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  • High dismissal rate for TMB and state board complaints
  • Former TMB Attorneys & State Prosecutors
  • AV-RATED and Peer Reviewed Attorneys by Martindale Hubbell
  • Firm Attorneys include Board Certified Specialists in Administrative Law, Labor and Employment Law, and Criminal Law
  • Approved in-network counsel for major Texas insurance carriers

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Texas Medical License Lawyers

The Texas medical license lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm PC are devoted to the legal representation of physicians, medical professionals (i.e. nurses, pharmacists, and dentists) in administrative licensing and healthcare matters in both state and federal disputes, regulatory inquiries and investigations, criminal defense and healthcare related transactions. We are a physician/clinician-friendly firm, and do not represent entities who have filed a complaint and caused an investigation by a regulatory body or board which could result in a restriction of the provider to engage in their ongoing profession. We have made this choice decisively, despite financial incentives to represent interests adverse to those the firm believes are paramount to the delivery of safe and effective healthcare to the public at large. In short, we do not represent hospitals, but focus on the provider, who we believe is the mainframe and ultimate differential that distinguishes the delivery of optimal medical care.

Since our inception, we have successfully represented vast numbers of physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, and psychologists (etc.) in both disciplinary and post-disciplinary licensure matters involving judicial review and rule challenges with successful appellate decisions issued by the Supreme Court of Texas and/or the jurisdictional Court of Appeals/District Court from which the matter was adjudicated. Additionally, we have successfully handled multiple transactional disputes and negotiations with medical staff matters/hospital peer review, the organizational structuring and licensing of pharmacies and other healthcare related entities, and transactional disputes and litigation on behalf of our clients. We are particularly versed in handling Physician / Texas Medical Board complaints which involve either standard of care or behavioral concerns including chemical dependency, intemperate use cases and boundary violations. Inclusive of these files is the relationship to the standard/quality of care provided by the physician, non-therapeutic prescribing, the inadequate maintenance and documentation of medical records. We have also successfully handled and resolved multiple psychiatrist/physician sexual boundary violations resulting in the physician s ability to continue to see patients without the loss of their license or other restrictive prohibitions which would render their practice impossible.

If you are in danger of being disciplined by your medical or professional licensing board pursuant to an ongoing complaint or investigation, then please contact the experienced and recognized Texas medical license defense lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm PC as we stand ready to advise, counsel and defend you with regard to your healthcare-related legal concern(s). To discuss your case with one of our attorneys today, please contact us by calling (512) 495-9995.

For information regarding current legal issues particular to your case, the Texas Medical Board, Texas Board of Nursing, or your licensing agency, please read through this site and visit our blog: Additionally, contact one of the firm s lawyers for information specific to your legal problem -we offer a free initial telephone assessment and individual personal consult if necessary.

Practice Emphasis

Our boutique litigation practice is devoted to the legal representation of physicians and other licensed professionals in a variety of aspects relating to their practices and professions. Focusing its attention on Professional License Defense, Administrative, Health, and Criminal Law, The Leichter Law Firm is able to draw upon its experience in these areas to provide quality client representation. The firm is located in downtown Austin, Texas.

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To discuss your particular case with one of our experienced and compassionate Texas professional license defense attorneys, please contact us today by calling (512) 495-9995.

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Reports show 9% of the knees were failing too early, and there was evidence of loosening in HALF of all the patients

On June 20, 2010, an article in the New York Times discused the recurrent problems Zimmer Corporation has had with the failures of their orthopedic implants. Dr. Richard Berger, noted orthopedic surgeon from Chicago, Illinois, has been designing surgical instruments and artificial joints for Zimmer for over a decade. Zimmer had Dr.Berger train other Orthopedic Surgeons at seminars and conferences in how to proroperly implant their joint protheses.

When Dr. Berger noticed that one of the Zimmer knee protheses he had been using was failing at a much earlier rate than other knee implants, he told Zimmer the problem. He explained the component creats excess pressure which prevents the thigh bone (femur) from fully fusing with the implant. Instead of cooperating with Dr. Berger to determine the cause of the problem, Zimmer abruptly quit working with Dr. Berger and told him that the problem was his technique not the implant. When Dr. Berger learned another Orthopedic Surgeon, who was also a Zimmer consultant, was haing the same problems with the knee implants, they presented their study at the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons national meeting in 2009.

Their results showed that 9% of the knees were failing too early, (normally, knee implants should last 15-20 years), and there was evidence of loosening in HALF of all the patients with the NexGen CR Flex uncemented knees.

Two years ago in a similar incedent, another one of the top Zimmer consultants, Larry Dorr, complained of problems he was having with the Zimmer Durom acetabular cup used in hip implants. He had been one of the developers of the implant and had also taught hundreds of other Orthopedic Surgeons how to preform the procedure. When he informed Zimmer of the problems, Zimmer told Dr. Dorr it was not their implant but it was his technique that was at fault.

Consult A Doctor On Medical Issue
The Steinberg law firm does not intend, by this web site or otherwise, to dissuade anyone from taking medication without their doctors’ approval. Please consult your doctor, not your lawyer, on matters relating to your health. Patients should talk to their physicians to decide whether they are at risk with their Zimmer knee implant.

Consult A Lawyer on Legal Issues
If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to a defective Zimmer knee implant, call or e-mail for a free consultation.

Our description of your legal rights is not intended to imply that any product is defective. That can only be determined through a case-specific investigation.

Zimmer and Zimmer products are trademarks owned by Zimmer, Inc. The use of this trademark is solely for product identification and informational purposes. Zimmer, Inc. or any of its companies are not affiliated with this website.

Oxinium, Profix, and Genesis are trademarks owned by Smith Nephew. The use of this trademark is solely for product identification and informational purposes. Smith Nephew or any of its companies are not affiliated with this website.

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Legal Help & Resources for Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

”Billy and myself have and do feel your firm is and was a Blessing to our family. We are still climbing hills in Billy s recovery but Without y all we could not have survived. The compassion and concern, TRUE CONCERN, that we had and have received is by far extraordinary.

We cannot thank you all enough for taking the weight off the most horrific time in our Family and carrying it to the end. We could not have had a better firm than Newsome Melton. You all deserve a gold medal daily for all you do.“

Sincerely, William Dickens and family

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries or trauma to a person s spinal cord can cause a host of problems from minor chronic pain, to debilitating physical limitations, or even paralysis. This website provides information for spinal cord injury survivors about the various types of spinal cord injuries, resources for families and caregivers, and information about legal options for pursuing funding for care.

We’ve helped brain and spinal cord injury survivors and their families recover millions for care and treatment

By focusing on a relatively few number of catastrophic injury cases, our firm will always give you the care and attention you deserve.

We limit our practice to only the most serious injury cases involving brain injury, spinal cord injuries or death. Because we help only clients with the most serious injuries, we don’t have a “volume” practice, like other law firms who take anything that comes in the door. As our client, you will know and work directly with us, your lawyers – not just a legal assistant or paralegal.

Our firm has a track record of jury verdicts for brain and spinal cord injury survivors.

Our firm has received the highest peer review ratings because we win cases – not just through settlements – but in the courtroom and in trial with juries and judges. With a proven track record of litigating serious cases against big hospitals and corporations, the other side knows we have the financial strength to go the distance.

No up-front costs or fees whatsoever unless we win your case.

Through trial, a typical case will cost in excess of 150, 000 for things like expert witnesses, depositions, filing fees and exhibits. And this is in ADDITION to the attorney’s fees. Most families can’t afford to pay fees or costs so we handle most of our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means we front all of the costs and get paid from a percentage of the recovery. And if we lose (which fortunately only rarely happens), you don’t owe us a dime for fees or costs.

South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers – The Joel Bieber Firm #south #carolina #car #accident #lawyer,personal #injury #attorney,greenville #accident #lawyers,personal #injury #claim,south #carolina #personal #injury #lawyers,car #accident #attorneys,south #carolina #lawyers,personal #injury #claims,personal #injury #lawsuit,sc #personal #injury #lawyers,greenville,spartanburg,gaffney,anderson,greer,easley,simpsonville,fountain #inn,powellsville,inman,welford,benson


The Joel Bieber Firm

Car Accidents

Thousands of injuries occur every year due to Car Accidents. There are many factors that contribute to these accidents:

  • Fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Cell Phones
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Inattentiveness
  • Impatience

Many times drives are not paying attention or simply disobeying traffic laws and signals. The weather conditions may also contribute to this high number of accidents. These are no excuses for why you must suffer through the pain of a car accident. Along with physical injuries, you may also incur expensive medical bills, including chiropractic care, physical therapy or even surgery. Often times, you are also left with the expense of fixing your car or worse, experiencing a total loss, if the property damage is significant enough.

You may ask yourself….Do I need a Car Accident Lawyer? Dealing with an insurance claim is difficult. The insurance companies do not play nice. They are interested in turning a profit and settling your claim for less than you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in a South Carolina Car Accident, let us go to work for you. Contact the Joel Bieber Firm today!

Attorneys & Counselors at Law • Affiliated Professional Corporations & Association

The Joel Bieber Firm, South Carolina personal injury lawyers, located in Greenville, South Carolina. Our firm also includes Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia personal injury lawyers. Personal Injury Attorney Disclaimer: In our site, you will find information about personal injury claims. our personal injury lawyers. brain injury claims. car accident lawyers ,truck accidents ,workers compensation claims. brain injury. dog bite injuries. job injuries. and car wrecks Any information herein on this website is not formal legal advice, nor the formation of an attorney client relationship. This website is designed for general information only. The Joel Bieber Firm does offer free legal consultations to help you decide if you have a claim to pursue.

Copyright © 2017 The Joel Bieber Law Firm • Offices in South Carolina and Virginia • Links • Sitemap

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Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage

In Washington, the terms divorce and dissolution of marriage are synonymous. The distinction between the terms is the Washington State Legislature’s choice to use “dissolution of marriage” as the legal term for divorce. In order to obtain a divorce decree in Washington, you are required to meet the following conditions:

■ You must be legally married or have achieved common-law marriage status in a state that recognizes common-law marriage. Washington does not recognize common-law marriage.

■ Either you or your spouse must be a Washington resident and plan to remain living in Washington. If you or your spouse is a member of the military, and will be stationed in Washington for a minimum of 90 days after the Petition for Dissolution is filed and served, the residency requirement is satisfied.

■ At least one spouse believes the marriage is irretrievably broken.

■ As the party filing for divorce, you must properly serve a Summons and Petition for Dissolution upon your spouse.

■ Subsequent to filing and serving the Petition for Dissolution, at least 90 days must pass.

At Eagle Law Offices, P.S. our attorneys represent your interest in divorce and all family law matters. Our attorneys, along with the assistance of our skilled staff, will work with you in preparing all necessary documents and presenting your needs to the court in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Through decades of practicing family law, Paul Eagle has provided legal advice and assistance to hundreds of people in divorce proceedings.

If you are facing dissolution of your marriage and need a Seattle divorce attorney, please contact Eagle Law Offices, P.S. at 206.426.6961 to discuss your divorce or marriage dissolution circumstances.



They were very to the point and didn’t waste our time giving us empty promises. We really enjoyed working with them and hope they continue to help others the way they helped us for a long time.

“Paul and Kim, thank you so much for all you have done for us! We cannot thank you enough for your direction, patience, sense of humor and prayers over the last year. We know God gave us you to lean on. And out of this difficult time came such a special friendship-what a wonderful thing!”

“Thank you for all your hard work, soul, prayers, and love on our behalf.”

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Florida: Sex Crime Lawyers

Charged with a Sex Crime?

You’ve come to the right place. If you’re facing sex crime charges or other charges that would force you to register as a sex offender and have questions about the sex offender registry — you should speak with a sex crimes lawyer today.

A charged sexual offender faces unique problems, and a qualified sex crimes lawyer can help.

Use FindLaw to hire a local sex crimes attorney to help you defend yourself.

Need an attorney in Florida?

FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to car accidents to DUI law.

Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Florida attorney for legal advice.

How do I choose a lawyer?

Consider the following:
Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

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Attorney / Lawyer Salary

Job Description for Attorney / Lawyer

Attorneys apply the law to specific situations and advise their clients on a course of action based on legal rights and responsibilities. Some attorneys work in the business world, providing counsel to corporate clients on business transactions. Other attorneys work with persons in the legal system, advocating on their behalf and representing them in court actions.

Attorneys specialize in an area of law, such as contracts, criminal cases, or patent litigation. Most lawyers work in private practice, either self-employed or with a group of attorneys hired by clients for specific matters. Some lawyers work as in-house counsel for a corporation or government entity.

Since much of the legal system is time-sensitive, most attorneys must work long hours. Most attorneys work in an office environment, law library, or a courtroom setting.

Attorneys must complete many years of education; after attaining an undergraduate degree, they must complete a program, typically three years long, at a law school to obtain the juris doctorate degree (J.D.). To practice as an attorney, one must pass a lengthy, difficult examination that varies state by state. Attorneys must have excellent analytic ability and be able to interpret laws and legal rulings. They must be skilled at gathering and applying information, as well as be very detail-oriented, able to retain large amounts of information, and accurate in execution of their duties. Attorneys must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and be able to generate persuasive arguments. They also must excel at problem-solving tasks.

Attorney / Lawyer Tasks

  • Advise clients in business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits or legal rights and obligations.
  • Select jurors, argue motions, meet with judges and question witnesses during the course of a trial.
  • Represent clients in court or before government agencies, present and summarize cases to judges and juries.
  • Gather evidence to formulate defense or to initiate legal actions; evaluate findings and develop strategies and arguments for presentation of cases.
  • Analyze and interpret laws, rulings and regulations with probable case outcomes for individuals and businesses.

Common Career Paths for Attorney / Lawyer

Attorney / Lawyer in Hillsborough:

Behind the culture bell curve.

Pros: I have an awesome boss who has been a great mentor. We work with real people with real issues, so most days are pretty active. I feel that I m learning a lot about how basic elements of how the world works.

Cons: Really only the formality of the culture: the suits, the impossible expectations (of clients) of perfection from a human system, etc. I miss feeling like a regular human being in jeans and a t-shirt on the sidewalk.

Attorney / Lawyer in Newport Beach:

Pros: Flexibility with schedule and coming and going.

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How Much Does a DWI Lawyer Charge

If a prosecutor has charged you with driving while intoxicated. or DWI, you will need a lawyer. If you’ve never hired an attorney before, you might not know how much one costs. This article will explain how a DWI lawyer handles billing.

Several factors can impact your total legal bill, including:

  • The lawyer’s billing method
  • The billing rate
  • The amount of additional legal expenses
  • How long it takes to resolve your case

A lawyer’s billing method can have as much an influence on how much you’ll pay as the billing rate the lawyer charges within that billing method. Most DWI attorneys will use one of two billing methods: an hourly fee or a flat fee. They function the way they sound.

With an hourly fee, also called an hourly rate, you pay the attorney by the hour for the actual time he or she works on your case. Obviously, the longer your case takes, the more you will pay.

A flat fee is one price for your lawyer’s time, regardless of how long it takes to wrap up your case. However, your lawyer may have one fee if you agree to plead guilty or to a plea agreement, and another fee if you want to take your case to trial.

Rates for DWI attorneys can be competitive. But with pending charges, you do not have the luxury of time.

You can try to negotiate fees with an attorney who represents clients facing DWI charges (also known as operating while intoxicated. or OWI, or driving under the influence. or DUI). But any negotiation should take place before you hire a lawyer. Once you have hired a lawyer, it is too late to renegotiate the fees.

Beyond fees that pay for the lawyer’s time, you’ll also have to pay for related legal expenses. Such expenses may include:

  • An investigator’s time
  • A paralegal’s time
  • Photocopying
  • An expert witness’s fees
  • Travel-related expenses

Depending on the state, you may also have to pay for additional fees if found guilty. For example, North Carolina has criminal court fees for everything from phone systems to time spent in jail.

Hiring a DWI Lawyer by the Hour

A DWI lawyer’s rates are determined by considering:

  • The lawyer’s experience with DWI and criminal defense cases
  • The cost of overhead to run the office or law firm
  • The going rate in the area
  • If you do hire a DWI lawyer who charges an hourly fee, you’ll also probably pay a retainer fee. This fee acts as a down payment. You’ll then likely receive monthly statements, which your attorney will expect you to pay promptly.

    Hourly attorneys who represent clients charged with DWI break the fee into smaller chunks. Some lawyers will divide the hour into 15-minute increments and some into 6-minute increments.

    What this means is that you could pay more in the long run if your attorney breaks the hour into 15-minute increments. Take the example of a 5-minute phone call. An attorney who charges $200 an hour in 15-minute increments will charge you $50 for the call. But an attorney who charges the same $200 an hour in 6-minute increments will only charge you $20 for the same 5-minute call.

    You should know that lawyers with a busy practice representing many clients charged with DUI may charge more an hour than a recent law school graduate. But because experienced lawyers may be more efficient with their time, they may save you money in the long run.

    Hiring a DWI Attorney for a Flat Fee

    Some DWI lawyers prefer to use a flat fee. This is because they can receive the money up front.

    If you want to hire a DWI lawyer who uses a flat fee, be absolutely clear what is included in the price. For example, court fees are usually not included. You don’t want to be taken by surprise.

    Also, most DWI lawyers do not allow refunds. This means if you decide to switch attorneys in the middle of your DUI prosecution, you may not get your money back.

    Here are some questions to ask a prospective attorney who charges a flat fee:

    • How much is the fee if I agree to plead guilty or try to work out a plea agreement?
    • How much is the fee if I insist on going to court?
    • Is the fee refundable?
    • What items are included in the fee? What is not included?
    • What kind of payments do you accept? Can I use a credit card?
    • Do you offer payment plans?
    • Can I stretch out my payments past the point my case is resolved?

    The Cost of Hiring a DWI/DUI Lawyer

    You can see that you need to ask a lot of specific questions to fully understand how a DWI attorney charges for his or her time. Here are some questions that will help:

    • Do you charge a flat fee or hourly fee?
    • What is your rate?
    • What does the rate include? What will I have to pay for separately?
    • Can you give me an estimate for all the related legal expenses I will have to pay outside of the legal fee?
    • How and when do you expect payment?
    • Is there room for negotiation?

    The answers to these questions will tell you just how much it costs to hire a DWI lawyer.

    Pamela N #bankrupty #lawyer


    Bankruptcy Insolvency Advice and Counsel

    Facing financial hardships can be an emotional time for individuals and families. You need sound legal advice and the support of an experienced attorney who knows how to help you move past your financial situation. Whether you have suffered a job loss, extensive medical bills or feel buried in debt, Pamela N. Maggied, Attorney at Law can help you find the right solution for your situation.

    When is the right time to schedule your free initial consultation? At the first sign that your financial problems feel overwhelming you should seek professional advice. Pamela N. Maggied can help you resolve your debt issues.

    For 38 years Pamela N. Maggied has worked with clients who feel intimidated and confused by the pressures of debts and phone calls, or by the process of filing for bankruptcy. Clients deal directly with Pamela or her assistant, no middle-man or associate, so you can be assured she knows every detail of your situation, and will work to ensure the best outcome for you.

    Pamela N. Maggied offers solutions based on each client s financial hardship in a clear, concise manner that helps clients understand the complete process.

    Call us today at 614.464.2236 to schedule your free initial consultation.

    Pamela N. Maggied s law practice has been devoted to the bankruptcy and insolvency areas since 1980. Pamela knows that every situation is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Born and raised in Gallipolis, Ohio, Pamela N. Maggied graduated summa cum laude in 1975 from Ohio University and received her JD in 1979 from The Ohio State University College of Law. Ms. Maggied has been certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law since 1993, and has been a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) since 1992. She has been recognized as a Super Lawyer® for 11 years in a row, 2007 – 2017.


    West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney, #lawyers, #west #palm #beach #bankruptcy #lawyer, #chapter #13 #bankruptcy


    Bankruptcy Attorney Lake Worth, Fl.

    Do you need a potential debt free fresh start? If so, you need to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and put a stop to the harassing calls, stop wage garnishment and other lawsuits being currently filed against you. Chapter 7 is considered the simplest type of bankruptcy, where you come out with the best chance for a fresh start. I am an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Lake Worth, Fl.

    West Palm Beach Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

    Chapter 13 bankruptcies on the other hand allow debtors to reorganize the debt and like Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it may totally erase or greatly reduce many types of unsecured debts. However, under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you are required to repay a portion of your debts through a debt repayment plan which is supervised by the court.

    Foreclosure Defense Attorney near Boca Raton

    Facing foreclosure can be a scary situation for you and your family. As an experienced Palm Beach foreclosure defense attorney in Lake Worth. I want you to know that you do not have to lose your home just because you fall into foreclosure. Let our aggressive foreclosure defense legal services put a stop to it!

    Mortgage Loan Modification Attorney

    Not all loan modification attorneys are the same. Although most lenders utilize the same applications and request the same documentation from borrowers, experienced loan modification attorneys can best serve your needs. Because your documentation is time-sensitive, it is crucial that you see a professional as soon as practicable to direct you through the process.

    Small Business Services, Formation and Compliance

    It does not take a rocket scientist to form a corporation with a simple form and a filing fee to the State of Florida, Division of Corporations. The question is where do you go from there? Let our office help you make a determination regarding which corporate vehicle best suits your purposes and reduces your risk and liability.

    Lake Worth Bankruptcy, Debt Relief and Small Business Attorney

    My name is Alberto H. Hernandez and I am a debt relief attorney practicing in Palm Beach County and the rest of the Tri-County area of Florida, who seeks to help people with issues relating to debt collection, car repossessions, loan delinquencies, credit card debt, garnishment of wages and bank accounts, and foreclosure defense. I also help folks who want to form a company, those who need advice on corporate compliance and purchase and sales of businesses. I have been an attorney working in South Florida since 1991 and I have seen my share of cases and folks with stressful situations brought about by loss of job, medical problems, divorce or separation and other dire circumstances. Forming a new business and complying with the law can also be stressful.

    If you are on my website it is probably because you or your company are now being harassed by creditors, have received a lawsuit summons and complaint, and/or are now overwhelmed by debt. You may also be apprehensive about taking the step to begin a business. The truth is, I can almost always help you with your financial problems whether they are business or personal. At minimum, I can point you in the right direction for your circumstances. Whether I can advise you to file bankruptcy to lessen your financial burden or suggest a way to negotiate with your creditors, you can only get informed if you take an affirmative step forward.

    The key is to set up an appointment as soon as possible so that I can listen and learn about your particular situation. There is no obligation and the consultation is free. Let me provide you with compassionate debt relief solutions and alternatives so that you can obtain peace of mind in due course. I am a seasoned Bankruptcy Attorney in Lake Worth, Fl. willing to work with you in order to get you out of debt in a way that protects you!

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