Aug 17 2017

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Nov 19 2016

Banks to payday lenders: Quit the business or we’ll close your account – The Washington Post #payday #loans

#payday loan companies # Banks to payday lenders: Quit the business or we’ll close your account By Danielle A. Douglas April 11, 2014 Al LePage has been issuing payday loans out of a suburban Minneapolis storefront for most of the past decade. But on Valentine’s Day, a Wells Fargo banker called and gave him 30 days to cease and desist — or risk losing his bank account. “The only explanation I got was since they’re not doing payroll advances anymore, they didn’t want to have customers providing similar loans,” said LePage, owner of Al’$ Check Cashing. “But I run a …

Nov 10 2016

How to close HDFC Personal Loan #vehicle #loan

#hdfc personal loan # How to close HDFC Personal Loan There are times when you get a bonus from your office or experience increased sales in your business in a particular month and want to prepay your personal loan and close it down. There is a specific procedure to foreclose loan accounts with different banks and you may be looking for how to close HDFC Personal loan account. Procedure to Close HDFC Personal Loan Account If you wish to close your HDFC personal loan. you have to adopt the following procedure: You should have already paid alteast 12 EMIs if …