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About Punjab National Bank (PNB)

Punjab National Bank, popularly called P. N. B. initially started its business on 12th April of the year 1895. With their mission to provide banking services to the un-banked, they aim to be the leading player in global banking. Over the time, they have become a known name, especially in the Indo-Gangetic plains. The huge network of this bank includes over 5, 100 offices, which include 5 overseas branches and more than 60 million customers. This bank has continued to maintain their leadership position for its strong fundamentals, superior brand image as well as huge franchise value.

Products and Services of Punjab National Bank

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Banking

Personal Banking

  • T. M. Card
  • Balika Shiksha
  • Bal Vikas
  • Current Account (Smart banking)
  • Combo Deposit Scheme
  • Credit Card (Global)
  • Debit Card
  • Dugna Deposit Scheme   
  • Fixed Deposits (For 555 days, 777 days, 1000 days, 1111 days and victims of road accidents)
  • Loan (Car, education, housing, personal, professional, two wheeler, against property mortgage and for pensioners)
  • Mitra S. F. Account
  • Pensioners’ Overdraft Facility Scheme
  • Prudent Sweep
  • Rakshak Scheme 
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Salary Account (Total freedom)
  • Shikshak Overdraft Scheme
  • Shikshak Sweep Scheme
  • Term Deposits
  • Vidyarthi S. F. Account
  • World Travel Card

Social Banking

  • Special Schemes (For women and weaker section)

Other Online Services

  • A. S. B. A. (Application Supported by Blocked Amount)
  • Bill Payments
  • E-Tax Payments
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Money Transfer
  • P. N. B. Credit Card (Global)
  • Security Alerts
  • Share Trading

PNB Home Loan

Punjab national bank home loan offers complete home loan solutions at competitive rates. These home loan solutions of PNB are structured as per the needs of the Indian customers.

Punjab National Bank (PNB), the leading Indian public sector bank has been a pioneer in facilitating home loans to the burgeoning middle class Indians. Punjab national bank home loan solutions are tailor made to suit the needs of the Indians.

The home loans offered by Punjab National Bank are easy to avail and are offered at competitive rate of interest. Further, these Home Loan Solutions of PNB offer easy repayment schemes over predetermined repayment tenure, as fixed during the agreement. Furthermore, these home loans of PNB come with life insurance cover for the buyer. Security by a way of mortgage is being charged amounting to 125% of the loan applied for.

Punjab national bank home loan are offered for the following purposes:

  • Construction or purchase of residential flat or house.
  • Repairing, extending, renovating and even modification of existing residential flat or house.

Some features of Punjab National Bank home loan

  • Up to 75% of the cost of construction of house or purchase of flat or house is being provided.
  • Up to 75% or ` 20 lakh of the cost of repairing, extending, renovating and modification of flat or house is being provided.
  • Up to ` 20 lakh is being facilitated for purchase of land meant for the purpose of construction of house.
  • Up to ` 20 lakh is being facilitated for the purpose of furnishing.

Punjab National Bank IPO

Punjab National Bank, the leading public sector bank of India launched its second Initial Public Offering in 2005. After the success of the first IPO launched in 2002, Punjab National Bank. The second Punjab national bank IPO was opened on 7th March 2005 and closed on 11th March 2005. The price band of Punjab national bank IPO was fixed at ` 350 – ` 390 per share.

This price band of Punjab national bank IPO was fixed through a 100% book building process. The issue offered 80,000,000 equity shares of Punjab National Bank of ` 10/- each for cash. Further, 8,000,000 equity shares of ` 10/ each, at the issue price were reserved for the existing share holders. The upper end of the price band of Punjab national bank IPO targeted to raise ` 3,120 crores and the lower end targeted to raise ` 2,800 crores. With this issue of Punjab national bank the government of India ownership was reduced to 57% from the last IPO.

PNB Head Office Address and Contact Details

7, Bhikhaiji Cama Place

New Delhi – 110 066, India.

Tel. + 91 – 011 – 26196487/ 26102303

PNB Home Loan Now Starting @ % – LoanRaja #pnb #home #loan

#pnb home loan

PNB Housing Finance with its robust network of branches has been providing financial services like loans and deposits to its customers.

PNB Housing Finance provides home loan for a maximum tenure of 20 years on Floating as well as Dual / Fixed Rate of interest.



Salaried individual, self-employed professionals or non-professional having regular source of income.

For salaried borrowers age should not exceed more than 60 years and 65 years for self-employed professional/ non-professional, at the time of loan maturity.

Loan amount

Maximum Loan Amount subject to repayment capacity of the borrower

  • Upto 80% of the cost of property for loan amount below Rs. 75 lacs
  • Upto 75% of the cost of property for loan amount above Rs. 75 lacs


Some of the basic documents required to start the home loan process are:-

  • Completed loan application
  • 3 Passport size photographs
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of Identity
  • Bank Statement of last 6 months for salaried and 12 months for self-employed
  • For Self Employed/ Professionals
    1. ITR with financial statements – last 3 years
    2. CA certified Profit Loss Account Balance Sheets

PHH Home Loans, LLC d #installment #loan #calculator

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Once you select us to obtain your home loan, you ll be amazed at how quickly and simply the loan process moves. Before you know it, you ll have a mortgage that suits your lifestyle and saves you money.

Throughout the loan-application process, we provide you with regular updates. You can also e-mail us with questions or new information. And if you want assistance, a mortgage expert who can answer questions is just a phone call away.

Here s an overview of the loan-application process

STEP ONE — Apply Now! Getting started is easy

When you ve selected a property and have a contract with the Seller, the next step is to complete your loan application, which can be done easily through our website. To get started, select an application from the list on the right.

At the appropriate time we ll order a property appraisal for you.

STEP TWO — Your Loan is Approved and Funded

Your Real Estate Agent or the Seller will designate an Escrow/Title Company to handle the funding of your loan, along with many other factors which make your purchase go smoothly.

We will coordinate with the escrow team and you ll sign the final papers at their office.

Simple, Straightforward, Cost Effective, and FAST!

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  • The Right Loan for You

We’ll help you find the loan that fits your unique needs. Our online loan applications start here.

  • Auto Loans

    We offer fixed and variable rates with a wide range of terms to fit your budget.

  • Home Equity Line of Credit

    Get a revolving line of credit based on your home’s equity.

  • Home Equity Loan

    Take a one-time loan using your home’s equity as collateral.

  • Personal Loans

    Looking for an unsecured loan or for a flexible loan to finance your next big purchase?

  • Home Improvement Loans

    A Home Improvement Loan offers a fixed rate and predictable payments to help you manage most any project around the house affordably.

  • First-Time Homebuyers

    The Homeownership Opportunities Program (HOP) could provide up to $10,000 toward the purchase of your first home.

    Find out in minutes what you can save on a mortgage or refinance through 1st Source Mortgage Express.

  • Credit Starter Loan

    Establish credit and start out with confidence on the road to financial responsibility.

  • Credit Card

    Carry a 1st Source Visa® card and enjoy a variety of rewards.

  • Person of Indian Origin – PIO – HDFC – Home Loan, LAP, BT, NRI, PIO #construction #loans

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    HDFC – Home Loan, LAP, BT, NRI, PIO

    Who are Person of Indian Origin (PIO)

    A person of Indian origin’ means an individual (not being a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka or Afghanistan or China or Iran or Nepal or Bhutan), who

    1. At any time, held Indian passport – OR
    2. who or either of whose father or whose grandfather was a citizen of India by virtue of the Constitution of India or the Citizenship Act, 1955 (57 of 1955).

    i. e. anyone of Indian origin up to four generations (if either of his / her parents) removed to be a PIO, with the exception of those who were ever nationals of Pakistan or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka or Afghanistan or China or Iran or Nepal or Bhutan

    The government issues a PIO Card to a PIO after verification of his or her origin or ancestry and this card entitles a PIO to enter India without a visa. Spouse of a PIO can also be issued a PIO card though the spouse might not be a PIO. This latter category includes foreign spouses of Indian nationals, regardless of ethnic origin, so long as they were not born in, or ever nationals of, the aforementioned prohibited countries PIO Cards exempt holders from many restrictions that apply to foreign nationals, such as visa and work permit requirements, along with certain other economic limitations.

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    No Money Down Home Loans, Zero Down Loan, 100% Home Financing #poor #credit #auto #loans

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    No Money Down Home Loans

    Get More Info on a Fixed No Down Payment Mortgage Loan for 30 Years

    Our participating lenders practice fair lending with 100% financing for home loan types such as; conventional purchase loans, sub-prime, pick a payment loans, jumbo mortgages, negative amortization and interest only loans with 15, 30 and 40-year fixed or adjustable rate loans for all types of credit. If you are looking for a no down-payment home loan, we can help you shop and compare multiple programs that meet your goals and eligibility.

    With home values reaching million dollar levels, it is important that you secure low interest home loans with affordable monthly payments. Even if you are a first time home buyer, make sure you get the best mortgage rate you could possibly qualify for. The days of zero down mortgage programs for everyone went away a few years ago, but they do exist for a select group of borrowers. Don’t kid yourself, 100% loan qualifications can be challenging in today’s market, so discuss the possibilities with a loan professional first. There are still several programs that extend home loans with no deposit.

    We Help People Qualify for 100% Home Loans with No Money Down Daily!

    FHA for Low or No Down-Payment Home Loans. Now more than ever 1st time buyers are looking at FHA for home financing. In some states you can still get down-payment assistance that would enable a person to achieve a home loan with zero down-payment. Check with your loan officer for specific guidelines and requirements by state. When shopping lenders don’t forget to ask about no lending cost home loans with no deposit and zero down payment requirements.

    Are You Looking for a Mortgage with Zero Down and Multiple Low Payment Options? If you want more purchase power or lower payments then talk to your loan officer about the payment option ARM or interest only 30-year mortgage that stretches the term to minimize the monthly payments. Many people in California found out the hard way when they were enticed with the low monthly payment from the payment option home purchase that allowed borrowers to defer the interest until the end of the year. These payment option loans offer borrowers a payment that is even lower than the interest only payment. The negative amortization option is only available until the mortgage balance reached a 115% or 125% of the original mortgage balance depending upon the lender. Please be advised that our affiliated lenders no longer offer zero down loans that have a negative amortization. To our knowledge no lenders in the country are providing 100% home loans on purchase transactions with deferred interest products.

    If you have low fico scores, a no money loan for bad credit may be the most viable option for you. FHA mortgages remain competitive so discuss your eligibility with one of our lending representatives.

    No Money Down Home Loans

    • First Time Homebuyer Loans with Zero Down (USDA and VA) 100% Home Financing from the Veterans Admin 0 Down Home Loan with Fixed Monthly Payment Stated Income Purchase Loans (On Hold) Fixed Rate Loans for 30-Years with $0 Money Down Conventional or Jumbo Mortgage 15 or 30-Year Zero Down Loan Terms No Money Down Loans for Military Vets Buy a Home with 100% Home Financing!

    What is better for 100% financing? Two loans with 80-20 combo mortgages or One 1st mortgage?

    No Deposit Home Loans and Mortgages in Australia #fha #loan #calculator

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    No Deposit Home Loans

    No deposit home loans are not exactly that; but they do allow you to borrow around 95% of the purchase price of your dream home.

    A no deposit home can be the fast track to home ownership if you can find a lender who still offers this type of loan.

    In the glory days of pre-GFC, when anyone and everyone could virtually borrow as much money as they liked, no deposit home loans were readily available. But with the credit crunch came a tightening of lenders’ purse strings that have only been slightly loosened since.

    How No Deposit home loans work

    This type of loan is often sought after by first home buyers with minimal or no savings and investment property buyers who want maximum negative gearing benefits.

    Your lender will allow you to borrow up to 95% or even 97% of the purchase price of your dream home, but to cover the lender’s risk, you will have to pay lenders mortgage insurance (LMI), which can be costly. For example: On a property worth $316,000 LMI will be around $8,349. And you need to be very clear on the fact LMI does not cover you in the event of default – it covers your financial institution.

    You may also have to repay your home loan at a higher interest rate than if you saved a larger deposit for a standard or standard variable loan. And you will have to prove that you have a reliable income, and strong employment history.

    Many lenders will offer a no deposit loan if your parents will act as a guarantor. This will also save you thousands of dollars on LMI as your parents simply provide your lender with a limited guarantee supported by a registered mortgage over their property.

    Your parents are not liable for the full debt, only an agreed, guaranteed amount and they are also not responsible for your scheduled monthly payments.

    Use iSelect home loan comparison website to find out if a no deposit loan is right for you.


    The big winner here is of course that you can get into your own home sooner without wasting more money in rent, or living with your parents or flatmates.

    No deposit home loans still come with the same features as other loan options such as redraw facilities and the ability to make additional repayments.

    No Deposit Home Loan Disadvantages:

    The lending standards are very stringent and this is not an easy type of loan to get. Your financial history will be thoroughly scrutinised so you need to make sure you’re in a position to meet all the requirements.

    If you are self-employed or not on a high income, you may find it hard to get approval, and you may also be restricted as to which postcodes you can buy in but this will vary from lender to lender.

    Find out if you’re eligible for a no deposit home loan with iSelect today.

    No Credit Check Home Loans- Money Without Credit Verification #fha #home #loan

    #loans without credit check

    No Credit Check Home Loans – Money Without Credit Verification

    Want to purchase a home but can’t avail a loan because of your bad credit status. Well here’s a reason for you to smile. With no credit check home loan you can easily avail a loan to buy your dream home without going through any credit check. Yes you heard it right no credit check home loans can be availed by everyone including bad credit borrowers.

    No credit check home loans are basically secured loans. You will have to place your home as collateral in order to avail no credit check home loans. Placing your home as collateral doesn’t’ mean that you don’t have any right to your home. It’s your home and you have every right but the lender will keep the papers until the loan is paid back. As no credit check home loans are secured in nature they carry low interest rate and flexible repayment options. It can also be availed by people having bad credit history due to reasons like arrears, defaults, CCJ’s etc. With no credit check home loans one can avail an amount ranging from Ј5, 000 to Ј 75,000. Loan amount also depends upon the value of collateral and the credit history of the borrower. The repayment duration ranges from 10 – 25 years.

    No credit check home loans carry low interest rate and hence can be easily repaid. Also the repayment duration is very flexible ranging from 10 – 25 years; due to this monthly installments are very small. With growing competition in the market one can easily avail no credit check home loans at favorable terms and conditions.

    Applying for no credit check home loans is very easy. There are many banks financial institutions and lending firms that offer no credit check home loans. You just have to fill up an application form either in the physical market or through online method. To apply for no credit check home loans through Internet, you just have to fill up an online requisition form. Lenders will then get back to you with their offers within few hours. You can also search for lenders providing no credit check home loans and compare between them to choose the best one that suits your needs.

    With no credit check home loans you can easily make you dream of buying a new home come true.

    National Australia Sees Healthy Demand for Business, Home Loans – Bloomberg Business #loan #caculator

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    National Australia Sees Healthy Demand for Business, Home Loans

    National Australia Bank Ltd. which is exiting overseas businesses to focus on its home market, is confident about the prospects for corporate and mortgage lending despite a slowing Australian economy and recent signs that property prices may fall.

    Record-low interest rates and a falling currency have helped sectors of the economy such as tourism, education and health care, stimulating demand for loans, while home lending has “kicked back again” after the recent increase in mortgage rates, National Australia’s Chief Financial Officer Craig Drummond said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

    “We are very relaxed about the medium-term outlook for Australia,” Drummond said. “The Australian economy has solid growth rates underpinned by a competitive currency, access to strong-ish growth of the Asian region and very pristine credit quality.”

    Consumer and business confidence has improved as a result of the weaker Australian dollar and greater political certainty after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull deposed his predecessor Tony Abbott in a party vote in September, Drummond said. National Australia has seen an “uptick” in corporate credit demand since the change of power, he added.

    ‘Distractions’ Removed

    The bank is free to focus on loans to businesses and home owners in Australia and New Zealand as it takes away the “distractions” of its overseas assets, he said.

    Drummond and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Thorburn have been at the forefront of the bank’s efforts to shed underperforming assets overseas and focus on markets closer to home. The lender has sold its U.S. businesses and is in the process of spinning off its U.K unit.

    The Australian economy has expanded below the 30-year average annual growth rate of 3.3 percent for six of the past seven years, as the country’s mining investment boom ended and China’s economy slowed, prompting the central bank to drop rates to a record low.

    On the other hand, the 32 percent drop in the Australian dollar since the start of 2013 has helped exporters and firms in tourism, health care and education, which benefit from more foreign visitors. Business credit expanded at 6.3 percent in September from a year earlier, the fastest pace in almost seven years, central bank data show.

    Mortgage Demand

    Meanwhile, there are signs that the large increases in house prices in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are starting to cool. The proportion of successful home auctions in Sydney dropped to the lowest since March 2013 last week, as buyers balked at a 47 percent rise in dwelling values in the three years to Oct. 31. Economists from Macquarie Group Ltd. to Bank of America Merrill Lynch have forecast a decline in prices over the next two years.

    Drummond said that demand for home loans faltered only briefly after Australian banks last month announced the first mortgage-rate increase in five years. Banks pushed up their home lending rates to cover the cost of holding more regulatory capital, as Australian regulators imposed tougher standards to cool the housing market.

    “After the rate rise, we saw a few quieter weeks, but now volumes have kicked back up again,” Drummond said. “They are not perceptibly lower than where they were a year ago.”

    Mortgage Glossary – Mortgage Industry Terms for Home Buyers #perkins #student #loan

    #home mortgage loans

    Use our mortgage glossary to understand the most important lending and mortgage terms. Mortgages can be confusing for the first time home buyer, so let us help explain. Below you’ll find explanations for most of the mortgage industry terms.

    Abstract of title

    A summary of recorded transactions concerning a particular property.

    Acceleration clause

    Condition in a mortgage that gives the lender the right to require immediate repayment of the loan balance if regular mortgage payments are not made or for breach of other conditions of the mortgage.

    Accrued interest

    Interest earned but not yet paid.

    Adjustable rate

    Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)


    One that acts for or represents another.

    Agreement of sale

    Also known as a “sales contract,” a written document in which a purchaser agrees to buy property under certain given conditions, and the seller agrees to sell under certain given conditions.

    Alternative documentation

    A method of documenting a loan file that relies on information the borrower is likely to be able to provide, instead of waiting on verification sent to third parties for confirmation of statements made in the application.


    A monthly repayment schedule in which a loan is repaid in fixed payments of principal and interest.

    Annual percentage rate (APR)

    The annual cost of a loan, expressed as a yearly rate. APR takes into account interest, discount points, lender fees and mortgage insurance, so it will be slightly higher than the interest rate on the loan.


    Often referred to as a 1003, an initial statement of personal and financial information required to approve your loan.

    Application fee

    A fee charged by a lender to cover initial costs of processing a loan application, often including charges for property appraisal and a credit report.


    A written estimate of a property’s current market value, based on recent sales information for similar properties, the current condition of the property and how the neighborhood might affect future property value.

    Appraisal fee

    A fee charged by a licensed, certified appraiser to render an opinion of market value as of a specific date.