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term life insurance lead

I have tried multiple sources for internet based life insurance leads. Even paying to have a site made. it works.. but costs a ton via pay-per click for leads. ?: prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /

Of all the sites and marketing groups I have tried Insurance has been the most successfull. k=279797

If you try it they will give you $100 of free leads (matching). These are NOT exclusive leads so be ready to call them emediatly. I have the leads sent to my phone. If you are the first to speak to the prospect you have a 70% shot of closing the case right then.

WARNING: Don’t expect that these leads are going to be easy. I buy 3 leads per day at a cost of $13 per lead. (You can have it set up to get them only on certain days). In a weeks time (15 leads), 8 are BOGUS (get refunded), 3 Sale Made, 2 Can’t be reached (LEAVE MESSAGES.. most don’t), 2 spoke with and have to “WORK” to make the sale.

Talk with them k=279797 it might be a nice little addition to your practice.

I have been using them for two years. Last year I bought leads for 40 weeks. (600 leads).. sold 128 polciys.. (placed 82.. some people go to the internet for quotes once the Dr. tells them they are on the stiarway to heaven). Average annual premium sold $94 / month. Total Premium Placed = $92600. I made $53,000 – $3,700 (bogus leads get refunded) = $49,000. Not too bad for @ 3 hours a day work.

Let me know via this sight how it is working for you. Lets share ideas on how to get this and other marketing effrots to work better for us.


Hmm spell check would have been a good idea.


New Promotion that k=279797 is running. 20 Free Leads (Up to $300 in value)


Please post if you have tried. What is working or not working with your approach?



Bonk this post is not for my site… just showing that a 3rd party vendor works. It works for me.


The “About Us” portion of the site is pretty weak. All it says about them is “Our goal is to be the number one term life insurance resource for the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. We make finding the right insurance easy.” Then a bunch of jargon that doesn’t have anything to do with the site. I just send a couple of minions to the pregnancy ward of the hospital to get the husbands info.


Point taken @ my site. The site was just to get the first page lead info… the generic volume is to buff up site for search engines. I have gotten a few notes about the site, the point of the post it to say the the leads vendor works for me… BETTER than my own web site via pay per click.


Have you tried their Annuity leads?


I have not used them for annuity leads.


I’m going to give them a shot, will keep updated.


Gettingstarted .. how did it go? What type of call/reach/bogus ratio did you pull your first week? MAKE SURE to get REFUNDS on any lead that is BS. Can’t wait to hear how it worked for you.


Ray- Please post what you emailed me.


Sold 2 out of the 15 free leads.


“Sold 2 out of the 15 free leads. ” T

he leads can be great or crap. They do refund quick on the bs leads. 1/3 BS leads, 1/3 Sale, 1/3 working.


“Sold 2 out of the 15 free leads. ” The leads can be great or crap. They do refund quick on the bs leads. 1/3 BS leads, 1/3 Sale, 1/3 working.

The 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 seems to be holding true. I have been getting refunded on the 1/3 junk leads, and about half the “working” leads turn out to be junk. So selling 2, working 1, and refunded 3 is more like the ratio.


52 policys PLACED PAID YTD. 337 Leads bought. 142 Leads refunded. 52 / 195 @ 26% YTD

Ask how many agents are working the leads in your area.. DONT buy if more than 3 other agents in your area- this is good but no reason to tip over each other.

I set my lead screener to 250K face min, over 35 yo under 65, and NO health conditions.

I sell Term Ins. 94% of the time with these leads, I cant think of a situation where a face of under 250K is suitable coverage. 35-65 is the Term Ins. sweet spot, under 35 and you make NO $$$ selling it. Over 65 and you have a diffrent set of products to consider. The health conditions is something I flip on and off. I hate to pay for a lead for a person who is the walking dead- “My doctor told me I have” . I have made good $ selling to people who have been turned down by other companys though.. rated policys make the most $$$. It is a coin flip, I just toggle on and off.

Good Luck with your sales!


I have been seriously considering moving forward with and you have pretty much sealed that deal. I am going to try it as well. I do have a few questions for you if you had some time to respond.

What have you found to be your average lead cost? Still holding steady at $13 per lead?

Do you only market to a radius around Charlotte? The whole state? How do you approach that? What’s the population there?

Do you have staff that does the contacting for you? Either way, about how much time does it take total to close it? Are the prospects pretty receptive?

Any tips to make sure that you are the first agent to contact them? How quickly do you find that other agents call the leads first?

Any scripts or form emails you might care to share? Any systems or processes you use that work?

Any luck cross-selling your investments?

Have you tried any other lead sites and had good results?

OK, thanks for any answers you have the time to give. I appreciate the guidance and will be sure to report my results here in a few months.


What have you found to be your average lead cost? Still holding steady at $13 per lead? The last group have been $24.40/lead with the 250K face min, over 35 yo under 65, and NO health conditions.

Do you only market to a radius around Charlotte? The whole state? How do you approach that? What’s the population there? 15 miles from my zip has @ 1million people.

Do you have staff that does the contacting for you? I do ALL of the first 4 attempts, then turn them over to a couple of new guys. If the contact is not made right away, then the lead is usually junk.

Either way, about how much time does it take total to close it? My record from time of getting the lead and submitting the app in 7 min. The normal is @ 1 hour all in.

Are the prospects pretty receptive? When they are real yes, when some jerkorf signed them up to fill out a paid survey they are pissed. Just be kind and give them the name and number of your Insurance leads contact to be asked to be put on DNC list.

Any tips to make sure that you are the first agent to contact them? How quickly do you find that other agents call the leads first? Have the lead sent to your PDA, and call them AS SOON AS YOU GET THE LEAD.

Any scripts or form emails you might care to share? Any systems or processes you use that work? Just say you are responding to their request for a life insurance quote. Always ask for the close, ask to get togeather or take app over phone.

Any luck cross-selling your investments? Have sold a few investment accounts, @ 300K total.. These are really term-ite leads.

Have you tried any other lead sites and had good results? Quite a few, NewQuote, InsuranceLeadz, LifeSolutions, I have been doing this for 14 years, alot have come and gone.

Lead lining, burning, filling and welding

#lead #lining, #lead-burning, #lead #welding, #lead-filling, #pier #anodes, #wire #solder #supplier


Global supplier of lead and metal products

Canada Metal North America is Canada’s oldest and most diversified producer and marketer of processed lead-based products serving the medical, nuclear, marine and construction industries

Founded in 1883, Canada Metal brings experience and broad knowledge of manufacturing and specialized applications to its services, which include babbitting, lead burning, lead lamination and lead extrusion and provides lead-filling services to nuclear power facilities and related industries.

We specialize in solutions that are custom-crafted, manufactured with materials that meet and exceed international standards, and guaranteed for quality assurance.


Our Montreal-based manufacturing facility has been expanded and upgraded to introduce the latest advances in technology. Our wide range of products are made with metals of consistent quality and traceability, and all our lead meets or surpasses ASTM B29-03-L50021 standards. Plant capacity and a proprietary control system means that we can guarantee reliable fill rates and consistent delivery schedules for all our customers, all the time.

Custom solutions

Our customers have entrusted us with their unique, most challenging needs in lead and lead-based products and services for more than a century. We bring industry experience and deep knowledge of manufacturing and specialized applications to each product. We are flexible; we work with your specifications, or work with you to create the specifications required for simple and highly complex projects alike. The results are solutions that are custom crafted with precision and manufactured with materials that meet and exceed international standards.


At Canada Metal North America, we believe that your success is our success. We also understand that the service we provide to you before, during and after product delivery is as important as the industry-leading products and services in which you’ve invested. Since we opened our doors, we’ve been deeply committed to providing timely, responsive and personalized customer care to ensure the best results. Our heritage of service begins at the top, with ownership involved in and dedicated to your business.

Our Guarantee

We take customer satisfaction to heart. Our quality assurance guarantee for custom solutions is unconditional and risk-free. Where applicable, independent measurements from accredited companies guarantee the quality and the workmanship of our products. Nothing leaves our plant if we’re not 100% satisfied. So you can be confident that your custom solution is of the highest quality and perfect-fit to your requirements.


All of our products are made from high grade, high-purity metals of consistent quality and traceability.

Our extensive line of lead products, such as sheets, bricks, pipes, extrusions and castings, meet or surpass ASTM B29 – 03 L50021 standard (99.97% purity) and are product-tested and certified to assure successful results.

Popular sizes and formats are maintained in inventory for same day shipment and flexible custom options are available on request.

Call Center Outsourcing and Inbound Call Center Services, outsourcing lead generation.

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Domestic Call Center Outsourcing Trusted, Proven.

Outsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation

Customized, Multi-Channel

Got Pain? We can help.

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Outsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation

Core Competencies

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Outsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generation

Tour our Beverly, MA

Headquarters with our CEO,

  • 750 Seats across 3 Call Centers
  • PCI Level 1 Certified
  • Over 100 Client Portfolio
  • Average Tenure of Clients 5+ years
  • All Representatives are premise-based
  • 3 Locations- Beverly, MA, Portsmouth, NH, and Savannah, GA
  • Site and Geographic Redundancy
  • Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies

Outsourcing lead generation

Get the latest trends and solutions in the Call Centers, happening now

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What Your Customers Are Saying

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“OnBrand24 has been very adept at understanding our brand, our culture and our approach to customer and donor relations,” said Bill McCarthy, CEO of Southwest Indian Foundation.

Southwest Indian Foundation

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24/7 Customer Service. It is vital to any business having live agents ready to assist customers. Read More

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OnBrand24 and Barrett Distribution Centers Initiate Strategic Partnership To Support Growing Demand. Read More

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What is Single-Tasking? Single-tasking, also known as Monotasking, is the exercise of. Read More

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OnBrand24 Exhibiting at NRF Convention Expo NRF Retail’s BIG Show 2017 Convention Expo. Read more

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About Us

Headquartered in Beverly, MA, OnBrand24 is a leading Massachusetts call center with facilities also in Savannah, GA, and Portsmouth, NH. OnBrand24 has clients throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Outsourcing lead generationOutsourcing lead generationOutsourcing lead generationOutsourcing lead generationOutsourcing lead generation

Outsourcing lead generationOutsourcing lead generationOutsourcing lead generation

ELifeTools, Online Marketing Tips for Life Insurance Agents, life insurance lead for agent. #Life #insurance #lead #for #agent

eLifeTools | Web Marketing and Lead Generation Tips Insurance Agents

Life insurance lead for agent

My top 5 tips on generating website leads, including the one I use every day (hint: they re all free!)

Internet marketing is the future of our business and no one does it better than Chris.

Richard J. Wira, Founder of

CASE STUDY: Quick Change Leads to 17x Boost in Conversion!! 🙂

We ve been getting 2000+ hits per month to our term vs whole life insurance calculator for a while now. It s a nice resource with a lot of great backlinks pointing to it, but most months it converts at less than 1%. For example in July it got 2513 visits and produced just 16 leads. = [ ] Click to Continue Reading

Beginner’s Guide to Website Content: 9 Ways to Write Content Google (And Your Audience) Will Love

5 Simple Ways to Add Stunning Visuals to Your Website

One of the best ways to impress your visitors (and google) is with visual stimulation. If you can get this right, your visitors will: stay engaged stay on your site longer convert higher So before you waste another visitor, here are 5 easy ways to add stunning visuals to your site. Like What You See? [ ] Click to Continue Reading

How My Site Generates 1200 Leads Per Month Using Ninja Quoter

For many years, I used Compulife Quotes on my website. It was quick and easy, but they had one major problem. they re ugly! And they re difficult to un-ugly. Then I found Ninja Quoter. (Cue the Hallelujah Music) Ninja Quoter makes it quick and easy to add beautiful looking quoters to your website, like this: [ ] Click to Continue Reading

25 Untapped Insurance Niches

Are you wondering the key to showing up more in Google search and converting more visitors to leads? The best way to get more traffic (and higher conversion) is to create content specifically for a targeted audience. let’s look at some proof. A few years ago, with zero backlinking and zero marketing, I shot [ ] Click to Continue Reading

Announcing the 50 Leads Per Month™ Course (Early Bird Signup Ends Fri 2/17)

Life insurance lead for agent

*Update 8/16/17 The 50 Leads Per Month course is now live and available for purchase at: Hello Agent Friends: It s here! I m excited to announce that I ve officially begun building my first online course, 50 Leads Per Month: The Step-by-Step Handbook to Attracting Online Leads 24/7 for Busy Insurance Agents. And I d like [ ] Click to Continue Reading

Email Optin: If Neil Patel Owned a Dog Training Site (Meme)

Life insurance lead for agent

We ve all seen the Bounce Exchange or Ninja Popups email optins that make us optin in or say No and agree to some crazy statement about why we don t want to opt in. Here are a couple examples (in case you don t get the meme above or in case you ve been living under [ ] Click to Continue Reading

How to Write the Perfect HARO Pitch [Easy-to-Follow Outline]

Life insurance lead for agent

One of the best ways to get some Google love is to get a shoutout from one of the big guys. Hey I write a lot about the best life insurance companies and want to get that information out to as many people as possible! So, who doesn t want a juicy backlink from Forbes or the Wall Street Journal? [ ] Click to Continue Reading

My #1 ROR Marketing Strategy Return on Relationship Marketing

Life insurance lead for agent

So, you want your business to grow fast and have been considering ads, pay per click, blogging, SEO, and purchasing leads… You are chomping at the bit and want to know where your money is best spent. What s going to give you the best ROR? Well I am here to tell you to forget that [ ] Click to Continue Reading

18 Steps to Get Your First Backlinks A Beginners Guide

Life insurance lead for agent

I ve spoken often about the 4 things you need to generate traffic and leads on your site. A website where you can easily add content (like a WordPress site hosted by Bluehost) Free Insurance Quotes You need a quote form like Compulife or Ninja Quoter Original content/articles Some backlinks to your site Most agents [ ] Click to Continue Reading

Life insurance lead for agentHello, I’m Chris Huntley. As a life insurance agent, I’ve built multiple websites that generate over 1500 leads per month. I’m here to show you what I’ve learned. More…


Sign up for our newsletter and learn my top 5 tips on generating website leads , including the one I use every day (Hint: they’re all free!)

“No one does internet marketing better than Chris.”

Best Auto Insurance Lead Providers, Buy Auto Insurance Leads for Agents, insurance agent lead.

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ProspectsForAgents – Get High Intent Insurance Leads

At ProspectsForAgents that’s what we do! Providing qualified insurance leads to professionals across the spectrum of insurance! Internet leads for insurance agents in all the major areas provided directly to you the agents, without any middleman! You need leads, we’ll provide them! Directly to you! Open an account today and be selling those prospects tomorrow!


Buy insurance leads directly from the source! We generate and sell directly, no middleman!

Purchase insurance leads that have been provided through demographic filters you select!

Insurance leads for agents a notification alert allows a quote from you within minutes of application completion!

Our focus on service and quality assures you of only the best insurance leads.

We realize that we’re partners! Poor quality leads or service and we don’t keep your business! Insurance agent leads that don’t turn into policies do nothing for you and frankly do little for us. We understand what our priorities need to be to fulfill our obligations see what our agent centered focus can mean to your business!

There Are Many Insurance Lead Providers And All Of Them Can Provide Leads!

The claims are out there, and each website says that it is one of the “best insurance lead companies”, so how do you choose? Results! You’re a results oriented person and you want any partner to be the same. We retain business by providing quality insurance leads for agents! Results, not hype help us to sustain our relationships. Our focus on quality and our responsiveness to customer demands has kept us in the forefront of providing leads for insurance agents! See how we can help you!

At this is how we work!

  • Our resources both on and offline acquire and trace insurance leads
  • Leads are distributed to our sales agents
  • Scheduling of call backs, distribution of emails and brochures through our exclusive interface without changing applications
  • Enrollment capability for drip marketing that sends emails automatically
  • Monitor lead quality, conversion rate with our reporting tools
  • Our data collection provides you with accurate information to determine ROI, and enables forecasts and permits adjustments to increase success ROI, establish forecasts and adjust for greater success.

The choice is yours but at the choice is easy!

Ever watch children, they are seldom reserved when waiting for something, there’s usually a chorus of “me first, me first!” We want you to choose us because the choice is easy. when you consider our:

  • Agent focus- we are your partner, have a need or problem? We listen!
  • Our management tools make tracking your progress and our commitment easy!
  • Results, results, results! The proof of any claim is the results that are achieved! Judge us by what we do, not what we say!

Event Management Body of Knowledge Project #lead #management #tool


Event Management Body of Knowledge Project

26 October 2003

This project presents a knowledge domain structure as a captured and therefore explicit starting point for a multi-national and multi-disciplinary discussion on a global Event Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK).

Please Note: The EMBOK Project is an educational resource developed and maintained by Julia Rutherford Silvers and has no funding from or affiliation with any other group or association. Unless otherwise attributed, all material has been written by Julia Rutherford Silvers. The material contained herein is copyrighted material and may not be copied or used without explicit written permission. See Terms of Use Disclaimer.

Items On This Page

Items Linked Through This Page – cont.

Items Linked Through This Page

Click here to view a PowerPoint that explains the International EMBOK Model.

What Is EMBOK?

Simply put, EMBOK is a framework illustrating and encompassing the facets of events management that is flexible according to the needs of its user.

Event management is the process by which an event is planned, prepared, and produced. As with any other form of management, it encompasses the assessment, definition, acquisition, allocation, direction, control, and analysis of time, finances, people, products, services, and other resources to achieve objectives. An event manager�s job is to oversee and arrange every aspect of an event, including researching, planning, organizing, implementing, controlling, and evaluating an event�s design, activities, and production.

Event management has been described as an �emerging profession� due to the fact that no academic, government-issued licensing, or private occupational certification credentials are required to practice this complex and responsibility-laden enterprise. Without such credentials, �professional� status is suspect and subject to degradation by the actions of untrained and inexperienced practitioners who are simply not aware of the scope of what needs to be learned in order to be qualified to work in this profession, as well as the scope of the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with such endeavors.

Event management encompasses a multitude of types of events. Although the industry has delineated itself into various categories, all represent the planning and production of an event that brings people together at a particular time, in a particular place, for a particular purpose. The event genres that may be considered as falling within the event management profession for the purposes of this project are illustrated in Table 1.

Table 1

Business Corporate Events

Any event that supports business objectives, including management functions, corporate communications, training, marketing, incentives, employee relations, and customer relations, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

Cause-Related Fundraising Events

An event created by or for a charitable or cause-related group for the purpose of attracting revenue, support, and/or awareness, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

Exhibitions, Expositions Fairs

An event bringing buyers and sellers and interested persons together to view and/or sell products, services, and other resources to a specific industry or the general public, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

Entertainment Leisure Events

A one-time or periodic, free or ticketed performance or exhibition event created for entertainment purposes, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

A cultural celebration, either secular or religious, created by and/or for the public, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events. (Many festivals include bringing buyer and seller together in a festive atmosphere.)

Government Civic Events

An event comprised of or created by or for political parties, communities, or municipal or national government entities, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

A commerce-oriented event to facilitate bringing buyer and seller together or to create awareness of a commercial product or service, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

Meeting Convention Events

The assembly of people for the purpose of exchanging information, debate or discussion, consensus or decisions, education, and relationship building, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

A private event, by invitation only, celebrating or commemorating a cultural, religious, communal, societal, or life-cycle occasion, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

A spectator or participatory event involving recreational or competitive sport activities, scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events.

Professional knowledge, which consists of technical knowledge, specialized skills, and ethical standards used to function within a professional jurisdiction, must be transformed into formal knowledge systems combined with experiential or situational knowledge systems. The proposed knowledge domain structure (Figure 1) captures and makes explicit the scope of this knowledge system, and provides a taxonomy (Tables 2 through 5) for incorporating additional expertise, experience, and transferred knowledge and applications. Note that the Units and Topics are in simple alphabetical order. For more detail on the EMBOK Structure see Updated Structure.

Figure 1

Event Management Body of Knowledge Domain Structure

Revised 03 February 2013

NOTE: This taxonomy was developed prior to the 5-Knowledge Domain format shown above. Therefore, items belonging with the Design Domain are currently interspersed in other

Table 2

The Taxonomy of the Administration Knowledge Domain


Many of the units and topics represent specific specializations, disciplines, or its own distinct industry, with its own body of knowledge and credentials, some requiring specific licenses in many jurisdictions, with which the event manager must interact or subcontract in order to plan and produce an event. For example, catering management, traffic management, and emergency management may all be included within the scope of an event, and all are distinct professions with their own expertise criteria, curricula, and credentials.

At this stage the knowledge domain structure represents a simple mapping of concepts. It is not practical to numerically quantify the units or topics contained in the various certification competency blueprints, vocational qualifications, guides, and texts because, as yet, standard units and terminology have not been adopted by the industry as a whole. This initial taxonomy will serve as a platform that will enable expert participants, from a variety of disciplines around the world, to continue its refinement and develop a shared understanding and interaction.

The proposed domain structure can serve numerous purposes and uses, not the least of which is the illustration of the scope and complexity of this profession to internal and external constituents and stakeholders, current and future practitioners, and allied and supplier industries, thereby increasing respect and reverence for the profession of event management and legitimizing and �expertizing� the functions of event management.

The establishment of a global Event Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK), with this domain structure as the foundation, may influence all levels of academic and professional development programming (formal, association, and informal), research, publications, credentialing, product development, specialization, assessment criteria, and many other outcomes. As usual, once a tool is available, its uses expand beyond its originally conceived purpose.

Considering the fact that event management spans such a variety of event genre and disciplines, the development of a multi-disciplinary-validated Event Management Body of Knowledge will set the stage for development of practice standards that will lead to the legitimacy of event management as a true profession, as well as create a platform for curriculum development, competency assessment for employers, and career mobility for practitioners.

Further development, improvement, expansion, and ratification of the Event Management Body of Knowledge Project depends on the review and input of a broad variety of industry practitioners, experts, certification bodies, and academicians from the full spectrum of event genres and industries.

Charitable Lead Trusts #charitable #lead #annuity #trust


Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead annuity trust gives you a way to make a large gift to charity, get a tax break, and eventually leave assets to family members. These trusts are complicated, and they re most often used by rich people who want to donate to charity and avoid the federal gift and estate tax (which only the very largest estates pay). In recent years, changes in the federal gift and estate tax laws, as well as market conditions, have made charitable lead trusts more attractive to wealthy donors.

You can establish a charitable lead trust during your life or at your death, but it s most common to create one at death. You direct that certain assets (usually cash or securities) be held in the trust for a particular charity. The charity receives payments from the trust each year for a certain number of years. When that period is up, the trust ends, and whatever assets are left in the trust go to beneficiaries you named your children or grandchildren, perhaps.

Advantages of a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

The charity benefits by receiving a reliable stream of income for as long as the trust lasts. The financial benefit to you is that any leftover assets going to your non-charitable beneficiaries can be transferred free of federal gift and estate tax. For example, you could put $1 million in a charitable lead trust and end up with several hundred thousand dollars for your eventual beneficiaries and get the same gift and estate tax benefit as if you had simply written a $1 million check to the charity.

The non-financial benefit, of course, is that you further the work of a tax-exempt entity that you believe in a university, research institution, arts group, hospital, human rights or animal welfare organization, to name just a few possibilities.

Other kinds of charitable trusts also let you save on taxes while making large charitable donations. For more information, see the articles on Charitable Remainder Trusts and Pooled Charitable Trusts .

How the Trust Works

Here s a more detailed look at the mechanics of the trust and some factors you should think about if you re considering this kind of trust as part of your estate planning.

The trust is irrevocable. Once you put assets into a charitable lead trust, they re locked up; you can t change your mind and get them back. Given that it usually doesn t make sense, financially, to create one of these trusts unless you can put $1 million or more in it, it s a big commitment.

How long does it last? Many of these trusts are written to last 10 to 20 years. You can, however, specify that the trust is to last for a certain person s lifetime for example, you might want the trust to last as long as your spouse lives. (There are restrictions on whose life you can use for this purpose only your own, your spouse s, or certain lineal descendants.)

How much will the trust and family members inherit? With an annuity trust, each year the trust pays the charity a percentage of the initial value of the assets. You set the percentage. The charity is guaranteed to get this amount or all of the trust assets, if the money runs out before all of the promised payments can be made. Your non-charitable beneficiaries don t have any guarantees; how much, if anything will be left for them depends on the return on investment of the trust assets. If returns are greater than payments, there will be something left.

How the tax benefit works. When you set up a charitable lead trust, the IRS determines the present value of your total gift to the charity over the life of the trust. The present value of your charitable gift isn t subject to the gift and estate tax.

To make the present value determination, the IRS takes into account the amount that will be paid to the charity each year, the length of the trust, and the expected return on investment of trust assets. The IRS assumes the return on investment of the trust assets will be at the applicable interest rate, also called the hurdle rate. The IRS sets the hurdle rate each month. It is based on U.S. Treasury rates, which means that for the last few years, the hurdle rate has been very low around 1.5% for much of 2012.

The amount the trust assets are expected to be worth at the end of the trust term, less the present value of your gift, leaves the amount your non-charitable beneficiary is expected to receive. Only that amount is subject to gift and estate tax and will likely be covered by using a small part of your gift and estate tax exemption ($5.49 million per person, and twice that for married couples, in 2017).

Example: Say you put $1 million in a 20-year charitable lead trust for your alma mater and direct that the university is to receive $50,000 each year. At the end of 20 years, whatever is left is to go to your daughter. The IRS, using the hurdle rate in effect when you establish the trust, estimates that after 20 years, there will be about $116,000 left for her. That amount is subject to gift and estate tax but because it s well below the exempt amount, no tax will be due. If after 20 years there s actually much more money left for your daughter (because the trust assets grew at a greater than predicted rate), it won t be subject to estate tax (the trust assets are out of your estate). On the other hand, if investment performance is unexpectedly bad, there may be less or nothing for your daughter.

Financial and Legal Planning for a Charitable Lead Trust

Obviously, you need very good legal and financial advice to set up a charitable lead trust. They re very complicated devices, with lots of possible variations. A trust needs to be drawn up by a lawyer who s got a lot of experience with estate tax planning and who understands your financial and personal situation. The trusts desirability also depends on outside factors that change, it seems, constantly: interest rates and federal tax laws. Get reliable, up-to-date advice from an expert before you decide to go down this road.

Talk to an Estate Planning attorney.

Executive War College 2017 Agenda and Speakers, Executive War College meeting for Laboratory and Pathology Management, hosted by THE DARK REPORT, bb sales lead generation.#Bb #sales #lead #generation




Bb sales lead generation

Monday, May 1st, 2017 (top)

Pre-Conference Events

Early Registration and Get Acquainted Reception

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 (top)

Registration and Continental Breakfast

Building Clean Lab Test Claims the Right Way the First Time: Combining the Lean Mindset with New Tools to Boost Collected Revenue

All labs share the common challenge of submitting claims to payers that will result in speedy, accurate payment for those lab testing services. This session will identify new opportunities labs have to translate the challenge of collections into a business opportunity by developing compliant, cost-effective billing processes. Laboratories typically approach front-end operations with a Lean mindset to improve quality, reduce time to result, and reduce operational costs. Laboratories frequently fail to carry this mindset to back-end operations—including revenue cycle operations—thus leaving money on the table. While there is no silver bullet, evaluating business requirements and embracing a plan to re-engineer your revenue cycle is the starting point to achieve operational improvements to reduce costs and improve collections. During this session, you will learn practical steps that can be immediately implemented to drive your laboratory’s profitability in a positive direction.

Bb sales lead generation

Kurt Matthes

Vice President, RCM Reengineering & Service TELCOR Lincoln, NE

Bb sales lead generation

Kwami Edwards

Vice President, Implementations TELCOR, Inc. Lincoln, NE

CHANGE HEALTHCARE A Consolidated Approach to Lab Efficiency: The New Change Healthcare

Medicare Fee Cuts Are Coming: Smart Steps Labs Can Take to Anticipate Lost Revenue, Protect Market Share, and Sustain Physician Satisfaction

This session will be of particular importance to hospital laboratory outreach program managers. Murphy and Myers have provided consulting and business development services to hospital outreach laboratories for more than two decades. They will share how the coming Medicare Part B fee cuts have been modeled by their lab clients.

These models will be demonstrated and the most effective strategies and methods labs should use will be shared. How to predict the financial sustainability of your lab will be emphasized. This session will use the best successes and observed failures of labs to teach the most appropriate steps labs can take to preserve and enhance market share while sustaining physician satisfaction, despite the drop in revenue from the Medicare fee cuts.

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Kathleen Murphy, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor Chi Solutions, an Accumen Company Ann Arbor, MI

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Jeffrey H. Myers, CPA

Vice President, Consulting Chi Solutions, an Accumen Company Ann Arbor, MI

Prepare for Coming Medicare Fee Cuts and Other Changes to Laboratory Payment Models by Focusing on Accurate Cost Accounting and Financial Analysis

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Bradley Brimhall, M.D., MPH

Professor of Pathology and Medical Director, Integrated Healthcare Analytics and Bioinformatics, University of Texas and University Hospital System Director of Medical Analytics, Orchard Software, Carmel, IN San Antonio, TX

Most lab managers are frustrated in their attempts to accurately and precisely measure the cost per test for each assay performed by their laboratory. Blame it on the legacy financial software used by labs and hospitals, along with laboratory information systems that were designed for other functions. This useful presentation will introduce you to new informatics tools designed specifically to help you and your lab team develop detailed, accurate, and timely analysis of your lab’s cost for each assay that it performs. These tools and methods are simple.

Also during this session, you’ll gain insight into different ways to model the financial consequences of the Medicare Part B clinical laboratory test fee cuts that will start on January 1st, 2018. You’ll understand proven approaches to modeling the financial performance of each payer segment, and gain valuable knowledge that your lab team can use to model and project the likely financial performance it can expect during 2018 and beyond.

ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS Driving Advances in Patient Care: Key Strategies to Successfully Integrate Critical Biomarkers into Care Pathways

Why Payers Want More Data from Your Lab and What Your Lab Should Do to Add Value and Stay In-Network

Health insurers are hungry to take in clinical laboratory data. However, most labs don’t understand their opportunity to leverage that data in ways that have great value to the regional insurance companies serving their communities. In recent years, Charles Halfpenny has done extensive contract work on behalf of payers so that they can accept lab test data and use it to advance patient care and better understand opportunities in population health management.

You’ll gain a unique perspective in this session which will feature Hank Vermeulen, who has worked with several of the regional Blue Cross Blue Shield associations. You’ll gain insights from both sides of the table about why payers need more lab test data, how they use it to boost their HEDIS scores, and simple steps your lab can take to deliver value with your lab test data.

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Charles Halfpenny

Chief Technology Officer Halfpenny Technologies, Inc. Blue Bell, PA

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Hank Vermeulen

Founder and President Vermeulen Healthcare Consulting, LLC Naples, FL

ATLAS MEDICAL It is Time for an Intervention! Optimizing Test Utilization — Prevent Misuse of Laboratory Testing, Including Over- and Under-utilization of Tests, While Improving Outcomes, Revenue, and Overall Cost of Care

BD Leveraging Microbiology Laboratory Automation in an Era of Value-Based Purchasing

New Opportunities for Micro Labs to Add Value: Using Data, Automation, and Lean to Improve Outcomes and Support Anti-microbial Stewardship Programs

Many forces are changing microbiology laboratories today. The good news is that many of these changes are helping micro labs to add value in ways that improve patient care and can earn additional revenue.

In the first part of this session, metrics on staff performance and opportunities for success will be identified, using examples from successful microbiology laboratories across the country.

Part two of the session will present approaches to redesigning the microbiology lab to incorporate new automated solutions with Lean and workflow redesign. The basis of the metrics and the methods to be shared come from best-of-class microbiology labs throughout North America.

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Patrick Murray, Ph.D.

Worldwide Senior Director, Scientific Affairs Becton Dickenson and Company (BD) Sparks, MD

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Patrick Maul, MT(ASCP) MBA, Lean Sigma Black Belt

Principal Consultant Becton Dickinson and Company (BD) St. Cloud, FL

Lead Capture Software Software – Free Download Lead Capture Software, ez lead capture.#Ez #lead #capture


Lead Capture Software

Screen Capture Software to capture full or partial screen images with the click of a single button. The captured screen image is automatically saved as a .bmp file. The screenshot captured can be defined to precise size and you can easily drag the. .

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Debut is a professional screen capture software. Record videos from your screen or take screenshots. With Debut you can capture your entire desktop or a selected portion. Save the image or recorded video as avi, flv, wmv and other video file formats.

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AeroLeads is the only web based prospect and lead generation software which find details like name, phone number, email of the leads and business. With AeroLeads you can search thousands of resources and find relevant prospects and leads based on you. .

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Debut Video Capture Software Free for Windows allows you to capture video from your PC. Debut Free can record video from almost any source. You can use pre-production features, such as color, resolution, and output settings.

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Record video from a web cam, video capture device, desktop or portion of your screen and save to avi, flv, wmv and more. Capture video files on your Mac or PC with this easy video recorder software. Video Capture Features Capture video directly to your hard drive Record video in many video file formats including avi, wmv, flv, mpg, 3gp, mp4, mov and more Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera or a video input device (e.

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Digital video camera recorder software create share creative digital movies favorite clips duplex audio recording capture voice add audio video effects to TV commercials make advertisements stand out visually present business demonstrations. .

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Create an image of all or part of what you see you see on your computer monitor PLUS: * Flexible options that let you capture only what you want. * Annotation varieties like arrows, speech bubbles, fancy edge effects and more. * Versatility in what you do with your capture.

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Automatic email lead processing software. eMail-Lead Grabber (formerly known as Web Response Grabber) is an email lead processing software that automatically extracts information from incoming email leads in your Outlook or POP3 and creates a new contact in Excel, Outlook, ACT. and other popular databases eMail-Lead Grabber enables you to: -Automatically process your email leads 80% faster to your database.

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Use Debut Free Video Capture Software to record and capture video from almost any source. You can add captions to videos, adjust color, change resolution, and modify output settings. Record streaming video right to your hard drive.

Lead lease #lead # #lease



Early in World War II the United States devised a plan, dubbed Lend-Lease, to assist the nations that were then fighting the Axis powers (Germany, Japan and Italy). Roosevelt began talking about the plan at a news conference on December 17, 1940, and expanded on the idea during a Fireside Chat on December 29. During the news conference, he commented:

It is possible–I will put it that way–for the United States to take over British orders and, because they are essentially the same kind of munitions that we use ourselves, turn them into American orders. We have enough money to do it. And thereupon, as to such portion of them as the military events of the future determine to be right and proper for us to allow to go to the other side, either lease or sell the materials, subject to mortgage, to the people on the other side. That would be on the general theory that it may still prove true that the best defense of Great Britain is the best defense of the United States, and therefore that these materials would be more useful to the defense of the United States if they were used in Great Britain than if they were kept in storage here.

The proposal brought fierce opposition from isolationists, who correctly regarded it as tantamount to a declaration of war on Germany. Senator Burton Wheeler of Montana drove home the point that there was no statutory limit on the proportion of American defense which Roosevelt could in theory lend to the British:

It gives to one man – responsible to no one – the power to denude our shores of every warship. It gives to one individual the dictatorial power to strip the American Army of our every tank, cannon, rifle, or antiaircraft gun. No one would deny that the lend-lease-give bill contains provisions that would enable one man to render the United States defenseless, but they will tell you, “The President would never do it.” To this I say, “Why does he ask the power if he does not intend to use it?” Why not, I say, place some check on American donations to a foreign nation?

Advocates of Lend-Lease took pains to portray aid to Britain as a means to prevent war with Germany eventually spilling into the Western Hemisphere. Henry Knox, publisher of the Chicago Daily News and Alf Landon`s vice-presidential running mate in 1936. testified before Congress that:

We can be very sure that the devious diplomatic, economic, and political methods which Germany has employed toward all the countries near her would also in the future be employed in the regions to the south of us. First would come economic penetration, near economic dependence, then political immigration and political interference. After that we would see the establishment of puppet regimes under Nazi or native control, and finally the arming of those countries and their military domination by Nazis.

I believe that our people now are determined to put forth their full efforts for saving Britain and thus saving themselves from the burdens of future militarism and war and from an overturn of American life.

The Lend-Lease Act was passed by Congress on March 11, 1941. It provided that the president could ship weapons, food, or equipment to any country whose struggle against the Axis assisted U.S. defense.

By retooling U.S. industrial output to the demands of war, Lend-Lease formally eliminated any semblance of neutrality. President Franklin D. Roosevelt summarized the Lend-Lease Act as “helping to put out the fire in your neighbor`s house before your own house caught fire and burned down.” In effect, it turned the U.S. into an “arsenal of democracy” following the eruption of hostilities.

At the outset, $7 billion worth of American mat�rial was shipped to Great Britain, China, Russia, Brazil and eventually many other countries. The expenditure grew to $50 billion by 1945. Each of those nations was assumed to be fighting not only in its own defense, but in that of the United States as well.*

By permitting the president to ship war equipment and supplies to a besieged Britain, without payback as stipulated by the 1939 Neutrality Act. Lend-Lease empowered the British to resist the German onslaught until Pearl Harbor spurred America into the conflict. In addition, it avoided the prickly issues of post-World War I war debts .

Lend-lease advanced the United States to the edge of war. Such Isolationists as Republican senator Robert Taft spoke against it. The bill would “. give the president power to carry on a kind of undeclared war all over the world, in which America would do everything except actually put soldiers in the frontline trenches where the fighting is,” he correctly observed.

Following World War II, no decision was arrived at for the return of Lend-Lease goods by recipient nations. Some countries, notably Great Britain, had previously offset part of their indebtedness by providing U.S. GIs with goods and services.

Many believed that calling for the return of lent goods would hurt stateside manufacturers economically. Some authorities maintained that all nations fighting the Axis powers had given their all to vanquishing the enemy. They argued that American Lend-Lease contributions were offset by the other Allies` sacrifices.

*The law also provided for “reverse lend-lease,” which accounted for $17 billion worth of mat�riel later required by American soldiers overseas.

Off-site search results for “Lend-Lease”.

Lend-Lease – 1941
Lend-Lease March 11, 1941 This famous law gave President Franklin Roosevelt the authority to aid Great Britain with ships and other war materials in its war with Nazi Germany in 1941. The U.S. did not join the war until December of thaLend-Lease March 11, 1941 This famous law gave President Franklin Roosevelt the authority to aid Great Britain with ships and other war materials in its war with Nazi Germany in 1941. The U.S. did not join the war until December of that year.

Lend Lease Act
Visit ‘); ‘); ‘); Lend Lease Act- 1940 Be it enacted That this Act may be cited a, “An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States.” (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, the President may, from tLend Lease Act- 1940 Be it enacted That this Act may be cited a, “An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States.” (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, the President may, from time to.

Mary Elizabeth Lease
After unsuccessful farming ventures in Kingman County and in Texas, the Leases and their four children moved to Wichita, where Mary Elizabeth took a leading role in civic and social activities. By 1890, her involvement in the growing revolt of.

Solar Energy Projects in California #solar #lead


Google Translate Disclaimer

This link to the Google Translate web application is provided for the convenience of our website visitors and is for informational purposes only.

The California Energy Commission does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of any translation produced by the Google Translate automated web application and is not liable for any inaccurate information resulting from the use of the Google Translate .

The California Energy Commission does not endorse the use of Google Translate ; other translation services may be available to translate the information on our site. Please refer to the Energy Commission’s website Conditions of Use .

Please consult a translator for accuracy if you are relying on the translation or are using this site for official business.

Select a language below:

Solar Energy Projects in California

The table below provides information about projects that have filed applications under the Energy Commission’s jurisdiction (thermal power plant projects 50 MW or larger).

California’s electric utility companies are required to use renewable energy to produce 33 percent of their power by 2020. A main source of renewable power will be solar energy.

Solar thermal projects (above 50 MW) require approvals from both the BLM and the Energy Commission prior to construction. Therefore, to provide joint National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review and a more efficient process, the BLM and Energy Commission have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU also has attachments listing the solar projects the BLM is aware of (as of July 2007) and the time line for the joint review process.

Additional Information

  • Siting Division
  • Overview Map of Large Solar Projects
  • Map of BLM Solar Energy Project Applications
  • Renewables Portfolio Standard

Lead Generation: 1000 Strategies, Ideas, Best Practices – Examples #lead #generation #sales


1000+ Lead Generation Strategies, Ideas, Best Practices Examples


Lead Generation is the art and science of getting a person to give you their first big ‘Yes’: Trusting you enough to provide you with their personal contact information in exchange for your valuable offer.

And while you can read case studies that show people racking up lead lists in the 100,000’s, generating even one lead is not a trivial endevour. You need to build trust and confidence with every single person who visits your website in order to convert them from an anonymous visitors, to an identified, captured lead.

In this guide, we’ve brought together everything we’ve ever learned to create a complete resource for everything you need to know about lead generation.

We hope you find this value in this resource and use it to give your own lead generation campaigns a generous lift.

How to Generate Leads like these
75 Marketing Wizards

If you like examples, then get in here. We’ve scoured the websites of some of our favorite marketing wizards to show you how each of them generates leads on their own websites. In How To Generate Leads Like These 75 Marketing Wizards we’ll show you the popups, landing pages, calls-to-action and more from the best marketers in the industry.

‎Social Media Strategist

Michael Hyatt Company

Co-founder of Kissmetrics

Lead Generation Forms:
50 Strategies, Ideas Best Practices

The form is the action point of any lead generation campaign. Learn how to get your visitors to take action on your forms in Lead Generation Forms: 50 Strategies, Inspiration Best Practices.

Sales Lead Generation:
Strategies, Ideas Examples

Not all leads are created equal. Meaning, not all are ready to buy or even speak to a salesperson about your solution. In Sales Lead Generation: Strategies, Ideas Examples, we’ll show you how to generate leads that are qualified and ready to talk to your sales team.

50-Point Framework for
Big Lead Generation on your Website

In 50-Point Framework For Big Lead Generation On Your Website we’ll give you an entire blueprint for doing lead generation on your website. This will show you how you can put together all of the different pieces and strategies on your site to maximize their effectiveness.

Wishpond’s 1000+ Lead Generation
Strategies, Ideas, Best Practices Examples

Click below to download the most comprehensive collection of lead generation strategies and examples ever compiled. Completely free.


Managed Transportation Services, Transportation Management Software & Consulting Services – Next Generation Logistics, lead generation usa.#Lead #generation #usa


Next Generation Logistics, Inc

1611 Colonial Parkway, Inverness, IL 60067 USA

Transportation Software Solutions Reputation Matters – 29+ years of providing services and software to the supply chain industry. read more

Without Giving Up Control ! Let Us Implement and Execute Your Strategy continue reading

supply chain expertise. They know what works and what is just theory and help clients develop strategies that will improve supply chain performance. continue reading

Looking for Deep Expertise in Supply Chain Services and Software?

Next Generation Logistics, Inc. is a Technology Based Provider Offering Managed Transportation Services, Transportation Management Software (TMS) and Consulting Services.

Managed Transportation Programs and Services

With expertise in both inbound and outbound supply chain solutions, we offer a wide variety of transportation management programs, tailored to your specific needs. Solutions include a needs analysis, ROI calculation, BI tools, system configuration, TMS Software and implementation structured to fit requirements and corporate cultures. Get back to your core competency of running your business while NGL manages your transportation program !

Transportation Management (TMS) Software Solutions

Our FreightMaster and Dynamics TMS solutions are a complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution suite that enables transportation professionals to make effective and efficient business decisions. The software can be quickly deployed, whether you choose our On-Premise, SaaS or Hosted-On Demand models to manage a single company or multiple divisions. Our TMS is written using the most current agile development tools and can be easily integrated into all major ERP suites.

Logistics Consulting Services

With 29+ years of hands on expertise in Supply Chain, Managed Freight Services and Software with fortune 100 and SMB firms, we provide unique perspectives of business processes to implement realistic solutions. Our OptiNet network modeling software is designed to produce a quantitative multi-phased process to analyze current supply chain networks and recommend realistic alternatives that reduce overall supply chain costs.

Why Choose Next Generation Logistics ? . Deep Domain Expertise !

Invest in your future, with a company that is “Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care.”

Lead generation usa

Plant inspiration could lead to flexible electronics, flexible lead.#Flexible #lead


Plant inspiration could lead to flexible electronics

Flexible lead

Versatile, light-weight materials that are both strong and resilient are crucial for the development of flexible electronics, such as bendable tablets and wearable sensors. Aerogels are good candidates for such applications, but until now, it’s been difficult to make them with both properties. Now, researchers report in ACS Nano that mimicking the structure of the “powdery alligator-flag” plant has enabled them to make a graphene-based aerogel that meets these needs.

Aerogels are light, porous materials that are already used in many applications, such as pollution control and insulation. To create a better aerogel for potential incorporation into bendable electronics, Bai and colleagues took inspiration from the stem structure of the powdery alligator-flag plant (Thalia dealbata), a strong, lean plant capable of withstanding harsh winds.

The team used a bidirectional freezing technique that they previously developed to assemble a new type of biomimetic graphene aerogel that had an architecture like that of the plant’s stem. When tested, the material supported 6,000 times its own weight and maintained its strength after intensive compression trials and was resilient. They also put the aerogel in a circuit with an LED and found it could potentially work as a component of a flexible device.

The researchers say that the approach could help them improve other types of materials in the future.

Flexible lead Explore further: 3D-printed aerogels improve energy storage

More information: “Biomimetic Architectured Graphene Aerogel with Exceptional Strength and Resilience” ACS Nano (2017).

Journal reference: ACS Nano Flexible lead Flexible lead

Provided by: American Chemical Society Flexible lead Flexible lead

Auto Trigger Leads: Automotive Sales Leads Provider: Auto Finance Trigger Lead Generator #auto #trigger #leads, #auto #sales #leads, #automotive #finance #trigger #lead #services, #special #finance #leads, #lead #generation, #auto #lead


Auto Trigger Leads – Automotive Finance Sales Lead Generation

DealerLink the industry provider of auto sales lead generation is excited to introduce: TRIGGER COMPLETE SM. Todays auto dealer can sell more cars with lower advertsing costs with the help of our auto trigger leads, auto finance trigger leads, automotive trigger leads, auto sales leads or in market buyer lead services.

DealerLink has teamed up with Equifax, Trans Union and Experian to provide auto trigger leads at a much reduced cost. What if you could talk to every consumer who applied for an auto loan in your market in the last 24 hours? Pretty powerful given the fact that most banks now don’t give the instant approvals they did before. Unlike some companies, we guarantee our lender is 100% compliant with FCRA and FACTA and every qualifed consumer will receive a firm offer of credit. Many companies are not properly licensed and do not send the offer of credit, they leave that up to you. We do not want you to assume that risk as our lender will send it on your behalf, we guarantee it!

Our TRIGGER COMPLETE SMAutomotive Trigger Leads program is the only one that call verifies the lead and sets the appointment. We provide every customer who is trying to buy a car and applied within the last 2 to 24 hours. We also filter the auto trigger leads for Beacon Score, Bankruptcy or Repossession.

Auto Trigger Leads Details

  • You can talk to every customer that applied for an auto loan from any source in your market including: local banks, credit unions, online auto finance companies and your competitors!!
  • Every customer will receive a pre-approved or pre-qualified offer of credit that is valid only at your dealership.
  • Personalized dealer website and toll free number for customers to respond. Free CRM included.
  • Lender guaranteed to be 100% FCRA, FACTA and DNC compliant. Is Yours?
  • A real lender that will provide a firm offer of credit to 100% of the qualified car buyers
  • Guaranteed exclusivity, you are the only dealer to get this buyer.
  • DealerLink will provide you with a call script, we suggest allowing our call center to set appointments for you.
  • Get a real chance to sell a car to someone who has identified themselves as an in market car buyer.
  • All auto sales leads are call verified by our BDC and appointments will be set for you on your schedule.
  • You decide where they come from and credit score range so you know they qualify for your lenders.

    • Credit Scores: Customized credit scores most effective scores are in the 520-750 range

    Watch our Video Presentation on TRIGGER COMPLETE SM

    Watch Our Video

    Markets are selling out fast!
    These customers are in the market to buy now!
    Can you make the call.

    (800) 890-8850 or (704) 544-9100

    Let DealerLink help you Deliver more cars TODAY!

    Tim Parker

    Offering tips, advice and help on car buying, how to get a car loan with bad credit. 35+ years experience in retail auto and finance industry.

    FREE Real Estate CRM #real #estate #crm #free,real #estate #software,real #estate #crm #software,real #estate #customer #relationship #management,real #estate #lead #management #software,crm #web #to #lead,real #estate #crm #web #integration


    FREE Real Estate CRM

    Real Estate Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is FREE for single agents. Real Estate Software provides you with a unique set of tools that will allow you to close your deals faster.

    Real Estate CRM combines multiple modules and provides an easy to use interface. Here are some tools that are going to boost your bottom line in just weeks:


    One of the biggest factors in the agent’s solution is the price. Our low offer can’t be beat, starting at $0/month with MLS Search integration on the website option! There are NO setup fees or other hidden price gouging.

    Information about the lead

    The lead comes into the system with all of the information collected. You’ll receive not only the name and email, but also the property they are interested in and what searches they performed on the site. If your visitor was referred to you by another website we will know the referrer’s URL. and in case of a search engine we will know the keywords they used to land on your page.


    You can create showings events that get published to the agent’s calendar .


    A task is an event type that does not require a set time. Each task can be created and will stay on the agent’s dashboard until the moment of completion.

    Lead Correspondence

    One of the most powerful features of Real Estate Cloud CRM is mail integration. No matter whether you use your iPhone, BlackBerry, Outlook or Gmail interface to send or receive mail, the communication gets saved and pulled onto the Real Estate Cloud CRM in case you ever need to go back and review the history.

    You can email from the system as well as just take notes of any conversation that ever took place.

    We record the date stamps on every event so we can show you how long it’s been since the last contact.

    The best part about this feature is that it requires no input – it’s like magic in the Cloud. You receive a valuable performance report based on something you are already doing anyway.

    Lead History

    The system keeps track of every lead and all the actions that take place. Real Estate Cloud displays a time stamped history taken of the lead. Events like entry to the system, disposition change. closing day, repetitive contact, ownership information, and much more generate the company performance report.

    Deal Manager

    When your clients are ready to buy, agents need to fill out the deal form. Some basic information about the transaction allows us to generate one-time and monthly reports on your financial standing.


    Agents are encouraged to make notes all the time. Notes get saved and can be reviewed at any point.


    The Real Estate Management Software allows you to attach documents that will be safe and secure on the cloud, accessible from anywhere.



    280 Summer St 9th floor
    Boston, MA 02210


    Effects on Plumbing – Citizens Concerned About Chloramine (CCAC) #citizens #concerned #about #chloramine(ccac), #chloramine, #chlorine, #ammonia, #water, #disinfectant, #san #francisco #bay #area, #asthma, #respiratory #symptoms, #skin #symptoms, #digestive #disorder #symptoms, #acid #reflux, #trihalomethanes, #nitrification, #kidney #dialysis, #toxic #to #fish #and #amphibians, #pinhole #pitting #in #pipes, #leaching #of #lead, #rubber #corrosion


    Article in Newspaper

    The following article first appeared in The Almanac (Menlo Park, CA) on Wednesday, May 17, 2006.

    Water additive causing rise in plumbing problems

    Tradesman Ken Russo, who says he suffers respiratory and skin problems resulting from chloramine in the water, points to another “cause and effect” of the chemical additive: a dramatic increase in plumbing problems.

    Callers desperate for help with leaks, broken pipes and busted water heaters keep his phone ringing all hours of the day, he says.

    Although he prefers to work on remodeling projects, “Lately, all I’ve been doing is a lot of plumbing.”

    Mr. Russo attends Citizens Concerned About Chloramine community presentations equipped with a 20-gallon water heater he uses to show the corrosive effects of chloramine.

    The SFPUC acknowledges on its Web site that “the lead corrosion concern associated with chloramine is something new and unexpected both by the regulators and the industry.” And chloraminated waters “are more aggressive” than chlorine in reacting with rubbers and their derivatives.

    Mr. Russo says rubber fittings and polyurethane fixtures lose their elasticity and are “more prone to cracking” because of chloramine.

    “Parts are corroding and failing at an accelerated rate,” he says.

    The SFPUC notes on its Web site that chloramine-resistant toilet flapper valves and washers can be purchased at hardware and plumbing supply stores.

    By Renee Batti

    Photographs Showing the Corrosive Effect of Chloramine on Water Heater Pipes

    Top photo: corrosion on top of water heater caused by leak
    Second photo: hot water output pipe
    Third photo: cold water intake pipe
    Note that heated chloraminated water is much more corrosive than cold chloraminated water.

    Articles on Lead in Drinking Water

    Imminent Endangerment: “Lead” Astray by the EPA. Princeton University Lecture Series, May 4, 2006
    Marc Edwards, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

    • Streaming WebMedia:

    The Water Guy. First, Marc Edwards discovered high levels of lead in Washington, D.C.’s, drinking water, then he had to persuade the bureaucracy to get the word out. November 2004
    Pierre Home-Douglas, Prism, American Society for Engineering Education

    • HTML: nov04/feature_water.cfm

    Several U.S. Utilities Being Investigated for Lead, October 14, 2004
    Water Agencies Have Hidden or Misrepresented Test Results, Records Show
    Carol D. Leonnig and David Nakamura, Washington Post Staff Writers

    • HTML: A30896-2004Oct13.html

    Chloramines again linked to lead in drinking water, June 29, 2005
    Rebecca Renner, Environmental Science Technology, Science News

    • HTML: 2005/jun/science/rr_chloramines.html

    Experiment confirms chloramine’s effect on lead in drinking water. The water chemistry that caused Washington, D.C.’s lead problem isn’t unique. April 12, 2006
    Rebecca Renner, Environmental Science Technology, Science News

    • HTML: 2006/apr/science/rr_chloramines.html

    Mis-lead. Water utility managers and public-health officials may be getting the wrong message about what happened during Washington, D.C.’s drinking-water crisis. May 31, 2006
    Rebecca Renner, Environmental Science Technology, Science News

    • HTML: 2006/may/science/rr_mislead.html

    Written Testimony by Marc Edwards, Professor of Civil Engineering, on lead in the drinking water of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC WASA), to the U.S. House of Representatives, Chairman Tom Davis and the Committee on Government Reform, March 5, 2004

    • PDF file (with illustrations): VTEdwardsTestimony.pdf (467 KB)
    • HTML (without illustrations):
    • PDF file on this website (with illustrations): VTEdwardsTestimony.pdf (467 KB)

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    The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) is urging Washington consumers to be cautious when providing sensitive personal information, such as date of birth, bank account numbers, and social security numbers, on websites that purport to offer payday loans. Many of these websites are so-called “lead-generator” websites, which then sell consumers’ personal data to companies which may, or may not, be licensed to offer payday loans in Washington State.

    DFI’s primary concern is that consumers have no control over who receives their personal information once provided to these websites. Specifically, consumers’ information may be sold or transferred to an entity which then conducts an advance fee loan scam.

    DFI has recently received complaints that consumers who have provided their information to one or more lead-generator sites have subsequently been contacted by a purported payday lender. These consumers report that this purported lender used the name “Advance America” (a company currently licensed with DFI) and the address and telephone number of Check Masters (a company formerly licensed with DFI).

    The purported lender stated that the prospective borrower must load money on a prepaid access card before the loan could be disbursed. This money was then taken from the consumer’s card, and no payday loan was ever provided.

    Lead generator websites often appear to be payday lenders

    Hundreds or even thousands of these websites are present on the Internet. Many of these websites make statements such as “What we do: payday loans” or “We provide a fast and secure way to get you a payday loan online.” However, in the small print, these websites may indicate that they are not lenders, but merely a “matching service.” Additionally, these companies may sell consumer information to third parties for telemarketing, e-mail marketing, and text message marketing. Below is a very small list of websites identified by DFI as “lead-generator” websites:


    Protect yourself

    DFI urges consumers to:

    • Verify the license of a payday lender in Washington State by calling 1-877-RING-DFI (746-4334) or verifying a license online at .
    • Read the fine print in any and all documents/terms of agreement you are asked to sign/agree to
    • Review the website’s privacy policy to determine who will have access to your information NEVER sign or agree to anything you don’t understand
    • Submit complaints. If you have a complaint against a payday lender operating in Washington, file a complaint with DFI online at .
    • Consider Alternative Solutions: Ask about delaying or making payment arrangements on your non-interest bills like telephone and utility bills. Talk to a friend or family member about borrowing money. Ask your employer for an advance on your paycheck.
    • Comparison Shop for the lowest fees and penalties. For example, some credit unions offer payday loans with lower fees.
    • Borrow Only What You Can Afford To Pay Back
    • Know When Your Payment Is Due – most online companies will be deducting your payment directly from your bank account.
    • Take Advantage Of Organizations That Are Available To Help You With Your Financial Situation. Many organizations offer help with budgeting, credit repair, debt repayment, and more. Contact your local consumer credit counseling service or asset building coalition. Find Your Local Consumer Credit Counseling Service at Locate Your Local Asset Building Coalition at .
    • Develop A Budget Plan for the future by making a realistic budget to help avoid the need to borrow for emergencies and unforeseen expenses.