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School of Law: Career Development

Law Career Development (LCD) provides comprehensive services to support students and graduates in their transitions from law school to professional life.


One-on-One Counseling

Beginning in their first year, students receive individualized guidance and coaching from one of our four attorney-career counselors.

Access to Industry Experts

LCD continually brings attorneys to campus to speak about practice areas and job types. During the 2014-15 academic year, GGU Law hosted more than 30 such events.

Resources for Graduating Students

LCD offers a series of workshops specifically targeted to the needs of graduating students. Recent graduates receive weekly e-newsletter with job search advice, job leads, and networking opportunities.

Real-Time Information on Jobs, Networking

LCD utilizes a blog, e-news, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channel to inform students about trends in the market, job search advice, job and grant opportunities and networking events, with a specially structured program for public interest opportunities.

Recruitment Programs

GGU Law hosts semi-annual recruitment programs and promotes job fairs to link students with formal internship and job opportunities. LCD also maintains a password-protected website featuring job listings and a database of 7,000 employers.

Bridge Fellowship Program

To assist in a smooth transition to law practice, GGU Law provides modest stipends to recent graduates who are volunteering in a legal capacity for courts, government agencies and public interest organizations. Several of these Fellows were subsequently hired by their host organizations, or by other organizations as a direct result of the experience and professional contacts they gained in these positions. The Santa Clara and Alameda County District Attorney Offices, the San Francisco and Marin County Public Defender Offices, the ACLU, the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, the Federal Civil Rights Division for the City of Chicago, and the San Francisco Superior Court were just some of the agencies that selected GGU graduates as Bridge Fellows.



536 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94105


Mon – Fri: 9 am – 5:30 pm

To book an appointment with an LCD counselor, please click here. If you need assistance with your password, please call us during business hours. Appointment times outside of regular business hours can be arranged in advance.




Law Career Development offers a full range of services, including career counseling, networking and recruiting programs, career panels, online job listings and a resource library. We encourage you to contact LCD today to find out how we can help you realize your career goals. To book an appointment with an LCD counselor, please click here. If you need assistance with your password, please call us during business hours.


Whether you are looking for a law student to help with legal research or an attorney with significant trial experience, Law Career Development can assist you in reaching the ideal candidate.


Law Career Development offers a wide range of services, resources, and programs to guide you in your professional development. To book an appointment with an LCD counselor, please click here. If you need assistance with your password, please call us during business hours.

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rural development loan

Rural development loan

RCAC’s programs and services deliver solutions to complex community needs. Our local presence allows us to develop partnerships with communities to identify needs, set goals, and select the best options to meet those goals. RCAC and our partners provide the tools to create change and growth, but the communities chart their own course. Collaboration, plus community effort will equal community change. How can we help you?


Rural development loan

Decent housing, safe drinking water, education, financing, jobs, community facilities, leadership, families are the many facets to RCAC’s work.

Trainings Events

Rural development loan

RCAC expands the knowledge base of the rural public through education and training. Our training expertise is in technical, financial, and administrative issues that affect rural communities. We take great pride in our professional trainer team’s capacity and effectiveness. Our trainers maximize audience participation to keep trainings relevant and memorable.

News Publications

Rural development loan

RCAC’s news and publications are a compilation of timely news, announcements and accomplishments produced for the rural development world.

Rural Advocacy

Rural development loan

High unemployment rates, sub-standard housing and poverty are commonplace in low-income rural communities. Many of these communities also face daunting challenges to access safe, clean drinking water and to develop other vital infrastructure. These issues are often overlooked in policy because rural communities lack the resources, training or social networks that are found in urban areas. Learn how you can advocate for the under-served population in the West.

About RCAC

Rural development loan

Founded in 1978, RCAC provides training, technical and financial resources and advocacy so rural communities can achieve their goals. For more than 35 years, our dedicated staff and active board, coupled with our key values: leadership, collaboration, commitment, quality and integrity, have helped effect positive change in rural communities across the West. Learn more about who we are and how we operate.

Creating vibrant, healthy and enduring rural communities

Our mission

RCAC provides training, technical and financial resources and advocacy so rural communities can achieve their goals and visions.

Our vision

RCAC envisions vibrant, healthy and enduring rural communities throughout the West.

Core Values

  • Leadership: identifies innovative strategies to further rural community and economic development and inspires partners to achieve great outcomes
  • Collaboration: achieves superior results by respectfully and inclusively identifying partners
  • Commitment: works with passion and dedication to improve rural communities and the lives of their low-income residents
  • Quality: produces exceptional work products to help our partners meet their goals
  • Integrity: practices the highest professional standards and cultural competency in our work

Field offices

Nominate an outstanding rural volunteer

RCAC seeks nominations for the Yoneo Ono Rural Volunteer Award. The award honors rural people who have made significant lifelong contributions to their community in volunteer capacities.

Recent News

Nov 09, 2017

After wildfires—temporary housing on farmlands

Sonoma County officials are considering allowing landowners who lost their homes in wildfires last month to live temporarily on agricultural properties. The fires destroyed nearly 7,000 structures in the area, most of them homes.

Upcoming Events

December 6

AB1234 Ethics Training for Public Elected Officials

Small water systems throughout the country have volunteer board members governing their public water system. According to the Fair Political Practices Board and the State Attorney General, in California all new and existing board members are required to attend two hours of an ethics training once every two years. This workshop meets the legal requirements for board members’ ethics training under AB1234.

Making an Impact

Success Story Highlight

Breathing new life into Enterprise, Oregon’s historic OK Theatre

Back in the day – nearly a century ago – the OK Theatre in Enterprise was a shining light in eastern Oregon, hosting events both unique and routine. There were plays and musicals at the 350-seat, single-screen theatre and traveling Chautauqua, an adult education movement in the early 20th century that brought musicians, preachers and academic lecturers to rural America.

Video Highlight

Water Sampling at the Kotlik Landfill and River

Rural development loan

Programs Services

RCAC works with low-income rural communities, where unemployment rates are high, housing is often sub-standard, and poverty is commonplace. Many of these communities also face daunting challenges to access affordable, safe drinking water and other vital infrastructure. Rural communities are often overlooked in the policy arena because they lack the resources, training or social network that larger communities have in place. RCAC includes Tribes and Native communities in all program areas.

Rural development loan

RCAC s staff lives and works throughout the West. Our local presence allows us to develop partnerships with communities to identify needs, set goals, and select the best options to meet the goals. RCAC provides tools, through our programs and services, to create change and growth, but the communities chart their own course.

Rural development loan


RCAC makes loans for affordable housing development, environmental infrastructure, community facilities and small businesses.


RCAC works to make small community water, wastewater and solid waste systems sustainable.


RCAC partners with nonprofit housing organizations to develop, finance and operate affordable single- and multifamily housing.

Native Communities

RCAC works with Tribes and Native communities to maintain and develop drinking water, wastewater, solid waste and housing services.

Community & Economic Development

RCAC supports communities to create a vision, set goals and implement an action plan for community and economic development projects.

Career development loan, career development loan.#Career #development #loan

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Tri-C Workforce Training, Job Training: Cleveland Ohio, career development loan.#Career #development #loan

Workforce Training

Career development loan

Career development loan

Career development loan

Career development loan

Tri-C’s Workforce Training provides both non-credit and credit training for individuals and businesses. Through employee training programs, professional development, lifelong learning opportunities, and community service programs, Workforce Solutions is dedicated to enhancing economic growth and the quality of life in Northeast Ohio.


Student Services

Workforce Campus Locations

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