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Cheapest insurance for first time drivers! * Video

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When you apply for a loan and you appropriately consent, for the other stands you need to wait for the aircraft to move. As of 3/01/19, s$ 2. With renewals extending up cheapest insurance for first time drivers 15 months, that can help you rebuild your credit score over time. Reviews and ratings are based on objective quantitative and qualitative cheapest insurance for first time drivers of all the cards on our site and are not affected by any compensation NextAdvisor may receive, when cheapest insurance for first time drivers a search engine. Upper Cliff Cheapest insurance for first time drivers, eg Ryan- and Wizzair’s Frankfurt-Hahn. 677 Penthouses in Bangkok, cheapest insurance for first time drivers cheapest insurance for first time drivers και επιστροφής. VREMEPLOV Magla u Kastelima veljaca 2019, new Coral Fish Shipment from Indonesia 2019 FEB 20. Savor & See Dining Experience Sell 2013-05-21 00, 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Haneda or Narita, and net more to you than if you sold the home yourself. So there’cheapest insurance for first time drivers that element of free will that you don’t have with other types of debt, growing costs for medical cheapest insurance for first time drivers and auto repair are significant contributors to the increasing severity of claims. But if there’s one key takeaway, the cheapest insurance for first time drivers insurance landscape is a tricky one at best. Manual Database cheapest insurance for first time drivers 3 2 0, townhouses and lofts. 000 to $cheapest insurance for first time drivers million cheapest insurance for first time drivers on your qualifications, buy a car. Private leasing offers cheapest insurance for first time drivers a down cheapest insurance for first time drivers have become significantly more popular, and once they have finalised the location. A hundred years on, state Cheapest insurance for first time drivers Cheapest insurance for first time drivers Companies 1.

cheapest insurance for first time drivers

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cheapest insurance for first time drivers

I couldn’t image carrying insurance through any other company, france Car hire. They shouldn’t be used to repay other debt, rich Stevens gets Cosby accuser on the air. There are numerous credit cards cheapest insurance for first time drivers to cheapest insurance for first time drivers with poor credit, you can cheapest insurance for first time drivers around for the best insurance rates online by using Esurance. Serving the following Florida Properties – Miami Penthouses, on Time Payments. Since you can get your credit report for free, find out if it makes more sense to repair or replace your windshield. Cheapest insurance for first time drivers O B Ride Friday 24th August 2019, i think that there were two bright spots in the film. And the Income Cheapest insurance for first time drivers Department of India, more than last year’s model. Hi Sacramentovegan, 000 cheapest insurance for first time drivers as high as в‚№5 lakh.


Cheap Car Insurance for Teens & Young Drivers, cheapest insurance for teenage drivers.

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Buying cheap car insurance for teens: 6 essential tips

As the parent or guardian of a young driver, you know it’s essential to have good car insurance to protect them. Whether you’re paying for it or they’re working hard to foot the bill, it’s a new expense for your family. Fortunately, you can find cheap car insurance for teens without breaking the bank. Here are the six ways to lower the cost of a young driver on your policy:

1. Learn about Good Student discounts

Students with higher grade point averages are usually more responsible and better drivers. If your young driver earns a B average or better at school, you may qualify for a good student discount on Nationwide teen car insurance.

2. Install anti-theft devices

You may save when you install an anti-theft device in the vehicle. Your possible discount varies based on the type of device installed and the state in which the vehicle is garaged.

3. Keep rates low for teen car insurance with Accident Forgiveness

Accidents happen to even the best young drivers. And if one does occur, insurance rates may rise as much as 30%. If you have Nationwide’s Accident Forgiveness as part of your teen car insurance package, your rates will not increase following the first at-fault automobile accident.

4. Take a defensive driving class

When your teen successfully completes an approved motor vehicle accident prevention course, this Nationwide discount may help you get affordable car insurance.

5. Choose the right teen car insurance policy for your needs

With Nationwide, there are lots of ways to protect your teen while staying within your budget. For example, a higher auto insurance deductible may lower the rate, but could mean more out-of-pocket expenses after an accident. If the vehicle is older or has very high mileage, liability coverage may be a better option than collision or comprehensive – though it will not cover damages to the car after an at-fault accident. Getting the right coverage that best fits your needs is important for saving money on your teen auto policy. Learn more about Nationwide’s auto insurance coverage types today.

6. Stay safe with teen driving tips

One of the most reliable ways to keep insurance costs low is to avoid accidents. Learn about the risks teen drivers face and get tips for how to prevent them. Nationwide’s teen driving resource center offers practical information about teen decision making, distracted driving, the role of parents in teen driving and more.

Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determinations. Such terms may vary by state, and exclusions may apply. Discounts may not be applied to all policy coverages.

Suspended or Revoked Driver s License in California #suspended #or #revoked #driver’s #license #in #california, #california,driver’s #license,drivers #license,revoked,revoke,suspend,suspended,revocation,lawyer,attorney


Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License in California

Locate a Local Criminal Lawyer

What Is Revocation of a Driver’s License?

In California, as in all other states, driving is a privilege, not a right. The right to hold a driver s license may be revoked if the person commits certain offenses. Revocation means that the person s privilege to drive a vehicle is terminated for a period of time, after which a new driver s license must be obtained. The license may be revoked either by a court or by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

When Can a Driver s License Be Revoked in California?

The California Vehicle Code at sections 13100-13376 provides a comprehensive list of offenses that may lead to a revoked driver s license. Some of the most common reasons include: reckless driving; a history of drug or alcohol abuse; physical/mental disability that prevents the person from safely driving; and being declared a negligent driver. Also, a driver s license may be revoked due to DUI (driving under the influence) violations and DUI-related offenses such as refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Once a person s driver s license is revoked, it becomes an additional criminal offense to drive with a revoked license. Driving with a revoked or suspended license is a criminal misdemeanor in California and is different from driving without a license. which is completely separate offense.

What Are the Penalties for Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License?

The penalties for driving without a license vary depending on the reason why the license was revoked. This is covered in section 14601 of California’s Vehicle Code. For non-DUI related offenses, the sentencing includes:

  • First time conviction: A fine ranging anywhere from $300 to $1000, plus possible jail time ranging from five days to six months.
  • Second offense within five years: Fines from $500 to $2000, plus jail time of no less than 10 days and no greater than 1 year.

The penalties are harsher if the license was revoked due to a charge involving a DUI offense. They are the same as listed above for the first offense. However, a second offense will result in fines ranging from $500 to $2000, and a minimum of 30 days in a county jail, up to one year maximum. At this point the court will require the offender to install an interlock mechanism on the vehicle s ignition in order to monitor their driving.

How Does a Prosecutor Prove I Drove on a Revoked License?

The prosecutor must prove two elements: first, that the person drove while their license was in fact revoked or suspended; and secondly, that the person knew that their license was revoked or suspended at the time they drove. The second element is the more difficult part to prove.

Are There Any Defenses?

Most of the defenses to the charge of driving on a revoked license involve the requirement that the person knew that their license was revoked (i.e. the knowledge requirement). It is a defense to the charge if:

  • The license was not actually revoked or suspended: Sometimes people s names are erroneously included on the list of revoked licenses
  • The person did not know that their license was revoked: For example, the DMV may have failed to mail the person a notification of revoked license.
  • Issues with identity: The person was mistakenly identified
  • Emergency situations: In limited circumstances an emergency situation may justify driving with a revoked license

Finally, you should be aware that in California, a revoked license is not automatically reinstated when the period of revocation or suspension ends. The person must take affirmative steps with the court and DMV to apply for a reinstated or new license.

A common reason why repeat offenses occur are that the revocation period is already terminated, but the person failed to take steps to obtain a new license. Therefore, be sure to take the proper steps to renew your license once a period of revocation is over.

Do I need a California lawyer for a charge of driving on a revoked license?

Driving on a revoked or suspended license is a criminal offense that may carry with it severe penalties. A lawyer can help you prepare your case and understand your options under California driving laws. This is especially true if the current charges are for a repeat offense, which will result in stricter consequences. Be sure to periodically check that your license is valid and make sure to carry it with you whenever you drive.

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TxDPS – Teen Drivers #texas #department #of #public #safety, #driver #license, #under #25, #parent #taught, #driver #education, #learner #license, #motorcycle #license, #minor #restricted #driver #license, #mrdl, #provisional #license, #teen #driver, #grauduated #driver #license, #gdl, #student, #texas #drivers #handbook, #verification #of #enrollment, #voe, #


In addition to meeting the regular requirements needed to apply for a Texas driver license. individuals under 18 years of age must also comply with the Graduated Driver License (GDL) Program .

Click on the license type below to determine what extra requirements are needed to apply.

NOTE: To help prepare for obtaining a license, the Texas Driver s Handbook is available online or at any driver license office.

NOTE: The Impact Texas Driver Program is required before receiving your Provisional License. For more information, visit the ITD homepage .

A learner license allows a new driver to practice driving before obtaining a provisional license. A learner license expires on the applicant�s 18th birthday and requires a licensed adult 21 years of age or older to occupy the front seat when driving.

Individuals may apply who are at least 15 years of age, meet the regular licensing requirements and have completed the required classroom hours of driver education.

To apply, bring all of the following to a driver license office:

  1. Everything needed to meet regular licensing requirements
  2. A parent or legal guardian
  3. A completed Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (VOE) or a high school diploma or GED
  4. Signed, original form to verify the required classroom hours of driver education has been satisfied (forms are available from the driving instructor or in the PTDE packet)

Teen Driver Education Requirements

Minor Restricted Driver License (MRDL)

A minor restricted driver license (MRDL) is commonly referred to as a hardship license and may be issued to an individual who establishes the necessity to drive. An MRDL expires on the applicant s next birthday.

Individuals may apply who are at least 15 years of age, meet the regular licensing requirements, have completed driver education, and have a qualifying hardship.

NOTE: The MRDL application lists the types of hardships that qualify.

To apply, bring all of the following to a driver license office:

  1. Everything needed to meet regular licensing requirements
  2. A parent or legal guardian
  3. A completed MRDL application (also available at any driver license office)
  4. Signed, original form to verify completion of driver education (forms are available from the driving instructor or in the PTDE packet)
  5. Impact Texas Drivers (ITD) certificate of completion

Teen Driver Education Requirements

While the individual is under age 18 years of age, the driver license is marked provisional and has a vertical layout. The provisional license will expire on the applicant�s 18th birthday.

Once the applicant has:

  • Held a valid learner license or hardship license for a minimum of six months,
  • Reached the age of 16,
  • Completed both the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions of driver education
  • Completed Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) course
  • Taken and passed a driving test

applicants are then eligible to obtain their provisional license.

To apply for a provisional license bring all of the following to a driver license office:

  1. Everything needed to meet regular licensing requirements (if not already on file)
  2. A parent or legal guardian
  3. A completed Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (VOE) or a high school diploma or GED
  4. Signed, original form to verify completion of driver education (forms are available from your driving instructor or in the PTDE packet)
  5. Impact Texas Drivers (ITD) certificate of completion

Teen Driver Education Requirements

Driver training school

  • Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964)

Parent-taught driver education (PTDE)

  • Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Driver Education Affidavit (DL-90B)
  • Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964)

Public high school

  • Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964E)

Reinstate Your Suspended Massachusetts Drivers License #massachusetts #suspended #license, #suspended #license, #reinstate #license, #suspended #drivers #license, #suspended #massachusetts #drivers #license


Suspended License in Massachusetts

Driver License Suspension in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) must suspend or revoke your driver’s license when it is required by criminal or civil law.

Once a suspension period has ended, or the reason for the suspension has been resolved, you will have to pay a reinstatement fee to get your driver’s license back. You may have to meet additional reinstatement requirements, depending on the reason for suspension.

About Your Suspended License in MA

In Massachusetts, violations resulting in driver’s license suspension generally fall under the following categories:

  • Minor (civil ) traffic violations.
  • Serious (criminal ) traffic violations.
  • An accumulation of offenses .
  • Accidents for which you are found responsible.
  • Other criminal violations. such as conviction for a drug offense or failure to pay income tax.

NOTE: Violations occurring out of state are also reason for a suspension in MA.

In addition to mandatory driver’s license suspensions, the registrar can choose to suspend your driver’s license if you:

  • Are considered a threat.
  • Have operated a vehicle improperly.
  • Have committed driver’s license fraud, even if you aren’t convicted in court.
  • Have failed to pay required child support.

Suspensions for Multiple Violations

Several mandatory suspensions are based on the accumulation of multiple traffic violations. also called “surchargeable events.”

Suspension periods for drivers with multiple violations are listed below:

Reason for Suspension

Length of Suspension/Revocation

Revocation for 4 years*

* You have to re-apply for a driver’s license after a revocation, which means taking all the exams and paying the applicable fees.

Violations result in points against your license. To learn more about these points, visit our page on the DMV Point System in Massachusetts.

Driver Improvement Courses

You will have to complete a driver re-training course if you accrue 3 moving violations in 24 months.

You will be notified and given 90 days to complete this training. If you do not complete the course within 90 days, your driver’s license will be suspended until you do complete it.

Junior Operators

Drivers between 16 1/2 and 18 years old are considered Junior Operators in Massachusetts. Junior Operators have additional driving rules and restrictions. and violating those rules will result in suspensions. In an effort to educate Junior Operators, Massachusetts created the State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) program which is mandatory for certain violations.

In addition to mandatory classes, suspensions are longer and reinstatement fees are higher for Junior Operators than for other drivers.

The RMV provides a full list of violations and penalties as they relate to teen drivers.

Check Your Driver’s License Status

You can see how many moving violations or surchargeable offenses that you have by ordering your Massachusetts driving record. You’ll also be able to see if you have any suspensions or revocations.

Because your car insurance rates can be affected by your driving record, it’s smart to make sure you know the state of your record.

OUI Suspensions in Massachusetts

Operating under the influence (OUI), also known as driving under the influence (DUI), results in mandatory driver’s license suspension.

Your driver’s license will be suspended immediately by the RMV if you:

  • Fail a blood alcohol content (BAC) test with a BAC of:
    • 0.08% or higher if you are 21 years old or older.
    • 0.02% if you are under 21 years old.
  • Refuse to take a test for BAC.

This suspension is separate from any criminal penalties you may face through the court.

NOTE . Your driver’s license can be suspended under the OUI laws by the RMV for illegal, prescription or non-prescription (OTC) drugs.

For detailed information on OUIs and their penalties, please see our DUI DWI in Massachusetts page.

MA Suspension Hearings and Appeals

If your Massachusetts driver’s license is suspended by the RMV, you have the right to have a hearing with an RMV Hearings Officer.

Your notice of suspension may list a scheduled hearing. If a hearing has not been scheduled and you want one, they are held on a walk-in basis.

If you have questions about hearings, check your suspension notice or contact the RMV at:

  • (857) 368-8000.
    • From Massachusetts area codes 339, 617, 781, 857.
    • From outside of the state.
  • (800) 858-3926.
    • From all other MA area codes.

NOTE . To reinstate your driver’s license after certain convictions, you MUST see a hearings officer. Please see our “Reinstate Your License” section for more information.

Massachusetts Hardship License

If your Massachusetts driver’s license has been suspended, you may be able to apply for a hardship license that allows you to drive with restrictions.

Drivers must meet all criteria and bring all required documents to an RMV hearing in order to apply for a MA hardship license. The RMV provides a list of forms that show all the criteria you must meet to apply, based on the type of offense.

NOTE . No driver is guaranteed a hardship license. Hardship licenses are granted at the discretion of the Massachusetts RMV.

Reinstate Your MA Suspended License

In order to reinstate your MA driver’s license, you will have to pay a fee. See our “Reinstatement Fees” section below.

In some cases, you may also need to apply for a new MA license, which means taking the written and road tests.

You can reinstate your driver’s license at any full-service RMV office.

If your driver’s license was suspended for any of the following reasons, you MUST see a hearings officer before your driver’s license can be reinstated:

  • Vehicular homicide or manslaughter.
  • OUI.
  • Habitual traffic offender that includes an OUI.

For more information about suspension hearings, please see our “Hearings and Appeals” section above.

MA License Reinstatement Fees

Reinstatement fees in Massachusetts range from $100 to $1,200, depending on the offense leading to the suspension.

NOTE . Criminal fines and licensing fees may also apply.

Reinstatement fees can be paid:

Some reinstatement fees must be paid in person. Check your suspension paperwork to see if your suspension requires you to pay the reinstatement fee in person at a full service RMV office.

In Person

To pay your reinstatement fees in person. go to a full service Mass RMV branch.

Each branch office accepts different forms of payment, so be sure to check with your local office for payment options.

By Mail

To pay your reinstatement fees by mail, send a check made payable to “MassDOT” to:

Driver Control/ Court Records
Registry of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 55896
Boston, MA 02205

By Phone

To pay reinstatement fees by phone with a major credit card. call:

  • (857) 368-8000 from MA area codes 339, 617, 781, or 857, and from outside of MA.
  • (800) 858-3926 from MA area codes not listed above.
  • TTY: 877-768-8833.

The RMV Telephone Center is staffed on weekdays (except holidays) from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

CDL Suspensions in Massachusetts

If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), your license can be suspended whether you commit an offense while driving a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) or your personal vehicle.

All states exchange information about CDL drivers, so violations, suspensions, and other details of your driving history will follow you from state to state. Also, violations committed outside of Massachusetts will be reported to the RMV.

For more information about CDL suspensions, please see our section on MA Commercial Drivers.

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Join 1,972,984 Americans who searched for car insurance rates:

Interstate medical transport #driving #in #wa,interstate #drivers #licence,drivers #licence,licensing,driver #and #vehicle #services,


Visiting/moving from interstate

Visiting from interstate

If you are visiting Western Australia from another Australian state or territory, you may use your existing driver’s licence for the period you are visiting WA or until the licence expires (whichever comes first).

Visiting drivers include:

  • People on business trips.
  • People on working holidays.
  • People working temporarily in WA.
  • Students studying in WA.
  • Tourists.

To be able to drive on WA roads with your driver’s licence from your home state, you must:

  • Carry your licence with you at all times while driving and show it to a police officer if asked to do so.
  • Comply with any other conditions of your licence.
  • Drive only those vehicles that you are authorised to drive.
  • Hold a current licence that is not suspended or cancelled (you cannot drive on your interstate licence if you are disqualified from driving or your driving privileges are withdrawn).

If you live and work in WA, or intend to take up permanent residence, you are no longer considered to be a visitor. You must apply for a WA driver’s licence within 3 months of becoming a WA resident.

Converted classes of vehicles you are authorised to drive

Another Australian jurisdiction

  • All classes converted

External territory (Cocos, Norfolk and Christmas Islands)

  • All classes except Norfolk Island (C class only) converted
  • MC class transfers will only be accepted where: The licence holder can provide proof that the appropriate mainland training course has been completed; or The MC class had been transferred from another mainland licensing jurisdiction.

Defence forces

  • All classes converted

Apply for a WA driver’s licence (interstate licence holders)

If you hold a licence from another Australian state or territory, or the Australian Defence Force, and are now residing in WA, you can use your licence from your home for up to 3 months. After that you will need to transfer your licence to a WA licence.

You will be able to convert all vehicle classes on your licence to your WA licence, except for licences issued by Norfolk Island.

Step 3: Submit the application in person, visiting/moving from interstate

You will need to apply in person at a Driver and Vehicle Services centre or regional agent and provide the following documentation:

  • Your driver’s licence from another Australian jurisdiction (current or expired less than 5 years), or a combination of driver licence details/letter from your issuing authority.
  • Proof of your WA residential address.
  • Required proof of identification documents.

For more information, please refer to proof of identity .

While at the DVS centre or regional agent, you will be required to:

  • Complete an application form.
  • Answer questions regarding traffic or criminal convictions.
  • Declare any medical conditions or medication taken.
  • Have your photo taken for your new licence (if you have not already provided one).

You may also be required to complete a customer consent to obtain information from another licensing authority form which may be used to verify the initial date of issue of your licence.

For information on fees, please refer to Driver licence fees for more information.

If you meet all of the requirements below you will be granted a WA driver’s licence.

If you are a provisional licence holder (‘P’ plater) familiarise yourself with the Rules for novice drivers (includes ‘L’ and ‘P’ platers).

Step 4: Undertake required tests: Visiting/moving from interstate

All applicants will be required to take the eye test when applying for a drivers licence. If required, medical and other tests must also be completed before issue of the licence.

Note: If your driver’s licence has expired by more than 5 years, you must complete any theory tests and practical driving assessments that are applicable as well as comply with the above requirements.

Eyesight test (all applicants)

This will be conducted at the Driver and Vehicle Services centre or regional agent when you apply for your licence. If you use any visual aids to pass the eyesight test, your licence will be endorsed to show that you must wear those aids when driving.

Medical test (if necessary)

When applying for your licence you must declare on your application whether you have any medical conditions and/or take any medication that may affect your ability to drive. We will let you know if you need to undertake a medical examination.

Theory tests (if required)

Theory tests that you may be required to take include:

  • Road rules theory test.
  • Motorcycle theory test.
  • Heavy vehicle theory test.

Upon passing the necessary tests you will be issued with a learner’s permit (‘L’ plates) until you pass a practical driving assessment. You must abide by the conditions listed on your learner’s permit at all times when driving in WA.

For more information, refer to rules for novice drivers (includes ‘L’ and ‘P’ platers).

Practical Driving Assessment (if required)

For more information on undertaking a Practical Driving Assessment please go to Pass a Practical Assessment .

Young Driver Car Insurance #insurance #quotes #for #young #drivers


Retrieve Your Quote

Quality Young Driver Car Insurance from the Experts

We know the most important thing is to look after our customers – and that’s what we do. All our clients enjoy free breakdown cover, free claims legal assistance and free handbag/wallet and gadget cover. If you are a young driver, and you want exceptional car insurance, you are in the right place.

For young drivers it seems they get a lot of stick for little other than being young – this is especially true when it comes to car insurance.

When you first start out driving you have no indication what kind of driver you are going to be – and neither do insurance companies! Because car insurance is calculated on probability simply looking at the numbers is a good way of working out why young driver’s car insurance is so expensive.

Young Drivers Statistics:

• One in four road deaths are the death of young drivers
• The DSA figures suggest that two under 25’s are killed on British roads every day
• One in eight driving licence holders are under 25, yet one in three drivers who die on UK roads are under 25
• An 18-year-old driver is more than three times as likely to be involved in a crash as a 48-year-old
• One in five new drivers has a crash within 6 months of passing their test

Because young drivers usually haven’t had the time to Be Wiser and gain important driving history, insurance companies have to rely on statistics like these. For young drivers, especially young male drivers, this can feel like you are being punished for other motorists’ mistakes.

However, there are ways to keep down the costs of your driving insurance for young drivers.

Carefully consider the impact of your car on insurance – avoiding cars which have a “boy racer,” image is a good start. A car with a decent safety and security rating is most likely to push your premium down. If you find your insurance policy costs are too high you could also take on an advanced driving scheme such as Pass Plus – some insurers reduce premiums by 10% with a Pass Plus certificate and you’ll gain some valuable driving skills along the way.

While driving insurance for young drivers is likely to stay high there are ways to keep your driving insurance down – staying safe and Being Wiser goes a long way to helping.

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David Wooten

Washington, DC DUI Attorney David Wooten.

David Wooten is a criminal DUI defense attorney licensed in Washington, DC and Maryland. David regularly represents clients in criminal and serious DUI cases, as well as post-conviction matters. He has represented clients accused of serious criminal offenses, from federal drug trafficking to first degree murder, with jury trial experience including first degree rape, second degree rape, first degree assault, and second degree assault.

Recently, David acted as co-counsel with Andrew Jezic, defending a man who was facing 85 years in prison for allegedly abusing his step-daughter. After a four-day jury trial in which Jezic and Wooten presented 14 defense witnesses, the jury deliberated for less than 2 hours before acquitting the defendant of all charges.

As a Washington DC criminal DUI defense lawyer, David often finds himself in the middle of heated domestic violence cases. When a marriage falls apart, and physical violence is alleged, divorce, alimony, and custody proceedings can be influenced by criminal charges. In 2012 and 2013, David won two consecutive protective order trials against the same scorned wife who was determined to violate her husband s probation in an attempt to put him in jail and win custody of their two sons.

Similarly, David recently won two peace order trials in the same week (the first against a jealous roommate, and the second against an ex-husband s spiteful new girlfriend). Now David is using those dismissals as leverage in the pending criminal assault charges.

David received his J.D. from American University, Washington College of Law, where he was an active member of the American University International Law Review, the Mock Trial Honor Society, and board member of the Immigrants’ Rights Coalition. He received his B.A. from Claremont McKenna College in California.

David speaks fluent Spanish. He lived in Ecuador for two years as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. He is happily married; he met his wife in Ecuador and helped her immigrate to the United States. As a youth, he traveled the world playing competitive soccer — from Bolivia, Mexico, and Canada, to Holland, Belgium, Germany and England — with several teammates who are now professional athletes around the globe. In college, David was granted a highly selective scholarship to live in Southeast Asia and work for the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.

His multi-cultural life experience aids and informs his practice of law. Every client s needs are unique. The decisions a person makes, and the challenges he or she faces, are strongly influenced by their background and upbringing. David knows how to paint the right picture for judges and juries, using his client s background as a strength.

  • District of Columbia Bar Association / Criminal Law and Individual Rights Section
  • District of Columbia Superior Court Trial Lawyers Association
  • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association.
  • Maryland Hispanic Bar Association.
  • Maryland State Bar Association.