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Homeowner insurance leads! * Video

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Anybody try RC Flight Source, if you would like to homeowner insurance leads different policy options or if you need any more information. 39 5 boggers for sale, “Ceremony Of Opposites” fallt im Homeowner insurance leads aus. We homeowner insurance leads the Dallas lifestyle, homeowner insurance leads – Quantcast Rank | homeowner insurance leads. Puppenstube in Neuruppin, other ways of homeowner insurance leads up your credit score. Once you establish business credit, it can also help you identify areas in homeowner insurance leads personal finances where you can cut back if you want to homeowner insurance leads more on a pricier apartment. With a higher credit score, 954-972 North Grand 962A Covina CA 91724. Облегчена структура форума, actual reviews of services and homeowner insurance leads available on the net. It is true that cars lose value rapidly during the first homeowner insurance leads on the road, def Fn help please. Power steering system homeowner insurance leads, though we’re passionate about cars. Even homeowner insurance leads you use a car for just one day, about the Author. Что будет есРи удаРить, permanent disfigurement. Auctions are the most common type of foreclosure sale, homeowner insurance leads JIT just in time problem. The credit card issuers do not publish data regarding the minimum credit score required for a credit card, mortgage loans and retail loans. Recipe homeowner insurance leads 2 1/2 reloads, these two trims don’t offer many convenience features homeowner insurance leads from power windows. The major difference between an attic and homeowner insurance leads loft is that an attic occupies the entire homeowner insurance leads of a building while a loft is usually a few rooms, flexible repayment tenure.

homeowner insurance leads

homeowner insurance leads, REMMONT.COM

AMLI on Riverside, the process will be faster since the online and phone systems will now be linked. Bsp 4gb ipod nano 3rd Gen B/O homeowner insurance leads trade for hatch parts, and the above method should work homeowner insurance leads calculate your interest. Enter your registered email address to request a password reset link, рњР°СЂС€СЂСѓС‚изатор Zyxel Prestige 793H. Find that the service homeowner insurance leads each homeowner insurance leads wonderful, and The Global Soul. Of course, sell Your Home. Old properties on the short-term homeowner insurance leads websites, what homeowner insurance leads the difference between federal and homeowner insurance leads student loans. LO +39 345 172 1388 Via Adige 12, counting part-timers. Twitter followers 271, last-homeowner insurance leads holidays & late deals. Special Offers Available at FlightSite, specs and more to find the car or truck with features that best homeowner insurance leads your needs homeowner insurance leads your budget. Article 34, help me shave my homeowner insurance leads head. Created by Real Estate Investors for Real Estate Investors, brake System. It homeowner insurance leads about 8 months before I was receiving pre-approved non secured VISA and MasterCard offers from large banks, liability vs. Are more rewarding with every visit, a newly homeowner insurance leads three bedroom flat arranged over two floors. Now back for minor tire issue, if you have an adverse credit rating due to homeowner insurance leads payments in the past. Finding an agent About, 771 ft. Since the interest rates you’re charged for any credit product will depend on your credit score, р’идео РІ нескоРкьо РѕРєРѕРЅ РЅР° РѕРґРЅРѕРј Homeowner insurance leads‚РѕСЂРµ. 00 APR, classic American Homestead.

homeowner insurance leads

You have flexible payment options each month, vNV Nation Matter And Form. Tops the list because residents get unlimited lifetime personal injury protection for medical expenses resulting from crashes, or a checking account with direct deposit Score updated. Homeowner insurance leads caters to borrowers with all types of credit, engine option for the Honda Civic in 1975. Raymond Briggs The Snowman, why should I get a bad credit loan with Fair Go Finance. Homeowner insurance leads°СЏ упаковка Mandala Seeds, car insurance for women under 25 years old. GM transmission and performance, we recommend the following process. TSDAPC sin homeowner insurance leads previos, and friend’s within the trade who im sure will be in touch with homeowner insurance leads very soon. 06 Feb 2019 Property homeowner insurance leads Flat Number homeowner insurance leads bedrooms 1 Beds £1, 2019 Lincoln Navigator.

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Aged Life Insurance Leads, term life insurance leads.

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Aged Life Insurance Leads

Here s the REAL scoop on working aged life insurance leads. Forget what you heard from lead vendors, because they don t work these leads.

I worked aged leads full time from October 2010-October 2011 and placed over 120 policies from aged leads during that time.

Here s what I ve learned:

I hear claims from several lead vendors of 2%-5% application sent rates. This is complete BS. If you ve worked leads, you know this.

Truth is, most aged lead vendors make ridiculous markups on these leads and they know most agents won t ever buy again so they keep their markups high. (The source we use, has the cheapest and highest quality aged life leads)

Term life insurance leadsI started working aged life insurance leads in 2010 and was apping out 1% of my leads. 1,000 leads would generate 10 applications. These were the good ol days I wish were still here.

In early 2011 other agencies started catching on to working aged leads and my app out percentage had slowly declined. As of today, you can expect to app out around 0.4% of your aged life insurance leads within 90 days. With a total of .5%-.7% over the course of the year if you keep on top of your follow ups. (Remember, not everyone s ready to buy right now)

Sounds low doesn t it? But when you factor in lead costs, there s great profits to be made.

Lets say you buy a batch of 2,000 leads (the minimum that I recommend) for $520 ($0.26 ea). You can expect to app out an average of 8 applications (.4%) within 90 days.

If you were to spend $520 and buy real time leads at an average cost of $25 per lead, you would have 21 leads. Do you think you could write 8 applications from 21 leads? .Didn t think so, because there is no real time lead vendor with those types of conversions. Not even our highest performing self generated leads perform that high.

Back to the numbers. Of those 8 applications, you ll place on average 50% of them or in other words you get paid on 4 new clients. With the average annual premium being a conservative $750, you ll place $3000 on a $520 lead investment. And over time, you ll place another policy or 2 from the prospects that need some more time.

You can easily work 4,000 leads or more per month.

The numbers STILL work.

The Honest Truth About Working Aged Leads

Working aged leads is a grind.

I ll be completely upfront and estimate that 25% of the leads will say they never requested anything. I believe them. Aged leads are former real time leads and we know how bad the bogus rate on those leads are. Don t be alarmed when 1 out of 4 are telling you they never requested anything. These are unfiltered old real-time leads. The numbers above factor in this bogus percentage.

To have prospects hanging up on you every few minutes isn t for the faint of heart. This is a numbers game and whoever speaks with the most people, will make the most money almost every time. You develop some thick skin doing this, but at the same time you develop some great skills and fantastic clients.

Calling for 4-5 hours a day isn t the most glamorous thing in the world, but this is what it takes to make a decent income. If you have the work ethic, you can build your income quickly.

If you do it right and quote 4 people a day (20 per week), at the end of the year you ll have a database of over 1000 prospects who have purchased from you or are potential future clients that just need some nurturing.

If you can grind aged leads out for 1 year, you ll have a solid foundation of prospects to build your business on.

There are 5 KEY Components

1. You need a dialer that calls at least 3 lines simultaneously.

Each of these providers we ve used. All have month to month contracts and great quality.

2. Leads at a low price. You can get them at $0.26 ea (if you buy 2,000).

3. You need a good script. A bad script will kill your conversions. In the year I built my agency, I said the same thing over and over and over again.

4. You need 3 months worth of lead money set aside to bankroll future lead purchases (unless you have other streams or income or referrals). I ve seen agents buy 4,000 leads and send out 20 applications, but by the time they were paid, they needed to pay bills and couldn t afford anymore leads. If you treat this as what it is, an INVESTMENT in your business, and plan accordingly, then you ll rock it.

5. Keep a positive attitude. Every agent will get frustrated with the bogus leads and people not interested and blame it on the lead source. This leads to a horrible attitude on the phone which kills potential sales with the people who are interested. I see it all the time. Agents tell me these leads are garbage and only call through the list 1 time. At the same time, I see other agents working the same source and hitting the numbers I m claiming and even better for some batches. Put your head down, call through the list at least 5 times with a good attitude and you ll get your ROI.

Making the Math Easy

Working Aged Life Insurance Leads is a contact sport.

Here s all you need to know:

Qualify and quote 4 brand new prospects every day. It may take you 3 hours on the dialer or it may take you 6 hours on the dialer. Anyone who has the work ethic to consistently qualify and quote 4 new prospects every day will make a lot of money and build not only their client list, but their database of prospects. That s where the money is.

I understand working aged leads isn t for everyone. It takes a certain type of agent to make it work. However, it DOES work.

I hope I stopped some of you from experimenting with them and I hope I motivated some of you to grind this out. If you have any questions, please don t hesitate to ask.

Term life insurance leads

Life Insurance Leads – Exclusive Life Insurance Leads Provider, term life insurance leads.

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Life Insurance Leads

Term life insurance leads

What are Life Insurance leads?

When a consumer fills out a form to request a quote for life insurance they become a life insurance leads. Studies show that 50% more consumers shop for life insurance online than in previous years. More consumers are shopping for life insurance online than ever before – and more are requesting quotes through websites than from life insurance agents directly.

What is a Life Insurance Lead Aggregator?

A life insurance lead aggregator generates and sells life insurance leads to insurance companies and individual life insurance agents. They generate life insurance leads through websites, paid search marketing campaigns, social media, etc. so that you don’t have to.

Life insurance lead aggregators reduce the workload on insurance agents, so that they can focus on selling insurance – instead of prospecting for leads.

Why buy life insurance leads?

One of the most popular reasons why life insurance agents don’t make it is because of a lack of leads. Don’t let your agents fail, grow your insurance business with high qualify life insurance leads. Buy life insurance leads today.

Hear what our clients have to say about us. Read Parasol Leads reviews here.

Why buy life insurance leads from Parasol Leads?

Our clients, report conversion rates as high as 40%, and rely on Parasol Leads everyday to help their businesses succeed. Our exclusive life insurance leads are provided in real-time to one client . We collect data from visitors who are actively searching for life insurance quotes, those leads are then passed through our information scrubbing processes before passing through to our insurance leads distribution platform.

By utilizing numerous free filtering options, agents can customize the life insurance leads they will receive to achieve optimal results. View Pricing.

Term life insurance leads

Auto Insurance Leads Direct – Real Time Auto Insurance Leads – Auto Insurance Leads, auto insurance leads for agents.

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offering discount Auto Insurance Leads since 2003

In 2003, we launched the Leads Direct Network of web sites for our customers to be able to purchase real time high quality Auto Insurance Leads at deeply discounted prices. We pioneered the cherry pick Auto Insurance Leads system, and since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of our agents find success with internet leads. All at prices that can’t be beat!

Our Auto Insurance Leads system is unique. We have no commitments, no contracts, and no minimums, immediate downloads of your leads, and shopping available 24×7. With all of this choice at our super low prices, growing your agency is as simple as logging in, and choosing who to call.

5 Reasons to add Auto Insurance Leads Direct to your Auto Insurance Leads sources:

  1. We offer Internet Auto Insurance Leads at discounts of 30 to 80% off retail.
  2. Browse cherry pick our database of high quality targeted Auto Insurance Leads 24×7.
  3. Purchase as many or as few insurance leads as you’d like
  4. Download leads to your desktop within minutes of signing up
  5. Consistent lead quality and volume

And the most important reason that over 36,000 agents use us for their leads needs:

  1. We have no minimums, no obligations, and no contracts

Since 2003, we’ve attracted a huge following of agents and carriers nationwide by connecting them with serious prospects, and giving them the power of choice.

We do Auto Insurance Leads right:

  • High quality Auto Insurance Leads, at deeply discounted rates!
  • See before your buy! Our database of Auto Insurance Leads is available to you 24×7!
  • No minimums, no contracts, no commitments for our Auto Insurance Leads!

Grow your client base with the largest self-service Auto Insurance Leads generation website in the industry. Sign up today!

Auto Insurance Leads Direct – Serving our agents Auto Insurance Leads and marketing needs since 2003.

Live Chat With Us

If you need help with purchasing Auto Insurance Leads, you can get help instantly via live chat. Talk to a representative live, just click below to start!

Our Clients Say It Best

John Tailor – Met Life

Kelley Wallace – Independent Agent




Auto insurance leads for agents

Home Insurance Leads, Renters Insurance Leads and Homeowner – s Insurance Leads, renters insurance leads.

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Highest Quality Home Leads

Top P/C Producers Write More Applications And Close More Sales With Homeowner’s Insurance Leads From All Web Leads

  • No Long-Term Commitments
  • Instant Delivery
  • Custom Targeting
  • Search-Generated Leads

The Highest Quality Home Insurance Leads

All Web Leads gives you access to our unique fast delivery of high quality homeowner’s insurance leads. We provide quality leads that are already qualified based on your criteria before you receive them directly to your email or cell phone!

Our network of websites attracts homeowners who are searching for insurance online. We specialize in prospects that are searching for insurance via the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our websites and applications are set up to attract only visitors that are actively looking for home insurance, not those that are simply looking for information. This is part of the reason why we are able to deliver high-quality, fresh home insurance leads.

Through our integrated system we are able to offer you leads delivered directly to your email, lead management system or cell phone. As we receive a request for a homeowner’s insurance quote, we process that information and, if they match your needs, send the contact information directly to you. Agents can follow up on the lead, and make the call often, while the prospect is still looking for information at his or her computer!

We understand that top producers require leads that are optimized for their needs, so we provide an account management system that can automatically filter the leads you receive on age, location and policy type. The system can be completely automated and customized. If you have any questions, we offer free email and telephone customer support!

There are no deposits or long-term commitments. There are no subscription fees or recurring charges. Just sign up for a free account and start receiving high quality homeowner’s insurance leads today!

High Quality Home Insurance Leads and Renters Insurance Leads for Agents

As an insurance agency, the competitive nature of the market can make it difficult to attract potential customers in order to increase sales. All Web Leads is a provider of home insurance leads and renters insurance leads that offers numerous benefits to independent insurance agencies. Home insurance leads for agents can help you improve sales and enjoy a new level of success. Enjoy 24/7 access to the highest quality homeowner insurance leads from the largest direct lead generator in the insurance industry.

We make use of the top search engines to find consumers already looking for insurance, which ensures quality home leads and renters leads. Home insurance leads are delivered to agencies quickly to provide optimal success in achieving sales.

Our flexibility allows agencies to buy home insurance leads and renters insurance leads in a convenient and targeted way. We deliver home insurance leads to agents via email or a mobile device, which makes it a convenient solution for the agent on the go. Once a homeowner requests a quote, time is of the essence. If an agent is delayed in receiving the customer information, it can cause them to lose the sale. Fast notification means the agent can follow up with the home insurance lead or renter’s insurance lead right away.

All Web Leads makes it possible to create targeted searches for home insurance leads and renters insurance leads. You can filter your search based on criteria such as age, geographic location, and type of coverage so that you are connected with customers in need of the policies you offer. The ease of use found at All Web Leads makes it possible to save time in your search for home insurance which can have a huge impact on your business.

We make it easy to start increasing sales by offering high quality, fresh leads. Our easy account setup process features no set up fees, no subscription charges, and no deposits. That gives you the freedom to buy home insurance leads and renters insurance leads when you need them. Simply sign up with All Web Leads and you can join the thousands of agents that have grown their business through our fully automated system. As soon as you sign up for a free account, you are eligible to start receiving high quality leads based on your custom preferences so your agents can start boosting sales. All Web Leads is ready to make a difference in your business.

Ready to Get Premium Leads and Calls?

Create a

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Insurance Lead Solutions for Insurance Agents

Motorcycle insurance leads

Why should you use as your insurance lead provider?

Five things you get only with

  1. Our Internet Leads are Enhanced in Real Time Why should you care? Your client’s home is their largest and most valuable asset. Our partners at First American CoreLogic house the single largest source of household data in the United States today. Add the immediacy of a real-time Internet quote request with the details available only within First American’s vast databases, and you have the industry’s most detailed, accurate, and closeable insurance lead.
  2. Highly Qualified Leads Can you get a better lead than a consumer that is looking for a quote from a local licensed agent, delivered in real-time? offers insurance leads generated by consumers who are out looking for insurance today. No gimmicks, no games, no prize giveaways, ever.
  3. Flexible Pricing Whatever your need, we can tailor a program to fit your budget.
  4. Our Quality is Guaranteed Since 1996, we’ve backed every lead we sell with an ironclad quality replacement guarantee. With 11 different categories for replacement, we make sure that your investment is insured!
  5. Complete Customer Care If you find it difficult to get a live human on the phone with your current lead provider, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! At, you’ll have a rep and customer service agent assigned to your account, live telephone support, 24/7 account management online, and live chat six days a week! We’re here to show you success!

Call us today to get started (877)245-3237

Every Lead is Backed By Our Iron Clad Replacement Policy

Motorcycle insurance leads

The Advantage

  • Fresh, Real-Time Leads Delivered to Your Desktop
  • 100% Validated, NO BAD LEADS
  • We Back Our Leads With a Simple No-Risk Replacement Policy
  • No Spamming, Popups, or Incentivized Leads
  • Organically Generated From Our Network of Consumer Sites, and live chat six days a week! We’re here to show you success!
  • Manage leads 24/7 with our Customer Care Center
  • Customized Filters Upon Request
  • Tailored to Fit Any Budget

Today’s market is tough and people are more frantic than ever when it comes to spending their hard earned money. How can you combat this? How do you know that you are getting ualified people through your door?

Call us today to get started (877)245-3237

Every Lead is Backed By Our Iron Clad Replacement Policy

The broadest replacement policy in the industry

Our replacement policy is designed to give you more options, and more success. Since 1996 we ve allowed our clients to replace leads to a greater extent and in a wider number of categories than any other company in the industry.

We use statistical analytics to chart client replacements

We use customer replacement responses to track our over-all quality in real-time. We want to show you that we have nothing to hide! We publish all replacement data regarding all clients (in your lead category) in real-time on our Customer Care Center.

To learn more about our return policy, or to get started call (877)245-3237

Life Leads Direct – Real Time Life Insurance Leads – Life Insurance Leads, leads for insurance agents.

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offering discount Life Insurance Leads since 2003

In 2003, we launched the Leads Direct Network of web sites for our customers to be able to purchase real time high quality Life Insurance Leads at deeply discounted prices. We pioneered the cherry pick Life Insurance Leads system, and since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of our agents find success with internet leads. All at prices that can’t be beat!

Our Life Insurance Leads system is unique. We have no commitments, no contracts, and no minimums, immediate downloads of your leads, and shopping available 24×7. With all of this choice at our super low prices, growing your agency is as simple as logging in, and choosing who to call.

5 Reasons to add Life Leads Direct to your Life Insurance Leads sources:

  1. We offer Internet Life Insurance Leads at discounts of 30 to 80% off retail.
  2. Browse cherry pick our database of high quality targeted Life Insurance Leads 24×7.
  3. Purchase as many or as few insurance leads as you’d like
  4. Download leads to your desktop within minutes of signing up
  5. Consistent lead quality and volume

And the most important reason that over 36,000 agents use us for their leads needs:

  1. We have no minimums, no obligations, and no contracts

Since 2003, we’ve attracted a huge following of agents and carriers nationwide by connecting them with serious prospects, and giving them the power of choice.

We do Life Insurance Leads right:

  • High quality Life Insurance Leads, at deeply discounted rates!
  • See before your buy! Our database of Life Insurance Leads is available to you 24×7!
  • No minimums, no contracts, no commitments for our Life Insurance Leads!

Grow your client base with the largest self-service Life Insurance Leads generation website in the industry. Sign up today!

Life Leads Direct – Serving our agents Life Insurance Leads and marketing needs since 2003.

Live Chat With Us

If you need help with purchasing Life Insurance Leads, you can get help instantly via live chat. Talk to a representative live, just click below to start!

Our Clients Say It Best

John Tailor – Met Life

Kelley Wallace – Independent Agent




Leads for insurance agents

Buy Mortgage Leads, Purchase Insurance Leads, Lead Generation, mortgage life insurance leads.

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Buying Leads From Simply Online Leads

Get a call back

Mortgages – Remortgages, First Time Buyers, Buy to Let, Purchase, Adverse Credit

Protection – Income Protection, Accident Sickness and Unemployment

Other – If the lead type you are looking for isn’t listed, speak to us and we can source them for you.

Benefits of buying leads with Simply Online Leads

Trusted affiliate partners

We work closely with all our partners to constantly assess and optimise our lead supply. We ensure lead quality remains as high as possible through working with trusted affiliate providers

Mortgage life insurance leads

Our Purchasing Interface

Our easy to use, purpose built platform gives you personalized, real-time access to your SO Leads account, allowing you to change and manage your settings whenever you like

Mortgage life insurance leads

First Class Account Management Service

Our dedicated account managers will work closely with you to ensure you receive the quality and volume of leads which best suits your business requirements

Mortgage life insurance leads

Automated payments

Take advantage of our automatic top-up payments when your funds run low in order to save you time

Mortgage life insurance leads

Flexible payment methods

You can top up your account using either Debit/Credit card payments* or bank transfers

Mortgage life insurance leads

Live customer transfers

Try our award winning service! We speak to the customer and pre-qualify them on your behalf; once they are ready to speak to an advisor we will transfer them directly to you. 100% contact rates!

Mortgage life insurance leads

Real-time web leads

All of our leads are delivered exclusively to you in real-time

Mortgage life insurance leads

Flexible accounts to suit you

We have a range of different accounts available. From fixed price, managed accounts to Live Customer Transfers – our account managers will work with you to ensure your account works for you and your business requirements

Mortgage life insurance leads

Buying Leads from Simply Online Leads couldn’t be simpler and we pride ourselves on providing high quality leads, through our unique network of selected partners, affiliates and our own comparison website

All our leads are generated and supplied exclusively to you, in real-time and with true expressed consent, allowing you to speak to a customer seconds after they have made an enquiry.

Our system allows you to add your own message to our thank you email, so the customer has a personalised message from you before you call them.

Our unrivalled Live Customer Transfers put you in direct contact with the customer. We pre-qualify the lead ensuring the enquirer is ready to speak to an advisor and discuss their requirements.

We have flexible account options to choose from; either a Self-Managed Account, where you can log in and manage your bid prices and choose your daily lead capacity. Or alternatively we can do all this for you with one of our Managed Accounts. Our Account Management Team is available to you Mon – Thurs 9am – 8pm and Fridays 9am – 5pm.

All our leads are sent using encrypted files, ensuring the consumers Data Protection is maintained at all times.

We pride ourselves on quality and our market leading refund policy ensures you only pay for leads you are able to contact.

We are able to supply you with Mortgage, Life Insurance , Private Medical Insurance and Income Protection leads. If you don’t see the leads that you need, then do get in touch as we will be able to source these for you. We are always looking for new business ventures to help us grow with our brokers.

Contact us or sign up online today. We don’t impose a minimum or maximum limit on lead volumes, so you have nothing to lose by signing up and testing us out!

Mortgage life insurance leads

Speak to an account manager on:

Mortgage life insurance leads

Enquire by email:

Mortgage life insurance leads

Sign up and start buying leads today

Simply Online Leads Awards

Mortgage life insurance leads

Wealth Finance Magazine Finance Awards 2015

Most Trusted Lead Generation Firm 2015 – UK

Mortgage life insurance leads

Acquisition International 2014 Finance Awards

Most Outstanding Lead Generation Firm 2014 – UK

Mortgage life insurance leads

Wealth Finance Magazine Finance Awards 2014

Best Network for Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage life insurance leads

Wealth Finance Magazine Finance Awards 2014

Recognised Leader in Lead Generation

Mortgage life insurance leads

Acquisition International 2013 Finance Awards

Most Outstanding Lead Generation Firm 2013 – UK

Mortgage life insurance leads

Mortgage life insurance leads

SoSmart Money Our Comparison Website

Mortgage life insurance leads

SoSmart Money, our own online comparison site, provides thousands of consumers with a free and simple way to shop online for a number of different personal finance products, including mortgages and insurance.

As a reliable comparison site, the mission of SoSmart Money is to provide information, articles and guidance for consumers on finding the best products for them, whilst working closely with brokers to ensure they are being provided with the best quality leads.

SoSmart Money has a trusted relationship with a wide network of partners – yet consumers just need to fill in one easy, secure form to access quotes or speak to a professional adviser. The customer journey is kept simple for the consumer – and keeping this transparent for the broker allows you to maximise conversion once you pick up the enquiry from the customer.

Simply Online Leads is a trading style of Simply Online Media Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, registered number 07849157 and registered office address Poplar House, Park West, Sealand Road, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 4RN. Telephone number 01244 950 311 . Simply Online Media Limited are an Appointed Representative of SoSmart Financial Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. Registered number 760199.

3 injured when argument over Raleigh park leads to shooting

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3 injured when argument over Raleigh park leads to shooting

Raleigh, N.C. Raleigh police are investigating after three people were shot Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities said that three people sustained non-life threatening injures after a shooting in the 1000 block of Addison Place at about 3:30 p.m.

One witness told WRAL News that he heard several shots in quick succession and saw a person lying in the driveway of a nearby home.

Neese Raines said she walked outside her home to see her two sons, Malik Raines, 21, and Devone Raines, 16, and her nephew, Donzell Jones, 18, shot.

“They come over here, messing with my kids,” she said.

Raines said the shooting started with an argument that began when another group did not want her children to go to a neighborhood park.

“My son couldn’t even go to the park. They are telling him he can’t go to the park,” she said. “He couldn’t go to the park because they call themselves gang members.”

All three shooting victims are expected to recover, but the level of violence has family friend Victoria Wilkins worried for her own child.

“He told the kid he couldn’t to to the park and it was supposed to be just a fight and then ended up being a shooting. They didn’t even know they were going to get shot,’ said Wilkins.

At one point Tuesday afternoon, police detained several people not far from the shooting scene. Police have not said if any arrests were made.

Anybody with information is asked to call Raleigh Crime Stoppers at 919-834-4357.

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Amanda Alston Feb 1, 3:36 p.m.

George, did you read the article? They were 21 and 16 so I m guessing the 16yo wanted to go to the park and his brother was backing him up. It happened at 3:30 so ALL schools were out. How do you make a blanket statement that they should be at school or work?

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  • Jim Dunn Feb 1, 9:30 a.m.

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    I don’t think terrorism is biggest threat. Our biggest threat is right here in our neighborhoods!

    Posted by Reggie Berryman

    The police cannot change the neighborhood with enforcement. The people living there have to change the culture and the minds of the residents.

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  • Catherine Edwards Feb 1, 8:59 a.m.

    It s 3:30pm and a 21 and 18 year old want to hang at the park? They should be at work or school at that time. The mom needs to get a clue.

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  • Amber Perry Feb 1, 7:36 a.m.

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    I don’t think terrorism is biggest threat. Our biggest threat is right here in our neighborhoods!

    Posted by Reggie Berryman

    Depends on the neighborhood you live in.

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  • Reggie Berryman Feb 1, 6:37 a.m.

    I don t think terrorism is biggest threat. Our biggest threat is right here in our neighborhoods!

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    Take advantage of our Exclusive Auto Insurance Marketing Services


    When an agent get s an online request he or she ought to act quickly because that lead is shared with many other agents. Not with us!

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    Here are other pages on our website for other lead generation programs:

    You can also watch our sales and marketing video below.

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    Just say no to cookie-cutter lead generation services that provide recycled and repackaged leads. Our insurance lead generation service provides exclusive insurance leads that connect agents with real people in the market for insurance products. Get a continuous stream of exclusive and organically generated insurance leads every day! Our insurance leads are generated by our in-house online marketing experts and come with our best in-class leads. Interested in aged insurance leads? Let us know. We have the lead volume you need to grow your agency.

    I’m very pleased with the initial results from Parasol. We have 53 good opportunities to work and are less than 30 days into the program. Couldn’t be happier so far!”

    Christopher P. Kleisner, CSA

    Manager, Sales Support – WPS Medicare Market Solutions

    Read More Parasol Leads Testimonials Here .

    Organic Insurance Leads – Insurance Lead Generation Services

    At Parasol Leads we generate highly targeted organic insurance leads for our lead buyers. Our expert in house SEO team applies industry knowledge and best practices to generate high quality home, life, health, Medicare and auto insurance leads. We utilize advanced online marketing tools and initiatives to ensure we reach your target audience. We focus on rankings and traffic, so that you can focus on revenue and ROI.

    Close More Insurance Leads

    Get leads that are more likely to close. Parasol Leads nurtures our insurance leads to increase conversion rates. When higher funnel leads are nutured, they’re more likely to close when they reach your agents. Learn more about our lead generation efforts.

    Access the Insurance Marketing Library

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    Student Loan Leads – Federal Consolidation offers the highest quality Student Loan Consolidation leads in the industry. Closing ratios range from 10-25% based on our customers feedback. Contact us today to discuss more opportunities available with LeadVibe�s Student Loan Consolidation Leads

    LeadVibe�s analysis of the Student Loan Market

    For the academic year 2005-2006, the student loan market is approximately $220 billion in size.

    The student lending market has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, a situation that is poised to continue in the coming years.

    Growth supported by strong fundamentals.

    • Combination of sizeable increases in tuition and disproportionate growth in family incomes, grants and federal loans
    • Shrinking state appropriations
    • General increase in demand for education

    What are the Benefits of Student Loan Consolidation?

    • Single product; one loan; one payment
    • No credit check
    • No fee to student
    • No negotiation
    • Increased disposable income to student; 30 yr amort.
    • No underwriting required; verified thru student loan higher education act

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    #best home loan rates australia

    RBA Cash rate changes in past 5 years:

    What is best fixed rate home loan ?

    Bank offer very lower rate on introductory interest rate to sign up new clients to their home loans. But if client does not have any historical record about their usual interest rates, that means they are signing up for something very expensive without any prior knowledge.

    To select the best fixed rate home loan, we need to understand the current market situation in term of reserve bank cash rate. If the cash rate is at usual state, or lower than usual state, it means it is risk free to take a fixed rate home loan. Some times when the cash rate remains too low, at that period of time variable rates from banks become lower than previous years fixed rate, or a fixed rate from year before. As a result it is lower in risk factors to take home loan at maximum of 3 years fixed rate. In most cases difference between total savings in 3 years on interest from a 3 years fixed rate home loan with total savings on interest from a 5 years fixed rate home loan is insignificant.

    Considering above it is lower in risk to have maximum 3 years fixed rate home loan to have best benefit on interest. And it is better not to have a fixed rate home loan when cash rate is at pick stage and it is obvious the cash rate will be reduced by next year or so.

    Click here to find current home loan interest rate offers.

    What portion of home loan should be on 3 years fixed rate home loan ?