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Infor CloudSuite HCM

Power your organization with modern HCM

Since business runs on talent, growing companies like yours need human capital management solutions that work, and work well. As you grow, your business demands a wider range of capabilities—without adding unnecessary maintenance, deployment time, and cost. You need talent management and HR systems that are strong enough to meet your workforce needs today, but innovative enough to adapt in the future. With ever-evolving global competition and workforce expectations, it’s critical for HR to have modern HCM solutions that are up to the challenge.

Discover Infor CloudSuite™ HCM, a powerful set of cloud-based human capital management solutions built to adapt to your organization’s evolving business strategy. This solution replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology. And that gives your HR professionals the opportunity to deliver streamlined processes and remarkable experiences to the workforce, creating significant value across the organization.

Differentiating value

Infor CloudSuite HCM provides broad talent and HR optimization capabilities, unique and insightful science-driven tools, and flexible technology so you can target your key business objectives now and in the future. Infor CloudSuite HCM makes it easy for you to buy, deploy, use, and maintain modern HCM technology in one solution from a single vendor.

Broad capabilities

Deploy the HCM capabilities and end-to-end functionality you need in one solution from a single vendor, with great depth and breadth compared to other available solutions.

Science driven tools

Build competitive advantage, predict outcomes, tailor programs to individuals, and optimize day-to-day decisions by applying powerful science to talent processes.

Flexible technology

More easily buy, deploy, use, and maintain one of the most agile HR cloud technology solutions, even as demands change.

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VNUK d.o.o.

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Naša je tvrtka osnovana 1998. godine, što znači da već punih osamnaest godina proizvodimo PVC i ALU stolariju te IZO stakla najviše kvalitete. Opremljeni smo vrhunskom tehnologijom za proizvodnju, a našim klijentima na raspolaganju stoje ekipa za montažu, tehnička služba za izmjeru na objektima te savjetodavna služba.

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5-komorni profil: Uf = 1,3 W/mВІK

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ZaЕЎtita od buke do 47 dB

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ZaЕЎtita od provale klasa 2*

Salamander 3D

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5-komorni profil: Uf = 1,3 W/mВІK

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ZaЕЎtita od buke do 47 dB

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ZaЕЎtita od provale klasa 2*

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6-komorni profil: Uf = 1,0 W/mВІK

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ZaЕЎtita od buke do 47 dB

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ZaЕЎtita od provale klasa 2*

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Konfigurator vratiju

izaberite dizajn koji Vam najviše odgovara pomoću interaktivnog kofiguratora

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izaberite svoju texturu iz ЕЎirokog asortimana i istaknite detalje ili pak boju fasade

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zatraЕѕite ponudu za stolariju na temelju okvirnih mjera koje ste sami izmjerili

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International Institute of Management (IIM) is a best practices education and consulting organization. The Institute’s executive education and training courses provide CEOs, entrepreneurs and management consultants with the most advanced business thinking and practices.

Government and corporate leaders leverage the Institute’s consulting and training services to help them solve complex business problems and develop new strategies and systems to improve their performance.

The corporate education and action learning services cover the ten general management functions, including strategic planning, leadership, operations, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, information systems, business law and managerial economics.

The Institute’s career development programs are specialized, accelerated and experiential. All of the management training seminars and workshops are designed for professionals; we does not accept students seeking initial employment, postsecondary education, or initial vocation licensing.


Management Training Courses

Professional Management Training
Seminars. Courses. Workshops.

© 1998 – 2017 International Institute of Management, USA.

HR Courses #hr, #courses, #course, #human, #resource, #resources, #management, #class, #classes, #program, #programs, #employee #selection, #hiring, #talent, #management, #online, #certificate #program, #corexcel, #corexel


HR Courses | Human Resource Management

Effective Human Resource Management is vital to an organization’s success. Our self-paced online HR Courses provide instruction on the skills needed to be an effective HR Manager. These courses can be taken individually or as part of of our Certificate in Human Resource Management. We combine an interactive study experience with the convenience of the Internet to make learning interesting and engaging. Our HR courses are perfect for individual professional development but also for organizations with a group of employees to train. Enroll today!

  • Self-paced, web-based classes
  • Register and start courses instantly
  • Print your certificate upon class completion

Human Resource Management Certificate Program

Access Time: 180 days

Course Credit: 14.0 HRCI Credits | 3.0 CEUs

Effective human resource management is important in every company. However, small businesses often cannot justify a full-time HR professional to manage employee relations, compensation, policy-making, performance management and employee appraisals. This certificate program covers the basics of managing benefits and policies that support staff. The courses included in the curriculum are:

  • Compensation
  • Employee Selection
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Talent Management and Career Development

Human Resource Management Classes

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.5 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

In this course you will consider the many issues surrounding the key aspects of pay policy including legal requirements, pay equity within an organization, competitive pay within the relevant industry, how and when to grant raises and different methods for structuring payment.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

This course covers the process of selecting the best candidate from a large, diverse pool of high-quality applicants. Based on D. Quinn Mills’ book, Principles of Human Resource Management. the course discusses how to conduct an effective job interview, asking questions that elicit relevant information and avoid discriminatory questions. You will also learn how to discover more about a candidate through the use of reference checks, background checks and testing.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

This course covers many of the major employment laws, Equal Employment Opportunity issues and the anti-discriminatory regulations employers must be aware of in hiring, promoting and firing employees. Learn the basic steps to take in dealing with discrimination complaints and how to develop and maintain a diverse workforce.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 0.5 CEUs

HR Management includes recruiting, screening, interviewing, training, appraising, disciplining, rewarding and developing employees for both business and non-profit enterprises. Since all managers have HR responsibilities, it’s vital that they understand key concepts of this increasingly important function, especially since many HR decisions have possible legal ramifications. The course draws on material from Harvard Business School professor D. Quinn Mills’ book, Principles of Human Resource Management .

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

This course addresses the different elements of performance management. In its broadest sense, “performance management” is what every good manager does every day. They make sure employees know what they need to do to achieve the organization’s goals, check to make sure the employees are doing those things, praise employees for doing the right things and use constructive criticism when that is not the case. A formal performance management system simply makes sure all those management tasks get done consistently across an organization.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 2.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

Learn about the challenges and issues that organizations face in developing and retaining their employees. This course discusses career development programs, the five stages of the career life cycle, tools for career development and issues that human resource departments face with career management. This course draws on material from Harvard Business School professor D. Quinn Mills’ book, Principles of Human Resource Management .

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Corexcel’s online business skills courses are great for anyone seeking to improve their skill set, learn new subject matter or gain CEUs. These courses are comprehensive and high-quality. The use of multimedia offers a learning format that appeals to all types of learners, helping students to learn quickly and immediately apply their new knowledge on the job.

Jennifer Slater, MNM, PHR

Resources and Links

General information about Corexcel. Discover who we are, what we do and how we can help you. More.

Browse our course categories page. Links to each of the categories which contain a list of the courses we have available. More.

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Human Resource Systems

The Human Resource Systems contain various modules that you can choose from to suit your company requirements. The HR modules handles all your day to day HR tasks to simplify how you manage your employees.

What makes Intoweb’s Human Resource software different?

  • All the Human Resource Systems runs online, which allows you to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time, as long as you have Internet access. Keeping a handle on your business has never been this easy.
  • The Human Resource Systems runs securely on your Intranet or you have the option to use our hosted solution where you can rent some of the modules
  • You only choose the Human Resource modules that you want to use, thus you only pay for the modules you will use
  • Our Human Resource Systems are completely customizable and can integrate with most other systems
  • If there is a HR system that you need that we don’t already have, we can build it for you
  • Our modules cover the full spectrum of Employee Management, from hiring new staff to disciplining

We are continuously adding more modules to our Human Resource Systems. Below is a list of modules we currently have available and working on. If you don’t see the system you are looking for, please contact us to discuss the possibility of creating a custom system for your company.

Click on the module to read more about it.

Employ Staff

Recruitment System
The Recruitment system contains various features that will assist you in finding the perfect job candidate. You can submit job information online, capture CV’s that are received and liaise with applicants.

Induction Software
The Induction system allows new employees to quickly, easily and effectively learn the company environment and what is expected of them. The induction system tracks the usage of the new employee ensuring they have completed all the induction materials.

Manage Staff

Employee Management System
The Employees module consists of various features allowing you to perform general human resource management tasks such as life cover and medical aid management, employee history, perks and incident reports.

Time and Attendance Management
The Time and Attendance module is designed to keep track of the activities attendance of employees. The system features time projected and taken on project, and various reporting systems.

Leave Management System
The Leave Management system provides a way of managing leave effectively in a company. Keeping track of employee leave, leave applications and types of leave, the system can ensure that HR Records are up to date and in good order. The system fully integrates with all other modules including the Payroll Module.

Vehicle Management System
This module is designed to document all vehicle information integral to fleet management and maintenance. A list of vehicles within the company’s fleet is listed by registration number, make and model.

Project Management System
Efficiently plan, organise, manage and execute your projects and resources. With task, project and resource tracking, you will always have a good overview of the project status and overall usage of your resources.

Task Management System
With the Task Management System you can efficiently plan and manage tasks within the scope of a project. Tasks are assigned to resources and tracked online.

Develop Staff

Appraisal System
Appraisals have been made easy with our Appraisal Module which allows you to add notes during the period for which you appraise your employees and allowing both the employee and manager to complete a pre-appraisal assessment before the appraisal meeting, and also records information from the appraisal meeting. Each employee can be set up with KPI (Key Performance Indicators), which can be set and measured.

Skills Development Module
Track employee Skills Development throughout your organisation, register and develop Skill Development plans, and recover SDL tax.

Learner Management System
The Learner management system streamlines the presentation of courses and manages learners.

Empower Staff

Contacts Module
Use the Contacts module as a central information system on your Intranet to set up contacts for your organisation. These contacts can be added to categories such as IT suppliers, Printing suppliers, General Maintenance, Emergency, etc.

Resource Booking System (Diary Management)
The Resource Booking System is used to organise the resources in your company. These resources can include people or equipment such as boardrooms and projectors. Other users can see when a person or resource is booked out. Appointments can also be set to private, thus it shows a person is not available, but it doesn’t display the details of the appointment.

Online Chat System
The online chat system will allow employees to communicate with each other quickly and effectively. This elimanates the abundance of email and physical communication and can help to elimante possible misunderstanding as well as the time it takes to wait for responses.

Discipline Staff

Disciplinary Module
The Disciplinary Modules enables employers to follow the correct procedures when you need to dismiss or discipline an employee, Intoweb system provides you with the information you need to minimise your risk of unfair dismissal charges.

Online Certified Travel Agent Courses with Certification Info #hr #online #courses #certification, #online #certified #travel #agent #courses #with #certification #info


Online Certified Travel Agent Courses with Certification Info

Essential Information

Most online travel agent courses are part of diploma programs that prepare graduates for national travel agent certification. Online travel agent programs can typically be taken fully online and depending on the school, can usually be completed in six months or less. After completion, graduates are prepared for entry-level jobs as travel agents.

There are several certifications available to travel agents. First is the Travel Institute’s Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) test, which certifies that graduates have entry-level understanding of the travel industry. For those who successfully pass the test, six months of work experience is required for the second certification, the Certified Travel Associate (CTA) certification. CTA agents are prepared for a career with a travel company or through independent practice.

For those who wish to advance into management roles, Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) certification qualifies travel agents in business negotiations and marketing strategies. The Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) credential is geared toward agents in upper-level management and indicates a higher-level understanding of business relations.

Online Travel Agent Classes

Commonly offered online travel agent courses are summarized below.

  • Travel Agent Training Course: The initial component of this class covers the history, function and marketing of the travel industry. Geography and travel technology are discussed, as well as the financial and business aspects of the travel industry, including marketing, communication and specialized sales. A second component of the course covers the function and use of industry-standard travel agent computer programs and students learn to operate by using a simulation mode that mimics real-world travel agent operations. The course culminates with career education, and students learn job-searching techniques and the fundamentals of working in the travel industry.
  • Certified Travel Associate (CTA) Certification Course: Travel agents must have 18 months of full-time industry experience or 12 months with TAP test completion to qualify for this program. Classes build upon topics covered in the travel agent training course, with emphasis on specialized travel sales techniques, consumer-focused professionalism and office skills. Students also choose four electives to supplement the eight core courses, with options ranging from management of time to sales of specialized travel packages.
  • Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) Certification Course: This 6-month program is designed for the established travel professional with CTA certification and at least five years of experience. Courses focus on marketing and consumer relationships and classes discuss the development of marketing strategies, productive management of office politics and effective presentation tactics. Graduates must complete relevant continuing education classes every year to keep certification.
  • Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) Certification Course: Candidates for this program must have at least five years of experience within the field and CTC certification. Courses cover advanced elements of travel industry business management and topics include the logistics of travel law, mutually beneficial conflict resolution, bookkeeping and marketing management. Students can have 18 months to complete the program.
  • The Hospitality Industry Course: This course provides students with a broad overview of the travel industry. Coursework typically includes the history of the hospitality industry, the influence of food and beverage services, sales and reservations technologies and branding.

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Travel agents need little formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and voluntary certifications to see if this is.

Travel agents provide customized service for clients and make arrangements for transportation, hotel reservations, and car.

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a travel agent. Get a quick view of the requirements, including.

Get info about online travel agent certificate programs. Read about program requirements, course topics, and descriptions, and.

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About International Courier Speed Worldwide Express

Speed Worldwide Express in a best international courier service that welcomes people and feels pleasure to introduce ourselves to your esteem companies. We have the most extensive domestic courier along with fastest international courier Thane network in India, covering over 27,227 locations, and service more than 220 countries.

Speed Worldwide Express, an international courier service. is a transportation solution destination, which offers a complete help as “One stop shop” whether it is an express letter, a small parcel or a 1 ton machine that you want to ship by air, sea or land, within the same country or from one country to another.

Speed Worldwide Express courier service is a customized program just for you and your requirements. We, at best international courier service. are totally committed to the needs of our customer and are prepared to go that extra mile to achieve goals. In these days of globalization, we still believe in the old fashioned values of one-to-one contact and personal services. We are dedicated in our zeal to provide utmost customer satisfaction by providing efficient service and regular responses. Provide up-to-date information about your shipments through our tracking system, saving your time in responding to inquiries concerning shipments. Speed Worldwide Express site at your fingertips, giving you total freedom to explore our world and to interact with us as per your requirement.

The Speed Worldwide international courier service is an Organisation dedicated to the cause of serving the Indian in his day-to-day effort to reach his written communication message and bulk consignments to every possible nook and corner of the world safely and at the specified time to reach with safest international courier service .

Speed Worldwide Express international courier

Speed Worldwide Express international courier is committed to provide affordable International courier service and at the same time strictly adhering to the stringent time schedules and quality standards. Speed Worldwide Express International Couriers Thane. an offshoot of the parent company, provides international expres s Thane service with a great degree of operational versatility that allows the shipment status to be monitored on a continuous basis through its web based Track Trace System.

Speed Worldwide Express International Courier is one of the fastest growing air express company in India providing courier, freight forwarding and allied Services. With our global courier service network of service partners and professional management we are able to provide our customers and overseas courier service partners with service that is quick and economical. We offer direct express courier services to key worldwide destinations thus passing on the benefit of economies of scales achieved to the customer. We also offer fastest international courier service. customs clearance, and door delivery of cargo anywhere in India or Overseas .

11 HR predictions for the coming year #bersin #by #deloitte,deloitte,deloitte #consulting #llp,design,digital #hr,diversity #and #inclusion,employee #experience,hr,hr #magazine,hr #news,hr #online,human #performance,human #resources,josh #bersin,leadership,learning,learning #and #development,news,principal #and #founder,priority,process,reinvention,talent,hr #tech,talent #management



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HR Academy from Human Resources magazine: High-level HR strategy training workshops
led by the world’s most respected HR thought leaders strategists.
Review the 2017 programme here

As we enter the final weeks of 2016, most organisations would have already started putting their plans in place for the coming year. 2016 was a year for digitising HR. and it seems like be digital is a phenonemon likely to continue in the year to come.

According to a new report by Bersin by Deloitte, in 2017, business and human resource leaders should rethink almost all of their management and HR practices as the proliferation of digital technologies transform the way organisations work.

These are the 11 predictions for 2017:

1. Organisational design will be challenged everywhere
To thrive in the digital age organisations should focus on breaking functional groups into smaller teams, customer-centric learning, experimentation and time-to-market. Organisations should examine the way work gets done and then provide support mechanisms to facilitate cross-functional success.

2. Culture and engagement will remain top priorities
In 2017, organisations should carefully define their organisational culture – defined as the reward systems and implicit behavior that happens when nobody is looking. They should also measure it, and find where and how it may be misaligned.

3. Real-time feedback and analytics will boom
Driven by the need to understand and improve engagement, and the continuous need to measure and improve employee productivity, real-time feedback and analytics will explode.

4. A new generation of performance management tools will emerge
This development already is underway, as dozens of new companies respond to a huge gap in the market. Specifically, they are responding to a shift from a very top-down, process-driven approach to employee performance management – to a more agile, continuous, feedback-based approach.

5. A focus on “human performance” and well-being will become a critical part of HR, talent and leadership
One of HR’s emerging roles in 2017 will be to focus on how to help individuals and teams perform through initiatives including employee wellness, employee engagement, culture and work-life balance.

6. A focus on employee experience will overcome process design in HR
Using the idea of design thinking, HR teams in 2017 will stop designing “programs” for onboarding, learning, collaboration or other purpose, and instead study and design integrated, high-value “experiences ” that excite, engage and inspire employees.

7. Digital HR and learning will help us to reinvent learning and development and HR systems
Digital solutions in HR will mean new approaches, such as embracing hackathons ; taking a minimal viable products approach to get new solutions out the door quickly; and increasing transparency by sharing information more freely at work and letting people comment on it or rate it.

8. The leadership market will start a process of reinvention
The “Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 ” research shows that millennials are unhappy with the lack of leadership training. At the same time, Deloitte s new high-impact leadership research indicates that companies should shift away from traditional leadership training programs to focus to culture, learning through interactions and relationships, and continuous feedback and coaching.

9. Diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias will become a top priority
Research have shown that diversity improves bottom line performance. HR organisations should make sure they capture the right information, share it formally and develop a holistic inclusion and diversity program that touches all talent practices. The learning and development function will continue to struggle. Learning and development organisations should embrace self-directed learning and build a learning experience that helps individuals at all levels learn all the time.

10. The learning and development function will continue to struggle
Learning and development organisations should embrace self-directed learning and build a learning experience that helps individuals at all levels learn all the time.

11. The future of work is here and HR is in the hot seat
As the rapid commoditisation of artificial intelligence (speech recognition, natural language processing, sensors and robotics) could impact almost every job, the real job of HR leaders will be to figure out what all of this means and to redesign jobs, work and organisations so the “people side” of work has more importance and focus than ever.

“This shift in structure changes the way we lead, manage and move people throughout the company,” said Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte.

“It also pushes us to continuously learn – faster than ever. Companies must try new things, such as crowdsourcing in which you can obtain ideas, content and services through an online community, rapidly deploy new products and services, iterate, and quickly learn what fails and what works. This customer-centric way of doing business has shifted decision-making to the edges of the company, and requires a new way of thinking about management and HR.”

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Online HR Courses #hr #courses, #human #resource #management #courses, #human #resource #management #degree, #human #resource #management #course #outline #and #description, #human #resource #management #course, #human #resource #management #degree #online, #human #resource #management #diploma, #human #resource #management #education, #human #resource #management #online #courses, #human #resource #management #training


It is widely recognized that people are an organizations most valuable assets. However, in many organizations, people are also the most costly resource. Individual working patterns are changing as more people work from home, build portfolio careers, take sabbaticals, work flexible hours or are on short-term, fixed contracts. Organizations also face new challenges as the internet enables the smallest company to operate internationally and compete against multinationals. In addition, new technology such as mobile communication, social media, and outsourcing are changing how recruitment is carried out. For these reasons, companies invest in recruiting, HR training courses, developing and retaining the best people of the job. Thus organizations need experts with an understanding of human resource management and the skills to help them guide, support and manage this crucial business function.

This human resource program uses current and classic theory and research to develop a critical understanding of both the theory and practice of human resource management (HRM). The focus is on strategic and individual level improvements, through assessment of the role of HRM in modern organizations, the issues involved in developing strategic aims (including on an international basis), employment relations, and selecting, motivating, and developing staff. EDUQUAL has worked with expert practitioners to develop online management courses as part of our Level 7 (Postgraduate) Diplomas in Strategic Human Resource Management to explore HRM issues from an international and global perspective.

As a leading HR college, the Westford School of Management offers a range of human resources and management training courses.

Human Resource Management Program Structure

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HR at MIT #personal #loan #rates

#educational loans

Educational Loan Plan

MIT offers loans to eligible employees to help offset the financial burden of providing an undergraduate or graduate college education to eligible dependent children.


You are generally eligible for the Educational Loan Plan if you work at least 50% of the normal full-time work schedule in your department, laboratory, or center, are appointed to work at MIT for at least one year, and are paid by MIT. Learn more about eligibility.

Time to enroll: Whenever you are eligible — no need to wait for annual Open Enrollment.

Next Steps

How the Plan Works

More on Eligibility

Tenured faculty may apply for the Educational Loan Plan upon employment at MIT and are not subject to the one-year waiting period.

All the provisions of the Educational Loan Plan are subject to the terms of your collective bargaining agreement.

How to Apply

Educational Loan Plan applications are not processed by the MIT Benefits Office. The loan is processed by Financial Aid Delivery in Student Financial Services. Mail your application to Room 11-120, attention MIT Education Loan Administrator or contact Gail Novak at 617-253-3342.


Review the Educational Loan Plan section of the comprehensive Children’s Scholarship Plan Booklet (below ) for full details about this plan. Still have questions? Contact the Benefits Office.