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SIM GE Scholarship

The SIM Global Education Scholarship is awarded to outstanding local and international students to pursue Bachelor’s degree programmes at SIM Global Education (SIM GE).

The categories of scholarships are:

Academic Excellence and Leadership

Awards are granted to outstanding students who have achieved academic excellence and demonstrated leadership qualities both in and outside the classroom.

Sports and Artistic Talent

Awards are granted to athletes who possess an impressive track record of achievement in sports or individuals with outstanding artistic talents.


  • Outstanding Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level, Local Polytechnic Diploma, IB Diploma or Year 12 equivalent qualifications
  • An impressive community contribution and co-curricular activities involvement record
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal and communication skills


The award covers the following:

  • course fees
  • examination fees
  • other compulsory fees
  • book allowance

There is no bond attached to the scholarship.


There are two application periods per year:

Applicants must separately seek admission to their programmes of choice and must be accepted for admission before being awarded the scholarship.


All shortlisted candidates are required to undergo an interview by the SIM Global Education Scholarships Selection Panel. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

SIM Global Education does not enter into any correspondence on the award of the Scholarship and reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of any SIM Global Education Scholarship without prior notice.


The scholarship is tenable for the minimum period required to complete the full course of study, as stipulated by the programme.

GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services #loan #modification

#ge loans

We Get Healthcare

GE Healthymagination Fund

An equity investment fund focused on identifying, partnering with and growing highly promising healthcare technology companies.

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Seeking to build stronger relationships between patients and doctors to gather, share and discuss imaginative ideas.

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Success Stories

GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services provides long-lasting financial solutions that help healthcare organizations thrive and grow. See how we have created value for our customers.

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Loans From GE Capital Transportation Finance: Enjoy Ownership While Building Equity #interest #free #loan

#ge loans


Secured loans for new or used equipment are ideal for customers with long-life equipment needs, who prefer asset ownership and the associated tax benefits.

Enjoy ownership while building equity

If you are interested in equipment ownership and building equity, then consider a loan. A loan from GE Capital, Transportation Finance allows you to consolidate the cost associated with putting your truck in service including tax, title and registration fees.

GE Capital, Transportation Finance has a number of structuring options that may be available:

  • Full payout loans
  • Level monthly payments with pre-computed interest*
  • Level principal reduction payments, with interest payments on declining principal balance*
  • Skip payments to meet changing cash flow needs with seasonal business
  • Balloon financing alternatives to preserve monthly cash flow

*Final payment to include remaining unpaid principal balance (including any applicable balloon payment) and any other unpaid amounts .

How General Electric Used Six Sigma to Transform Their Company #six #sigma #ge, #six #sigma #general #electric, #six #sigma #jack #welch, #six #sigma #training, #six #sigma #implementation, #six #sigma #leadership


How General Electric Used Six Sigma to Transform Their Company

How General Electric Used Six Sigma to Transform Their Company

General Electric is one of America’s most recognizable brands.

How did it get here? Probably by deciding that it wasn’t going to be an average company. On its site, the company points out that globalization and technological advancement have changed the way consumers do business. Today’s consumers have access to instant information, meaning there’s little room for error.

To compete with the rest of the world, innovators at GE knew they needed to be more than average. They needed to be exceptional so in the late 1980s, the company began focusing solely on quality control. In 1995, CEO Jack Welch made a goal for GE to become a Six Sigma company within five years by adopting the “Six Sigma Quality” as a part of the company’s culture.

What does Six Sigma mean to a company like GE? It means measuring the number of defects in your company processes to “systematically” determine how to reduce error and get as close to perfect efficiency as possible. According to the statistical formula behind Six Sigma, the process must only have 3.4 “defects” per million opportunities, or chances for error. Obviously, this requires something very close to perfection.

According to Bright Hub PM. just two years after adopting the Six Sigma strategy, GE gained $700 million in corporate benefits. Welch applied Six Sigma in four key ways that ultimately translated to a formula for success:

1. Training: GE required almost all employees to take a two week, 100-hour Six Sigma Training Program. Afterward, employees were asked to complete a project implementing those methodologies.

2. Mentoring: Mentoring was key to GE’s success. Full-time, Master Black Belt Six Sigma professionals were required to train and mentor employees whose jobs were integral to key processes. After those employees were trained and mentored to become Black Belts as well, GE Black Belt teams carried out different Six Sigma projects within the company. Green Belts were also able to join projects teams to a certain capacity.

3. Leadership: Welch also asked for commitment to their Six Sigma goals from both executives and the GE workforce, linking promotions and bonuses to improvement in quality. A Green Belt certification became a minimum requirement for promotion at GE and almost half of each area of bonuses depended on the successful implementation of a Six Sigma project. Even the CEO and President attended training sessions.

4. Focused Implementation: GE used three key implementation approaches.

  • “Show Me the Money” meant GE focused on the bottom line, cutting costs to compete in price-sensitive markets.
  • “Everybody Plays” meant that even outsourced suppliers were expected to participate in the Six Sigma initiative to make sure that the quality was assured from start to finish for each product.
  • “Specific Techniques” meant GE used process maps and other Six Sigma tools to rank and associate projects to overarching business goals.

Looking to be the next Jack Welch? Sign up to get started with our Six Sigma live training program today!

Top 1, 359 Complaints and Reviews about GE Capital (formerly GE Money Bank) #students #loans

#ge loans

Consumer Complaints Reviews

Every since Walmart changed from GE Capital to Discover and now to this joke of a bank this has been very trying and tiring with them. My account with Walmart was very, very good. My limit was high and unbeknownst to them they changed my credit card without notifying me and when I tried using it one Christmas the charges was denied so I had to pay with another form of payment. I don’t like this bank, they are rude when they call and heaven forbid if you miss one day not one month one day they’re are calling like they are about to go bankrupt or something.

This is the last straw today I got a phone call from Walmart saying that I am behind on my payments and when was I going to pay, and replied saying “you must be mistaken because I paid the balance over the phone with one of their reps on May 30, 2015 and it cleared my bank on June 1, 2015”. She put me hold and came back and said that there is no record of me paying and said “you need to look again”. I gave her the confirmation number and still not there, so I told her to hold while I checked my bank account and it clearly says paid to Synchrony bank and even my bank representative confirmed it being paid. She wants me to send a fax of that I replied “why I have to do your job follow up with the confirmation number”.

I made my complaints known to her that I don’t like them, they are a horrible company and anyone who has credit with them may need to rethink using them. I have not used my card since I paid them off. So tomorrow I have to go to my bank and retrieve a statement and have to pay money for this statement and send it to them because I am not paying one damn dime to them and if that statement does not help them and they mess with my credit then there will be a lot to pay for. I’m just saying can someone say lawsuit, I can. Signed, mad and angry.

GE Capital #how #to #consolidate #student #loans

#ge loans

GE Capital

The Capital Difference

At GE Capital we re not just bankers, we re builders. We provide smart financing and the know-how of GE to help our customers capital go further and do more. GE Capital is an extension of GE s rich heritage of building and supporting growth. Investing in the sectors we know best, we can provide more than just financing: we bring insight, knowledge, and expertise to every loan. And as a result, businesses that finance with GE Capital benefit from the global know-how and expertise of GE. Around the world, we re helping our customers to invent more, to make more, to sell more, and to do it all with greater efficiency. We re helping companies in ways that no other bank can. Because we re GE. Any bank can help you finance. Only a builder can help you grow.

Invested in our customers success

Our business model is different from most other financial institutions. GE Capital focuses on industries in which we have industrial capabilities. Rather than generate fees by originating loans and leases we then sell to third parties, we primarily underwrite loans and leases that we plan to hold on our own balance sheet. This fact underscores the confidence we have in our customers.

Serving companies of all sizes globally

We help our business customers to purchase, lease, and distribute equipment, and we find them the capital they need for real estate and corporate acquisitions, refinancing, and restructurings. Our expertise in serving mid-sized companies is unparalleled.

Cross-category leadership

GE Capital is experienced working with a number of industries, from aviation, healthcare, and energy financing to fleet, franchise, and middle market corporate finance. We are also experts in helping our customers manage the entire life cycle of their assets-from selection, to acquisition, to maintenance, to disposition-whether those assets are a fleet of cars and trucks or a fleet of commercial aircraft.

A secure and stable business

GE Capital has diversified, global sources of funding based on its strong creditrating, including short-term and long-term debt as well as consumer deposits. Most of GE Capital s commercial loans are to mid-sized companies, spread across multiple industries and geographies and secured by tangible assets to reduce risk. More than 70% of GE Capital s loans are under $100 million, which minimizes our exposure and provides a vital source of lending to businesses.

GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services #guarantor #loans

#ge loans

We Get Healthcare

GE Healthymagination Fund

An equity investment fund focused on identifying, partnering with and growing highly promising healthcare technology companies.

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Seeking to build stronger relationships between patients and doctors to gather, share and discuss imaginative ideas.

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Success Stories

GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services provides long-lasting financial solutions that help healthcare organizations thrive and grow. See how we have created value for our customers.

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GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services #payday #advance

#ge loans

Life Science Finance

Innovative and flexible financing solutions help our Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device customers preserve their cash and liquidity, allowing them to focus on that next big discovery.

Life Science Finance creates custom solutions for companies throughout their lifecycle, from development to clinical and beyond. We provide the financial structures to grow your asset base, preserve your cash and liquidity and leverage your assets to position your life science and biotechnology company for continued growth.

Life Science Finance provides financing products that span your business lifecycle needs. From the early stages of development to the mature stage of revenue-generation, we offer the products to help you grow. Our dedicated Life Science Finance team has worked with more than 500 biopharma and med device companies.

Development stage

At the beginning of your business lifecycle, you have specific financial needs to get on your feet. GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services can create solutions that grow with your asset base.

Pre-clinical stage

Access to capital is crucial as you are optimizing your formulation and manufacturing techniques. We provide the financial structures to preserve your cash and liquidity.

Clinical stage

Fraught with uncertainty and unforeseen delays, companies at this stage need flexible financing structures that allow quick response.

Revenue-generation stage

At this stage, GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services can help you leverage your assets to position your company for continued growth.

Venture loans

Our relationships with life science and biotechnology companies begin from the first venture round to post-IPO.

Mortgages – GE Money #interest #rate #on #car #loan

#ge loans


Finance Your Housing With Us

Use your Genius Active or Genius Gold account and reduce your monthly installment on your new mortgage, or at the time of the roll-over of 0.5 % on your interest rate.

Advantages of Our Mortgage

  • We will loan you up to 80% of the market price of your property,for 5 to 30 years
  • HypoExpres � we will approve your mortgage amount within 3 hours
  • Extraordinary repayment during the fixed term without any sanctions
  • Upside-down Mortgage � we will approve your mortgage before you get your real property
  • We will reimburse your investments into the property, going back up to 3 years
  • You no longer need to present invoices when drawing a loan for renovation or construction � we will send the money directly to your account
  • 30-day interest rate guarantee � the rate is the same for new and existing clients

Mortgage Refinancing

At GE Money Bank, you can get more competitive monthly installments on your mortgage. Simply transfer your mortgage to GE Money.

Do you already have a property and need money?

Do you need money for anything and own a property? We can offer you a Home Equity Loan or a Supplementary Loan.

Live in Your Own Place

GE Money Bank mortgages are designed for financing, or investing into, real properties designated for housing purposes.

Mortgages can be used for:

  • Purchasing an apartment (even co-op owned), a family house, a summer home or cottage, or a building lot
  • Renovation, construction, or additions � when you draw a loan, you do not need to present us with invoices; we will send the money directly to your account
  • Settlement of a co-ownership share in a real property (joint marital property, inheritance, etc.)
  • Refinancing / paying down formerly provided housing loans
  • Reimbursement of investments into real property, going back up to 3 years
  • A combination of the purposes listed above

Advantages of the Upside-down Mortgage

  • You have money in your pocket before choosing a property
  • The Bank gives you an irrevocable contractual promise to provide you a mortgage, subject to the agreed contractual conditions
  • You get up to 6 months to find housing that will suit your needs, or to prepare renovations
  • You only document your income once, at the beginning

Advantages of HypoExpress

  • Fast processing, merely on the basis of your income
  • Executed at branch (a mortgage banker need not be present)
  • You do not need any document concerning the real property
  • Before we approve your HypoExpress, we do not burden you with any fees or any other costs, related for example to a property valuation, excerpt from the land registry, etc.
  • You have up to 6 months to select your property or to prepare the renovation of your property
  • If you already have a property selected, you will get a binding and irrevocable promise from the Bank, concerning the amount of the future mortgage
  • If you sign the mortgage agreement within one month, we guarantee you the interest rate applicable on the day you signed your HypoExpress agreement

Mortgage Applicants

A mortgage application can be submitted by a natural person of legal age/natural person who is a sole proprietor, or a foreigner with a permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic.

One mortgage application may be submitted by a maximum of four persons living in two households (example: you are applying for a mortgage, and your co-mortgagees are your wife, mother, and father).


A mortgage is a long-term loan secured with a pledge on the financed real property or another real property in the Czech Republic (apartment, family house, a summer home or cottage, including the lots associated with those buildings, auxiliary buildings, if they constitute a functional unit with the real properties listed above, e.g. garage).

The collateral may comprise several real properties combined, and if the purpose of the mortgage is construction, you can use the unfinished building as collateral.

Mortgage Amount

The collateral may comprise several real properties combined, and if the purpose of the mortgage is construction, you can use the unfinished building as collateral.

We will loan you a minimum of CZK 300,000 and a maximum of 80% of the market price of your property. There is no upper limit set on how much a mortgage can amount to.

Mortgage Approval and Draw-Down

We will asses your application within 3 business days of the submission of your documents.

You can draw your mortgage down in a lump sum or over time, depending on the purpose of the loan; the draw-down must be commenced within 12 months and completed within 24 months of the signing of the mortgage agreement:

  • One-time draw-down
  • Gradual draw-down

Repayment Period and Interest Rate Guarantee

You will choose your mortgage repayment period yourself, from anywhere between 5 and 30 years. You must not be aged over 70 on the final mortgage repayment date.

You can lock the interest rate in, contractually, for 1, 3, 5, and 10 years.

Mortgage Repayment

Your mortgage is repaid by a regular direct debit from a current account with GE Money. You choose the payment day.

You only start repaying your mortgage once you have fully drawn the mortgage down or once the Bank receives a written request from you to stop the draw-down. Until then, you pay interest to the Bank on the actually drawn amount. The monthly installment amount is annuity-based and includes both the principal and interest.

Advantageous Insurance

We have also prepared advantageous real property insurance with our mortgages, as well as insurance of your ability to repay.

Property insurance is provided by our contractual partner Generali Poji��ovna a.s.

The insurance of your ability to repay the mortgage in the event of unexpected events in your life, e.g. work disability or loss of employment, is provided by our contractual partner POJI��OVNA CARDIF PRO VITA, a.s.

Furthermore, you will get a discount on your mortgage interest rate if you take out this insurance.

Apply for Mortgage

Leave us your contact information and our telephone banker will call you back at no cost to you and help you. Or you can find and contact our Personal Mortgage Bankers.

Before You Visit GE Money

Before you contact us, please have answers prepared to the following questions:

  • For what do I wish to use the mortgage?
  • What do I wish to finance with the mortgage?
  • How high is the expected investment into the property?
  • What mortgage amount do I want?
  • Who will be making the mortgage application?

Meeting with a Mortgage Banker

  1. Request a call from us
    • Our mortgage banker will call you back at no charge and agree on a date for a personal meeting.
  2. Selection of the appropriate product
    • At the meeting, you will find out how much we will loan you and subject to what conditions
    • Bring with you proof of your income (need not be confirmed), on the basis of which the mortgage banker will asses your credit-worthiness and evaluate your situation; together, you will choose the product that is most suitable for you
    • Subsequently, you can enter into a contractual relationship with the vendor (agreement on a future purchase agreement, contract for work, etc.) and order a property valuation together with the mortgage banker
  3. Completing a mortgage application
    • At your meeting, you will submit all of the documents required for the approval of the mortgage, on which you agreed with the mortgage banker
    • The mortgage banker will check whether the information you are documenting is in order and will give you a confirmation of the receipt of the documents
  4. Signing the contractual documentation
    • Following the approval of the loan, your mortgage banker will go through the draft contractual documentation with you and you can sign your mortgage agreement
    • You will also agree on the steps to take in drawing down the mortgage
  5. Mortgage draw-down
    • Your mortgage banker will help you prepare the documents required to draw your mortgage in line with the conditions of your mortgage agreement, and you will send them for disbursement together

GE Capital Businesses #what #is #an #fha #loan

#business financing

Our Businesses

Commercial Lending Leasing


In the U.S. Canada and Mexico, GE Capital is a leading provider of business lending and leasing for companies of all sizes in a wide array of industries. We work closely with our customers to provide business financing to purchase, lease, and distribute equipment. We provide business capital for corporate acquisitions, refinancing and restructuring.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

GE Capital operates at the very heart of European business. As the leading provider of working capital and asset finance, including acquisition finance. Every day, GE Capital helps over 350,000 European customers reach their objectives.

We provide a wide range of financial products and services to SMEs and multinationals in 16 European countries, with outstanding lending capabilities. Thanks to GE’s 130+ year industrial experience, we can make your assets work harder for your business. In the Middle East, our Mubadala GE Capital joint venture, based in Abu Dhabi, is focused on our customers and high-return business investment opportunities throughout the region.

Asia Pacific

GE Capital Asia Pacific serves more than 15 million businesses and consumers in all major markets across the region. We offer specialist financial products and services to support the needs of our customers. Businesses and institutional clients have access to financial solutions including acquisition finance, inventory and working capital financing, leveraged and sponsor finance, equity capital, equipment leasing and fleet management.

Consumer Financing


GE Capital’s consumer finance and banking businesses provide millions of customers with flexible financial solutions, from credit cards and personal loans, to auto financing and savings. Our consumer finance business has a rich history of helping our clients and partners meet their business goals. Banking services are offered by many of the consumer financing businesses which are focused on high-return investment opportunities throughout the region.


GE Capital’s Retail Finance business provides credit services, enabling consumers to make purchases through a range of flexible financial products and leveraging a broad network of businesses and retailers.

Retail Consumer Finance (RCF) provides the right financing solution for every customer to put the power into buying. Our innovative solutions are offered through our integrated product menu, including private label credit cards, Dual Card, Flex Loans, all-tender loyalty, and gift cards.

Sales Finance is among the country’s oldest and most successful consumer finance lenders, with more than 75 years of experience. We offer credit card, installment lending, and financial services for consumers through dealers, retailers, associations, contractors, manufacturers, healthcare practices and service providers (in nearly 20 industries). Our flexible financing solutions help businesses drive growth while giving consumers the affordable payment options they need. Through ongoing innovation and development, we help businesses meet today’s challenges with solutions such as Business Center (an online suite of business and finance program management tools) and consumer e-Service.

Asia Pacific

GE Capital’s consumer finance solutions in the Asia Pacific region range from credit cards and sales finance to mortgages and personal loans.

Energy Financial Services

GE Energy Financial Services’ experts invest globally with a long-term view, backed by the best of GE’s technical know-how, financial strength and rigorous risk management, across the capital spectrum, in one of the world’s most capital-intensive industries, energy. GE Energy Financial Services helps its customers and GE grow through new investments, strong partnerships and optimization of its $21 billion in assets. GE Energy Financial Services is based in Stamford, Connecticut.

GE Capital Aviation Services

GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) is a leading global provider of commercial aircraft leasing and financing. With over 1,550 owned and managed aircraft, we serve more than over 235 customers in 75 countries. GECAS offers an expansive portfolio of solutions to companies across the spectrum of the aviation industry. Product offerings include leases and secured loans on commercial passenger aircraft, freighters, regional jets and medium and heavy class helicopters; engine leasing and financing services; aircraft parts solutions; and aviation consulting services.

GE Capital Real Estate

Our unique perspective as both a lender and an operator benefits our borrowers and tenants in ways that few other financial institutions can. We bring insight, knowledge and expertise to every transaction. And as a result, businesses that work with GE Capital Real Estate benefit from the global know-how and expertise of GE.