and expertise to do it. Smartlipo and other office based laser liposuction procedures are restricted to removal of less than 1 liter of fat by law which greatly limits the results possible.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Liposuction with Fat Transfer to Buttocks

The Brazilian butt lift procedure can reshape the upper quadrant of the buttocks so that the butt is lifted and “perky”. Dr. Neil Goodman is a pioneer of the Brazilian Butt Lift, an amazing figure enhancing surgery. Laser Liposuction Body Sculpting sculpts a new figure which can give you the figure you desire but Dr. Neil Goodman is also a fat grafting expert. Fat Transfer to the buttocks is called a Brazilian Butt Lift and delivers a shape laser liposuction alone can’t match. This is an opportunity unlike any other liposuction or SmartLipo procedure performed in South Florida and now at a cost that can be afforded. Unparalleled experience allows Dr. Goodman to now expertly perform this procedure at an affordable price.*

I definitely had problem fat on my abs, hips, and thighs lower buttock area and it made it difficult for me to get clothes to fit my figure. The exercise and dieting routines I did didn’t effect those areas. There are several SmartLipo centers that I could go to but I chose Smart Liposuction Palm Beach because I had a friend who also had the procedure done there and she looked great. I felt safer going there considering that it was an Accredited Facility. I am so glad that I did as I am now a well-sculpted and happy client with a beautiful derriere.

Smart Lipo Palm Beach has done for me what years of diet and exercise couldn’t. I had a double chin and wobbly underarms so that short sleeves were embarrassing. Now, my unflattering upper arm fat is gone and my neck and chin make me look 40 pounds lighter plus my skin feels smoother and tighter. Sleeveless clothes are now part of my wardrobe again for the first time in years.

Following the delivery of third child, I was left with a tummy with a bulge of fat that and nothing I did could persuade it to go away. I also had sagging, loose skin that I felt it looked terrible. I didn’t ever want to put a bathing suit on again. Smart Lipo Ultra laser liposuction at SLPB Liposculpture Center perfected my tummy, leaving me looking almost the way I looked like prior to my kids, doing wonders for my figure and self confidence. I can now even wear a bikini. Thank you Smart Lipo Palm Beach.

I wish I had thought to do this a long time ago. My stomach hung over my jeans and made bulges in my dresses. I couldn’t wear anything and so I dressed frumpy and hid. I tried every magical pill, diet, and exercise fad could find. I thought I had to live hating my body for the rest of my life. Then I met with Dr. Salvador after my friend recommended Smart Lipo Palm Beach and told me that was her secret. After seeing what the Smart Lipo laser liposuction had done for her I knew I had to try it. I am so glad I did. The procedure was virtually painless and you walk in and out. I was walking for exercise the next day without any pain. From the moment I met with Smart Lipo Palm Beach and Dr. Salvador, I had complete confidence in his ability. He is honest and answers all of your questions and I knew was going to do a good job. What I love is the fact that Smart Lipo Ultra is not just a temporary fix. Fat is gone for good. This procedure has changed my life as well as my self confidence and self esteem. For the first time in many years, I love my body. For all those women out there who have problem fat…. I highly recommend smartlipo. It is 4 weeks from fatty to walking around in a bikini. If you want to finally feel good about yourself; call Smart Lipo Palm Beach and schedule a free consult!

God how I wanted to get rid of my back fat, belly roll and love handles but nothing worked and I was lost for what to do. Then I heard about Smart Lipo Palm Beach. I had heard radio spots for other places but went online and read the blogs and they are scary. Wow, talk about unhappy customers. So I put it off and thought it was just a scam. Then a friend told me about Smartlipo Palm Beach. She said this was a place that offers SmartLipo and that they were more experienced than anyone else in South Florida. I hoped for the best and that is exactly what I got. Thank you so much Smart Lipo Palm Beach staff.

I had a big problem. My buttocks ruined my figure and I could only dress like a mop. Fat on my abs, hips, and thighs made it impossible for me to get anything nice clothes wise to fit my figure. The exercise and dieting routines I tried… nope, they didn’t affect those areas. Now? Well let’s just say that Dr. Goodman can use before and after Pictures and I have a new wardrobe. I am so glad that I found the best and greatest Brazilian Butt Lift Expert as I am now a sculpted and happy client with a derriere I am proud of. Thanks Dr. Goodman.

How I wanted a figure. But I had fat. A muffin top, belly roll, love handles and a poky belly. And my butt? Well let’s just say forget about it because that is what I wanted to do. I was lost. Then I heard about Dr. Goodman but I thought that the procedure was far beyond my budget. I had heard other places charged $10,000 or more so I went online and read the blogs and saw the before and after pictures of Dr. Goodman. Wow, talk about results, but could it be me? So I came in for a free consultation. I hoped for the best but what I got is beyond my hopes and dreams. Thank you so much Dr. Goodman and staff.

Latest Articles

* Disclaimer: Patient pictures showing Before and After results are actual patients – Individual results vary. Client testimonials are based on personal experience and are the opinion of individual clients. Any claims made on this website are intended to provide information about procedures provided here. Realistic Individual results will be discussed with you based on your information with an initial consult with a doctor or healthcare professional provided for your free consultation. The information provided is NOT intended as medical advice and is for your general knowledge only .

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Smart Liposuction Palm Beach
4060 PGA Blvd Suite 201
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
(561) 776-0116

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Virtual Assistant – Office Support

Let Us Be Part of Your Team

Office chores keeping you from your work? We look after all the time-consuming administrative details and make you look great in the process.

Our expertise, talent and dedication helps you complete administrative, secretarial, word processing, and all manner of office support projects on time and on budget.

When you work with a virtual assistant you pay for 100% productive work from an independent contractor. This allows you to delegate routine jobs, tasks you can’t do, don’t have time for, or simply don’t want to do. Read what our clients say.

As your virtual assistant, we handle your projects almost entirely by phone, fax, email, and screen sharing.

Are you a Realtor, Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Let us handle the details of creating and maintaining your website, social media pages (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn), updating your blog, email marketing and SEO, and leaving you more time to take care of your clients and close sales!

When you hire us you don’t pay payroll taxes, benefits or overhead. You only pay for the actual time we spend on your task. Call us for small or large jobs on an as-needed basis. We take major credit cards using .

Call now:


We provide secretarial, word processing services, support for Realtors and general office support to small businesses and individuals on the east coast, the west coast, and virtually. anywhere. Locally serving the Charleston low country on the east coast, and North San Diego County, California on the west coast.

About Us

Ideal Office Support provides virtual office support and general secretarial and administrative services for small businesses on an as-needed basis.

Providing virtual, local, and on-site support for over fifteen years, Barbara brings her experience in administration and management to a wide range of clientele, including Realtors , commercial and residential building and landscape contractors, engineers, writers, advertising agencies, artists, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business consultants, as well as private individuals.

Call today:

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WELCOME TO Murray Law Offices, PA

Need An Attorney? Don’t Worry. Call Murray.

Murray Law Offices is legal help, when and where you need it most! With offices in 5 convenient locations throughout the Grand Strand you will find the professional legal help you need, whether it is Myrtle Beach, Little River, Carolina Forest, Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island. Our services include Criminal Law, Family Law, Real Estate, Personal Injury and Accidents Estate Planning and Business Formation.

Murray Law Offices has met the legal needs of over 45,000 clients throughout the South Carolina coast for over a decade. Founding attorney Jim Murray began Murray Law Offices to provide affordable, efficient, smooth legal services for everyone in Horry and Georgetown Counties. Following his real estate career, Jim Murray earned his Juris Doctorate. He has used his legal and real estate industry experience to ensure that each transaction progresses from “SOLD” to “CLOSED.” Over the years, Murray Law Offices has built that solid reputation for the execution of smooth closings and professional legal services. Each office is managed by an attorney, trained under Jim Murray, to be dedicated to excellent service.

As Murray Law Offices’ client base grew their need for additional legal services has grown as well. In 2011, a separate division dedicated to providing Accident, Criminal, Family and Personal Injury Law was formed.



Don’t Worry. CAll Murray.

Daytona beach embry riddle #daytona #beach #embry #riddle


Orlando, FL

Choose Our Orlando Campus

An Embry-Riddle Worldwide Degree Will Take Your Career to New Heights in Orlando

Embry-Riddle is the world s pre-eminent university for aviation and aerospace education. However, our dynamic programs will prepare you for a career in many industries, not just ones in the skies.

Our Orlando Campus located just off State Road 50 and near the Central Florida Research Park offers associate, bachelor s, and master s degrees, as well as undergraduate certifications, that will help you achieve a higher position in your current company or make you an attractive job candidate in a new business or field.

A degree from Embry-Riddle Worldwide will give you the skills you need for success in many of Orlando’s top industries.

This campus is authorized to enroll F-1 students with the selection of an approved program. International students intending to study in the United States must possess an F-1 visa.

Get Started Now:

Degrees Offered at this Campus

Embry-Riddle offers many course on location for students who wish to include traditional classroom instruction as part of their degree program. However, it is expected that students will pursue multiple learning modalities, including online, classroom, and virtual classroom instruction.

For information on degree programs at Embry-Riddle’s residential campuses in Daytona Beach, Fla. and Prescott, Ariz. check out the Embry-Riddle degrees page.

It is the policy of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to administer its educational programs both on and off campus in a manner that is fair, equitable, academically sound, and in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Review State Specific Authorization Information .

Campus Contact

Modes of Instruction:

  • Classroom
  • Online
  • EagleVision Home
  • EagleVision Classroom
  • Blended Program

Students: Open to Military and Civilians

Hours of Operation: Call for hours

Address: 2000 Alafaya Trail, Suite 800, Orlando, FL 32826

Mailing Address: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Orlando 2000 N. Alafaya Trail Suite 800 Orlando, FL 32826

Windsor Park – Summit Pines Boulevard #community #college #west #palm #beach


Windsor Park

Our property is conveniently located near everything! Shopping, restaurants, main post office and all medical facilities are only moments away. The beautiful grounds feature lush landscaping, gated community, large pool (heated for winter), spa fitness center. Units include the following great amenities: split floor plans, ceiling fans and fire sprinklers in all rooms, all appliances including microwave and washer/dryer hookups! Come celebrate the Senior life at Windsor Park, with activities galore! Your new apartment home is ready for you NOW!

Leasing Terms

12 month lease available. PET POLICY: Dogs and Cats okay, Max. # of pets= 2, $10 a month pet rent, $300 non-refundable pet fee, restricted breeds.

Pet Policy

Cats Allowed. Dogs Allowed. Call for service animal policy.

Community Information

All reviews have been thoroughly reviewed before posting, however if you feel this review meets the following criteria we want to know. Please select the criteria below that describes why you feel this content should be reviewed

We use specific standards when reviewing all content that is listed on These rules include, but are not limited to:

Report This Listing

Let us know why you’re reporting this listing and we’ll look into it asap.

Thank you for keeping your fellow renters safe.
You’ve successfully reported this listing, and our team
will investigate shortly. is a free rental site that offers a large selection of trusted apartments and houses for rent. Our large selection of listings and helpful tools will make it easy for you to find an affordable apartment quickly.

Our Company

Courtyard Fort Lauderdale Beach – on the beach #fort #lauderdale #business #hotels, #courtyard #fort #lauderdale #beach, #fort #lauderdale #florida #us #courtyard, #courtyard #fort #lauderdale, #fort #lauderdale #hotels, #hotels #in #fort #lauderdale #


Oceanfront stylish! Spectacular water views!

Courtyard Fort Lauderdale Beach by Marriott presents a premiere choice for families, couples, and business travelers to take in all of Ft. Lauderdale. Explore Las Olas Boulevard and an array of dining experiences, premiere shopping, and entertainment venues day or night. No Resort Fee. Contemporary accommodations featuring scenic sights of Ft. Lauderdale Beach and Intracoastal Waterways with ceiling to floor window views. The hotel features The Bistro Eat. Drink. Connect, by day serving healthy breakfast options and your favorite Starbucks beverage. At night have dinner in the Bistro and choose our pool deck lounge Seabreeze Poolside Bar and order your favorite wine, beer or special cocktail with your meal. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi and the interactive GoBoard, providing updated news, weather and local information. Only minutes away from The Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, 2 miles from the Port Everglades Cruise Port nearby is Sawgrass Mills Shopping Outlets and the BB T Center.

Map Local Area

Marriott Rewards

92% of guests recommend this hotel

Key Amenities

Free high speed Internet

Meeting event space

Hotel Highlights

  • Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. In the heart beach restaurants and entertainment.
  • The Bistro offers healthy choices, a variety of breakfast and dinner options, an evening bar and specialty beverages made with Starbucks coffee
  • No Resort Fee. Across the street to the beach, just steps away from the sand. 6 miles from FLL International Airport 2 miles to Everglades Cruise Port

Guest Rooms

Oceanfront newly remodeled stylish! Spectacular views!

Guest room

2 Queen, Intercoastal view

Guest room
2 Queen, Intercoastal view

Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

Room Overview

Room Amenities

In-room Media

Guest room

1 King, Intercoastal view

Guest room
1 King, Intercoastal view

Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

Room Overview

Room Amenities

In-room Media

Guest room

2 Queen, Oceanfront

Guest room
2 Queen, Oceanfront

Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

Room Overview

Room Amenities

In-room Media

When you Book Direct on

Only pay when you stay

Avoid upfront payments.

Change your mind

Modify or cancel your reservation.

Your room, your way

Request room extras when you book.

It Pays to Book Direct

Deals Promotions

Last-Minute Weekends

A more rewarding way to travel.

Connect with us

expand Top Destinations

Marriott For:

Best Available Rate Guarantee assures you receive the best rates when you book directly with us. If you find a lower publicly available rate within 24 hours of booking, we will match that rate plus give you 25% off the lower rate, subject to guarantee terms and exclusions. Guarantee does not apply to Ritz-Carlton Montreal, The Ritz London, Ritz-Carlton Residences , and Starwood-Branded Hotels, including Four Points Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Aloft Hotels, W Hotels, Le Meridien Hotels, Luxury Collection Hotels, Element Hotels, Westin Hotels, St. Regis Hotels, Tribute Portfolio Hotels and Design Hotels. Marriott Rewards and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards members ( Rewards Members ) who book rooms through a Marriott Direct Booking Channel, authorized travel agents or select corporate travel partners ( Eligible Channels ) at hotels that participate in Marriott Rewards and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards loyalty programs will receive an exclusive, preferred rate ( Marriott Rewards Member Rate ). Member Rates are available globally at all hotels that participate in Marriott Rewards. Exclusions apply. See our Terms Conditions for additional details related to our Best Available Rate Guarantee and Marriott Rewards Member Rate. Hotels shown on may be operated under a license from Marriott International, Inc. or one of its affiliates.

1996 – 2017 Marriott International, Inc. All rights reserved. Marriott proprietary information

Town of Chesapeake Beach (MD) #chesapeake #beach #(md), #calvert #county, #chesapeake #bay, #chesapeake #beach #water #park, #chesapeake #bay #access


Welcome to the beautiful bayside community of Chesapeake Beach, located in Calvert County, Maryland, where there are still places to discover and to enjoy with your family and friends. In Chesapeake Beach you’ll find quiet secluded beaches, waterfront restaurants, succulent seafood, water park activities and events, and quaint, historic, hometown, quality of life our residents enjoy year-round. Thank you for visiting us. We hope you’ll soon call Chesapeake Beach your home too, where the Welcome Mat is Always Out!

Fishing Creek Bridge Replacement Information — click here.

For more information on any of the above Happenings, contact Connie S. O’Dell (Community Development / Special Events for the Town of Chesapeake Beach, MD)
410-257-2230 301-938-4061 (Cell) or via email.

Bay Restoration Fee Financial Hardship Exemption — On May 26, 2004, Senate Bill 320 was signed into law, creating the Bay Restoration Fund (�BRF�). The purpose of the bill was to create a dedicated fund financed by wastewater treatment plant users to be used to upgrade Maryland�s wastewater treatment plants with enhanced nutrient removal (ENR) technology. On July 1, 2012, House Bill 446 increased the mandated BRF fee from $2.50 per month to $5.00 per month, and required that BRF fee billing authorities develop a financial hardship fee waiver plan for low income households.

Residents of the Town of Chesapeake Beach may apply directly to the Town for an exemption from the fee due to substantial financial hardship.
For more information, click here.

To sign up to receive Nixle Alerts or those from the new Calvert County ALERT notification system (replaced Code Red as of July 4, 2013), click here.

Planning Zoning — For the latest minutes, click here.

Town Council Meetings (now begin at 7:00pm) — The Town Council normally meets on the third Thursday of every month. For the latest minutes, click here.

Informational Work Session ( begin at 6:00pm ) minutes and audio streams, click here.

Financial Reports for the Town of Chesapeake Beach — click here

Chesapeake Beach Utility Rate Commission Report — click here

Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) — get the facts here

Annual Drinking Water Report for 2017 released — click here

The Town’s Comprehensive Plan 2010 Update — click here

Chesapeake Beach Calendar 2017 — click here

Chesapeake Beach Welcomes You! video — click here

Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail Dedication video — click here

Pay your Utility Bill online —
The Town is pleased to offer the added convenience of online utility bill payment for water / sewer bills. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted. Note that there will be a $1.25 convenience fee added to your utility bill by the processing center. To register, click here (leaving site).

New Water Sewer Rate Schedule Effective July 1, 2017 for Chesapeake Beach — click here

REMINDER: Tenant Utility Billing Agreement

Please be advised that the Town of Chesapeake Beach Utilities Department does not allow a property owner to have a water / sewer bill put in a tenant�s name.

The utility bill will be sent to the owner of the property. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to see that the bill is paid. If you are a property owner who has tenants and are not receiving a utility bill, please call Town Hall at 410-257-2230 to have your address changed.

BGE Offers Budget Billing Payment Options: Below please find a link to a Press Release that BGE posted on February 23, 2015. This Press Release explains the programs that are currently available to customers to help with high electric bills. One program is budget billing. Instead of paying a high bill based on usage, BGE can cancel and rebill that statement for the budget billing amount (the average usage for the past 12 months). Other programs, such as energy assistance, do have qualification requirements since it is for low-income residents. To view the Press Release, click here (leaving site).

Chesapeake Beach participates in the Nixle Community Information Service that is dedicated to helping you stay connected to the information that matters most to you (including traffic alerts). You stay connected to your local police department, your children�s schools, your local community agencies and organizations, and important information from other nearby locations. To learn more about or to sign up for Nixle alerts, click here (leaving site).

Maryland’s Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force Interim Report — Maryland’s Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force established by Governor Hogan recently released their Interim Report outlining steps that are being taken, and will be taken, to address the heroin/opioid abuse epidemic that has engulfed the state, including Calvert County. To visit the Task Force website, click here (leaving site). The Town of Chesapeake Beach, Mayor Mahoney and the Chesapeake Beach Town Council hope this website will raise awareness of the problem, as well as raise awareness of the resources that are being made available to individuals and families that have been cruelly ensnared in the web of opioid addiction.

Reminder on Dogs — According to the Calvert County Animal Control Ordinance, all dogs must be on a leash when not on your property. We have had a couple incidences recently where larger dogs got loose and attacked smaller dogs. We do not want to impose any additional restrictions on these pets, so we ask that you take special care to see they are restrained at all times. If your dog has a tendency to be aggressive, we suggest you consider a muzzle.

Reminder on Requirement for Trash Receptacles: According to Town Ordinance 200.3 (9) in part — No garbage, trash, or debris shall be placed out for collection except in proper storage receptacles. Where collection is from a sidewalk or alley, receptacles shall be placed out no earlier than the evening preceding the day of collection. Receptacles placed on a sidewalk or alley shall be promptly returned to the premises after collection. Storage receptacles shall be made of a durable material and shall be watertight with tight-fitting covers to control odor and prevent animal access.

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Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for 2014 — click here

Chesapeake Beach receives a Banner City Award again for 2017 from the Maryland Municipal League (MML). The MML annually awards designations of Banner City / Town to those cities and towns that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to MML programs and activities through the involvement of their elected and appointed officials during the past year. The Banner City / Town designation is MML�s highest city / town member achievement award. The program is designed to encourage and reward exceptional participation in MML programs and activities and to foster teamwork among municipal officials to achieve program criteria. It is meant to be a challenge that requires foresight and commitment from the municipality.

Chesapeake Beach Receives Prestigious Sustainable Maryland Certified Award at Maryland Municipal League Conference, 1st in Calvert County. To view the press release, click here .

In case of Emergency, tune to Channel 6 or WTOP Radio 103.5