Sep 30 2017

Standard Dimensions – Flanged Fittings – AMERICAN – The Right Way #flange #plumbing

# Flanged Fittings Flanged Fittings Flange Details ANSI / AWWA C110/A21.10, C111/A21.11 or C153/A21.53 The flanges shown are adequate for water service of 250 psi working pressure and should not be confused with class 250 flanges per ANSI B16.1. The bolt circle and the bolt holes match those of ANSI B16.1 class 125. If flanges are required to be made in accordance with other ratings or other standards, this must be specified on the purchase order. 24 and smaller flanges are rated equal to the fittings to which they are attached and are adequate for water service of greater than …