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GAcollege411 – Expand Your Opportunities

At an eligible TCSG (Technical College System of Georgia) postsecondary institution

  • Applicants must have first applied for and exhausted other student financial aid options including federal, state and private scholarship and grant programs and Veterans Education Benefits.
  • Interest rate structure for loans received on or after July 1, 2014:
    • Fixed rate of 1% while in school and out of school as long as the loan remains in good standing.
    • A monthly Keep In Touch (KIT) Payment of $10.00 is required approximately 60 days after the first disbursement is received. The monthly KIT Payment is required while in school and while in grace period.
  • Repayment is a maximum of fifteen (15) years with a minimum payment of $50.00 for loans received on or after July 1, 2015.
  • The minimum loan amount is $300.
  • The maximum term loan amount is $1,500.
  • The maximum loan limit is $3,000 per year and up to a maximum of $12,000 over a college lifetime.
  • Origination Fee – A non-refundable fee of 5% of the loan amount, but not more than $50.00, is deducted from the first disbursement of the loan.
    • The program is also designed to provide loan discharge to those TCSG students who graduate with a minimum 3.5 cumulative Grade Point Average in program of study for which the loan was received.

Student Eligibility

In order to receive the Student Access Loan, students must:

  • Be considered a Georgia resident and United States citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Complete a valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to apply for this program.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in accordance with the SAP policy at their college or university.
  • Must be enrolled in an eligible Georgia postsecondary institution.
  • Meet all eligibility requirements.

Georgia Title Pawn Loan from an Online Pawn Shop #loan #rates #today

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Title Pawn Loans

Georgia title loans are offered by Georgia’s fastest growing title pawn loan broker. We offer title loans at the absolute best deal guaranteed for all Georgia residents looking for the fastest, safest, and easiest way to use the title to their vehicle as collateral for fast cash. There are no credit checks, no credit reporting, no hidden fees, and no lengthy application process when you get a Georgia title pawn loan from ePawnMarket.

We offer the best Georgia title loan rates and terms in the state by using our online pawn shop to process the transaction almost entirely online. We are a full service Georgia title pawn broker and our process is completely mobile. Fill out your application online, submit any necessary documents online, then meet one of our agents at a location convenient for you. The Georgia title pawn loan process from ePawnMarket is safe, convenient, and discrete.

You can get a Georgia title loan using the title to your vehicle, motorcycle, boat, RV, trailer, and more! EpawnMarket is the largest full service online pawn shop in Georgia and we understand the needs of our fellow residents. In addition to the titles already mentioned we also offer Georgia title loans on commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles, and luxury assets like yachts, planes, house boats, and more. If you find yourself short on time and in need of cash fast then we are here for you.

The Georgia title loan rates and terms are guaranteed to be the best in the state period. We are your neighbors and we understand the need for extra cash occasionally. We offer you title pawns at rates as low as 2.99% per month! We are trying to give you a chance to get out from under your existing title pawn and refinance your Georgia title loan in a way that you can afford to pay the loan off! EpawnMarket, changing the landscape of title pawn loans in Georgia.


Georgia Payday Loan (GA) #compare #loan #rates

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Georgia Payday Loan

Payday loans are not allowed in Georgia; however, speedy financial help is still available through SameDayPayday, with the aim of making life more comfortable for you financially. A payday loan can be just what you need to pay for emergency car repairs or other unexpected expenses that otherwise would have to wait until your next payday, and thereby cause you significant inconvenience. SameDayPayday offers a quick and convenient service: take two minutes to fill out your application, and within 90 seconds the approval will come through and an hour after that the funds will be waiting for you in your account. Although providing a payday loan is illegal in Georgia, SameDayPayday has a network of lenders that approve payday loans to residents of all 50 states.

SameDayPayday loans taken out in Georgia should be considered quick-fix loans. For this reason, unlike large bank loans, a payday loan usually ranges in amounts of $100 to $500 dollars- just enough to keep you going between pay checks. An unexpected car repair, repayment of a personal debt, a gift for that surprise wedding or an unexpected financial loss are just some of the emergency financial needs that a payday loan can quickly and confidentially alleviate. Unlike a traditional bank loan, there are no lengthy application and waiting processes. A payday loan also differs in the way the Georgia state laws regulate it.

Georgia Laws Pertaining To Payday Lending

By law payday loans are prohibited in the state of Georgia. Lenders in this state must possess a license to deposit checks into someone’s account and the state sets a minimum fee for cashing a post-dated check.

So how can you get a payday loan in Georgia? The process operates much the same way the credit card companies operate. For example, you can live in New Jersey and receive a credit card application from a bank in Delaware. In the same way, SameDayPayday will connect you legally to a state that is allowed to provide you with those emergency funds you need.

The state of Georgia does not have any payday lenders within the state. However, thanks mainly to the internet, Georgia residents still have access to the quick cash provided by payday loans. In an internet search early 2009, “payday loans Georgia” turned up 237,000 hits!

SameDayPayday can help you choose from the overwhelming choices presented over the internet. At your service twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, SameDayPayday is ready to connect you to the appropriate payday loan in Georgia. Once receiving your completed payday loan application, most approvals come within 90 seconds.In an hour or less your loan is then rushed to your account! With a short-term payday loan there is no need for a credit check or a lengthy application process. Only fill out the short application provided by SameDayPayday and within an hour your finacial worries can be at an end!

There’s no longer any need to wonder how you will make it to your next paycheck. Let SameDayPayday help you in triumph over financial constraints with a quick, efficient and confidential payday today!

Georgia Payday Loan – Cities

Georgia Cash Advance Loans

The state motto of Georgia is: “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation..” It might feel like an unwise and unjust fact that Georgia prohibits cash advance lenders from operating within its borders. No need to worry, though! SameDayPayday has a vast network of lenders who are standing by and ready to approve your cash advance loan regardless of which state in the U.S. you call home. When faced with a need for quick cash between paychecks, Georgia residents need only to click on SameDayPayday from the comfort and convenience of their home computer and apply for a cash advance loan. The process is fast, easy, and confidential. Simply fill out the application and within 90 seconds you can be approved for a cash advance loan. After the approval, it only takes about an hour for the funds to be deposited into your account. Now that’s service!

SameDayPayday understands that emergencies happen. Whether it is a medical emergency, a car repair, a surprise party that requires a gift from you, or an unexpected school expense, a cash advance loan may be just the thing you need to take care of the situation. Cash advance loans are short-term loans and, therefore, are meant to be repaid within a couple of weeks. There is no lengthy application, waiting or credit check involved; with SameDayPayday you can quickly and confidentially take care of your financial need. Because cash advance loans differ from traditional bank loans so much, the way Georgia state law looks at cash advance loans is different as well.

The regulation of the cash advance lending industry falls mainly to the individual states. These short-term lending institutions are balance atop an active and rocky legal terrain. Lobbyists are working around the clock on both sides of the legal issue- on one hand the cash advance lending industry wants to make sure you have access to much needed emergency cash and on the other hand opponents are fervently working to try to end the availability of short-term loans under the guise of consumer protection.

You are no doubt aware that in the state of Georgia cash advance lenders are banned from operating centers within its borders. So you may be wondering how exactly SameDayPayday can help you get your much-needed funds by connecting you to a cash advance lender in Georgia. The answer resembles the current operating procedures of credit card companies. For example, you can live in Alabama and have a credit card issued out of a bank in Delaware. In the same way, SameDayPayday will connect you legally to a cash advance lender that is allowed to provide you with those emergency funds you need.

The sheer numbers of lenders offering cash advance loans for the state of Georgia can seem staggering- after all, who has the time to research all of those companies? This is where SameDayPayday can be of service. After filling out a basic application, your information is then immediately rushed to the lenders who are doing business in Georgia. Within 90 seconds you will recieve approval from the most appropriate cash advance lender for you. An hour after that, if approved, you will find your cash advance loan waiting for you in your account. No credit checks. No lengthy and invasive application process- just speed and efficiency. So stop trying to rob Peter to pay Paul between paychecks; a cash advance loan through SameDayPayday will bring your financial woes to an end. Apply today!

The state of Georgia does not have any cash advance lenders within the state. However, thanks mainly to the internet, Georgia residents still have access to the quick cash provided by cash advance loans. In an internet search early 2009, “cash advance loans Georgia” turned up 237,000 hits!

Georgia cash advance loans are the way to go when you are faced with an emergency need for quick cash. has been a favorite for many residing in The Empire State of the South as satisfied customers discover relief from their financial emergency. Probably the greatest part about obtaining a cash advance loan online is that it’s so fast, safe, and convenient. You don’t have to spend much time or energy or precious gas to find the cash advance loan that is right for you. With SameDayPayday there is no longer any need to worry about how you will make it to your next paycheck- just by clicking the mouse and giving some basic information, you can have your cash advance loan in your account in about an hour and your financial problem will be no more.

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Milledgeville: 478-454-3059

Air Conditioning Specialist, Inc. is proud to have served the Covington and Milledgeville areas since 1967. We look forward to helping you with all your air conditioning, heating, HVAC and indoor air quality needs.

Families all over north Georgia have trusted our family with the heating and cooling systems, from “customized to your exact specifications” new and replacement systems to repairs and service on all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

We’re pleased to serve both residential and commercial customers. Each of our experts is prepared to help you with the sales, service, installations and preventive maintenance of the comfort system that is ideal for your home or business. Whether it’s a new installation or routine service, our factory-trained technicians provide the expertise you depend on. At Air Conditioning Specialist, our experience in the heating and air conditioning industry since 1967 is your guarantee of quality and dependability.

New Units, Replacement, Service, Cleaning, Design and Install. Licensed and Bonded.

  • Residential, Commercial Industrial
  • Air Conditioning, Heating and Heat Pump Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service and Repairs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Service All Makes Models
  • Whole House Energy Audits
  • Money Saving Preventive Maintenance
  • Family Owned Operated
  • FREE in-home estimates
  • Financing Available with approved credit

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the prompt installation of the Carrier heat pump in our home last May. Since our old unit completely failed. your swift response was greatly appreciated.

Kathleen T. Buckhead, GA November 19, 2014

In any season, a leaky home costs money. How do you stop it?

It starts with a comprehensive home energy checkup.

A home energy assessment, also known as an energy check up, is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make it more energy efficient. An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time.

A professional energy auditor, like ACS, will use a variety of techniques and equipment to determine the energy efficiency of a structure. Thorough assessments often use equipment such as blower doors, which measure the extent of leaks in the building envelope, and infrared cameras, which reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation.

The end goal is to save energy, save money, and make your home more comfortable. Installing energy efficient lighting and appliances, including a high efficiency cooling and heating system, will help. Also beneficial to energy saving, is creating a sealed barrier around your house, which acts like putting a blanket around the outside, minimizing the leaks. Upgrading your home to save energy can put anywhere from 5 to 30% of your energy expenses back in your pocket. To get a thorough home energy check-up call ACS today!


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Atlanta Northside Gutter Cleaning Inc We Keep The Water Out #gutter #cleaning,altanta #gutter #cleaning,gutter #cleaning #atlanta,gutter #repair,commercial #gutter #cleaning,french #drain,duluth #gutter #cleaner,norcross #gutter #cleaner,alpharetta #gutter #cleaner,suwanee #gutter #cleaner,lilburn #gutter #cleaner,norcross #gutter #cleaning,duluth #gutter #cleaning,alpharetta #gutter #cleaning,suwanee #gutter #cleaning,lilburn #gutter #cleaning,gutter #cleaning #in #atlanta #ga, #gutter #cleaners, #gutter #cleaner, #gutter #repair, #gutter #cleaning #services, #marietta, #roswell, #alpharetta, #dunwoody, #duluth, #suwanee,lawrenceville, #lilburn, #snellville, #ga, #georgia


Lifetime Warrantee On Gutter Screens. Covers and Repairs !

Atlanta’s premium gutter cleaning and gutter repair service. Years of water management experience allow us to identify and resolve gutter problems before they become expensive water damage issues. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We keep the water out.

Lifetime warrantee

Lifetime warranty on all gutter system gutters and gutter guard instillation. We simply do the job right the first time. We have been in business since 1994 and in the commercial building maintenance industry since the late ’80s. The majority of our staff has been with us for over 9 years. All of our gutter service men are quality individuals trained to focus on the overall health of your rain water drainage system.

We put the ladder against the home as little as possible and use a specialized high angle rope harness technique to safely clean off the roof, reach all the gutters and downspouts. The technique is often imitated but never duplicated.

We inspect the entire rain water drainage system as we go, including the underground drains. We also blow off your driveways, all your walkways, decks, and patios to make the job complete

Pressure washing services available.

Homes, Driveways, Patios and just about anything that needs a good wash.

Have a great day. God Bless America.

770-447-5222 Est. 1994 BBB Professional Service Great Rates!

If you live in one of the following cities your house is in our gutter cleaning service area: Atlanta, Norcross, Duluth, Berkeley Lake, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Vinings, Buckhead, Midtown, Decatur, Chamblee, Doraville, Lilburn, Snellville, Dacula, Buford, Sugar Hill, Flowery Branch, Cumming, Milton, Johns Creek, Clarkston, Stone Mountain, Tucker. We also service parts of Gainesville, Oakwood and. Braselton.

Atlanta’s Experienced Gutter cleaning Gutter Repair |Gutter protection Underground Drain Cleaning service. Fully Insured A+ rated Member of BBB

2194 Wesley Ct, Norcross, GA 30071 | 3355 Lenox Rd. Suite 750, Atlanta. GA 30326 | 2010 Northside Gutter Cleaning, Inc. All Rights Reserved. | Contact us | Links | Site Map

Locksmith Marietta GA #locksmith #marietta #ga,marietta #locksmith,locksmith #in #marietta #ga,lock,key,car #locksmith,locksmiths,emergency #locksmith #marietta, #marietta #georgia,


Marietta Locksmith & Security

427 Kennesaw Ave NW, Marietta, GA 30060

We provide auto, residential and commercial locksmith services to meet all of our customers’ needs. Our services include key cutting, lock change, lock repair, and 24/7 emergency lockout services.You can count on us to be there when you need us. We also offer high security lock, intercom, safes, CCTV and gates/ironwork installations.Whether you have a business, home or automobile, we have the right locksmith products to help you. At Locksmith Marietta, GA we also, Provide Roadside Car Key Made On Site ,locksmith Services For business! Locksmith Marietta GA, the company work in all Marietta City we Provide 24/7 mobile car locksmiths ,commercial, Marietta emergency service ,automotive.

Key Cutting

Lost or broken keys? Key cutting services are just what you need. From duplication to replacement, Locksmith Marietta, GA has the tools, training and experience to get your keys made right. Call Us:

Key Replacement and Duplication Services
Keys get lost or broken. That can leave you locked out of home, stranded or even unable to open up your business. We offer a wide range of services to replace lost or broken keys, from laser to precision grinding. Residential, commercial, automotive keys and more are easily replaced with our fast, professional key cutting service. A quick phone call and our technician comes out to examine the lock and can often make the replacement key while you wait. Or if you need to, Bring in the pieces of your bent or broken key and a service professional will be able to make your key quickly. It never hurts to have a spare key. Duplicate keys are great for situations when guests arrive, as a temporary replacement or just in case you ever find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door. The key duplication process is simple and fast. Even modern automotive keys with transponders can be duplicated.

Accessing Technology (Auto Locksmith)
Most cars made in the past 5 years have advanced security features, like transponders. Without these, it can be impossible to get into or to start your vehicle. Locksmith Marietta, GA has the ability to duplicate and replace transponders, and normally it is generally cheaper than going to a dealership. Using laser cutting we are able to get the most accurate duplicates possible. Accuracy is essential. A key that is poorly made may work, but it could be doing damage to the inside of your lock.

Locksmith Marietta, GA has earned a reputation for its dedication and professionalism. Our keen eye for detail and customer service is evident in every detail of our work. Lock replacements, security, key cutting and more are only as far away as your phone.

Commercial locksmiths offer a special type of service. Businesses have different needs than simple key replication and replacement. Secure Locksmith Marietta, GA offers a wide range of commercial services to fit your business security requirements.from Panic Bar office door lock Install

Call Us We Are Provide 24 Hour locksmith Services. (678) 335-5556

Locksmith Marietta. GA

Locksmith In Marietta, GA

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Georgia Car Insurance – Quotes, Coverage – Requirements #georgia #car #insurance, #georgia, #car #insurance, #ga, #auto #insurance #


  • Get free quotes from the nation’s biggest auto insurance providers.
  • Over 94% of Americans qualify for lower rates.

Our goal is to give you the most up-to-date, accurate information about your state DMV’s processes. The date you see here reflects the most recent time we’ve verified this information with your state DMV. When they change something, we do, too!

Car Insurance in Georgia

Georgia Car Insurance

Georgia is a rare state that requires you to have car insurance, but does not require that you show your insurance card as your proof of insurance.

Learn more about Georgia’s auto insurance requirements, options for additional coverage, programs, rates, and discounts.

Policy Requirements

In Georgia, you are required to have liability insurance to help pay for injuries or damages you might cause to someone else as a result of a car accident. You’ll need to have proof of this insurance in order to register your car in GA.

Your Georgia car insurance policy must have the following minimum coverage amounts.

  • Bodily injury liability.
    • $25,000 per person.
    • $50,000 for multiple people in an accident.
  • Property damage liability:
    • $25,000 for one incident.

Optional Car Insurance

Most companies that offer insurance in Georgia also offer additional coverage. When comparing car insurance quotes, ask about the following optional types of insurance:

  • Collision – This coverage will pay for damages to your car due to traffic accidents.
  • Comprehensive – This coverage will pay for non collision-related damages to your vehicle, such as damages incurred due to vandalism.
  • Medical and funeral services .
  • Uninsured drivers.
  • Rental car .

NOTE. While Georgia law does not require you to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance, your finance company or bank will require you to have these coverage types if you are paying a loan or lease on your car.

Georgia Proof of Insurance

In Georgia, a car insurance ID card cannot be accepted as your proof of insurance. Instead, all government agencies, including law enforcement officers performing a traffic stop, can check the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS) to electronically verify that you have valid car insurance.

It is your car insurance carrier’s responsibility to report your car insurance status to the GEICS database.

Make sure that you check your card tomake sure all your information is correct. If the information is not correct on your card, it is probably incorrectwith the GEICS. This can lead to problems verifying your insurance.

If you notice wrong information, contact your car insurance carrier to make sure any misinformation is fixed.

Also remember that your car insurance card still needs to be carried in case of an accident so you can exchange information with the other driver(s).

Driving Without Car Insurance

Through GEICS and the Georgia Registration and Title Information System (GRATIS ), the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) will be informed of any change in your car insurance status.

If your car insurance is canceled and you do not replace it, the DDS will send you a notice to comply with Georgia’s car insurance laws, and the possible penalties you will face if you don’t. Such penalties include fines and driver’s license suspensions.

You will not be able to register your car or renew your car’s registration in Georgia if GEICS shows that you do not currently hold an auto insurance policy.

Driver’s License Suspensions

If your GA driver’s license is suspended because you didn’t have car insurance, you can get your license reinstated after your first offense by:

  • Waiting until your driver’s license has been suspended for a minimum of 60 days.
  • Purchasing at least the minimum auto insurance coverage required in GA.
  • Paying a reinstatement fee of:
    • $200 by mail to:
      Department of Driver Services (DDS)
      Validation Unit
      P.O. Box 80447
      Conyers, GA 30013
    • $210 in person at your local DDS office .

To have your driver’s license reinstated after your second offense of not holding the required insurance, you must:

  • Wait for your driver’s license to be suspended for at least 90 days.
  • Purchase car insurance and have your car insurance carrier file a Georgia Safety Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22A).
  • Pay a reinstatement fee of:
    • $300 by mail (use the address above).
    • $310 in person at your local DDS office .

As of September 2013, you cannot pay your driver’s license reinstatement fees online if your driver’s license was suspended because you didn’t have car insurance.

Car Insurance Rates in Georgia

Car insurance rates vary by individual.

Georgia car insurance companies will factor in the following to determine your car insurance rates:

  • Your driving record.
  • Your car insurance claim history.
  • The make and model of your car.
  • Your age.
  • Your gender.
  • Your marital status.
  • Your credit history.

The simplest way to keep your car insurance rates low is by driving safely and obeying all traffic laws.

Car Insurance Discounts

While Georgia does not have any state-mandated car insurance discounts, most insurance companies offer the following discount types:

  • Good driver discount.
  • Good student discount.
  • Multiple-car discount.

You may also qualify for a discount on your car insurance premium if you complete a DDS-approved defensive driver course . Contact your insurance carrier to find out if they offer this discount and to get more details on eligibility.

Car Insurance Fraud in Georgia

Insurance fraud is very costly to insurance companies, and those costs trickle down to you, raising your policy rates.

Car insurance fraud could involve:

  • Faking an injury after getting into an accident.
  • Staging car accidents.
  • Giving false personal information to your insurance carrier.
  • Overcharging for treatment, if you’re a medical professional.

If you know of or suspect insurance fraud, you can report it by calling the Consumer Services Division of Georgia’s Office of Commissioner of Insurance at:

By reporting suspected fraud, you can actually save money by helping insurance companies maintain low-cost premiums.

Most Stolen Cars in Georgia

You are likely to pay higher car insurance rates if you own a car that is known to be a target for theft.

The following is a list of the most stolen cars in Georgia for 2013, according to :

  1. Honda Accord.
  2. Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size).
  3. Ford Pickup (Fill Size).
  4. Dodge Caravan.
  5. Honda Civic.
  6. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee.
  7. Chevrolet Impala.
  8. Dodge Pickup (Full Size).
  9. Toyota Camry.
  10. Ford Explorer.

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Reverse the Future

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A Reverse Mortgage is a type of home loan that lets you convert a portion of the equity in your home without having to sell the home, give up title or take on a new monthly mortgage payment. It is also known as a HECM. The money you receive can be used for any purpose you choose. The program has been around for 27 years and is insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

Based on the final totals in the 2015 calendar year, 945,287 Senior Citizens have benefited from the FHA insured Reverse Mortgage since the program began in 1989. Although the program has been in existence for twenty seven ears, almost one third of the loans been done in just the past five years. That total is 293,058 Reverse Mortgages. These numbers show how popular the program has become for many senior citizens in the recent past.

To learn more about how Reverse Mortgages work, please click here .

Reverse Mortgages Resources

The Seniors Home Reverse Mortgage Blog

There are many reasons to celebrate our modern day healthcare. We are living longer our quality of life is better today than at anytime in the history of the world. Doctors are performing medical procedures today that didn t exist only a decade ago! New prescription medicine is saving hundreds of thousands of lives today in the United States. On average Americans can expect to live well in to their 80s. This is a great time to be alive!

There is a downside to this wonderful news.

Latest News

Registered Nursing Schools & Training Programs (RN Schools) #registered #nursing #schools, #registered #nursing #training #programs, #rn #schools, #nursing #schools #in #texas, #nursing #schools #in #florida, #nursing #schools #in #georgia, #nursing #schools #in #nj, #nursing #schools #in #nyc, #nursing #education #requirements


Registered Nursing Schools and Training Programs (RN Schools)

Registered nurses (RNs) are licensed health care professionals who provide direct care to patients. Individuals who have become RNs are graduates of a formal nursing education program and are responsible for providing direct care to patients on a variety of levels that may include assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care of the sick and injured.

Registered Nursing Schools

Numerous programs at the undergraduate level are available to help students gain skills to become an RN, but a college education is necessary to be eligible for the NCLEX-RN exam and to seek state licensure. The truth is that the scope of registered nurse training programs vary significantly in terms of time commitment and number of required courses, but just a few of these many available programs include:

  • Lone Star College: This college’s campus in North Harris, Texas offers an associate degree in nursing (ADN) to help students prepare for RN licensing and a nursing career. It also offers a transitional program for those already working in the field as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), but who want to complete the coursework necessary to obtain their ADN degree.
  • Western Nevada College: The nursing program available at this school, which has campuses in Carson City, Fernley, Yerington and other Nevada locations, leads to an associate of applied science degree in nursing and encompasses 75.1 credits in all, including several labs and clinical experiences. The program also is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
  • DeAnza College: This college, located in Cupertino, Calif. also offers an ADN degree as well as an LVN transition program to help nurses who are LVNs work toward becoming RNs. Three application periods are available each year for studentsto seek enrollment into either program.
  • Tulsa Community College: Not only does this Oklahoma-based school offer an associate of applied science degree in nursing, but also provides an articulation agreement with Northeastern state University, in Tahlequah, Okla. so that students can complete a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) degree if they are interested. Some of the upper-level courses may even be available online.
  • Arizona State University: Students who already are working as RNs, but want to advance their education from an ADN to a BSN degree can seek enrollment at this school, which has four campuses throughout Phoenix. The university’s RN-to-BSN program can be completed within 15 to 18 months with many of the courses being available online.

Registered nursing schools generally help students to learn about nursing fundamentals, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and more. At the upper levels, particularly a bachelor’s degree, students may explore evidence-based practices, clinical skills, and professional theory in greater depth and even complete a nursing capstone project.

Registered Nurse Degree Programs

There are three primary educational paths to becoming a registered nurse:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) – Typically a four-year program, the BSN is the most versatile of the registered nursing training options. Programs include valuable training in communication, leadership, and critical thinking. This background offers expanded career opportunities, both in clinical nursing practice and administrative roles. This degree could qualify you for case management, research, consulting, and teaching as well as supervisory-level clinical positions.
  • Associate degree in nursing (ADN) – Typically a two or three year program, the curriculum emphasizes practical instruction and applied training and is the quickest route into the profession.
  • Diploma from an approved nursing program – Typically a three-year program administered in a hospital, the curriculum is closely tied to clinical practice, with rotations and hands-on training. This option is becoming increasingly rare, as hospital programs are phased out in favor of college training.

It’s also possible to advance from an associate’s degree or diploma to a bachelor’s degree through a special accelerated RN-to-BSN program. Bachelor’s degree graduates can also qualify for advanced practice nursing or higher-level research and administrative jobs by completing a master’s degree in nursing. Finally, career changers who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field may be able to complete an accelerated BSN degree, which qualifies them for an RN position in 12 to 18 months.

Registered Nursing Coursework

Students who pursue bachelor’s degrees usually take a full slate of liberal arts courses, as well as many nursing and health care classes such as:

More specific coursework in nursing programs could include many of the following classes:

  • Medical vocabulary
  • Concepts of professional nursing
  • Health assessment
  • Leadership in nursing
  • Nursing theory
  • Health promotion in nursing

Since nurses must be excellent communicators with patients and physicians, many programs have a heavy emphasis on interpersonal and group communications.

State Registered Nurse License

The majority of nurses complete associates and bachelor’s degrees before sitting for the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-RN, to earn a nursing license. This test is developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), and examines an applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities at the RN level of nursing. The exam is computer based and can be taken through many PearsonVue sites located across the U.S.

Licensing requirements can vary state by state. More details about licensing can be found through your state’s board of nursing.

Resources for Registered Nurses

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Career Stories (Job Profiles) for Registered Nursing Schools

To find out more about building a career as Registered Nurses, we spoke with professionals in the field across a variety of specialties. Learn about their experiences on the job, the steps they took to complete their education, and what it takes to excel in this industry. Click the link to see a story.

Most Popular Industries for :
Registered Nursing Schools

Industries representing at least 1% of total jobs for the occupation.

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  • GEOL 1121 – Physical Geology
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  • GEOL 1122 – Historical Geology
  • GEOL 1122L – Historical Geology Lab
  • HIST 1111 – Survey of World History to 1500
  • HIST 1111 – Survey of World History to 1500 (Honors)
  • HIST 1112 – Survey of World History from 1500
  • HIST 2111 – United States History I
  • HIST 2111 – United States History I (Honors)
  • HIST 2112 – United States History II
  • HSEM 1101 – Intro to Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • HUMN 1301 – Humanities Through the Arts
  • HUMN 1303 – Aesthetic Exp. Western Culture I
  • HUMN 1305 – Aesthetic Exp. Western Culture II
  • JOUR 1611 – Introduction to Mass Communication
  • JOUR 1613 – Basic Newswriting
  • JOUR 2601- Features Writing
  • LIST 1101 – Intro to Libraries and Information Science Technology
  • LIST 1103 – Acquisitions Tech Processing
  • LIST 2004 – Public Libraries
  • MATH 0097 – Beginning Algebra
  • MATH 0098 – Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH 1001 – Quantitative Skill Reasoning
  • MATH 1111 – College Algebra
  • MATH 1113 – Precalculus
  • MATH 1431 – Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH 1433 – Applied Calculus
  • MATH 2008 – Foundation of Numbers Operations
  • MATH 2431 – Calculus I
  • MATH 2432 – Calculus II
  • MUSC 1301 – Music Appreciation
  • MUSC 1301H – Music Appreciation (Honors)
  • MUSC 1708 – Music Fundamentals
  • NURS 0199 – Nursing Dosage Calculations
  • PHED 1061 – Fitness Walking
  • PHED 1069 – Aerobic Fitness
  • PHED 1101 – Choices for Life
  • PHED 2022 – Personal and Community Health
  • PHED 2670 – Introduction to Physical Education
  • PHIL 2010 – Survey of Philosophical Thought
  • PHIL 2010H – Survey of Philosophical Thought (Honors)
  • PHIL 2020 – Logic and Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 2030 – Introduction to Ethics
  • PHYS 1111 – Introductory Physics I
  • PHYS 1112 – Introductory Physics II
  • PHYS 2211 – Principles of Physics I
  • PHYS 2212 – Principles of Physics II
  • POLS 1101 – American Government
  • POLS 1101H – American Government (Honors)
  • POLS 2101 – Introduction to Political Science
  • PRSP 1010 – Perspective on Critical Issues
  • PSYC 1101 – Introduction to General Psychology
  • PSYC 1101H – Introduction to General Psychology (Honors)
  • PSYC 2101 – Introduction to Psychology of Adjustment
  • PSYC 2103 – Introduction to Human Development
  • PSYC 2210 – Careers Professional Issues in Psychology
  • PSYC 2621 – Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 2621H – Abnormal Psychology (Honors)
  • READ 0098 – Advanced Reading Skills