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Timesheet Software for Project & Online Time Tracking #timesheet #software, #saas, #on #demand, #hosted, #web #based, #on #premises, #web-based, #browser #based, #online


Timesheets and Project Time Tracking

Using the timesheet software within iPlanWare you can monitor actual time spent and financial performance accurately. As soon as timesheets are completed project managers can see the impact on their projects costs, revenue and schedule.

You can decide at what level you track time including project, task, business as usual activities and time off and absence codes. To help with timesheet management, tools are provided to streamline team leader and manager approvals and identify missing timesheets.

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Track project time, company time and time off

Stop using spreadsheets for project time tracking

Customisable timesheets and timesheet codes

Time tracking software gives accurate time reporting

Online Timesheets Help Project Tracking

As well as recording time spent on project activities, the timesheet lets you capture additional information such as estimate to complete, notes, overtime and analysis codes.

To make it easy for users to complete their timesheet, they can import their planned activities and time off.

Utilisation and Chargeable Analysis

Generating timesheet reports takes a couple of clicks in iPlanWare. Generate graphs, export data to Excel. PDF or Word – with iPlanWare all your timesheet data is centralised and accessible.

Timesheet Reporting & Project Time Tracking
Resources can run personal time analysis reports to check they are hitting chargeability levels.

Time Management Software with Approval

Workflows can route timesheets to project or line managers for approval. Billing and financial reporting timescales are compressed by streamlining time capture and approval.

Workflows can also be set up for processing and approving project expense claims.

Disadvantages of a Hosted Phone System #hosted, #hosted #phone #system, #drawbacks, #higher #tco, #higher #costs, #dependent #on #internet, #security, #feature #set, #smaller #feature #set


Disadvantages of Hosted

Disadvantages of a Hosted Phone System

While Hosted solutions are an attractive option to those looking to minimize up-front costs, there are considerable drawbacks and limitations with the system.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

While having low initial costs is important, most businesses are even more concerned with the costs associated with owning and maintaining the phone system over the long term.

While it is true that the upfront costs associated with purely Hosted phone systems are very low, in the long run, the costs of having a Hosted phone system far exceed the costs of other phone systems. This is because you are paying a recurring monthly fee associated with each and every extension (even extensions that you rarely ever use) while with a phone system such as Hybrid-Hosted, there are 0 recurring monthly fees.

The longer you have a purely Hosted phone system, the higher your TCO becomes, and the worse your ROI is in comparison to a Hybrid-Hosted phone system.

All purely Hosted phone systems, regardless of its monthly price per extension, will always fail to matchup with a Hybrid-Hosted model when it comes to both TCO and ROI.

Smaller Feature Set

If an extensive feature set is your biggest requirement in your new phone system, a Hosted phone system is unlikely to be your best option. This is because Hosted providers generally don’t offer as many standard features and capabilities as they do with hybrid-hosted systems. While the features may be available, they are only provided at an additional cost.

Communications are Dependent on Your Internet Connection

With Hosted, your communications are completely dependent on your internet connection. If your internet connection stops working, your phone system will stop working as well.

This, as you may imagine, is a significant concern for businesses that have to be available literally at all times. While most businesses today feel as though they can rely upon their internet providers, this is still a risk that needs to be understood and considered.

Security of Call Data

The security of voice mail messages, call records, chat conversations, or any other form of communication that you typically save are kept in The Cloud with Hosted. While most providers ensure security for such things, some businesses may not be comfortable leaving their important info in the hands of another business.

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Switchboard Phone System 2017 Buyers Guide #hosted #phone #system #providers


Office Phone Switchboard Systems

Despite its invention over a century ago, the switchboard phone system remains an essential element of business communications.

Phone calls are the first point of contact with potential customers for many brands, so choosing the right phone system is key to delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

There are an array of modern switchboard phone systems in the marketplace today. Read on to learn whether a switchboard phone system is right for your business.

What is a switchboard phone system?

Today, the switchboard is a highly automated, sophisticated system fully integrated with the latest Internet-based phone systems. It may not even be called a switchboard, but it delivers all features and benefits of a traditional system, and much more. And, as an added bonus, it can give you significant savings on infrastructure and operating costs.

The latest switchboards are more likely to be called PBXs (Private Branch Exchange) or virtual switchboards. They have the essential functionality to greet callers, provide them with options, route calls to the correct extension and manage call queues, with or without the assistance of an operator.

If you are planning to upgrade your phone system and you currently have an analogue telephone switchboard or PBX, take a look at the new generation of virtual switchboard solutions.

If you’re not sure which provider would suit you best, let us help and simply complete our short form today.

Advantages of Phone Switchboards

With the advances connected to phone switchboards the advantages for businesses have grown as a result. Whatever type of switchboard solution you decide to implement it is important you choose the right one that offers the most benefits for your organization’s communication process.

Transfer Calls To Any Location

The most important advantage they offer is that they are Internet-based. That means they can transfer calls to any location or any device with an Internet connection. If your business has employees who work from home, freelance contractors or sales representative and service engineers in the field, no problem. A virtual switchboard system can reach them. It doesn’t matter if they use home phones, office desk phones or mobile devices, they remain in contact.

Reduce Your Infrastructure And Maintenance Costs

A second advantage is that you don’t have to house the system on your own premises. You can take a hosted solution, which is managed and maintained by a service provider ‘in the cloud’. You won’t have any upfront costs for infrastructure and you won’t need a technician on site to run the system. Instead, you pay an affordable monthly fee that covers management, maintenance and upgrades.

Benefit From Advanced Functionality

Modern PBXs are generally part of a wider Internet telephony system such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Unified Communications (UC). These systems add even more functionality to the modern switchboard system.

One of the most useful features is Presence. That tells the system or the operator if an employee is available to take calls, does not wish to be disturbed or is not available. The switchboard can then route calls to another extension if a contact is not available.

VoIP and UC systems also enable employees to set their own call forwarding preferences. If their office phone does not answer, the virtual switchboard can forward the call to mobile numbers, home phones, voicemail or other devices. That helps ensures callers get a response, rather than a phone just ringing.

Modern switchboard systems also support multiple communication channels, so callers can make contact by their preferred method, which could include email, voice, text, chat or Instant Messaging.

Expand Capacity As You Need It

Hosted switchboard solutions offer another important advantage – scalability. If your business grows, or call volumes increase temporarily, you can increase capacity on demand. There is no need to install new lines or keep customers waiting in lengthy queues. Hosted switchboards give you much greater flexibility.

Find the right switchboard phone system for your phone business by comparing solutions.

Choose The Right Switchboard Solution

There are many benefits in deploying a modern switchboard system, but it’s important to choose a solution that meets your business, operational and financial needs. At the end of this article, you will find information on some of the best switchboard systems available. But before you contact a supplier, it can help to be aware of the main options when it comes to selecting the type of switchboard solution you need.

There are three main categories:

  • Virtual PBX
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Virtual PBX

A virtual PBX is ideal for businesses that want an affordable solution that gives them switchboard functionality. This solution is hosted in the cloud. eliminating infrastructure and maintenance costs. The virtual switchboard can route calls to the correct extension in any location, manage queues, put callers on hold and alert employees when calls are waiting.

This is a great solution for small businesses that want the equivalent of an automated answering system that provides a professional response to callers and ensures everyone in the business remains in contact.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An IVR system takes virtual reception a stage further and automates call response so you don’t need a switchboard operator. Callers receive recorded greeting and a series of options, such as ‘press 1 for sales’ or ‘press 2 for customer service’. The system forwards the calls to the correct department. Inbound IVR is an ideal system for businesses that wants to route calls to specific departments or allow customers to choose from a larger menu of options.

Outbound IVR systems are a useful way to automate the distribution of customer communications, such as appointment reminders, sales or service follow-ups. They enable call centres to build engagement with customers through regular communications and to personalise contacts when IVR is integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

IVR systems are also available that integrate inbound and outbound functionality.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This type of system is suitable for call centres or larger businesses with sales or customer service teams. ACD systems, as the name suggests, route incoming calls to agents based on predefined business rules. The rules help to ensure a call is answered by an agent with the right skills or product knowledge. However, in busy periods, calls may be routed to the first available agents.

Set Out Your Requirements

Before contacting a service provider, you need to draw up a specification for your switchboard system. Do you want a hosted solution or a system on your own premises? What features do you need? How many lines do you need initially, and is the system scalable? An Internet search can help you identify a shortlist of potential suppliers, but take time to discuss your needs in detail with each provider.

Phone Switchboard Comparison

Below, you’ll find a small selection of systems from reputable manufacturers.

MiTel MiVoice Office 400 Series

MiVoice Office 400 Series

The MiTel MiVoice Office 400 Series incorporates the Mitel MiVoice 1560 PC Operator, which combines a PC and a telephone. The PC provides a central point of information to support efficient call handling and call management.

Operators can take, make or forward calls via the PC or any MiVoice Office 400 system phone. This system provides operators with direct access to a wide range of information, as well as flexible call management. The switchboard displays incoming callers’ names to allow a personal greeting. It also indicates presence information so that calls can be routed to the right person or a colleague.

  • Customizable screen layout
  • Caller ID
  • Status information on all employees
  • Call transfer by mouse click or key
  • Alerts by text or email
  • Integration with MiTel MiVoice Office 400 Series

    MiTel MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone

    MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone

    The MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone is designed for operators working with MiTel MX-ONE and BusinessPhone PBXs. Packed with features including the numeric keypad providing single access to all call-handling functions.

    The MiTel MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone model has a large, five-row adjustable graphical display that provides a clear layout for status and call information.

  • A five-row adjustable graphical display
  • 12 function keys with LEDs
  • 4 large Clear and Speech keys with LEDs
  • 1 large Answer/Extend key
  • Headset port
  • Programmable ringer loudness and tone character
  • Acoustic shock protection

    Find out more about the entire Mitel phone system range on our manufacturer profile page.

  • Voipfone – Award Winning Telephone Services For Business #services, #telephone, #voipfone, #voip, #business, #pbx, #phone, #free, #hosted, #award, #call, #customer, #number, #quality, #features, #winning, #telephone #services, #award #winning, #hosted #pbx, #cloud, #broadband, #number, #switchboard, #hardware


    Award Winning Telephone Services – ISPA Best Business VoIP Provider 2015

    Voipfone provides award winning, reliable and inexpensive advanced cloud based telephone services specifically designed for small businesses.

    Anyone can use Voipfone – you could be a brand new start-up simply needing a new phone number, a growing business needing a flexible way of supporting new staff or homeworkers, an established business needing to replace an obsolete office PBX or switchboard. Or perhaps you need our free SIP trunks to connect your own VoIP PBX telephone equipment?

    With Voipfone, you can move your phones to the cloud and have a maintenance free, cloud based hosted VoIP PBX phone system that can be set up simply, quickly and cheaply.

    You can order our phone services via our web-based control panel and have a fully functioning, sophisticated, hosted VoIP telephone system within minutes. All backed up by our free, award winning, professional, UK based, Customer Service team.

    We are the 2013 winners of the Institute of Customer Services, Customer Focus Award so you know we’ll look after you.

    Voipfone is also an award winning telephone system that works anywhere – it starts for as little as £2 per month for a telephone number, with many clever features thrown in for free – such as call transfer, music on hold, call conferencing, etc.

    Our modern digital VoIP intercloud network has 99.99% uptime and provides higher quality telephone calls than landlines or mobiles – essential for business grade telephone services.

    Voipfone has been providing business class, cloud based, hosted telephony since 2004. We are a founder member of the Internet Telephone Service Providers Association (ITSPA) and hold its Quality Mark.

    Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email #microsoft, #hosted, #exchange, #2013, #business, #email, #uk, #data, #centre, #professional


    Hosted Microsoft Exchange


    Business email from £1 a month

    Hosted Microsoft Exchange from £3.33 a month

    Our Hosted Microsoft Exchange replaces the uncertainty and hassle of running an in-house business email server with the reliability of world class UK infrastructure. We accommodate everyone from sole traders, SMEs, charities and arts organisations through to major companies that require a dedicated Managed Exchange infrastructure.

    By choosing SMS you benefit from over 10 years expertise of email hosting and Microsoft Exchange. Plus, with every mailbox you get access to our free 24x7x365 in-house team to support you with set-up or any ongoing issues.

    Take your office email everywhere

    Our Exchange Essentials, Classic, and Executive business email accounts deliver syncing of calendars, contacts, and tasks across desktop, web, and mobiles (using Microsoft ActiveSync); improving communication and increasing productivity.

    Easy business email switching

    If you are changing provider, then we make it simple and easy for you to migrate your email data across to us and change your MX records. All of our Exchange mailboxes work with your own domain name, so if you don’t have one yet please use our domain registration service.

    Check out features



    24/7 Support

    Sync Items

    Storage Options


    SMS offer flexible, robust, and secure Hosted Microsoft Exchange accounts to suit your budget and business needs. All our mailboxes are based on the reliable and feature-rich Exchange 2013 architecture. Once more, when you subscribe with SMS you benefit from free UK based 24/7 support and the expertise of a Microsoft Gold Partner and certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).

    If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective mailbox, then our Exchange Basic mailbox is perfect for you. Running email on your own domain means you can change email providers in the future, without having to change your email address. Plus, Exchange Basic gives you a level of privacy and flexibility not available with Gmail, Yahoo. Outlook or other free email providers, as it works with your own domain.

    Our Essentials, Classic and Executive mailboxes feature more storage space and feature Microsoft ActiveSync to sync your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks across devices. Our Classic and Executive packages also come with a free copy of Microsoft Outlook, and our Executive mailbox includes free spam filtering and unlimited storage.

    If you would prefer to speak to a member of our sales team about the features and capabilities of hosted Microsoft Exchange, then please click the button below.

    Flexible Storage

    Ranging from 1GB to Unlimited storage, choose a plan that’s right for you. Check our pricing page for more details

    MS Outlook

    Free licenses for installed Microsoft Outlook (2010 or 2013) with Classic & Executive Exchange mailboxes


    Email, contact & calendar is synced between all your devices with ActiveSync. On Essentials, Classic & Executive

    No Tracking

    Unlike some free mailboxes, our Hosted Exchange packages do not feature advertiser profiling

    Free 24/7 Support

    Email support 24/7/365 and business hour telephone support with under 1minute average wait time

    Email Migration

    Take the pain out of transferring between providers with our optional email data migration. Free for 20+ users

    Access Anywhere

    A complete Outlook-style webmail interface to access your email from any website browser

    UK Data Centre

    Keeping your communications in the UK for data protection and industries with specific regulations

    Use Your Domain

    Keeping you in control of your online services and free to change providers without losing your email address


    Choose your mailbox type from the options below. To compare different Hosted Exchange mailboxes visit our webstore.

    If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team about Hosted Exchange, please click the button below.

    The packages below assume an annual commitment. Monthly options are available for Essentials, Classic, and Executive within our online store.