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Bridge Loans

From plan to project

Do you own a property and are looking to expand or purchase a larger location? Are you searching for a quick financing solution that will get you from point A to point B until you are able to secure more permanent funding? Western Capital Funding offers just the type of financing you need.

A bridge loan is a type of loan used by a company to bridge a gap in financing until the company obtains more permanent funding for an existing project or obligation. Commonly used to assist with immediate business needs for capital, debt, improvements or real estate transactions, the bridge loan is usually a short-term loan but it can range between a few months to a few years. Most often, a business will take a bridge loan for real estate purposes in order to renovate or save a property from foreclosure or to assist in a quicker closing on a property.

Western Capital Funding can assist your business in securing a bridge loan with financing as high as $1 million to $100 million. Depending of your business needs, a bridge loan might be the right choice for you.

Among the many benefits of securing a bridge loan are:

• Easier and quicker to obtain than a long term loan

• High value loan ranging from $250.000 to millions of dollars

• Interest rates from 9 to 14 percent

• Lower overall cost to business when compared to other loans

• Low income documentation required to apply

• No early repayment penalty

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Over the years we have built our reputation on trust and integrity. Call now and see why we are “America’s Connection to Business Capital.” Whether you have excellent credit, low credit or bad credit scores we can help your company get the business capital it is looking for. We get more business owners capital with lower payments and better terms even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere. You won’t get passed around from person to person. We are easy to work with and always treat you with respect.

Business Owners Get Working Capital $5k – $600k In 48 hrs Or Less.

“From the start Multi Vision Financial was everything I expected from being very responsive, knowledgeable and professional with helping my restaurant get some much needed capital. They really helped me when my bank would not extend my line of credit.” – Richard K

Get Working Capital $5k – $600k In 48 hrs Or Less.

Over the years we have built our reputation on trust and integrity. Call now and see why we are “America’s Connection to Business Capital.” We get more business owners capital with lower payments and better terms even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere. You won’t get passed around from person to person. We are easy to work with and always treat you with respect.

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We Get Healthcare

GE Healthymagination Fund

An equity investment fund focused on identifying, partnering with and growing highly promising healthcare technology companies.

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Seeking to build stronger relationships between patients and doctors to gather, share and discuss imaginative ideas.

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Success Stories

GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services provides long-lasting financial solutions that help healthcare organizations thrive and grow. See how we have created value for our customers.

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Loans From GE Capital Transportation Finance: Enjoy Ownership While Building Equity #interest #free #loan

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Secured loans for new or used equipment are ideal for customers with long-life equipment needs, who prefer asset ownership and the associated tax benefits.

Enjoy ownership while building equity

If you are interested in equipment ownership and building equity, then consider a loan. A loan from GE Capital, Transportation Finance allows you to consolidate the cost associated with putting your truck in service including tax, title and registration fees.

GE Capital, Transportation Finance has a number of structuring options that may be available:

  • Full payout loans
  • Level monthly payments with pre-computed interest*
  • Level principal reduction payments, with interest payments on declining principal balance*
  • Skip payments to meet changing cash flow needs with seasonal business
  • Balloon financing alternatives to preserve monthly cash flow

*Final payment to include remaining unpaid principal balance (including any applicable balloon payment) and any other unpaid amounts .

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90 Day Installment Loans Seattle WA

90 Day Installment Loans, Seattle, WA, Greenleafloangroup and Unsecured Business Loans

90 Day Installment Loans

Larger Loan Amounts and Time to Pay it Back

With 90 day installment loans you get larger loan amounts and time to pay it back. Our installment loans can be considered as short term installment loans or long term installment loans but either way they should be considered. Since your income is your credit there is no credit check which makes our unsecured installment loans sought out online by those with bad credit.

With 90 day installment loans you get the cash you need now and at least 90 days to pay back the loan. So, when you need a larger loan amount or more time to pay back the loan and your credit is not great then check out our featured installment loan lenders .

Everyone benefits from a larger loan and more time to repay with an unsecured installment loan. You can typically get a larger loan amount when you have more time to repay a loan. When an installment loan is unsecured then you also benefit by not having to provide any collateral for the loan. Your income and your good name is all you’ll need with our featured direct installment lenders .

Even with bad credit you can easily get an installment loan online from our direct installment lenders. When you apply for bad credit installment loans online. all you’ll need is a job and a bank account.

We provide access to short term installment loans and long term installment loans. A short term installment loan is usually for a smaller amount and takes less than 90 day to repay. Conversely, a long term installment loan is usually for a larger amount and takes more than 90 days to repay.

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San Diego Car Title Loans

If you need financial assistance, but want to prevent digging yourself into inescapable long-term debt, then be sure to avoid payday loan centers and cash for gold scams, but rely instead on a better form of financial assistance: car title loans.

After you ve been told no by the bank, your friends and your family, it’s time to call Car Capital Financial to get the very best car title loan in San Diego. Our auto title loans are fast, easy, and affordable. In fact, they re the best way to come up with cash in under an hour.

Car Capital Financial has provided auto title loans in San Diego for over 15 years and we can get you the assistance you need without ruining your financial future. No matter what you ve experienced in the past be it foreclosure. repossessions. or even bankruptcies. we can help!

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

If you’ve got a clean title for your motorcycle, car, truck, helicopter, airplane, or other vehicle (we can make a loan on anything that has a title), then it’s in your best interest to give us a call right now. We’ll use the equity in your vehicle as collateral for a secured personal loan, but we won’t even require that you leave your vehicle with us.

That’s right – unlike a traditional auto pawn shop – we can loan you money without having to hold your vehicle throughout the course of your loan. Within 30 minutes of calling us, you can get the cash you need with one of the best car title loans in San Diego, without even having to give up your vehicle as collateral!

Advantages of Auto Title Loans

  • If you live in San Diego county, you can get the money you need within mere minutes of contacting us. Most of our title loans are completed within hours of the initial contact, with some made in as little as 30 minutes! The sooner you contact us, the faster you can get your cash.
  • You get to keep your car! Unlike traditional collateralized loans, we do not require that you leave your vehicle with us. We’ll provide you with money you need, but we also understand that you rely on your car for your livelihood, and we don’t want to interfere with your ability to pay us back!
  • You don’t need to have good credit. In fact, you don’t need any credit at all. We do not base the cost of our loans on credit checks- we don’t even run them at all. Good credit, bad credit, or none whatsoever, it has no bearing on your ability to get an excellent title loan from us. Title loans are issued based on your ability to repay the loan.
  • We’ve providing auto title loans in San Diego for 15 years. Our employees are the best in the business, but we won’t charge you for our expertise.

Here s What You ll Need:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • The title (also called a “pink slip”) for your vehicle
  • Proof of your mailing address
  • A vehicle in working condition
  • Proof of your vehicle insurance

To get the cash you need within 30 minutes, call us now at 1-888-500-9887!

How Much Can I Get?

The first question that San Diegans ask us is always “How much can I get for my vehicle?”, but that answer depends on how much your vehicle is worth. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can find out. We’ll review your car, truck or other vehicle’s make, model, year, mileage and condition to determine its value, which will determine how much we can lend you.

The more money your vehicle is worth, the more you can borrow!

What Can I Use The Money For?

The best thing about receiving a car title loan from Car Capital Financial is that we won t make you submit a proposal for how you ll use the loaned money. We’ve seen requests for assistance of every sort, but unlike banks and many other lenders, the reason you need money isn’t factored into our pricing.

Here are just a few of the things that our car title loans have paid for in San Diego:

  • College or professional training
  • Covering the start-up costs of founding a new business
  • Paying down a mortgage, or covering this month’s rent
  • Paying off student loan debts, or investments that didn’t pan out
  • Paying for expensive, unexpected medical bills
  • Helping out a friend or family member in need

Regardless of the reason you need money, we can help you out of your financial trouble. Don’t waste your time contacting other fast cash providers in San Diego we’re the best in the business, and we’re ready to help.

Call us now at 1-888-500-9887!

Ready to get started?

Try our quick online application! We’ll promptly get in touch with you,finalize the loan and get the cash in your hands.

Mobile Home Loans – Capital Lending, Inc. Capital Lending, Inc. #government #business #loans

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Low Down Payment!

* We finance SINGLEWIDES (14’ wide or larger), DOUBLEWIDES, and TRIPLEWIDES


* CHATTEL (Home Only) or LAND HOME combination loans available

* Up to 95% LTV before fees on Owner Occupied, Full Doc loans.

* Up to 80% LTV before fees on Alternative Income, Secondary Housing, and Investment Properties.

DEBT CONSOLIDATION and HOME IMPROVEMENT programs available (based on equity and customer qualification). Alternate income is not available on Equity Loan Programs.

* Permanent foundation not required.

* No surveys or inspections required.

* CLOSING COSTS can be financed.

Fixed Rates No Pre-Payment Penalties.

* Rates typically range from 7.99 to 18% depending on credit quality, ltv, loan amount and collateral type (CHATTEL HOME )

* 600 minimum credit score is required on all three major credit bureaus. Credit scores 600 or less requires a minimum down payment of 40%.


“We take pride in our exceptional programs and outstanding commitment to always put the client first and navigate all parties through the process of obtaining financing”

Capital One Financial Education – Student Loans

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Financial Education

Student Loans

If you’ve explored grant and scholarship possibilities and still find yourself still falling short of what you need to pay for school, a student loan can make the difference. They offer lower interest rates than many other financing options and many students wouldn t be able to afford college without them.

There are different kinds of student loans. Some are based on financial need, some aren t, but one thing most of them have in common is that you must be in school at least half-time while using the money. If your class load falls under half of a full time load, you will have to start repaying the money immediately.

  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. These loans are not restricted by income and have a fixed interest rate. These loans accrue interest while you are in school (though the payments can be deferred and added to the principal after graduation).
  • Subsidized Stafford Loans. These are need-based, have a fixed interest rate and the federal government pays interest while you are in school and during a six-month grace period after graduation.
  • Perkins Loans. These federal loans which are available for both undergraduate and graduate students are reserved for students who demonstrate an exceptional financial need. While they have lower overall limits than other federal loan options, the other terms of the Perkins Loan (interest rate, grace period, fees, and repayment options) are the most generous.
  • The Federal Parent PLUS Loans. This program offers loans for parents to pay for their child s college education at a fixed interest rate with flexible repayment options. They re not based on income or assets and can be used to cover all college costs, minus other financial aid.
  • Bank Loans. If federal student loans and other aid aren t enough to cover all the costs of college, a private student loan could help. Private student loans may offer a better interest rate than using credit cards to pay for education-related expenses and they can be an alternative to leveraging home equity, savings, or investments.
  • Tips for shrinking the cost of college expenses

    • As you are deciding which school to attend, shop around. Focus on academics and make sure the school meets your needs. It s a good idea to take the cost into consideration, but don t let the cost alone be the deciding factor. Aim for the best education you can achieve, and then work on a strategy to pay for it.
  • Consider the cost of transportation to and from school. Cross-country flights for Thanksgiving and Spring Break can add up.
  • Be frugal. Consider buying used textbooks, leaving the car at home bikes are better for the environment, anyway or eating in the campus dining room instead of the local diner.

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    Infor CloudSuite HCM

    Power your organization with modern HCM

    Since business runs on talent, growing companies like yours need human capital management solutions that work, and work well. As you grow, your business demands a wider range of capabilities—without adding unnecessary maintenance, deployment time, and cost. You need talent management and HR systems that are strong enough to meet your workforce needs today, but innovative enough to adapt in the future. With ever-evolving global competition and workforce expectations, it’s critical for HR to have modern HCM solutions that are up to the challenge.

    Discover Infor CloudSuite™ HCM, a powerful set of cloud-based human capital management solutions built to adapt to your organization’s evolving business strategy. This solution replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology. And that gives your HR professionals the opportunity to deliver streamlined processes and remarkable experiences to the workforce, creating significant value across the organization.

    Differentiating value

    Infor CloudSuite HCM provides broad talent and HR optimization capabilities, unique and insightful science-driven tools, and flexible technology so you can target your key business objectives now and in the future. Infor CloudSuite HCM makes it easy for you to buy, deploy, use, and maintain modern HCM technology in one solution from a single vendor.

    Broad capabilities

    Deploy the HCM capabilities and end-to-end functionality you need in one solution from a single vendor, with great depth and breadth compared to other available solutions.

    Science driven tools

    Build competitive advantage, predict outcomes, tailor programs to individuals, and optimize day-to-day decisions by applying powerful science to talent processes.

    Flexible technology

    More easily buy, deploy, use, and maintain one of the most agile HR cloud technology solutions, even as demands change.

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    Bridge Loan Calculator

    Most people find bridge loans useful for funding a downpayment on a new house while still waiting for their old home to sell.

    A bridge loan is a type of loan that is designed to bridge the gap between two more permanent kinds of loans. For instance, you need to relocate to a new home as soon as possible but you do not have an immediate source of funding for it. Either you haven’t sold your current home, or you are planning on selling it but the home you will be relocating to is offered at an incredibly high price. It is in these cases where bridge loans may come in handy to help you get into your new home before you are able to sell your old one.

    What You Need to Know About Bridge Loans

    Bridge loans are very risky both for borrowers and lenders. Because bridge loans are short-term loans, they also entail high interest rates and large regular payments. Every time the borrower is not able to pay, there are high penalties and fees that get added onto the debt. If this happens, the borrower may find himself in a financial position that was worse than what he started with. On the other hand, lenders also view most bridge loans as high risk loans. There is a very large tendency for borrowers not paying their loans because of the high interest and fees. They are not always assured that the borrowers can and will pay the debt in full.

    In bridge loans, the problems that usually turn up are the terms and the cost. Bridge loans are designed to be short term, usually for a duration of about six months. These loans are also known to have high interest rates so you should not be surprised with interest rates going up to 15%.

    Obtaining a Bridge Loan

    Getting a bridge loan does not depend on your credit limit but on your properties or the real estate that you own. There are several free bridge loan calculators that are available online for you if you want to know how much a bridge loan can cost you. In these bridge loan calculators, you will be asked to fill in certain information such as purchase price, cash available, first mortgage interest rate, amount of first mortgage, second interest rate and other data. Once you submit all these information, you will then be presented with a result.

    Bridge loan calculators are not always perfectly accurate. However, they are very useful as they can give you a good estimate or idea of the costs of getting a bridge loan.

    You can try out many free online bridge loan calculators that will generally give fairly accurate results based on the data that you put in. You can also look for free online bridge loan calculators by using search engines using related keywords. There are also many online bridge loan calculators that can help you with your financial assessment and evaluation, such as first and second mortgage calculators.