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DIY Projects

Whether you were born with a hammer in your hand or whether you’re scared of even picking up a paintbrush, it doesn’t matter because here you’ll find a wide selection of DIY projects and how to tips, varying from extra easy to complex. Find out how you can improve your home with DIYs, how to upcycle or repurpose everyday objects and how DIY crafts can help you turn a generic piece into something unique you’ll cherish forever.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Brittney Smart. on August 4, 2017

DIY Stair Handrail with Industrial Pipes and Wood

If your stair railing is old, dysfunctional, not to code, or simply not to your taste, you may have considered changing it for something new, safe, and stylish. This might seem a daunting task, but for a straightforward stair railing, you can DIY a new one yourself with a few basic tools. This tutorial will.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Chelsea Mohrman. on August 2, 2017

DIY Rustic Hanging Coat Rack

Customize a rustic minimal style coat rack with just a few simple supplies and a spare half hour. Simple wire hooks and a natural wood make this easy piece look chic on even the tightest of budgets! Organize and store all your entryway or bedroom essentials in no time! Supplies: thin strip of wood approximately.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Simona Ganea. on July 28, 2017

36 Ways To Repurpose Window Shutters Into Something Better

Even if they re not popular anymore, window shutters are not completely useless. They may not be needed today anymore for their intended purpose but they can definitely be used in other ways. Wood shutters can be repurposed in a lot of awesome ways. We find the subject fascinating and we really want to share with.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Simona Ganea. on July 24, 2017

Charming Rustic Shelves And How To Add Them To Modern Spaces

There are many ways to give a space the warmth and charm it needs in order to feel like a home. You can do it with color, a special selection of materials and finishes, personalized decorations, textiles or pleasant lighting. The list is a lot longer than that and these elements can be mixed and.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Simona Ganea. on July 19, 2017

Easy To Craft Wall Hangings For Homes With Personality

Empty walls are boring. They lack character and they re not nearly as exciting as those decorated with wallpaper, decals or anything from framed photos to artisanal ornaments made with yarn or repurposed materials. Wall hanging decorations form a special category which is the focus of today s list of inspiring projects. A lot of wall hangings.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Simona Ganea. on July 17, 2017

12 DIY Necklace Holder Ideas To Spark Your Imagination

Aren t you tired of keeping all your necklaces in a box where they get all tangled up? It s about time you did something about that. A necklace holder would surely help. There s no need to go shopping for one. You can put together something yourself. We re ready to show you 12 easy and inspiring projects.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Simona Ganea. on July 13, 2017

Boost Your Efficiency At Work With These DIY Desk Organizers

A messy workstation doesn t really help anyone be productive and comfortable. It s important to have a clean and well-organized desk and office in general if you want to be efficient and to feel comfortable while working. You can start with your desk. There s so much you can do and we re not talking about things you can.

Posted in DIY Projects | by Morena Hockley. on July 13, 2017

How To Reupholster An Ottoman With Faux Fur

A lot of us have out dated furniture that is still functional but just looks old and sad. This dingy ottoman is a perfect example. I found it at the thrift store, and it was solid and clean with no stains. It just looked so dated! Since the piece was still in good shape, I.

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DIY Jellyfish Costumes – Costume Works #jellyfish, #costumes #for #women, #homemade #costume, #jellyfish #halloween #costumes, #diy #jellyfish #costumes, #diy #jellyfish #costumes, #2012 #halloween #costume #contest, #halloween #costumes, #animal #costumes, #costume #for #halloween


DIY Jellyfish Costumes

A word from Helen, the ‘Jellyfish’ costume creator:

I was inspired by pictures of jellyfish costumes that I saw on other websites, plus the fact that they glow! I was going for something not too expensive and also not heavy or cumbersome so I decided to use a hybrid of methods I found on the web and added my own twist.

  • Inexpensive hat with a brim (choose one that fits you well)
  • Foam board (I reused from one of my kid’s projects)
  • Bubble wrap- both big and small (recycled from home and bought some at the dollar store)
  • Drycleaning bags
  • 3 Thin wire battery operated warm led lights (purchased from Amazon)
  • 3 “tap on” battery operated lights- can purchase just about anywhere. The kind that are “stick on” and can attach with the adhesive back.
  • Iridescent and colored metallic tissue paper- from the dollar store
  • White duct tape and clear shipping tape
  • Iridescent mesh tubing- purchased at AC moore for 1/2 price. Can also find on the web easily.
  • Variety of white, clear and/or iridescent wired ribbon purchased on sale or with discount coupons. I used 1 and 1/2 rolls of both the wide and the more narrow widths.
  • Glue gun
  • Material – I used an old veil, but any sheer and/or iridescent material you like is fine.

How to make a jellyfish costume:

Started with the cowboy hat (sombrero seemed to flimsy as I wanted to be able to move about and dance easily).
Cut foam board in a 20 inch diameter circle (this was pretty large- I would do smaller next time, maybe 18 inches). Then cut a closefitting hole in the foamboard for the top of the hat to fit through (foam board is sitting on top of hat). I cut carefully each time to ensure the hole and hat fit my head closely.

I then applied hot glue around the top of the cowboy hat rim and firmly pressed the foamboard circle onto it. I poked a hole from underneath on each side of the hat in order to thread the battery operated light wire through from underneath the hat. Hot glued and adhered the 3 tap on lights underneath and behind where my head would fit these make the large tentacles.

I covered the top of the hat with white duct tape and then glued metallic tissue all over the top and underneath of the hat. I also taped some of the colored tissue over each of the tap on lights. I used blue for one jellyfish and pink for the other one.

Hot glued the battery operated light control to the underside of the hat one on each side (near where my ears were for balance). Made sure that tops were exposed so that I could change the batteries if needed.

To build up the top of the hat, I used a some white plastic bags, lots of drycleaning bags and even some toilet paper rolls attached with the shipping tape. * make sure to keep the light string out!

Once I achieved the basic shape and height I wanted, I then taped the iridescent, metallic tissue all over the top with clear tape. Next, I attached the lights. No particular pattern, just enough to make sure the entire top would glow and be spaced out nicely. Used the clear packing tape to attach. Then I covered the entire top of the hat with the large bubble wrap bringing over the edge and attached it underneath (about an inch or so inside/underneath) with staples and glue.

Now it was time for the tentacles. For the three inside tentacles, I unraveled a long white loofah and cut them at my knees. Then attached them around the 3 tap on lights so the light would shine down inside of the tentacle. I measured the mesh tubing, ribbon and small bubblewrap and cut so each tentacle came to my knees and varied the lengths a little. I scrunched the ribbon. Attached all to the underneath of hat with hot glue. I used an old veil found at the thrift store to cover the entire jellyfish, leaving about 3 inches extra underneath the hat, but you can use any sheer, iridescent material just look for something you like!

Dressed all in white (can do all black too if you like). We glowed all night and had so many compliments and photos taken. The kids loved seeing us out trick or treating! Fun, fun, fun!

More Jellyfish Costume Ideas:

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Race Nights from Fun Racing

Race nights are exciting, fun and a great way to raise money for any reason. Welcome to – servicing the North East and North West of England, we specialise in providing race night entertainment and race night events for everyone looking to have fun while they raise money. The North West’s premier race night operators!

We aim to provide the complete race night service and will supply everything you need to make your event a great success. A well put together race night is tremendous fun for everybody involved, especially if you’re raising money for a charity or association.

A Race Night can help with fund raising for:

  • Every type of Sports Club, Team and Association
  • All Charity organisations
  • Scouts and Guides Clubs
  • Enthusiast Groups
  • Schools and PTA’s
  • Rotary Clubs
  • In fact a race night can be used for absoulutely anything!

They are also perfect for corporate events and team building where something a little bit different is sought after! Some of our corporate clients include Lloyds Bank. KPMG. Kellogg’s. Holiday Inn Hotels. Ocado. John Smiths. United Utilities. The British Tourist Board. Royal and Sun Alliance as well as Scottish and Newcastle Breweries – so you know you are in good hands!

Trust your charity race night to Fun Racing – Race Night Professionals. Have a look around the site – it is packed with useful information and tips to get the best out of a race night as well as fund raising ideas to maximise the potential of a charity event. Our site will give you a wealth of information on how to organise an event, how to raise money in donations, how to book in addition to maximising your fund raising opportunities from your night in advance as well as on the night making your race night a great success.

To guide you through the race night maze, download our race night booklet.
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Choose Fun Racing for all of your UK based race night hire, charity race nights, race night DVD’s and Corporate race night events. For compered race nights we cover Lancashire, Cheshire, Mersyside and the Wirral, Derbyshire, Cumbria, Staffordshire, Yorkshire and North Wales. For hire only and DIY race nights we supply to all areas in the UK and abroad.

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Welcome to, the only website that s just about making modifications to your RV. It s an online community where fellow RVers and enthusiasts can share the mods they have made to their RVs, or ask questions about mods they would like to do. Have a look around. Surely there is a mod here that you need to do!

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A water heater bypass is used to, well, bypass your water heater. Why? There are several reasons to mod your plumbing system with a bypass but the most popular is for winterizing. Your RV water heater typically holds 6-10 gallons of water. In order to prevent having to fill

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Do you find yourself daydreaming about the next modification you want to make to your RV? Do you pour over the new RV catalogs looking for that little something you can t do without? Do you endlessly search the ModMyRV forums for those topics about how to mod your RV? Does your RV call out your name when your sleeping, begging for you to mod me ? If so, you have what s called MOD FEVER. This ebook is the cure.

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After many hours of development, we have launched a new website: We decided to start this website because there are so many questions and misinformation around the RV electrical needs of the luxury RVer to the boondocker, and every RVer in-between. We felt that in order to make an informed decision, you need the right information.

We aim to provide that information in the form of products, reviews and a really cool feature: guest blogging. We invite any and all RVer s to write articles for PowerMyRV that provide your RV power experiences, how-to s, installs and general information. Please visit the Guest Blogger page for more information Read more