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Online Payday Loans

Money emergencies happen to everyone!

An online payday loan can quickly help you solve a problem. Many people assume these things only happen because someone is watching their spending or is being careless but this is often not true. Insurance companies call these ‘acts of God’ because they occur randomly and there is no way to avoid them. For example, you live in Kansas and we all know the kind of thunderstorms that can come through there in the spring and summer. You are right in the middle of a big one and your car happens to be parked outside when all heck breaks loose. The golf ball size hail is pounding away, some windows in your home are broken and so on. Maybe you have insurance, great. But what about those deductibles. Many of us have a $1,000 or higher deductible on our car because the insurance rate is too high to have a lower one. same for a home.

You need a quick source of cash to handle this emergency. A short term loan that you can get quickly and easily may be the perfect solution. There may be a company in your town that does payday loans but you don’t want the inconvenience of driving there and want your privacy respected. So, you go online to find your loan company. Why not? You can apply in a few minutes and get your answer quick and your money too.

The fastest growing way to get a payday loan is online.

Trying to get a quick loan from a bank or savings and loan is like trying to pull the teeth on a tiger. Maybe you would try but most people won’t. Plus, you have to fill out all this paperwork, wait days to get your answer, have a great credit score. It is all too much. Banks are reluctant to approve loans of people who do not have a good credit score or who have no credit.

Payday Loan = No Hassles

Most lenders require you to provide some form of identification, be 18 years of age or older, have a valid checking account, be working. Other requirements may also be in place for certain lenders.

You can borrow the money for any reason, provide no collateral e.g. title to your car for security.

You just complete the form provided accurately and completely and hit the ‘submit’ button. Someone will call you to verify your information and get any additional information needed and let you know if your loan is approved. It really is THAT easy. Some lenders will even take your application over a long holiday weekend, after all, those ‘acts of God’ don’t have any set times they occur, do they?

Looking for fast cash advance? Just click Apply Now.

California Mortgage Rates – CA Refinance Rates #private #loans #for #students

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California Mortgage Rates

VA Loans For Veterans

California Rate Map

This California Rate Map lets you see what sort of mortgage rates other borrowers around the state have been able to obtain. Each individual marker represents a single mortgage loan.

Use the map to find out what sort of mortgage rates borrowers were able to get in with various credit scores, loan amounts, loan-to-value ratios and other factors, and in various communities around the state.

This rate map project is our effort to help make the mortgage process more transparent for all borrowers. If you’d like to participate, just click on the “Share Your Rate” link above the map to anonymously share the mortgage rate you were able to get on a recent loan. Your fellow consumers will thank you!

NOTE: cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided since it is submitted by our visitors.

Mortgage Loan Types

Here’s a quick review of the mortgage loan types available in California and how their rates compare to one another. Fixed-rate mortgages (FRMs) carry the same interest rate and payment amount throughout the loan’s life. These mortgages usually mature in 30 years, but lower rate, 15-year programs are also common. Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) start out with low rates and low monthly payments, but are subject to rate increases over time. Second mortgages, which include home equity loans and HELOCs, can carry a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Rates on second mortgages are higher than refinance rates.


Refinancing an existing mortgage can lower your payment, provide you with a lump sum of cash, or allow you to consolidate higher cost debt. To lower your payment, you have to refinance with a lower rate mortgage, or lengthen the loan’s maturity. To consolidate or cash out, you must have sufficient equity in your home; this comes from an increase in the home’s value, or from a decrease in your mortgage loan balance.

Comparing Mortgages

Ultimately, the key to getting the best rate on your mortgage or refinance is comparison shopping. Once you understand the options available to you in California, you can start comparing interest rates and gathering lender quotes. Don’t assume that you’ll be offered a lender’s lowest advertised rate; these are reserved for borrowers with above-average credit. If you have bad credit, it might be helpful to review California rates by credit quality and loan type.

As you collect quotes, take care to compare your options on an apples-to-apples basis-some mortgage rate quotes, for example, may assume the upfront payment of points, while others may be quoted without points.

To sum it up, here’s how to find the best mortgage rates in California, step-by-step:

  1. Review and compare market rates
  2. Calculate payments and amortization tables for different loan types
  3. Contact lenders and brokers to request quotes

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Car Title Loans California #construction #loans

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About Us

Looking for a Direct Lender of Auto Title Loans? Trust Quick Cash Funding

We offer fast and friendly service for auto title loans in many convenient locations in California, and in many languages. We have built our reputation on our commitment to provide quality loan services, earning us many repeat customers.

Our mission here at Quick Cash Funding is to provide a means for clients to access quick funding at low interest rates. All they have to do is bring us the title of their car, and a “cash for title” loan can easily be approved and used to cover a variety of financial needs.

Quick Cash Funding is a state-licensed lender. We have offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, Sand Diego, San Jose, Monterey Park, Anaheim, Gardena, and Westminster. Whether our customers have no credit or bad credit, past due bills, or current mortgage payment standing, they can rely on us to provide them with quality title loan services in a comfortable, reliable, and honest business environment.

Applying for cash for title loans in California is fast and easy here at Quick Cash Funding. Customers simply bring the title of their car, and a loan can be approved within 30 minutes. Thanks to our quick and convenient process, they can borrow as much as $2,600 to $50,000.

Installment Loans in California, Express Loans #bad #credit #credit #cards

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California Express Loans

No penalties or additional fees for early payoff

How Do Express Loans in California Work?

Speedy Cash Express Loans offer California residents a personal loan option to borrow a flat $2,600 or $3,600. Different from traditional payday advances, an Express Loan offers an extended 42-month repayment schedule; with interest that accrues daily – that means you only pay for the time you borrow the money.

Just like any other installment loan, your loan payments will be regularly scheduled – usually around your pay dates. A minimum payment will be due on each or your loan due dates, and Speedy Cash will automatically process your payment for you – saving you a trip to a Speedy Cash store.

We know that 42 months is a long time, and your finances can take a turn for the better in that amount of time. Your financial success is our top priority, which is why we offer to option to pay off your loan at any time without paying additional fees. You’re in control of how long you take to pay your loan in full – whether its 42 hours or 42 months!

How Can I Get a Speedy Cash Express Loan in California?

When life happens, and you’re in a tough financial situation – Speedy Cash is here for you. Apply for an Express Loan at any California Speedy Cash location. To apply you will need:

  • Open bank account with direct deposit – don’t have paper documentation? Come on in; we’ll work with you!
  • Bank account information
  • Valid ID

Get More Cash at Speedy Cash

When the amount that a payday loan can lend just won’t cut it, get more cash with an Express Loan at Speedy Cash. Our application and approval process is easy. Stop by a California Speedy Cash store today to get cash in just minutes!

Instant Pink Slip Loans – California Title Loans #where #to #get #student #loans

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Instant Pink Slip Loans

Instant Pink Slip Loans offers car owners an easy way to obtain Cash for Car Loan. Using Black Book value of the car, Instant Pink Slip Loans will provide borrowers with Title Loans that are up to 80% of the vehicle’s value.

Instant Pink Slip Loans is one of the most reliable and trustworthy Car Title Loans Lender in the industry. The company is located in Los Angeles, California and is licensed by California Department of Corporation. Instant Pink Slip Loans’ portfolio includes Loans on Car Title, Car Title Loans, Secured Auto Title Loans, Pink Slip Loans, and Loans for Title of a Car, Cash for Cars Loans and Bad Credit Loans .

Pink Slip Loans in California and More!

Instant Pink Slip Loans currently allows customers to get Cash for Cars Loans in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Utah and Illinois. In all states except California, the minimum loan amount borrowers could get is $1,500. In California, the minimum loan amount for Secured Loans is $2,510. The maximum amount in all the states is $50,000.

We have locations throughout the United States Conveniently Located for You

Visit our Locations in the Following Areas:

Santa Ana, California

Address: 128 W 4TH St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Cash for Title Loans in California – Instant Auto Title Loans #jumbo #loans

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Instant Auto Title Loans

Instant Auto Title Loans  is the leader in the industry of Auto Title Loans, Loans on Vehicle, Bad Credit Auto Title Loans, Secured Loans, Title Loans, Loans for Bad Credit  and Loans on a Car  in the States of California, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Utah and New Mexico. We will pre-qualify you for a Title Loan in 60 seconds, regardless of your credit rating, using your car as collateral.

Bad Credit Auto Title Loans

If you own a car which is paid off or almost paid off, just call us at toll-free  800-210-0790  any time of day or night and get pre-qualified for an Auto Title Loan  in as fast as 60 seconds! Instant Auto Title Loans has helped many people get the money they need by offering a variety of Car Title loans . If you are looking to get the most out of a title loan in CA, AZ, IL, MO, NM or UT, you should choose Instant Auto Title Loans, because we can get you money today! All you have to do is submit an application and we will help you take care of the rest. We have built a reputation around helping customers when they need it in as little as a few hours. While other lenders insist on charging outrageous fees and keeping your car, Instant Auto Title Loans understands that you can’t afford either of these. Know that when you choose us for your car title loan in CA, AZ. IL, MO, NM or UT, we won’t charge you ridiculous rates or keep your car.

Online Auto Title Loan Application

You can also Apply Online!  Fill out the secure, quick and confidential application right in the comfort of your home! Completing an application takes no time at all and we can typically get back to you within an hour to let you know how much money you can borrow. We will discuss the best method to submit your information and get your money FAST! When you are relying on quick and efficient service for an auto title loan. Instant Auto Title Loans is the company that can help you today! Don’t wait any longer, apply now and find out how much you can borrow in your time of need.

Locations conveniently operating in the following areas:

Encino, CA: 18075 Ventura Blvd, #213, Encino, CA 91316 – Phone:  818-776-0062

Los Angeles, CA: 555 W 5th St, #300, Los Angeles, CA 90013 – Phone: 800-210-0790

Sacramento, CA: 1825 S St, Sacramento, CA 95814 – Phone: 800-210-0790

Bakersfield, CA: 5301 Office Park Dr. #400, Bakersfield, CA 93309 Phone: 800-210-0790

San Diego, CA: 525 B St, #300, San Diego, CA 92101- Phone: 800-210-0790   

San Francisco, CA: 1590 Union St, #186, SF, CA 94123 Phone: 800-210-0790   

I m a Massage Therapist and This Is What I m Thinking When You re on My Table, how to become a massage therapist in california.#How #to #become #a #massage #therapist #in #california


I’m a Massage Therapist and This Is What I’m Thinking When You’re on My Table

So you’re here for your massage appointment. You check in, drink a glass of lemon or cucumber water, and your massage therapist greets you. You’re led down a dimly lit hallway to your treatment room. You disrobe and lie under the sheets.

But what does your massage therapist really think about having you as a client?

I, a massage therapist (not “masseuse” or “masseur,” thank you very much), am speaking anonymously so I can be completely honest and address any insecurities you may have about getting a professional massage.

Female clients always apologize to me when they haven’t shaved their legs. That’s totally unnecessary. I really don’t care. What really impresses me, though, is when a pregnant lady has smooth legs. Wow! When I was pregnant, I couldn’t bend over, much less lift a leg!

However, for any men reading this: If you wax, it’s actually painful when you’re stubbly. Sometimes your hair will stab me under my fingernails. Ow!

What do we think if we have an obese or rail-thin client? It really doesn’t matter. One body type isn’t more difficult than the other. The only time I’m a little uncomfortable is when a very thin person wants really deep pressure; then, it kind of hurts the elbows a bit.

Do we see cellulite? We all have it, so no biggie. What about scars? The only thing that concerns me about that is if it’s OK to massage over them. The other massage therapists I’ve spoken to have told me that they never see skin — only muscle tissue and knots.

Please shower, or at least be slightly clean. I’ve had clients come in all sweaty and say, “I just ran a marathon! Phew!” Phew, indeed. Sweaty skin is kind of gross to me.

And your feet! Don’t run around barefoot with grime caked on them without wiping them down if possible. If I can smell your feet while sitting at your head, a quick trip to the bathroom to give them a wipe down with a wet paper towel can really help.

Most people get it right when receiving a massage: lie down, close eyes, relax. But some people need a few tips.

For instance, don’t “help” the therapist by lifting your arm, leg, or head. That just tells us you’re not relaxing, and we don’t need the help. I think that most people just want to be polite, but here is not the place. This is your time.

Also, put your clothes on the chair or hanger we provided. Some people throw their clothes on the floor and we accidentally step on them, or worse, trip on them.

If possible, try not to moan or grunt. It’s kind of awkward. However, if you fall asleep, I take that as a compliment. Never apologize for that.

But one thing I must say — and this is very, very important — is to speak up when you need something! I can’t express this enough. Usually massage therapists ask how the massage is so far, and we try to read body language, but we’re not psychic. If the pressure hurts, say so. If it’s not deep enough? Say so. Are you cold? Do you need to pee? Speak up! We want to give you the best experience possible, so we need to be on the same page to achieve that.

Bottom line: Bad tips piss us off. In a general sense, less than $10 for an hour session is a bad tip. Twenty percent of whatever the standard price is — not what you paid for your Groupon deal — is very kind and very appreciated.

I don’t know if people realize that many massage therapists are paid hourly, so we don’t make a lot. That tip is how we pay our bills and feed our family. Don’t just pay for the massage and lie to the receptionist that you took care of me already — that has really happened to me, many times. And if that happens, we put it down in our notes that you stiffed us. Many times, therapists will refuse to work on someone that is disrespectful to us.

On the other hand, a really good tipper gets the royal treatment. We go over our time (if possible), and add nice little extras like a longer foot massage, more hot towels, or aromatherapy, just to show our appreciation. Plus, word gets around when you tip well, so people will want to give you great service.

Unfortunately, most massage therapists will experience this at some point. I used to massage the husband of a regular couple’s massage client and he would have his erection prominently bounce up and down the whole session. Erections happen — we all know this — but this guy did it every. Single. Time. And it didn’t matter where I was massaging him. Another guy I massaged would get a boner and then lower the sheet so the tip peeked out — and was before I’d even touched him.

How to become a massage therapist in california

Male massage therapists are constantly under heavy scrutiny. One male MT told me with every session he has with a female client, part of him is nervous that she is going to perceive something sexual. Male MTs also have a harder time getting booked. Many female clients are afraid of sexual advances or feel more insecure about their bodies with a male MT, and some male clients are afraid they’ll “seem gay.”

Unfortunately, there have been cases of massage therapists being inappropriate, which makes it harder for the rest of us. Even when I tell people what I do for a living, some men will raise their eyebrows and go, “Oh, really?” We’re not prostitutes, guys.

Massage therapy has so many benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, helping injuries heal faster, among countless others. Overall, getting a massage can be an excellent way to take care of and reconnect with your body. And if you keep all of the above in mind, it can be an even better experience.

Lawyer salary california #lawyer #salary #california


Attorney / Lawyer Salary

Job Description for Attorney / Lawyer

Attorneys apply the law to specific situations and advise their clients on a course of action based on legal rights and responsibilities. Some attorneys work in the business world, providing counsel to corporate clients on business transactions. Other attorneys work with persons in the legal system, advocating on their behalf and representing them in court actions.

Attorneys specialize in an area of law, such as contracts, criminal cases, or patent litigation. Most lawyers work in private practice, either self-employed or with a group of attorneys hired by clients for specific matters. Some lawyers work as in-house counsel for a corporation or government entity.

Since much of the legal system is time-sensitive, most attorneys must work long hours. Most attorneys work in an office environment, law library, or a courtroom setting.

Attorneys must complete many years of education; after attaining an undergraduate degree, they must complete a program, typically three years long, at a law school to obtain the juris doctorate degree (J.D.). To practice as an attorney, one must pass a lengthy, difficult examination that varies state by state. Attorneys must have excellent analytic ability and be able to interpret laws and legal rulings. They must be skilled at gathering and applying information, as well as be very detail-oriented, able to retain large amounts of information, and accurate in execution of their duties. Attorneys must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and be able to generate persuasive arguments. They also must excel at problem-solving tasks.

Attorney / Lawyer Tasks

  • Advise clients in business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits or legal rights and obligations.
  • Select jurors, argue motions, meet with judges and question witnesses during the course of a trial.
  • Represent clients in court or before government agencies, present and summarize cases to judges and juries.
  • Gather evidence to formulate defense or to initiate legal actions; evaluate findings and develop strategies and arguments for presentation of cases.
  • Analyze and interpret laws, rulings and regulations with probable case outcomes for individuals and businesses.

Common Career Paths for Attorney / Lawyer

Attorney / Lawyer in Hillsborough:

Behind the culture bell curve.

Pros: I have an awesome boss who has been a great mentor. We work with real people with real issues, so most days are pretty active. I feel that I m learning a lot about how basic elements of how the world works.

Cons: Really only the formality of the culture: the suits, the impossible expectations (of clients) of perfection from a human system, etc. I miss feeling like a regular human being in jeans and a t-shirt on the sidewalk.

Attorney / Lawyer in Newport Beach:

Pros: Flexibility with schedule and coming and going.

CMS Finalizes Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Worksheets #california, #employment #law, #cma, #quality #improvement, #qapi, #worksheets,


CMS Finalizes Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Worksheets

By Jonathon E. Cohn. Partner, Arent Fox LLP
By Annie Chang Lee. Associate, Arent Fox LLP

Original Publish Date: January 7, 2016

CMS has finalized surveyor worksheets for assessing a hospital’s compliance Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI). This worksheet will be used by State and Federal surveyors on all survey activity in hospitals when assessing compliance the Conditions of Participation regarding QAPI. As of late 2014, the Final Worksheets were made publicly available. This article will briefly describe the finalized QAPI Worksheet and what this Guidance means for hospitals and providers that render lower levels of care.

By way of background, in 2003, CMS issued a final rule requiring all hospitals that participate in the Medicare/Medicaid programs to develop and maintain as a condition of participation a QAPI program. In essence, the regulation requires that hospitals must establish a data-driven QAPI program that involves all hospital departments and services and focuses on indicators related to improved health outcomes and the prevention and reduction of medical errors. See 42 C.F.R. §482.21.

The finalized QAPI Worksheet is a detailed 15 pages, broken down into separate parts, of items that will be assessed during on-site surveys for QAPI compliance. Below is a brief description of each subsection of the QAPI Worksheet:

  • Part 1: Hospital Characteristics. This part contains general information to be filled out by the surveyor.
  • Part 2: Data Collection and Analysis – Quality Indicator Tracers. To complete this portion of the assessment, the surveyor will select 3 distinct quality indicators that are not related to patient safety, but are related to QAPI activities or projects, and answer multipart questions regarding those indicators. The questions relate to the frequency of, scope of, and methods employed by the hospital, regarding its QAPI data collection. The surveyor needs to see evidence that the hospital timely and accurately collects data. Additionally, CMS wants evidence that the hospital actually analyzed the data collected, and provide evidence to show that the hospital institutes interventions to address any areas that need improvement, and whether these interventions were successful.
  • Part 3: Applying Quality Indicator Information – Activities and Projects. CMS wants to see evidence that the hospital is conducting distinct performance improvement projects focusing on areas that are high risk (severity), high volume (incidence or prevalence), or problem-prone. The hospital has to have evidence of the scope and number of projects as it relates to the hospital’s services and operations, and evidence explaining why each project was selected.
  • Part 4: Patient Safety – Adverse Events and Medical Errors. This section focuses on whether there is evidence that the hospital provides staff training or communication regarding conveying its expectations for patient safety and reporting requirements for adverse patient events, medical errors, near misses/close calls, etc. CMS also wants to see that the hospital employs methods, in addition to staff incident reporting, to identify possible adverse patient events, medical errors, near misses/close calls, etc. CMS also wants to know whether the hospital has instituted the following QAPI programs: (1) a program in collaboration with infection control officer(s) to identify and track avoidable healthcare-acquired infections; (2) a program process for staff to report blood transfusion reactions, and reviews of reported blood transfusion reactions to identify medical errors. CMS also wants to know if the hospital conducted QAPI reviews regarding implementing preventative actions for all serious preventable adverse events or adverse patient events it has identified. There is also a subset of questions relating to identified adverse patient events.
  • Part 5: Broad QAPI Requirements and Leadership Responsibilities. In this section, CMS wants to see that the hospital has a formal QAPI program with written policies and procedures, budgeted resources, and clearly identified staff responsible for the program. CMS also wants to see evidence that the QAPI manager has been monitoring these programs. With regard to the hospital’s governing body, CMS wants to see evidence that they are involved in planning and implementation of the QAPI program, and in particular, wants to know if the CEO of the hospital is accountable for the effectiveness of the QAPI program.

What This QAPI Worksheet Means for Providers

Document everything! As you can see, other than developing a QAPI program that adheres to all of the requirements in the QAPI Worksheets, the hospitals must document everything so it can provide the surveyor tangible evidence to show it complied with each item in the QAPI Worksheet.

As with any guideline that CMS issues to the public, the guidelines are not mandatory, per se. However, it would be prudent for hospitals to develop its QAPI program to follow these guidelines as these will be the criteria surveyors use when assessing whether the hospital is in compliance with CMS’ rules and regulations. Regarding the newly finalized QAPI worksheets, CMS states, “[t]he hospital industry is encouraged, but not required, to use the worksheets as part of their self-assessment tools to promote quality and patient safety.”

Note that this QAPI Worksheet currently only applies to hospitals. However, it is safe to assume that these requirements will trickle down to facilities that provide lower levels of care. Therefore, it is never too early to start developing a QAPI program that incorporates the requirements in CMS’ QAPI Worksheet.

California Healthcare News Copyright 2017 All rights reserved

Cheapest Colleges & Universities in Pennsylvania by In State Tuition #cheapest #colleges #in #california


Pennsylvania In State Tuition Ranking

Cheapest Colleges in Pennsylvania by In State Tuition

If you’re looking for an affordable university and you are a resident of Pennsylvania these are the least expensive in state colleges to consider.

Affordable doesn’t simply mean finding a school with a low published in state tuition. It’s important to research the typical financial aid package offered by a school, the average net price actually paid and most importantly the quality of education you receive for your tuition dollar. Sometimes a school which appears cheap based on list price can be a poor relative value if it can’t award competitive financial aid or doesn’t offer a quality education. The list below is a ranking on published in state tuition with no consideration of actual average price paid or academic quality of the school. Please see the CollegeCalc best value colleges in Pennsylvania list for a ranking which considers school quality and average net price .

The most affordable four year colleges in Pennsylvania are listed by one year’s in state tuition list price for the 2016/2017 school year.

What is the cheapest college in Pennsylvania? Leading the colleges list is Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in Bloomsburg with an in state tuition of $7,238.

Rating is a CollegeCalc proprietary national percentile ranking of a college’s overall difficulty and educational effectiveness. An average score is 50. Dollar value is a measure of a school’s academic rating compared with the average net price paid. Colleges which are ranked “n/a” didn’t report sufficient data to formulate a score. Learn more about our rating methodology .

All price data are reprinted from the U.S. Department of Education’s 2016-2017 IPEDS Survey and reflect reported costs for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Pennsylvania’s Cheapest Colleges by In State Tuition

  • Filter Pennsylvania Schools
    • Colleges in Pennsylvania
    • Public Colleges in Pennsylvania
    • Private Colleges in Pennsylvania
    • Four Year Colleges in Pennsylvania
    • Community Colleges in Pennsylvania
    • Colleges with Open Admissions in Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Price Rankings
    • Lowest Net Price
    • Highest Net Price
    • Most Affordable In State Tuition
    • Most Affordable In State Total
    • Most Affordable Out of State Tuition
    • Most Affordable Out of State Total
    • Most Affordable Online
    • Most Expensive In State Tuition
    • Most Expensive In State Total
    • Most Expensive Out of State Tuition
    • Most Expensive Out of State Total

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CollegeCalc is a source for students and parents seeking college pricing data and higher education cost calculation. Learn more.

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